The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet. – June 1 2002

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet.
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Issue No 3. June 1 2002.
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ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS INFLIGHT MAGAZINE Update #1: May 2002: After 12 months of 
planning and hard work, the most anticipated launch at Convergence is almost 
upon us: the maiden launch of Andromeda Spaceways. Where: Main Room, 
Convergence 2002 (Hotel Y, Melbourne) Date: Sunday, 9th June 2002 Time: 8.00pm 
(before the Maskobalo) Everyone is welcome. The launch promises to be an event 
of special magnificence in itself, involving a cast of thousands (well, a cast 
of 12, anyway) and a well-known rock-'n-roll idol (well, Ian Nichols, 
actually; he plays the guitar a bit, doesn't he?). But the star of the evening 
will be Issue 1 of the Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Edited by 
Benjamin Payne (who also edits Potato Monkey) and Robbie Matthews (one of the 
driving forces behind the highly successful Nor of Human...), it will contain 
fiction by such luminaries of speculative fiction as:  Chuck McKenzie, Dave 
Luckett, Lyn McConchie, Stanislaw Wiatrowski Bruce Boston, Trent Jamieson, 
Tansy Rayner Roberts, Rick Kennett Stephen Dedman Cat Sparks, Michael Davidson 
& Ian Nichols. It will also contain a science column by Jeff Harris, magazine 
and book reviews, and an interview with new Australian author, Josephine 
For more details see Andromeda Spaceways' website:

NEW BOOK FROM NEIL C. CLADINGBOEL: Bowman Publishing (Aust) Release Tale Spin, 
by Neil C. Cladingboel. ISBN:1-877034-06-1 Following on from the publication 
in the US of his fantasy trilogy, The Erebus Equilibrium, Neil Cladingboel's 
latest paperback, Tale Spin, a collection of short fiction, has been published 
in Perth, Western Australia, By Bowman Publishing. The collection is also 
available in PDF e-Book format on CD-ROM. edition is available through the 
author's web site  ( for 
AUS$14.95, which includes  delivery within Australia, or AUS$18.95 for 
overseas airmail delivery. All purchasers of 'Tale Spin' up until 30th June, 
2002 will receive a free PDF e-Book edition of Reflections: Book One of The 
Erebus Equilibrium. For ordering links, please visit: or contact the author at

BOOK ON EARLY AUSTRALIAN SF:Graham Stone has produced a book entitled "Notes 
on Australian Science Fiction", which covers the period 1926 to the early 
1950's.  This 210 page book is hard cover, ISBN 0646 4087 55 and is available 
from the author-printer-publisher. Graham Stone, GPO Box 4440  Sydney NSW 1044 
enclosing a cheque or money order for $30 per copy required. This price 
includes postage and packing.

FABLES & REFLECTIONS ISSUE 2:. Copies available direct from Lily Chrywenstrom 
for $5 each sent to PO Box99,Claremont, WA, 6910. Also available through SF 
bookshops in Perth: Arcane Bookshop, Empire Memorabilia, Quality Comics, 
Supernova, Valhalla and UWA co-op bookshop,.Melbourne: Slow Glass. Sydney: 
Galaxy (city) and Infinitas at Paramatta,.Brisbane: Pulp Fiction. Lily is also 
looking for submissions for issue 3, preferably between 1000-4000 words. 
Submissions can be mailed to the address above, or e-mailed to

FRONTIER Katharine Shade and Jeremy Sadler, K&J Publishing, sent us the 
following:  Frontier, the Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, Issue 
24, is now available for download as a PDF from, for   free! The PDF is around 1.3mb. It can 
be downloaded directly from the website, or an option selected to have it 
emailed as each issue comes out. Adobe's free AcrobatReader v.4 or above is 
required to open the PDF - available from  Feel free to print it 
out if you prefer to read articles on paper rather than on screen. If you want 
to pass it onto anyone else, please refer them to the website if possible so 
that we can keep track of download numbers. Please contact us if there are any 
problems, questions, suggestions etc. As always, letters to the editor and new 
contributors are always welcome!

STROMATOLIGHTS: (WA) The Stromatolights writers' group share information on 
upcoming classes, contests and markets. The aim is to improve writing through 
discussion, workshop and exercises (and have a good time, too!).The group 
holds meetings at the Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre at 11 Old 
York Road in Greenmount, on the third Saturday of every month (except 
December), from 1.30pm to 4pm.There is a fee of $3 to cover biscuits, 
beverages, and hire of the centre. The group also holds discussions, and 
trades market news and critiques of each others' stories, on an online mailing 
list, at The mailing list is open to all 
WA speculative fiction writers, not just those who attend the monthly 
meetings.The group is currently in the initial stages of planning an 
anthology, scheduled to be launched at Swancon 2003. Submissions are, at 
present, only being sought from regular Stromatolights members. To contact, 
e-mail  Julie Banfield ( or: Nigel Read 
( Anthology: Lee Battersby (

sessions on the first Sunday of every month at the Queensland Writers Centre. 
They also have occassional social events. Everyone welcome.

XUAN XUAN: Colin Sharpe recently announced a new Manga magazine, Xuan Xuan, 
seeking artists and writers for fantasy, romance and SF work. Full details 
available at


GALAXY BOOKSHOP (222 Clarence St Sydney): have China Mieville in August, and 
Raymond   Feist in September coming in for book signings.

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP (Shop 5 No. 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, Infinitas has a discussion group which meets at 7pm on 
the first Thursday of the month. Kate Forsyth will be in to sign copies of her 
new books "Fathomless Caves" and "Starthorn Tree" on Saturday 15 June 2002 at 
1 PM.

We are keen to report news from other SF bookshops around Australia in the 


meeting was held as scheduled. Bruce Gillespie wrote:

About 100 Melbourne fans celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Melbourne SF 
Club on Friday night, 10 May, at the Club's premises in West Brunswick. The 
club's current membership, mostly under 40, were quite polite to the mob of 
ancient gaffers who kept coming in the door.

The Ancient and Glorious ranged from founder members Merv Binns and Dick 
Jenssen, through fans who joined in the 1950s, such as Peter Kemp, Bruno 
Kautzner, and Helena Binns (who was then Margaret Duce), to people who joined 
during the early 1960s, such as Bill Wright, to those who joined during the 
late 1960s, such as Bruce Gillespie, to a fair range of people who discovered 
  the Club during the 1970s, such as Marc Ortlieb, Elaine Cochrane and Justin 
Ackroyd. Pro writers noticed in the audience included Damien Broderick (who 
first made contact with the club in 1958), Sean McMullen (the mid 1970s) and 
Lucy Sussex (early 1980s). Founder members Race Mathews and Lee Harding were 
not able to attend, but both have said they hope to turn up at ConVergence 
early June.

After much milling around, inspecting the library with its splendid new 
shelves, inspecting old photos that showed impossibly young fans ('you looked 
like that in 1972, Bruce? Ha ha ha!'), eating and drinking (cake and coffee), 
we all looked on while Club President Paul Ewins introduced everybody to 
everybody, then introduced Merv Binns, who didn't need to say much about the 
Club, since during the evening he had been handing around his talk in the form 
of a special edition of Etherline.

Dick Jenssen was introduced. He made a slightly longer speech than Merv's, 
telling of how the club began as a group of people, mostly teenagers, 
encouraged by Race Mathews, who met in each others' homes in 1951, then formed 
a club in 1952. During an entertaining short overview of the Club's history, 
Dick paid tribute to some of the people who could not attend, such as Lee Harding.

Helena Binns finished the speeches by claiming herself as living evidence that 
women did attend the club in the 1950s. People were then allowed to 
contemplate closely the vast chocolate-and-cream cake birthday cake as 'Happy 
 Birthday to Us' was sung, the knife plunged into the cake, and much eating 
of  rich cake indulged in by those present, especially the Ancient and 
Glorious.  Overcome by nostalgia and rich cake, we then wandered off home.

With his permission, Dick Jenssen's speech at the Melbourne SF Club's 50th 
Anniversary celebration:

'Fifty years of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club A few words of 
congratulation Ladies, gentlemen, and members of the MSFC, it is extremely 
satisfying, and very flattering, to be saying a few words to you on the 
occasion of the Golden Anniversary of the Club.

The driving force behind the formation of the Club, as you all know, was 
seventeen-year old Race Mathews, who in 1951 drew together a small group of 
fans interested in SF, and which a year later formed itself into the MSFC. 
Purely through the fortuitous accidents of being a school friend of Race's and 
 being present at the inaugural meeting of the Club, I became a founding 
member. It is clear that it should be Race who is addressing you tonight, but 
unfortunately he has commitments to family, finances and the Arts which must 
be honored. However, he will be the Fan Guest of Honour at Convergence 
2002...and I am sure that he will have much to say on the early days of   the Club.

Science Fiction was a major force in my youth - it opened up to my unformed 
mind new concepts, new ways of looking at the world, and, even though this may 
 seem platitudinous, suffused my imagination with a sense of wonder at what 
lay around me. Reading SF, though, at that time meant that one was considered 
to be, in the schoolboy vernacular of the age, a wet weed, and quite weird. So 
 when I met the other members of the nascent Club and found them to be 
intelligent and not too weird, I felt at home and comfortable.

The weirdness, if it be such, of the Club stalwarts arose from the way that 
most of them had of adopting a slantwise approach to life - a manner of 
questioning supposed facts, social constructs and biased ways of thinking 
which I had never, 'til that time, dreamt of challenging. This, coupled with 
their enthusiasm for SF, and their willingness to expound on any subject 
whatsoever, endeared me to them - an hour at the Club did more to heal my 
bruised psyche than, I am sure, weeks on the psychiatrist's couch.

SF offered me a lot, and I took it - without ever repaying my debt. The only 
other founding member of the Club who, to my knowledge, is still active is Lee 
 Harding, and he has given much back to the genre through his writings, his 
award-winning stories and novels. But, like Race, Lee tonight has commitments 
to family, finance and Art.

Without Race the Club may never have been formed, but without Mervyn Binns the 
 Club assuredly would not have survived. It was he who kept it alive during 
trying times when attendance fell off, and it was he who ensured that the 
library remained part of the Club - and grew. It was he who, at McGills 
Agency, gave Melbourne its first major influx of SF, and who later created the 
city's first specialised bookstore - Space Age Books. Were it not for Race and 
 Merv, this anniversary would probably not be being held.

It is, at least for me, a wonderfully fulfilling experience to witness 
something which I had a hand in creating, however inadvertently, half a 
century ago, to be still vigorous and filled with eager youth. At my age, 
anyone below forty is young. I will not hope for another fifty years of 
existence and growth for the Club, rather I would prefer to wish that the Club 
will continue to exist and flourish for as long as Science Fiction itself - in 
whatever forms it may take in the future continues to exist.

Now cut the cake !

MAIL LIST: "SYDNEY TREK", "Bringing Star Trek fans together"."All welcome". 
More information at

May 30 to June 2) features well known writers of the SF & fantasy genres 
including: Sean Williams, Garth Nix, Sophie Masson, Kate Forsyth  and Cecilia 
Dart-Thornton. Items in the Sydney Writers Festival that may  be of interest 
to SF and fantasy fans are: Saturday June 1, (Venue Sydney Dance Studio 2, 
wharf 4/5, The Rocks) Noon-1.30 pm. "Legacy of the Lord of the Rings" 
featuring Sean Williams, Kate Forsyth, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Garth Nix and 
Sophie Masson.  Saturday June 1, (Venue Sydney Dance Studio 2. wharf 4/5, The 
Rocks) 4-5.30 pm. "The Life of a Book: A Hypothetical" Featuring Sean 
Williams, Garth Nix and others. NB: A complimentary shuttle bus runs regularly 
between Wharf 4/5 and a bus  stop in George St, near the park, and just down 
from the Museum of Contemporary Art for the duration of the Writers Festival.

Multiverse is hosting a SPIDERMAN film preview on June 5th at Chadstone 
Megaplex, Melbourne.  You can reserve tickets by e-mailing, or downloading the order form at

AUSTRALIAN SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL Melbourne - June 13-19, 2002 - Kino Cinemas, 
45 Collins St, Melbourne   From the organisers: Opening night takes you back 
to Paris at the turn of the last century where the death of Vidocq is avenged 
and evil perpetrated by The Alchemist is  tackled. This Australian premiere 
and CGI extravaganza shows sci-fi in a very different light.  On Saturday, 
Robert Sutherland (The Inside Story) and Pete Ford (Starjackers)  get to grips 
with sci-fi filmmaking. And later that night, Disney's latest animation 
spectacle puts five year old  Lilo at the mercy of failed genetic experiment 
626 - aka Stitch. This  Australian premiere is your chance to see Lilo & 
Stitch even before it opens  publicly in America.

  On Sunday, Triple J's Megan Spencer is joined by critic Paul Harris and 
Melbourne University's Dr Angela Ndalianis to talk about the social impact of 
 sci-fi cinema.  Tuesday is Australia day with the Melbourne premiere of 
Neophytes and Neon Lights followed by another chance for audience favouritism 
when the Audience  Award is presented to the Short Circuit Film Competition 
finalists. To cap off the night, we are pleased to present the animated 
hilarity of Sev Trek: Pus In Boots with the live action adventure, Broken 
Allegiance in a double bill session. And if that's not enough, on Wednesday we 
proudly present the Melbourne Premiere of Robert Sutherland's The Inside Story 
starring Andrew Curry and Charles 'Bud' Tingwall. Filmed in Melbourne, this is 
an extra special closing  feature for an extra special festival - the 
australian sci-fi film festival.  Tickets are on sale now and selling fast: 
Melbourne: Kino Cinemas 03 9650 2100  Or visit for online 

ADRIENNE LOSIN HAS MAGNETIC APPEAL! SF artist, Adrienne Losin, reports her 
artwork is currently on display at: Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington (Vic) Cube 
37, Frankston (Vic) Coumhan Gallery & Organic Wholefoods Cafe (both in 
Brunswick, Vic)  She also has homemade fridge magnets featuring dinosuars, 
dolphins, B5 and Trek  characters for sale for $5 each. Write to her at:  PO 
Box 692  Mornington, Vic. 3931 (e-mail

We also heard from Mike in Hobart who writes, "I don't publish much anymore, 
though I was active in fandom between 1967 and 1985. However, anybody who 
remembers Michael O'Brien from those days is welcome to drop in on my on-line 
journal at

When the dreamer dies, what of the dream? - A. Bertram Chandler

 STEPHEN JAY GOULD.  BBC News wrote:  Stephen Jay Gould, one of the world's 
best-known palaeontologists and science writers, has died at the age of 60. He 
died of cancer at his home in New York,  according to his assistant Stephanie 
Schur.  A Harvard professor since the age of 26, Professor Gould was also a 
best-selling author known for his engaging and often witty style of science 
writing. He sought to make complex debates about geology, palaeontology and 
evolutionary biology accessible to the general public.

BRUCE PELZ.  From "Locus Online": Los Angeles fan Bruce Pelz died on Thursday 
May 9th. He chaired many science  fiction conventions, including one World 
Science Fiction Convention, and was  fan guest of honor at many others. 
Memorials are posted at

BETSY CURTIS. From "Locus Online":  SF/F short-story writer, costumer, and 
poet Betsy Curtis, 84, died April 17, 2002. She published a couple dozen 
stories in SF magazines from the early '50s   (her story "Divine Right" 
appeared in the third, Summer 1950, issue of F&SF)  to the early '70s. "The 
Steiger Effect" (Analog Oct 1968) was a Hugo nominee  in 1969. A tribute to 
Curtis ran in Comics Buyer's Guide #1487 [not online], headlined "Thanks, 
Mom!". A memorial service will be held in June. The family  requests that, in 
lieu of flowers, donations be made in the name of Betsy Curtis to The READ 
Program, 966-1/2 Park Ave., Meadville PA 16335.

FRIDRIKH GORENSHTEIN.  From "Locus Online":  Screenwriter Fridrikh Gorenshtein 
(or Friedrich Gorenstein), co-writer with  director Andrei Tarkovsky of the 
1972 film Solaris (based on Stanislaw Lem's
novel), died March 3, 2002, in Berlin of natural causes.

JOHN MIDDLETON MURRAY JR.  From "Locus Online":John Middleton Murry, Jr., who 
wrote science fiction as Richard Cowper, died  April 29, 2002, according to 
John Clute's obituary in The Independent. After four early, "literary" novels 
published as by Colin Murry, he began publishing SF with Breakthrough (1967). 
His best-known novels were The  Twilight of Briareus (1974) and the trilogy 
consisting of The Road to Corlay  (1978), A Dream of Kinship (1981), and A 
Tapestry of Time (1982). He was a  regular contributor to The Magazine of 
Fantasy and Science Fiction from the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s (when 
Murry retired from writing), with stories frequently nominated for awards: 
"The Custodians" (1975, Hugo and  Nebula nominee), "Piper at the Gates of 
Dawn" (1976, Hugo, Nebula, British  Fantasy, and Ditmar nominee), "The Web of 
the Magi" (1980, British SF nominee, Balrog winner), and others. A full 
obituary will appear in the June issue of Locus Magazine.

GEORGE ALEC EFFINGER. From "Locus Online" George Alec Effinger, born 1947, has 
died in New Orleans. A graduate of  Clarion, he was the author of numerous 
novels and stories, including the popular cyberpunk series beginning with When 
Gravity Fails (1987), Hugo-Nebula-, and Sturgeon-award winning novelette 
"Schrödinger's Kitten" (1988),  and many satirical works from early short 
story "All the Last Wars at Once"  (1971) to a recent series of stories about 
Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson. Known affectionately in the science 
fiction community as "Piglet" (a nickname he came to dislike), Effinger had 
been ill for several  years.


 FORREST J ACKERMAN. Hospitalised after suffering from either a stroke or a 
heart attack. Despite initial reports from Locus that he was not expected to 
recover, actress Julie Sands reports he's improving and, at least mentally, 
doing quite well.  From a letter forwarded by Bev Vincent of Cemetery Dance 
magazine, Sands writes:  It was very disquieting to discover not many of 
Forry's friends have visited and he is very lonely. He is paralyzed except for 
the ability to move his head, his speech is very sparse, but he is cognizant... 
He cannot receive flowers, but letters, visits (even by non-family members-he 
really has no family), phone calls and cards are appreciated.

JIMMY DOOHAN. (Best known as Scotty from the original Star Trek series). 
Recovering from pneumonia.


Marianne Plummridge-Eggleton proudly annoounced that husband & well known 
artist, Bob Eggleton has been nominated for a Hugo in the category of Best 
Professional Artist. He was also recently given an ANLAB Award (from Analog 
Magazine) for "Best cover" for his work "Bugouts". Bob has also  been 
nominated in 3 categories in the Chelsy Awards. His art books, "Dragonhenge" 
and "Primal Darkness" will be released in the States and UK later this year.

From Marc Ortlieb: The 2002 Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards 
(popularly known as the Ditmars) are for works created in 2001 by Australians. 
To vote for the Ditmar Awards you must be a member of ConVergence, the 2002 
Australian National Science Fiction Convention. Voting forms with individual 
code numbers will be sent out to all ConVergence members. There will be no 
voting at the convention itself. The Awards will be presented at the Awards 
Ceremony at ConVergence. Please note that neither the Best Australian Artwork 
nor the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review received enough 
nominations to appear on the final ballot. There was one clear nomination in 
the Best Australian Fan Achievement Category, but, on request from the 
nominee, that has been transferred into the Fan Production-Other Category. 
Further information about the nomination process may be found in the 
ConVergence P.R.. Details on the voting and a complete list of nominees may 
appear in a ConVergence post-con report.

BEST AUSTRALIAN NOVEL (25 nominees 50 nominations)
  Lirael Garth Nix (Allen & Unwin )
  Eyes of the Calculor Sean McMullen (Tor)
  The Year of the Intelligent Tigers Kate Orman (BBC)

BEST AUSTRALIAN SHORT FICTION (20 nominees 54 nominations)
  "Whispers" Rick Kennett & Paul Collins Stalking Midnight (Cosmos Books)
  "The Boneyard" Kyla Ward Gothic.Net September 2001
  "Absolute Uncertainty" Lucy Sussex F&SF April 2001
  "Rotten Times" Robert Hood Aurealis 27/28
  "The Diamond Pit" Jack Dann Jubilee (Harper Collins)
  "Tower of Wings" Sean McMullen Analog

BEST AUSTRALIAN COLLECTED WORK (9 nominees 30 nominations)
  Stalking Midnight Paul Collins (Cosmos Books)
  Jubilee Jack Dann (Harper Collins)
  Orb #2 Sarah Endacott
  Earth is But a Star Damien Broderick (UWA Press)

BEST FAN WRITER (15 nominees 23 nominations)
  Geoff Allshorn
  Deb Biancotti
  Bill Wright
  Bruce Gillespie

BEST FAN ARTIST (10 nominees 30 nominations)
  Dick Jenssen
  Cat Sparks
  Miriam English
BEST AUSTRALIAN FAN PRODUCTION - Fanzine (21 nominees 42 nominations)
  Fables and Reflections Lily Chrywenstrom
  Interstellar Ram Jet Scoop Bill Wright
  Diverse Universe Geoff & Miriam
  Solar Spectrum Geoff & Miriam
  SF Commentary Bruce Gillespie

BEST AUSTRALIAN FAN PRODUCTION - Other (10 nominees 30 nominations)
  Spaced Out Website ( Geoff & Miriam
  Tabula-Rasa ( David Carroll & Kyla Ward
  Consensual Stephen Dedman, Cathy Cupitt & Elaine Kemp
  Mitch? 2 Tarts of the New Millennium Anthony Mitchell
  JB Resurrection Garth Thomas

  Robert Hood for the Young Adult Series Shades Hodder Headline
  Meredith Costain & Paul Collins for editing
  Dirk Strasser & Stephen Higgins for editing and production of Aurealis over 
so many years

BEST NEW TALENT ( 2 nominees 10 nominations)
  Cat Sparks

The Australian Science Fiction Foundation is seeking nominees for the A. 
Bertram Chandler Award offered in recognition of a lifetime contribution to 
Australian Science Fiction. Nominees and details on why they should be 
nominated should be sent to Julian Warner, e-mail: 
The award will be
presented at ConVergence in June.

SCIENC FICTION WRITERS OF EARTH. Annual competition for unpublished SF writers 
.Details and entry forms for the 2002 SFWoE Awards are available at, or Australian entrants can send an SASE to Rob 
Riel, (Picaro Press) PO box 853 Warners Bay, NSW 2282. (e-mail

NAFF AWARD WINNER: Congratulations to Emma Hawkes, winner of the NAFF award, 
held to provide the winner with funds to travel to the National Australian SF 

PATRICIA WRIGHTSON PRIZE. Congratulations to Shaun Tan for winning the 
Patricia Wrightson Prize in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards for his book, 
The Red Tree, published by Lothian Press.


GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be announced.

CSF-Con II. (Held 24-26 May, Canberra) Both Ted and Edwina attended this 
convention and had a great time. Congratulations to Vanessa Jacobsen, the 
committee & volunteers for such a successful event.Vanessa has recently 
announced there will be another Canberra convention in 2003. Details to follow.

CONVERGENCE ConVergence is the 41st Australian National Science Fiction 
Convention, to be held June 7 - 10 2002 at the Cato Conference Centre, 
Melbourne. GoH's: Joe and Gay Haldeman, Sean Williams, Lucy Sussex and Race 
Mathews. Toastmaster: Jack Dann..Postal address:  Convergence 2002: 41st 
Australian National Science Fiction Convention   GPO Box 1212K  Melbourne Vic 
3001 Email: Web: 
Tel. after hours: 03 9388 9953
Main contact: Greg Clark, Publicity Manager

CONVERGING AT CONVERGENCE: A lot of things will be happening at this year's 
Natcon, which marks the 50th  anniversary of science fiction conventions in 
Australia. The following are just a few.
  CRITIQUING PANEL:  Margo Lanagan, Cory Daniells, Marianne de Pierres, 
Maxine McArthur & Tansy
Rayner Roberts (collectively known as wRiters On the Road - ROR) will be 
running a Critiquing Panel. People interested in submitting stories to be 
critiqued can send them as RTF files to:,, and 1 hard copy to 
Marianne de Pierres & Cory Daniells,  5 Waterford Cres,  Ormiston. Qld 4160. 
 Selected participents will be informed before the convention. Copies of the 
selected stories will also be provided at ConVergence so that other interested 
people can read them before attending the panel. For more information see the 
 ROR web site:

by Cat Sparks, ( and AustrAlien Absurdities (http://home edited by Chuck McKenzie and Tansy Rayner 
Roberts will be launched at ConVergence  (They both did a mini-launch at 
Canberra, and these anthologies look terrific)

ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS INFLIGHT MAGAZINE:  This new bi-monthly Australian pulp SF 
magazine will also be launching at  ConVergence. Magazine details at

AIRLIE BEACH RELAXACON 14-17 June 2002 at the Whitsunday Terraces Resort, 
Airlie Beach, Queensland. Run by Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber. Web:

 ROSWELL CONVENTION: Presents Majandra Delfino (Maria Deluca 
from the TV Show "Roswell") Date: Saturday July 13, 2002  Time: 9am - 5pm 
Venue: Hotel Inter-Continental, 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000 
Tickets: $77* (includes $2 per ticket postage & handling).Tickets will be sold 
on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you book and pay for your 
ticket, the better seat you will have. There will be NO door sales due to 
security reasons.Tickets will be sent to you in the post along with a name tag 
for you to wear on the day. It is imperative that you bring both your ticket 
and name tag as you would not be able to get in without them.A list of Rules 
and Regulations will be sent out with your ticket as well. You can also find 
the Rules and Regulations up in the Announcement section of 
There will be NO cameras allowed at the convention. We are complying with the 
wishes of our guest, so please respect them. You will need to download the 
Registration Form and send it with your payment. We are only accepting cheque 
and money orders only. Please make sure that you do make the cheque and money 
orders out to Ming Johanson otherwise your payment will not be accepted. 
Please send the Registration Form and payments to: Roswell Convention PO Box 
1569 North Ryde NSW 2113 All payments must be received by June 21, 2002. Any 
payments after this date will incur a $5 late fee. Any cancellation of tickets 
has to be notified to the organizers 30 days prior to the convention. NO 
refunds will be available after this period.If you are coming from interstate 
and you require accommodation, please email and put 
"Accommodation" in the subject line.Alternately, you will be able to find the 
info up in the Roswell Forums @ Please visit @ - Convention Organizers (

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (BoBW) Farscape convention. July 27 & 28 2002. GoH's Gigi 
Edgley, Lani Tapu, Jonathan Hardy (2 more guests to be announced). At 
Millenium Hotel, William St, Sydney. Guests attending the following events: 
Friday 26th July, 7.30-9.30 pm. $45. Saturday 27th July, Convention Day 1 
$125, (Banquet 7.30 - Midnight $65) Sunday 28th July, Convention Day 2, $125. 
Wrap party (Sunday night) $45. (Please inquire for children's prices) More 
details available at

CON JOSÉ The 60th World Science Fiction Convention, August 29 to September 2, 
2002 at San José McEnery Convention Centre. GoH's: Vernor Vinge, David Cherry, 
Bjo & John Trimble, Ferdinand Feghoot. Toastmaster: Tad Williams. Enquiries: 
P.O. Box 61363  Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363  U.S.A.Email: Web:  Attending membership currently A$350. Supporting 
membership: A$60..Australian agent: (to pay for membership in Australian 
currency you must apply to the Australian agent)  Rose Mitchell  GPO Box 1212k 
 Melbourne Vic 3001Cheques payable to "60th World Science Fiction Convention".

BORDERLANDS: That which scares us.At: Emerald Hotel, Mount Street, Perth 
Dates: 7th & 8th September 2002 Confirmed Guests: Stephen Dedman, Eddie 
Campbell .  Web page is, and the committee can 
be emailed at You may also phone(+618) 9331 
516, or write to14 Simons StreetCoolbellup, 6163, WA.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS BABYLON 5 con. October 26 & 27, 2002. GoHs Bruce 
Boxleitner & Jerry Doyle. Check their website: for further 

CARTER   FoSF are holding an Amanda Tapping day at the  Lidcombe Catholic 
Workmen's Club on Sunday 10th November, 2002. Tickets are $75 for FSF members 
and $85 for non-members. (Booking & handling fee of $2 per ticket) They can be 
booked on line at or by  phone: (02) 9523 8385 Make cheques and 
money orders payable to Friends of  Science Fiction and post to:  Friends of 
Science Fiction  PO Box 797  Fairfield. NSW 1860

a one day convention to be held at the tail end of the year on Saturday 
November 16th.More details will go up on the web page when we get them and of 
course in the Comm Centre too but for those who have attended any of our 
previous "A Day With" conventions you will know that we will have dealers, 
Question and answer session, autograph session, videos, panels, photo 
opportunities and lots of fun. VENUE: TBA - in the CBD area. COST: Members of 
Multiverse clubs - $50, non club members - $60, Children  under 15 - $20 
TICKETS: A ticket order form is up on the web page now for you to print off 
and send back to us with payment. if you wish to pay by instalments you can - 
just ask!  NOTES: A basic program will be put up onto the web page soon so 
keep an eye out. Please feel free to contact us at REMEMBER: You don't need to be a member of 
Multiverse or a Multiverse club to attend these Multiverse events.

EMOTICON 2003 New Zealand's NatCon, Easter, Auckland.Email:

SWANCON 2003 Swancon 2003 committee, please contact us! Neither of us know 
anything about it!

GENGHIS CON This mysterious con is to be held in Perth at some time during 
2003. As
yet neither the venue nor the date has been determined more precisely. For 
more info as it comes to hand, keep watching The 
organisers can be contacted at They also have a forum 
which you can read about and join at From their web 
page: Our objective is to provide a cool, fun Convention that is affordable to 
anyone who wants to come. Of course, our other objective is just to have a 
good time, but I'm sure you won't begrudge us that. ;)

TORCON III The 61st World Science Fiction Convention will be held over August 
28-September 1, 2003 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. GoHs: George R. 
R. Martin, Frank Kelly Freas, Mike Glyer. Toastmaster: Spider Robinson and 
GoHst of Honour: Robert Bloch the spirit of Toronto Worldcons.
Enquiries: P.O. Box 3,  Station A, Toronto,  Ontario Canada M5W 1A2Attending 
Membership: $US115; Supporting Membership: $US40; Email: 

CANBERRA 2003: (CSF-Con III) Details to be announced.

CANBERRA 2004 NATCON BID:  Vanessa Jacobsen announced the Canberra Science 
Fiction Group convention, ConFlux, intends to bid for the 2004 National SF 
Convention. Contact details under the  web page ConFlux will be held 
regardless of whether it wins Natcon status.

CHRONOPOLIS - Swancon 29 Perth, Western Australia Easter weekend Thu 8 to Mon 
12th April 2004
Shay Telfer, Convenor Details to follow.

CONTOUR 2004 May 31 to June 3 2004, Rotorua. Proposed as New Zealand's 25th 
National Science
Fiction Convention. Email:

OTHER AUSTRALIAN SF INFORMATION: Marc Ortlieb still maintains his Australian 
Science Fiction Information page: and the 
linked pages -

Ted Scribner's SF&F home page is: and 
his list of SF oriented groups in NSW is at


The deadline for submission of material for inclusion in the July Bullsheet 
(#4) is 25th June. Send your news e-mail to, or snail mail 
to  Edwina Harvey  c/- 12 Flinders St,  Matraville NSW, 2036.

The Australian Science-fiction Bullsheet is available free on the internet at or through our 
mirror site: The web page is updated regularly through the 

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For no sufficiently explained reason this Fanzine still supports The 
Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid!