The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet #151 – September 8 2000

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	My condolences to John Straede whose wife Cheryl was recently killed in
a car accident. John and Cheryl were regular attendees at conventions,
both in Sydney and in Melbourne. They were both at Aussiecon Three.


	George Ivanoff notes "The second set of SpinOuts books, edited by Paul
Collins and Meredith Costain is out. I've got a story in one of the
them, so here's the details for that volume for your short story
listings:  Lucy Sussex, "Anzac Spirit", Beyond the Grave (part of the
Spinouts series), Pearson Education Australia Pty Ltd, 2000.  George
Ivanoff, "Night of the Unright", Beyond the Grave (part of the Spinouts
series), Pearson Education Australia Pty Ltd, 2000.  Penelope Love,
"Grandpa's Ghost", Beyond the Grave (part of the Spinouts series),
Pearson Education Australia Pty Ltd, 2000.
	George adds "My book "Life, Death and Detention", has received an
excellent review in the latest issue of "Reading Time" (Vol44 No3),
which is the Australian Children's Book Council magazine.  I've got two
non-genre children's books coming out in two week. "Heroes and
Villains", a non-fiction book, and "Ordinary Hero", a short novel, both
part of the "Phenomena" series published by Horwitz Martin.  I've also
just been contracted to write a children's SF novel called "Generation

	Stefan Vucak notes that his first book will be released early in
September by a U.S. electronic book publisher.
	Ion Newcombe reports that Antipodean SF 30 "includes four offerings
from Antipodean writers:"A Small Thing" Tony Nichols, "Relativity"
Peter Cook, "Bloodshed" Brent Lillie, and, "Pastimes" Simon Haynes
	AntipodeanSF also now resides on its own domain and may be found by
keying the following address into any web browser:"


	There have been an assortment of items regarding the TAFF winner Sue
Mason on rec.arts.sf.fandom, but our own DUFF winner Cathy Cupitt
hasn't featured yet. A photograph of her, with Dave Luckett, did appear
on the Chicon photos site.

	The Weekend Australian Review August 26-27 had an article on electronic
books, making prominent mention of Ebony McKenna's Gravity's Force. The
article following is on Jack Dann. Isobelle Carmody also received some
media attention with a feature article in The Weekend Herald Sun August
26 and a tie-in with the Melbourne writer's Festival in The Age
29/8/2000.  Justin Ackroyd noted that Sydney fan Sue Tuckett won $5,000
on Roy & H.G's Money Programme. (David Russell kindly provided the
Herald Sun article.)


	Lucy Sussex  notes that Garth Nix had to cancel out due to illness and
so she got to take his place, making five appearances on the same day.
Justin Ackroyd reported that Shaun Tan and Sean Williams were in town
for the festival and for assorted literary things.
	Damien Broderick reports in more detail
	"At 10pm on Saturday 26 August, in the Merlyn theatre as part of the
Melbourne Writers' Festival, Russell Blackford and I hosted a virtual
meeting with Sir Arthur C. Clarke, snug at home in Colombo, Sri Lanka,
four hours behind us. The gig went reasonably well - a few hundred in
the audience, an amusing and Australia-oriented 10-minute pre-recorded
video from Arthur to set the ball rolling, including a cheerio message
to his `niece' Tamara Ekanayake, daughter of his long-time associates
Hector and Valerie, who is at boarding school in Melbourne and whom I'd
invited by email to the event; ACC mentioned that his first pivotal
exposure to sf had been OUT OF THE SILENCE, the remarkable early sf
novel by Australian Erle Cox. I spoke at the lectern about how Sir
Arthur had made me the creature I am today and what a fine fellow he
was, then we were linked by phone to Colombo and Russell and I sat
under the blazing lights staring at the open phone next to our mikes
waiting for the sage to speak. Silence, more silence. We squeaked
nervously at the phone. Eventually a Tamil gentleman said
telephone-connecting things and ACC came on. A webcam display on the
wall behind us showed him sitting in his living room. When he spoke he
did so in discrete jerky movements, of course, webcams being what they
are, so I speculated aloud that we were actually speaking to his
android double; he denied that he had Parkinson's disease, and
everything was off to a merry start.
	I mentioned NASA news, just out that day, about salt water oceans on
Europa, as he'd predicted in various 2001 offspring books, and the
announcement from UCLA of a reconfigurable molecular nano-switch some
25 years ahead of schedule, and he said a few words back, and I asked
him about holding the Olympics on the Moon and Mars and he said someone
had already done a freefall ballet in the vomit comet, then Russell
took over for a bit, posed a complex and elegant question about the 2
faces of ACC, scientist and literary visionary, and the phone went
	We stared helplessly at this miracle of futurist tech for what seemed
like half an hour. Nothing *we* could do. I assumed someone in the
control booth would hit redial and Bob's your uncle, but it took longer
than that, waaaay longer. Russell was about to leap up and begin
reading a mighty dissertation on Clarke when the line reopened. We
waffled on (entertainingly I hope) and he asked if Tamara was there. A
dim figure waved, and we insisted she come to the mike. This provided
some sentimental if protracted moments as the poor girl circumnavigated
the theatre finding a way up. Tall, quite beautiful, very long black
hair and leather trousers and a sort of Indian top and if I'm not
mistaken lots of bangles - not at all the knock-kneed bespectacled
13-year-old Harriet Potter I'd somehow expected. They said they loved
each other very much and everyone clapped as she went back to her seat,
and so the night proceeded for the full hour.
	I seized the chance as we parted to insist that I still hoped to be
allowed to write a sequel to THE CITY AND THE STARS (which Sir Arthur
sort of promised in a throw-away line reprinted in  his huge
retrospective GREETINGS, CARBON-BASED BIPEDS, a book promoted a few
times during the course of the evening), but he hasn't rushed a
contract to me by return email... Our pals in the audience declared
that the event had gone well. In a country scout-hall kinda way, I


	Simon Oxwell has been nattering by e-mail regarding the 2000 Ditmars,
which suggests that we may see ballots Real Soon Now. (But I'm not
holding my breath.)

2000 HUGOS

Novel: Vernor Vinge A Deepness in the Sky
Novella:  Connie Willis "The Winds of Marble Arch"
Novelette: James Patrick Kelly "10^16 to 1"
Short Story:  Michael Swanwick "Scherzo with Tyrannosaur"
Related Book: Science Fiction of the 20th Century, Frank M. Robinson. 
Dramatic Presentation: Galaxy Quest
Professional Editor: Gardiner Dozois 
Professional Artist: Michael Whelen
Semiprozine: Locus, Charles N. Brown
Fanzine: File 770
Fan Writer: Dave Langford
Fan Artist: Joe Mayhew
John W. Campbell Award: Cory Doctorow

	Chicon also published their list of top nominees. The following
Australians placed

Souls in the Great Machine by Sean McMullen (Tor)  Teranesia by Greg
Egan (Orion/Millennium). Each had 21 nominations. (44  nominations were
required to make the final ballot.)

 "The Queen of Erewhon" by Lucy Sussex (F&SF 9/99) with 14 nominations.
(15 nominations were required to make the final ballot.)

Strange Constellations: A Brief History of Australian Science Fiction
with 8 nominations.
 George Turner: A Life by Judith Buckrich with 7 nominations. (12
nominations were required to reach the final ballot)

Nick Stathopoulos 15 nominations Shaun Tan 10 nominations (21
nominations were required to reach the final ballot)

Thyme 14 nominations (27 nominations were required to reach the final

Ian Gunn 8 nominations (21 nominations were required to reach the final

Catherine S. McMullen 5 nominations (21 nominations were required to
reach the final ballot)


	Eric Lindsay notes "We [Jean Weber and Eric] have been travelling in
our motorhome, and haven't had any email access for the past 20 days
(and probably won't have again for another few weeks).Anyone who thinks
the web gets everywhere is plain wrong (where we presently are -
Doomadgee - doesn't even get newspapers)." Jean adds "Eric and I are in
Doomadgee, visiting Craig and Julia Hilton (they work at the hospital
here). Having a great time, seeing all sorts of interesting stuff and
entirely too much boring outback between the interesting bits. The
weather's been fabulous, though it's a bit hot in the daytime here (in
contrast to pleasantly warm but not hot the rest of the trip). We'll be
writing it up for the Avalook website and at least one fanzine, of
course, though at this point I don't know when we'll find the time.
	We expect to be back in Airlie Beach in about two weeks, and we're
debating whether to head off again a week or so after that -- after
getting fixed all the things that have shaken loose and broken during
the (mercifully brief) sections of really rough road. Trivial things
like the latch that holds the door to the motorhome closed. "Held
together with wire" is taking on a new personal meaning for us."


	Karen Johnson sent an Electronic Card with the following information:
"We, Karen Johnson and John Gory, would like to announce that we are
engaged to be married. The wedding is being planned to take place in
Florida USA in February next year. LOOK OUT AMERICA! I'M ON MY WAY!!!!"


	The Bedlam Theatre Company in Perth recently performed SpaceJump "a
spoof of the Science Fiction genre with elements from Star Trek, Red
Dwarf, Alien and Star Wars, as well as elements of typical overused
Hollywood standard devices."
	Murray MacLachlan passed a flier for Space Dust, a beginners Guide to
the Future performed in August by SMB Performing Arts,


	As a supporting member of Swancon 2000, my thanks to the committee for
the supporters pack that arrived recently, containing a programme book,
a delightful souvenir book, with material from Swancon's multitude of
guests, a copy of Altair #4, Kurt von Trojan's The Atrocity Shop, a
preview edition of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, and a funny
little green finger puppet. A pleasant surprise to receive in the mail.
	Whovention 2001 have secured Colin Baker as their Guest of Honour.
	Torcon III, in Toronto Canada, will be the 2003 World Science Fiction
Convention. Their Guests of Honour are George R. R. Martin  Frank Kelly
Freas Mike Glyer with Toastmaster: Spider Robinson and GoHst of
Honour:Robert Bloch the spirit of Toronto Worldcons.
	The total voting figures were 
Toronto in 2003 		1375 votes
Cancun in 2003 			247 votes
No Preference 			56 votes
None of the Above 		8 votes
Write-In 			12 votes
Total				1698
	To contact Torcon, try one of the following: TORCON 3 P.O. Box 3,
Station A, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5W 1A2 Email: INFO@TORCON3.ON.CA


	Given the change in the Japanese Worldcon Bid, from 2005 to 2007, the
bidding committee for Aussiecon Four is currently looking at an
alternate year, probably 2009. They have established a mailing list at To join, go to the eGroups site at  and click the "JOIN" button
	It's looking better and better. By 2009 I'll be 57 and far too old to
be involved in running a Worldcon!


October 6 to 8 2000 Brisbane Convention Centre GsoH Virigina Hey &
Richard Arnold GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001.

BOBW 10 
Babylon 5/Crusade October 14th & 15th 2000Sydney Guests:Tracy
Scoggins, Peter Woodward Maggie Egan David Allen Brooks   (02) 9453 0290.

October 21.Bankstown Library N.S.W. Garry P Dalrymple

17-19 November, 2000  The Country Comfort Motel, Port Stephens N.S.W..
Membership $20 Accommodation (B&B): $62 per person per night
double/twin $51 per person per night triple (prices include GST) Edwina
Harvey by  e-mail at or by snail mail c/- 12
Flinders St, Matraville. 2036

8-10th December 2000 Polana Camp, Healesville $60 until October 29th,
$75 up to the 1st of December 2000, $100 from 2nd of December to the
door. Cost includes all meals from Friday dinner through to Sunday
lunch, accommodation, all workshops & events. BYO sleeping gear, drinks
&  special snacks. Attn: Wendy - Camp Costume, The Australian
Costumers' Guild, PO Box 322, Bentleigh, Vic, 3204.or Chris Telephone:
(03) 94574061

10-11 February 2001 Auckland New Zealand Special guests include George
Lazenby, Virginia Hey , Kevin Smith, and Walter & Louise Simonson.
Entry only $10 nz

BOBW 11  
17-18 February 2001 (STARGATE SG1) Guests: Teryl Rothery Christopher
Judge Don S. Davis   (02) 9453 0290.

16-18 February 2001 Rydges North Sydney 54 McLaren St North Sydney
Guest: Colin Baker Fan GoH Louis Scholten Membership Until August 31
$60 for DWCA members, $80 for non DWCA members Until October 15 $75
DWCA Members, $95 non DWCA members PO Box 4 Epping NSW 2121

40th Australian National Science Fiction Convention April 12-16 2001.
GsoH Rosaleen Love, Marilyn Pride, Lewis Morley, Kate Orman and Sue
Ackerman The Rydges Hotel Perth. P.O. Box 162 Nedlands W.A.
6909.Attending $80;  $100 at the door. Supporting $20 P.O. Box 162 Nedlands W.A. 6909

May 20, 2001 GoH James Marsters (Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) ocp
Lidcombe Catholic Club Sydney.FSF Members $50 Non-members $70. email or

The 2001 New Zealand National SF Convention Auckland.

The 59th World Science Fiction Convention  August 30 to September 3,
2001 The Pennsylvania Convention Center & Philadelphia Marriott Hotel
GsoH Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George Scithers
Toastmaster: Esther Friesner. Attending $145 Supporting  $US40
Millennium Philcon Post Office Box 310 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-0310

February 15-18 2002 Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre
$A50Daily Admission $100 until Dec 31st 2000; $A130 Jan 1st 2001 - Dec
31st 2001 $160 Jan 1st 2002 - Feb 15th 2002 The Australian Costumers'
Guild PO Box 322 Bentleigh Vic 3204

June 7  - 10 2002  GsoH  Joe Haldeman, Sean Williams Lucy  Sussex, Gay
Haldeman and Race Mathews Toastmaster Jack Dann Cato Conference Centre
Melbourne Web:- email:-

August 29 to September 2, 2002  San Jos McEnery Convention Centre GsoH
Vernor Vinge, David Cherry, Bjo & John Trimble, Ferdinand Feghoot
Toastmaster Tad Williams. P.O. Box 61363 Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363 U.S.A. Attending membership rate
goes up to A$205 (Supporting A$60). Australian agent: Terry Frost, 4/8
Walker St, West Brunswick, VIC 3055.  Cheques payable to "60th World
Science Fiction Convention."

August 28-September 1, 2003 Metro Toronto Convention Centre GsoH George
R. R. Martin  Frank Kelly Freas Mike Glyer with Toastmaster: Spider
Robinson and GoHst of Honour:Robert Bloch the spirit of Toronto
WorldconsP.O. Box 3, Station A, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5W 1A2 Email:

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 


	There is an annual calendar available on the Vicnet SF web site



Gorman House.


SYDNEY FUTURIANS September 8  7:00pm Room 1615, 16th floor, University
of Technology Sydney (UTS), Tower building, Broadway

SKYFORCE SYDNEY October 22 12:00pm to 5:00pm Lidcombe Catholic
Workmen's Club 24 John Street, Lidcombe

DR WHO CLUB OF AUSTRALIA November 26  "The Lives and Time of Tom Baker"
Details tba


QUEST  September 10 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO Box
2084 Brisbane Qld 4001

BRISBANE DR WHO CLUB September 24   Red Cross Centre, 409 Adelaide St
Brisbane P.O. Box 10308, Adelaide St, Brisbane, Qld 4000

CONQUEST October 1 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO Box
1376 Brisbane Qld 4001

STARGATE:SG1 October 15 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane

BUFFY November 25 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane


PARSEC: The Aussie Star Wars Appreciation Society September 24 12-5 pm
Adelaide High School P.O. Box 306, Greenacres, S.A., 5086

CRITICAL MASS  October 4  David Hansen"Some work of Timothy Zahn"
Writers Centre Adelaide PO Box 3355, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000


MSFC  September 8 Collectables Show and Tell, September 15 NOT the
Olympics September 22 SF Book to Film Discussion Panel 8:00 pm St.
David's Uniting Church Hall, 74 Melville Road, West Brunswick P.O. Box
212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB  September 8, September 15  September 22  6:00-7.30pm.
Informal eating and nattering. Myers Cafeteria Melbourne

DOCTOR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA September 9 PO Box 734, Niddrie Victoria,
Australia 3042

SPACED OUT September 11 7:30pm Monday Munchies Spargo's Sidewalk Cafe
Commercial Rd Prahran

DANDENONG SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY September 13 8:00pm Dandenong Library
Meeting Room P.O. Box 706 Frankston Vic 3199 Ann McGann 0407 510 159

ENTERPRISE  September 23 Visit to planetarium and aquarium P.O. Box 466
World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005 0418 56 1701

Midnight Hoyts Cinema Centre, 140 Bourke Street Melbourne PO Box 355
World Trade Centre Melbourne VIC 3005 AUSTRALIA

COSTUMER'S GUILD September 24 Ross House 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.
PO Box 322, Bentleigh Vic 3204

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB September 30 1:00pm Club A.G.M.
Horticultural Hall Cnr Victoria & Lygon Sts Melbourne. P.O. Box 437
Sunshine Vic 3020

NOVA MOB October 4  Ian Mond on Joe Lansdale  13 Frederick St Brunswick

SKYFORCE 2000 October 14  1:00 to 5:00pm Charles Pearson Theatre ERC
University of Melbourne P.O. Box 427 Northcote Vic 3070


Edwin A. Scribner reports that he has created a web page for Freecon  and that he's
"developing the as a site for
all homeless info concerning Australian science fiction and fantasy,
but especially for New South Wales information. So far I have stuff on
Garry Dalrymple's Freecons (four pages all linked to the home page and
soon to be linked to each other), Edwina Harvey's relaxacon and "Tol
Harndor", the only Australian Tolkien group affiliated with the Tolkien
Society. I hope to get more material: possibly a central site for the
Sydney Futurians which are a bit fragmented at present, and info on the
Sydney Southern SF&F group, which has been resurrected."

Antipodean SF


ETHEL THE AARDVARK 92 24pp Sean-Paul Smith P.O. Box 212 World Trade
Centre Melbourne Vic  3005 AUSTRALIA
BABBLING ON 16 20pp Adrian Sayle P.O. Box 437 Sunshine Vic 3020


CHICON 2000 INFOBOT NEWS 22-Aug-2000 24-Aug-2000 Chaz Boston Baden P.
O. Box 642057 Chicago  IL 60664 USA
EMERALD CITY 60 Cheryl Morgan


Bullsheet #152			September  19 2000.
Chandler Award Nominations	September 30 2000
ANZAPA 196			October 6 2000
GUFF 2001			November 13 2000

This Fanzine Supports The Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid and the
Australia in 2007 WorldCon Bid Warman & Woods for GUFF!


	Thomas Gladysz noted the death of U.S. author Emil Petaja on August
17th. "... 85.year old Petaja was the author of 13 novels and more than
100 short stories. In 1995, he was named the first ever Author Emeritus
by the Science Fiction Writers of America."

	Robert Sacks, who many would have met at Aussiecon Three,  was found
dead in his bathtub on August 18. Robert was to have been Fan Guest of
Honor at Balticon 35, Memorial Day, 2001.


	The following was posted to assorted newsgroups:

"Hello all. My name is Paul Donovan (Lexx's 'showrunner') and I have
never before sent an email to everyone.
	The reason I am sending this today is to tell you that unless our
ratings go up a bit (particularly in the U.S.) there is not much chance
for Lexx 4. And we only need a little bit more to make it.
	Anyway, I had an idea which might give us the boost we need, but for
this idea to work it needs everybody's help. When normal TV shows are
produced by major studios, they usually benefit from much more press
than Lexx. That is because we are outside the system, and do not have
the ability to strong arm entertainment editors to print articles about
our show. The studios all have well developed relationships--and
sometimes even cross-ownership--with much of the publishing world. They
also pay the costs for many critics 'publicity junkets' to meet famous
stars in nice resorts. All these things put pressure on editors to give
the studio the ink it needs to help get those ratings. Studio publicity
departments exist for this sole purpose and they do their job rather
well, which means more stories about the studios' upcoming new shows
and fewer stories about Lexx. So I am asking you all to write to your
local (or national) entertainment editors and TV columnists. Tell them
why you like Lexx and suggest that they print a story about the show.
Entertainment editors get stacks of glossy publicity material from the
studios, but I don't think they get much heartfelt input from real
human beings. The TV critics (some of them anyway) are human beings as
well and they might respond with some ink for our show, which might
give our ratings a boost."


Robin Johnson writes from Chicon 
	"Marc, I thought you might not be getting the at-con newsletter,
Chicago Moon-Times.  The Saturday special update (No 11)  had the Hugo
Results. Incidentally, there has been a promotion here for Tokyo in
2007.  the URL is  There
were 18 issues plus three photo numbers which I thought pretty good for
a twice daily newszine! Toronto beat out Cancun, not too surprisingly,
and their GoH is GRRMartin..
	In some haste, from the 50-terminal Net room"