An indign  newszine produced for the Australian National Science
Fiction Association by Marc Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill,
Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA
	Postal subscriptions $6-00 for ten.(Cheques made out to Marc
Ortlieb please. Stamps accepted). Available for items of gossip.
E-mailed direct, a once off $10 fee.  Free copy from aus.sf on
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(Much of the information in this issue comes from Ian Robinson's
superb at-con newsletter The Monotreme.)

	In an early attempt to work out exactly what the platypus was,
zoologist M. Jules Verreaux noted, in 1848, "In its external form
it resembles in some degree the mole as to its body, the beaver as
to its tail, and the duck as to its beak. Its internal structure,
more astonishing still, resembles that of certain reptiles, an
appears to form a link between the Mammals and Lizards." The
platypus was the perfect icon for Aussiecon Three, once you add
something that Verreaux didn't. It works. Despite all its Heath
Robertson engineering, the platypus works and delights most who
see it,  as did Aussiecon Three.
	True, there were problems. Programming was only saved through
frantic work behind the scenes by DUFF Winner and Program
Operations Chief Janice Gelb who somehow created order from the
chaos she had been bequeathed and still maintained a sense of
humour. There were too few bodies, trying to cover too many areas
and the thing that suffered most was communication. The game
"Where's Boucher?" closely followed by "Where's that Program
Item?" replaced "Where's Wally?" as the most frequently played
convention game. (Much of this led to the under-staffed
Information Desk being run ragged and often having to resort to
the time honoured answer of "Buggered if I know.")  Unfortunately,
in the lead-up to the con, no one had thought to tell the U.S.
fans that Australian conventions don't have Con Suites. (At
American conventions, the committee provides a suite with food and
drink for attendees - something well out of the financial reach of
Australian conventions.)
	Among the unavoidable problems were guest J. Michael Strczynski's
flight being turned back to Los Angeles - he arrived a day late -
and Anime Special Guest Hideaki Anno injuring himself in Japan and
missing the convention entirely.
	On the plus side, there was a tremendous sense of fun at the
convention. Two of the unsung heroes of the convention, Karen
Johnson and Sue Bursztynski and their team provided hours of fun
and education in their Children's Program, releasing the parents
of the children to have their own fun. People who hadn't attended
a convention in fourteen years appeared out of the woodwork, with
the line "Was _____ there? " rating high in the most quoted list.
	Michael Jordan and his team gave us a clean effective and
low-glitch Hugo Ceremony, augmented by H. Gibbins video
presentation, Jeremy Byrne's athletic leap on to the stage to
collect Greg Egan's Hugo and the bitter-sweet acknowledgement of
Ian Gunn's talent in his award.
	I enjoyed the costume parade, mainly though the support of so many
people, both overseas and local. I was particularly stunned by the
efficiency of Morris, John, Chris, and Lori in getting my
backstage team organised, Andrew in looking after photography,
Mitch in doing all the organising stuff I kept forgetting and
Elaine in sorting me out regarding judging. Jane kept the
costumers calm and Doug and Darren provided invaluable technical
support. Rob & Simon, the convention's technical people were
great.We had three fewer costumes that the NASFIC but they didn't
have the sing-along filk of Craig Hilton, the voice of Dave
Luckett or the delightful ramblings of Joe Haldeman. Neither did
they have the slapstick mayhem of Nick Stathopoulos and Danny
	The convention centre itself was ideally suited to a fan gathering
- not so grandiose as to make us feel uncomfortable but with the
facilities we needed. It also had enough in common with a rabbit
warren to get fans talking to one another, if only to ask "Where
the hell is Howqua 4?"The technical staff were delightful and
helpful - Danny has already managed to sign up the technician from
the LaTrobe Theatre who, as a science fiction reader, discovered
fandom for the first time.
	Other highlights? Danny Heap's opening ceremony video, resurrected
after the original was lost to a hard-disk crash; Greg Turkich's
superbly organised security team and his later appearance in tutu
and Father Christmas Beard at the closing ceremonies; the
FanHistoricon Programming and the number of people attending it;
seeing all sorts of people I hadn't seen in over a decade and
finding that a lot of them were fatter and greyer than me; general
conversations with friends, old and new; the dealers' room and its
array of books; Dave Langford's Thog's Masterclass; the stunning
esprit de corps seen in the volunteers, many of whom, having
travelled from the wilds of North America Britain or Brunswick,
spent most of their time hidden in Ops or the Con Office - Ben
Yallow, Jamie Ruell, Joyce Scrivner, Tim Illingworth, Peggy Rae
Pavlat, Ian Robinson, Rose Mitchell and Pat McMurray being noted
	There was a lot I missed. I gather that the academic strand was
excellent, but I didn't get there. My encounters with many people,
including GUFF winner Paul Kincaid, were brief exchanges of
"G'day." Jane Routley was at the convention, but I didn't see her.
I didn't get to the Art Show, the Video Program or to the Internet
Lounge. It was that sort of a convention. If anyone complained
that there wasn't enough to do then they'd be hard to please.
Hell, there was mounds of fun to be had just finding the rooms the
items had been moved to.
	So it's true that our little platypus may have been a sidebranch
on the evolutionary tree of World Science Fiction Conventions, but
it still had its delightful moments and I wouldn't have missed it
for the world.

	The Ditmars were presented as part of the "Other Awards" ceremony
at Aussiecon Three. They went as follows

The Resurrected Man  Sean Williams (Harper Collins) 
Voting Figures
Pilgrim  		5	5	7
Feral  			4	5	
The Centurions Empire  	17	18	20	20
The Tilecutter's Penny  2		
The Resurrected Man  	21	21	21	23
No Award 		1	

"The Truth About Weena" David Lake (Dreaming Down-Under)
Voting Figures
"The Marsh Runners"	4	4		
"The Evil Within"	3			
"Dream Until God Burns"	4	4		
"The Truth About Weena	16	16	19	23
"Queen of Soulmates"	10	12	13	
"To Avalon"		12	13	14	16
No Award		7	7	7	

 Dreaming Down-Under  Jack Dann & Janeen Webb (Harper Collins) 
Voting Figures
Altair 			3
Aurealis 		2
Dreaming Down-Under 	30
Eidolon			8
Fantastic Worlds	1
MUP Encyclopaedia 	12
No Award 		0

Metaphysical Review	Bruce Gillespie
Voting Figures
The Captain's Log		2			
Ethel the Aardvark		14	15	15	
Interstellar Ramjet Scoop	2			
Metaphysical Review		14 	14	17	23
Out of the Kaje 		4	4		
Thyme				15	18	19	22
No Award			7	7	7	

BEST FAN ARTIST (Total Votes 57)
Ian Gunn

Voting Figures
Ian Gunn	27	29
Robert Jan	8	9
Dick Jenssen 	9	9
Marco Nero 	3	
Kerri Valkova 	3	
No Award	7	7

Nick Stathopoulos 	Cover The  Man Who Melted/Cover Dreaming Downunder
Voting Figures
Emma Barber 		4	
Mark McBride 		5	6
Marilyn Pride 		9	10
Nick Stathopoulos	28	29
Shaun  Tan		11	12
No Award		2	

Paul  Collins	MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction
Voting Figures
Damien Broderick		2		
Paul  Collins			17	19	20	21
Stephen Paulsen 		5	5	
Jonathan Strahan 		7	7	11
Janeen Webb & Andrew Enstice	10	10	12	16
Sean Williams & Simon Brown	5	5	
No Award			2		

	The Ditmars were presented by Leanne Frahm and Marc Ortlieb. After
being presented with his Ditmar, Nick Stathopoulos immediately
presented it to Sean Tan.

	The 1999 Chandler Award, presented by the Australian Science
Fiction Foundation for contributions to Australian Science
Fiction, went to Sydney's Graham Stone. It was accepted on his
behalf by David Bofinger of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation.

	Also presented at the "Other Awards" Ceremony were the E. Everett
Evans Big Heart Award, The Sidewise Awards, The Golden Duck Awards
and the Seiun Awards.
	Rusty Hevelin presented The Big Heart Award, given by Forry
Ackerman, for contributions to the field. It was a tie. One
recipient was Peter Hassall of New Zealand and Mervyn Barrett
accepted on his behalf. The second award caused more problems.
Forry had not sent any information with the awards. It was for
Chris Collier of Australia. The problem is that no one knows who
Chris Collier is. Forry will be contacted, in order to solve this
	The Sidewise Awards, presented by Evelyn Leeper, went to Stephen
Fry for Making History and Ian MacLeod for "The Summer Isles".
	The Golden Duck Awards for children's and young adult literature,
presented by Helen Gbala and Doug Drummond, went to:Picture Book:
Noah and the Space Ark Emma Chichester Clark; Middle Grades: Star
Wars Young Jedi Knights Kevin Amderson & Rebecca Moesta; Special
Contribution: Garth Nix; Hal Clement Award for Young Adult Book:
Alien Dreams Larry Segreff.
	Masamichi Osako, assisted by two ladies in Japanese national
dress,  presented the 1998 and 1999 Seiun Awards. 1998 Novel
category: Falling Angeles Larry Niven, Jerry Pournell, Michael
Flynn  Translator: Osamu Asai. 1998 Short story category: "Death
of Captain Future" Allen Steele Translator: Masahiro Noda 1999
Novel category: "Time Ship" Steven Baxter Translator: Naoya
Nakahara; "Red Mars"Kim Stanly Robinson Translator: Yutaka Oshima.
1999 Short story category: "The Last Class Picture" Dan Simmons
Translator: Yoichi Shimada.
	In addition, the winners of the Spawncon Two Short Story
Competition, sponsored by the Australian Science Fiction
Foundation were announced with First Prize of $150 going to
Richard Womack; second Prize of $100 going to Dave Luckett and
Third Prize of $50 going to David Eggins.
	There was a Young People's Science Fiction Competition run by
Aussiecon Three, Baltimore Worldcon 1998 & Conucopia. The Winners
were: Junior, Alexander Wells (Sydney); Middle Stephanie Hing
(Sydney); Senior John Lee (Melbourne).
Here are the winners, thanks to Roy Ferguson. Worth noting are
that Ian Gunn's Fan Artist Hugo and Greg Egan's Novella Hugo are
the first fan and fiction Hugos won by Australians.


Best Novel of 1998
To Say Nothing of the Dog   Connie Willis
Best Novella of 1998
"Oceanic" Greg Egan
Best Novelette of 1998
"Taklamakan" Bruce Sterling
Best Short Story of 1998
"The Very Pulse of the Machine" Michael Swanwick
Best Related Book of 1998
The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of Thomas M. Disch
Best Dramatic Presentation of 1998
The Truman Show (Paramount)
Best Professional Editor of 1998
Gardner Dozois
Best Professional Artist of 1998
Bob Eggleton
Best Semiprozine of 1998
Locus edited by Charles N. Brown
Best Fanzine of 1998
Ansible edited By Dave Langford
Best Fan Writer of 1998
Dave Langford
Best Fan Artist of 1998
Ian Gunn
John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer of 1997 or 1998
(Not a Hugo. Sponsored by Dell Magazines.)
Nalo Hopkinson

Complete voting details, and details of nominations and also rans
are available from the 1999 Hugo Awards web site:


Best in Show: Robert Jan
Best in Category Gail Adams; Best Instant Gratification Chris
Purdy; Best Comedy Performance: Widya Santoso
Best Presentation Karen & David Carlisle & Megan Dansie; Best
Costume Trish Ostwald & Lynette Mayer
Young Fans: 
Best Ecologically Sensitive Attitude Adam McCaw; Best Contrast of
Good & Evil Natalie & Michael Ortlieb; Best Choreography Shayna
Lynn Waitsman.
Best Hall Costumes: 
Michele Jaye Solomon, Bruce & Deena MacDermott, Jason Gaffney,
Heather Buck & Cathy Larson.

	Swancon 2001 the Masquerade, won the right to be the 2001
Australian National Science Fiction Convention. It will be held at
The Rydges Hotel Perth, April 13-16 2001. Further details below.
At the SpawnCon Two Business Session, a sub-committee was formed
to look at ways of improving the image of the Australian Science
Fiction Achievement Awards (Ditmars)
	Regarding future Worldcons, San Jose won the right to hold the
2002 Worldcon and Greg Turkich launched plans for a 2007
Australian bid.

There were more launches at Aussiecon Three than NASA ever dreamed
of. A new science fiction magazine, Orb Speculative Fiction, with
stories by Sue Isle, Terry Dowling, Adam Browne, Rick Kennett,
Robert Hood and Tansy Rayner Roberts was launched. Tansy launched
her sequel to the Turner Award winning Splashdance Silver: Liquid
Gold. Judith Buckrich launched George Turner: A Life. The winner
of the 1999 George Turner Prize Helen Merrick & Tess Williams
launched their collection of critical writing Women of Other
Worlds.. Stephen Dedman launched The Lady of Situations. Aurealis
released two issues #23 and #24, the latter being for subscribers
only - a rather cheap trick to encourage completists like myself
to subscribe. (It worked too - bugger them.) In addition to this,
Justin Ackroyd's latest Slow Glass Books Catalogue notes the
release of Stephen Dedman's Foreign Bodies, Greg Egan's Teranesia,
Victor Kelleher's The Ivory Trail and notes the immanent
publication of the seventh book in John Marsden's Tomorrow series.

Jack Dann & Janeen Webb's Dreaming Down Under has been nominated
for the World Fantasy Awards in the Best Anthology category.

Ion Newcombe sent the following details on Antipodean SF 18:
"Here's a list of the fiction by Australian writers in
AntipodeanSF 18. "Balloon", by Trent Jameison; "Off Course, Of
Course", by Edwina Harvey; "Trying To Cope" by Carrolline Rhodes.
A flier from Ion, distributed at Aussiecon Three, notes that there
will be a paper Antipodean SF Anthology 1, containing the best
from AntiSF on-line. The cost is $6.95 and it can be ordered from
Ion P.O. Box 489 Macksville NSW 2447

Who's had time to read the papers recently? The Age Green Guide
had two rather nice pieces on Aussiecon Three, while another
report mentioned hordes of mediaeval knights and aliens rampaging
through the Melbourne Convention Centre. Media watch will return
in future Bullsheets.

Colin Watson, a well regarded librarian and a founder member of
the Dandenong Science Fiction Society died in August. Sue Ann
Barber notes "Perth fan Michael Poole passed away on Friday 6th
August. Michael had been involved in the fringes of fandom for
many years and had a particular devotion to Star Trek, Gerry
Anderson shows and model making. He had been ill for some time."

	The Monotreme reported that Wynne Whiteford has been hospitalised
with a punctured lung.

	The Auld Lang Fund achieved its purpose and allowed Dave Langford
to receive his two Hugos in person. (He should now feel obliged to
distribute Thyme with Ansible the next time the WorldCon finds its
way to the U.K.) DUFF did Aussiecon Three an incredible service by
electing Janice Gelb, who then proceeded to run much of the
convention. GUFF's Paul Kincaid was much in evidence around the
place and the FFANZ winner, Lynette Horne put in a lot of time in
the dealers room. Terry Frost assures me that the funds did very
nicely out of the two rounds of fan fund auctions and that there's
lots of interesting material left over. Now it's just up to
Australian Fandom to provide some candidates of equal calibre for
the next races. There will be a DUFF race sending an Australasian
fan to ChiCon next year. Greg Turkich came over terribly coy when
asked about his DUFF trip report. I gather that Ian & Karen's GUFF
report was launched, but I missed that.
	Pat McMurray came up with an interesting idea " I have just
returned home from my trip to Aussiecon Three, and of course I
have 6 or 7 Australian dollars in change that I can't exchange
back. I was wondering what I might do with them, and then it
occurred to me that I could donate them to the DUFF & GUFF funds."

	Not much point in listing all of the fans who have been
passing through, though one of the high points of my convention
was seeing people I hadn't seen in fourteen years, one of whom,
Darryl Aesche, came all the way from Williamstown! It was also
good to see some people from decaying Sydney fandom, including
Warren and Christine Nicholls, Gregor Whiley and Jack Herman &
Cath MacDonnell.

Megan Dansie reports that Alex's Bookshop in Adelaide is no more.
It is an ex-bookshop. It's ......snuffed it.


October 1-3 1999  The Ridge Hotel 189 Leichhardt St. Spring Hill,
Brisbane.Special Guests Richard Arnold and Richard Hatch ocp  $170
GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001.  ph

39th National Australian Science Fiction Convention April
20th-24th, 2000.  Ascot Inn, Belmont, WA. GsoH Connie Willis and
Ian Nichols. Gratuitous interstate guest  "Mitch" Other guests
include Stephen Dedman, Sue Isle, Jack Dann, Janeen Webb, Sean
Williams and Tess Williams Swancon 25  GPO Box G429 Perth
W.A. 6892 $70 Aus until January 1st 2000 $20

CHICON 2000 
The 58th World Science Fiction Convention August 31 to September
4, 2000 - Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton,
Jim Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster: Harry Turtledove
$US135.00 for residents of North America $US125.00 rate for bona
fide residents of other continents P. O. Box 642057, Chicago IL
60664, fax: 312-946-3779

40th Australian National Science Fiction Convention April 13-16
2001. GsoH tba The Rydges Hotel Perth. P.O. Box 162 Nedlands W.A.

The 59th World Science Fiction Convention  August 30 to September
3, 2001 The Pennsylvania Convention Center & Philadelphia Marriott
Hotel GsoH Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George
Scithers Toastmaster: Esther Friesner. $US 125 Attending until
April 5 1999. Supporting  $US 40 Millennium Philcon Post Office
Box 310 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-0310 U.S.A.

The 60th World Science Fiction Convention August 29 to September
2, 2002  San Jos McEnery Convention Centre GsoH Vernor Vinge,
David Cherry, Bjo & John Trimble, Ferdinand Feghoot Toastmaster
Tad Williams. P.O. Box 61363 Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363 U.S.A. Attending $A150.
Supporting $A50.

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 

	Spaced Out is a new science fiction club for members of
Melbourne's gay. lesbian and associated communities and their
supporters.  Contact P.O. Box 363 Preston Vic 3072,, or
telephone Alan (03) 9824 1545.
	Glen Tilley reports that the Australian Babylon 5 Club has

Note that there is an annual calendar available on the Vicnet SF
web site at


SOUTHERN SCIENCE FICTION GROUP  September 11th 2pm 6/4-6 Jersey
Avenue Mortdale 'Buffy at Bradleys' - The Supernatural, The Occult
and things that go bump in the night. Books swapped for November
meeting Postal Address 15 Shade Place Lugarno (02) 9534-3595.

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION September 12  Lidcombe Catholic Club,
24 John St Lidcombe  P.O Box 797 Fairfield NSW 1860
Phone/ Fax (02)9523 8385

BOBW7 October 23/24 1999 Sydney University Richard Biggs, Bruce
Boxleitner.Marjean Holden and Sandy Bruckner Contact (02) 9453


HIGHLANDER DOWN UNDER September 19  Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide
St Brisbane PO Box 198 Brisbane Albert St Qld 4002

VORTEX November 7  Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO
Box 2004 Brisbane Qld 4001

CONQUEST December 5  Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO
Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001

NEW ALLIANCE December 5  PO Box 12083 Elizabeth St/BC Brisbane Qld


CRITICAL MASS September 15 Post Aussiecon Three Round Table
Writers Centre Adelaide PO Box 3355, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA


MSFC September 10 Post Aussiecon Three discussion, September 17 Dr
Who Night , September 24 Women in SF 8:00 pm St. David's Uniting
Church Hall, 74 Melville Road, West Brunswick P.O. Box 212 World
Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB September 10 , September 17, September 24
6-7.30pm. Informal eating and nattering. Myers Cafeteria Melbourne

TIME TREKKERS September 10  St Luke's Sternberg St Support Centre,
46 Sternberg St Bendigo  P.O. Box 934 Bendigo Vic 3552

MULTIVERSE  September 16 Wing Commander opening night group
September 18 Space 1999 Party 6:00pm sharp. Duxton Hotel, 328
Flinders Street Melbourne.  $30 per person. September 19 Richard
Hatch one day convention Ella Latham Theatre located at the Royal
Children's Hospital, Flemington Road Parkville. 12:00 noon till
8:00pm $30 per person PO Box 355 World Trade Centre, Melbourne,
VIC, 3005 or email

AUSTREK October 2 2:00pm DS 9 Discussion   St Mark's Church Hall
Cnr Canterbury & Burke Rds, Camberwell GPO Box 5206AA Melbourne
3001 03 9489 8743

NOVA MOB October 6  Chris Palmer (La Trobe University) on Phillip
K. Dick 13 Frederick St Brunswick.

SKYFORCE  October 9  Melbourne Uni, Copeland Theatre, Economics
and Commerce Building 1:00pm to 5:00pm P.O. Box 427 Northcote 3070

Dandenong Library Stuart St Dandenong Ann McGann P.O. Box 706
Frankston Vic 3199 Phone Daniel 9544 9775 e-mail

ENTERPRISE  September 25 Merchandise Crawl Royal Melbourne
Show.Postal Address P.O. Box 466 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005 9515 3226 (7pm to 10pm


THE WEST LODGE October  2  Collins Street Centre, Collins Street
South Perth P.O. Box 190 Mt Lawley WA 6050

FANZINES THE MONOTREME 1-9 Aussiecon Three Newsletter Ian Robinson
for Aussiecon Three

GUFFAW 2 GUFF fanzine Paul Kincaid 60 Bournemouth Rd Folkestone
Kent CT19 5AZ UK

THE CROONER TAKES A SOLO Genzine Paul Kincaid 60 Bournemouth Rd
Folkestone Kent CT19 5AZ UK

CONSCRIPT Conquest Newsletter P.O. Box 1376 Brisbane 4001

SLOW GLASS BOOKS CATALOGUE 128 Cheryl Louch for Justin Ackroyd GPO
Box 2708X Melbourne Vic 3001

PINK MIND WALLABIES Karen Pender-Gunn P.O. Box 567 Blackburn Vic

SOUTH FUR LANDS #16.5 Jason Gaffney P.O. Box 1482 Fortitude Valley
Qld 4006

THE COMMUNICATOR #36 Derek Screen for Enterprise P.O. Box 466
World Trade Centre Melbourne Vic 3005

WOOF 24 The Worldcon APA, this time collated by Alan Stewart and
featuring contributions from Alan Stewart, Phil Wlodarczyk, Mark
Blackman, Dave Langford, Roger Hill, Elst Wernstein, Karen
Pender-Gunn, Roman Orszanski, Karen Johnson, Eric Lindsay & Jean
Weber, and Dean Gahlon

ANZAPA 190 A special one-off September mailing, to commemorate
Aussiecon Three and ANZAPA's 31st Birthday. A 210 page mailing,
including some stunning graphics in Bill Wrights three
contributions - some of these being by Dick Jensen, but some being
photographs. The one of John Foyster is an instant classic. Sally
Yeoland's piece, with material by John Bangsund is also superb.
O.B.E. Marc Ortlieb P.O,. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic 3131.


TOMMYWORLD 48 Tommy Fergusson 90 Carnhill, Derry, BT48 8BE, UK


Canberra Fan History


Bullsheet #126			September 14 1999.
ANZAPA 191			October 8 1998

This Fanzine Supports The Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid and The
Toronto in 2003 WorldCon bid. 


	Clarion West Writers Workshop proudly announces that their year
2000 instructors will include: John Crowley and Paul Park (team
teaching), Geoff Ryman, Candas Jane Dorsey, Pat Murphy, David
Hartwell, and Carol Emshwiller.
	Clarion West is a six-week summer workshop for writers who want
professional careers in science fiction and fantasy.  Next year's
workshop will be held from June 18 through July 28 in Seattle,
Washington. Applications are due by April 1, 2000.  Only 17
students will be selected.
	Application information is available on our web site at:, or by writing to Clarion West, 340
Fifteenth Avenue East, Suite 350, Seattle, WA 98112.
	Clarion West is a non-profit literary organization.  Minority and
special-needs students are encouraged to apply.

	Sarah Endacott reports on her new magazine  ORB - SPECULATIVE
FICTION which was launched at Aussiecon Three
	"ORB accepts fiction or non-fiction to 10,000 words (stories,
reviews, interviews, comments). My experience as Assistant Editor
for Aurealis 1991 to 98, my present position as Associate Editor
at Eidolon and my work as a freelance editor specialising in F&SF
have inspired me to take on this new project. ORB will be
published twice a year, and costs A$8.50 per issue. The ORB web
page has submission guidelines and other information.