The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet – August 1 2002

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet
ISSUE 5, AUGUST 1, 2002
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version) ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)

Jonathan Strahan recently announced on the Eidolist  "... I am maintaining an 
Australian SF news weblog at   [the 
webmaster couldn't reach that site but found it at  ] If you have any news or 
information, I'd love to hear from you at" (This 
is a very good site, and I've incorporated several items from it into this 
month's Bullsheet, but don't take my word, go check it out for yourselves! - 

 "Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to 
read" - Groucho Marx

MACHINATIONS: an anthology of Ingenious Design. Book Launch: The second 
Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild anthology, "Machinations", is being 
launched at Marcus Clarke Center, ANU, Canberra, from 12:00 noon, Saturday 
10-Aug-2002 (in association with the Phenomenon, gaming convention, q.v.) All 
interested parties are cordially invited. Copies of Machinations will be 
available for $16.95. Contributors get one free copy. Mail orders: send cheque 
or postal order for $18.95 (inc postage) to

PO Box 98
Latham. ACT. 2615

or e-mail

TERRY DOWLING'S  1990 collection "Rynosseros" (the first of the Rhynosseros 
trilogy) will be published by Bill Congreve's MirrorDanse books in September. 
(reported on "Coode Street")

the following bookshops around Australia: Supernova and Magic Circle 
Bookshops, Perth, Pulp Fiction, Brisbane, Infinitas Bookshop, Parramatta, and 
Galaxy Bookshop Sydney, Dee's Books and Comics, Canberra & Slow Glass Books, 
Melbourne. Issue 2 is currently being printed and will be available soon. 
Subscription, submission, and advertising details: see Andromeda Spaceways' 

AUREALIS MAGAZINE Issue 29, available for $12.50 send cheque or money order to 
Chimaera Publications, PO Box 2164 Mt. Waverly, VIC, 3149, or fax 03 9504 
1517, or phone 03 9504 1516 for credit card purchases. The Aurealis web site 

ORB Speculative Fiction issue3/4 Available for $19.95 from Orb Publications, 
PO Box 1621, South Preston,Vic. 3072.

AustrAlien Absurdities, an anthology of humorous SF & fantasy Available from 
PO Box 87A, South Strathfield, NSW, 2136

AGOG! Fantastic Fiction, an anthology of Fantastic Fiction, PO Box U302, 
University of Wollongong, NSW, 2522.(Price $24.95 postage paid I think - 

Remaining copies of Chuck McKenzie's SF comedy novel, Worlds Apart are being 
sold by his publisher for the special price of $10 including postage in 
Australia. Send cheques/money orders made out to Hybrid Publishers to PO Box 
52, Ormond, Vic. 3204

Kaaren Sutcliffe has 2 fantasy novels, The Pegasus Touch, and The Scales for 
sale at $30 for the pair (plus postage? - Edwina) from

Irrepressible Press
4 Sunnybar Dr

 Ph 02 6299 6875. (

Beverly Paine has a new Australian YA action packed SF mystery novel called 
"The Chimaera Conspiracy" published through Greater Glider Press ( ) Details of the book also available at . (Sorry Bev, we missed this one earlier!)

Antipodean SF issue 52 is expected to soon be up on or soon now 
(Antipodean and Bullsheet seem to run to similar deadlines.- Edwina)

XUAN XUAN: Colin Sharpe recently announced a new Manga magazine, Xuan Xuan, 
seeking artists and writers for fantasy, romance and SF work. Full details 
available at


(New! Thanks to Bruce Gillespie for helping us out by providing the following 
fanzine reviews! Hopefully this will be a regular Bullsheet feature)

Send fanzines for review to
Bruce Gillespie
59 Keele Street
Collingwood VIC 3066
or by email to It might also be polite to send copies to 
Edwina and Edwin, the editors of the Bullsheet [send the to Edwina's address - 
see end of the Bullsheet]. Unless its editor says otherwise, I presume that 
each fanzine reviewed is available for 'the usual': traded fanzines, letters 
of comment, written and art contributions or, from the truly desperate, money.

This column began because I thought it odd that my fanzine SF Commentary was 
awarded this year's Ditmar Award for Best Fanzine while several other 
contenders either lost or did not even make the nominations list.

Conspicuously absent from this year's Ditmar Award nomations list were the two 
best Australian fanzines of the last few years: John Foyster's eFNAC and Chris 
Nelson's Mumblings from Munchkinland,.eFNAC, edited by John Foyster, Did eFNAC fail to reach the nominations list because it 
is available only in electronic form? To download it, you need to email this 
year's Chandler Award winner John Foyster at, ask John 
for eFNAC's Web site and the code you need to unlock download this Adobe 
Acrobat (.PDF) fanzine once you reach the Web site. Once you download the 
latest issue, you can read it on your screen without needing to print it. (I 
refuse to read any fanzine on screen, so I print out each issue.) Once you 
have gone to such trouble, you feel that you have earned your issue, and by 
ghod you're going to enjoy it. Most issues are enjoyable, although recently 
John has begun writing about the contents of rather elderly SF magazines. This 
might try the patience of some younger readers. More enjoyable are the 
innumerable fan photos, most of them from the collection of Allan Bray, and 
John's commentary on the photos. Even more enjoyable, in a hair-raising way, 
have been John's thoughts on being part of the medical system since September 
2001, when he suffered what seemed like a stroke. After much medical 
examination, it was found that he was suffering from a small brain tumour, for 
which John has undergone treatment. Since September, John has continued to 
produce issues of eFNAC whenever possible, without reduction of quality. eFNAC 
is the one fanzine you must download.

MUMBLINGS FROM MUNCHKINLAND No. 19, May 2002. 20 pp. A5, offset. Chris Nelson, 
PO Box 1571, Apia, Samoa, (snail mail: PO Box 1571, 
Apia Samoa)

Chris Nelson's Mumblings from Munchinland is now the only West Australian 
fanzine being published in Samoa . Until recently, it was the only West 
Australian fanzine being published in Tasmania. Mumblings is short, terse, 
attractive to the eye, and published regularly. The great strength of issues 
during recent years has been Chris Nelson's documentation of Australian fan 
history. He has interviewed Bill Veney, Bert Castellari and Graham Stone, 
Sydney fans who joined before World War II, and has kept in touch, 
astonishingly, with Don Tuck. (Tuck, one of Australia's few Hugo winners, 
seemed to vanish from fannish sight in 1975.) I wish Chris could have taken 
part in the Timebinders stream of ConVergence, the recent Australian national 
convention, as his comments would have complemented Merv Binns's photo 
gallery. Since Chris is now living in Samoa, he's holding conventions 
(admittedly with very small numbers of attendees, all with the surname of 
'Nelson') and commenting on life in his own entertaining manner. Write to 
Chris for a copy.

I've tried to stick to fanzines received during June and July, but that's 
difficult. Some people have sent me their fanzines when they heard I was 
writing this column, so I had better not ignore them.

DIVERSE UNIVERSE No. 12, June 2002. 20 pp. plus index to first 12 issues. A4, 
offset. Geoff Allshorn and Miriam English for Spaced Out Inc, PO Box 363, 
Preston VIC 3072. Electronic version (plus all back issues) available from or info@spacedoutinc

Diverse Universe and Solar Spectrum, both published by Spaced Out Inc, 'the 
gay/lesbian SF Club of Victoria', received more nominations than SF Commentary 
for the Ditmar Award ballot, but didn't win this time. I was a bit annoyed 
that I had never heard of them before, and had not heard about Spaced Out Inc. 
Thanks to ConVergence, I now have some idea who Geoff and Miriam are, and now 
they have sent me a copy of Diverse Universe. I still haven't seen Solar 
Spectrum, which is advertised as a fiction anthology, and is only available 
for $10 a copy, and therefore (according to my definition) not a fanzine.

Diverse Universe is a natty little clubzine, with a layout rather similar to 
an earlier incarnation of the Melbourne SF Club's Ethel the Aardvark. News 
items (mainly about forthcoming television programs - phooey!) are mixed with 
editorial statements, a page of justified self-congratulation for their shared 
Ditmar Award for the club's Spaced Out Web site, several very short stories, 
and a useful interview with Joe Haldeman, who was a Guest of Honour at 
ConVergence. (Did you know that The Forever War was rejected by eighteen 
publishers before being accepted by the nineteenth?) I don't think Diverse 
Universe is yet a great fanzine, because it tells us next to nothing about the 
individual editors and contributors. It doesn't even give details of Spaced 
Out meeting dates and times. Perhaps I missed seeing such detail on the Spaced 
Out Web site, from which you can download all past issues.

pp. A4. colour covers. Bill Wright, Flat 4, 1 Park Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182; 
or through ANZAPA, c/o David Grigg, 11 Ellendale St, North Balwyn VIC 3104

Bill Wright's Interstellar Ramjet Scoop is the fanzine that I thought would 
win the Ditmar Award at ConVergence. It looks a lot better than anything I can 
do, it appears much more regularly (six times a year), and it's more 
entertaining than a mere Gillespiezine. But Bill didn't distribute copies 
widely enough to snare the second preferences he needed to topple SF 
Commentary (350 copies per issue). The only guaranteed method of obtaining 
your copy is to be a member of ANZAPA (the Australian and New Zealand Amateur 
Publishing Assocation, see address above), which itself is the location of 25 
of the best fanzines appearing in Australia at the moment. Bill does 
distribute copies of IRS outside ANZAPA, but in a random way.

If Bill Wright printed and distributed 350 copies of each issue of IRS, he 
would win the Ditmar every year. He puts together an aromatic mixture of 
brilliant computer graphics by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen), winner of this year's 
Ditmar for Best Fan Art; photographs; and artwork purloined from all over the 
Web; and cooks them together with his own unique humorous style (I enjoyed the 
article about St Kilda); funny articles by writers such as Stefan who write 
only for IRS; and Bill Wright's mailing comments, which might or might not 
make sense to a non-ANZAPA member. IRS is one of Australia's essential 
fanzines; write to Bill for a copy, or (repeat that advertisement!) join ANZAPA.

VILE TEMPTRESS! No. 2, August 2001. 30 pp + cover. A4.Zara Baxter, 108 6th 
Avenue, Berala NSW 2141.

I met Zara Baxter very briefly at Aussiecon III, then thought she had 
disappeared from sight, especially as I didn't see her at ConVergence this 
year. Then out of the blue came Vile Temptress! 2, which is that rarest of all 
creatures - a fannish fanzine from New South Wales. I was really impressed by 
Zara's article 'How to Tell If You're a Fan', which includes perceptions such 
as 'One does not attend cons because one wants to see the Guests of Honour' 
and 'Reading, watching and discussing science fiction do not - repeat, not - 
make one a fan.' Zara's conversion from neo-fan (at Aussiecon III) to fan 
makes quite moving reading; I trust that many of the wannabe writers who 
attended ConVergence will also feel the divine touch of fannish conversion. 
Zara includes lively convention reports from Swancon 26 and the first Freecon, 
four contributions to her 'My First Encounter with Fandom' section, a short 
story, and photos of lots of people I've never met or met only once. I trust 
that Zara is just about to publish Issue 3.

VALLEITY No. 1, June 2002. 18 pp. A4. Damien Warman, 400 W. 35th St., Apt 106, 
Austin TX 78751, USA

How many years do prominent Adelaide fans Damien Warman and Juliette Woods 
need to stay in America before Velleity also migrates? For the time being, 
it's the only Australian fanzine being published in Texas. In 'Astroboy', 
Damien tells the story of how he became an astronomer. English fan (and recent 
visitor to ConVergence) Claire Brialey ('Careless Talk Costs Fanzine 
Articles') tells why fans are like British parliamentarians ('For the sake of 
argument, you might think of the House of Commons as con-runners and the House 
of Lords as fanzine fans)'. Claire should know, as she works at the British 
House of Commons. Nick Falkner raises a glass to South Australian wineries and 
wine areas in his 'The Irregular Diary of a Winemaker'. Newish British fan Max 
tells us about 'Corflu-Feel the Love'. This is a pleasantly personal view of 
the most recent Corflu, the convention for fanzine fans. Velleity is well 
written, well edited, and short enough to read over dinner.

VISION, Nos. 9 (June 2002) and 10 (July 2002). Each is 12 pp. A4. Available 
for the usual, or $20 annual subscription: Stephen Thompson, 26 Mitchell 
Street, Brisbane QLD or

Two issues in less than a month! This makes Vision just about the hottest 
fanzine in Australia at the moment, and surely a contender for next year's 
Ditmar Award for Best Fanzine. Vision started out as the magazine of a 
writers' group, but recently editor Stephen Thompson has extended its scope. 
He's trying to make it into a wide-ranging fanzine with general material, as 
well as advice and help for writers, and the occasional piece of fiction. The 
layout has improved greatly in these two issues.

I found No. 9 more interesting than No. 10, but that could be because Stephen 
says nice things about my fanzines and prints an article of mine ('Why I 
Publish Fanzines'). There's much else of interest, including writers' tips and 
advertisements, includes Grace Dugan's report on Convergence, Stephen's 
editorial, and articles by Rogert Hoge and Kate Eltham.

I must dispute Kate's definition of 'fanfiction', which to me is 'fiction 
written by fans about other fans, including the whole ethos of fandom'. The 
new type of fanfiction ('fanfic'), Kate tells me, is fiction that 'embodies a 
fan's desire to be part of the world she loves so much, be it Buffy, Dr Who or 
the setting of any fantasy novel'. No wonder I've missed out on fanfic, since 
I have little interest in fantasy and none in SF on TV.

The main item in No. 10 is Cat Sparks' accurate and comprehensive survey of 
the current small press scene. She hits the mark when she writes: 'Imagine 
going to the ice-cream parlour only to discover that you can't get 21 flavours 
any more because it has been determined by a team of marketing experts that 
chocolate, vanilla and boysenberry are the best sellers. What about 
hokey-pokey?' This is exactly the message I received from HarperCollins when I 
asked why that company had not released in Australian Paul McAuley's recent 
novel The Secret of Life. Because they didn't think it would sell well! It was 
on the Clarke Award shortlist, but Australians are not allowed to buy it! 
Extend this principle to Australian SF and you can see why the small press 
publishers are currently beavering away. Beware, however. We at Norstrilia 
Press did it all in the seventies and eighties, made no money, and had to give 
up in 1985.

Other contributors to No. 10 include Geoff Skellams, Theresa King, Dirk 
Flinthart and Lee Battersby 'having a rant', Karin Hannigan with another 
ConVergence report, plus book reviews and market information.

REVIEW ZINE No. 51, February 2001. html, approx. 19 pp.Susan Batho, 6 Bellevue 
Road, Faulconbridge NSW 2776

 Review Zine appeared in my email, a year and a half after the official 
release date, but I had thought I was trading fanzines with Susan Batho. I'm 
not sure if No. 52 is available yet. Most of No. 51 comprises short book 
reviews, but Susan also reviews Slashcon 2000. The main interest of this 
fanzine is that Susan has the longest record for continuous fan activity in 
New South Wales apart from that her ex-husband Ron Clarke, and Eric Lindsay 
and Jean Weber, who have now moved to northern Queensland. As we found out at 
ConVergence, Susan is one of the few people who can tell you what happened 
around Sydney since the early seventies, so I hope she writes much fan history 
in future issues.

Kim Huett, Flat 29, 63 Pearson Street, Holder ACT 2611

I don't know how available is A Bright Particular Star, or even whether you 
need to send money to gain a copy. Enquire from Kim Huett at the above 
address. If he has any spare copies, you will find yourself reading an 
anthology of some of the best fan writing of the last twenty years: that of 
Lucy Huntzinger. In a useful introduction, Kim tells us that Lucy entered 
fandom in 1981 in Seattle, and has since lived all around the United States, 
as well as taking extensive overseas trips (including her DUFF trip to 
Australia in 1987). Her most famous fanzine was Rude Bitch, co-edited with 
Avedon Carol in the eighties. The pieces in A Bright Particular Star 
concentrate on Lucy's travels, but don't reach back further than 1988. Since 
1996, Lucy has published only though her Web zine Aries Moon (which I've never 
stumbled across). A Bright Particular Star is a beautiful piece of fanzine craft.

ETHEL THE AARDVARK No. 103, July 2002. 20 pp. A4. Emilly McLeay, for the 
Melbourne Science Fiction Club, PO Box 212, World Trade Centre, Melbourne VIC 
3005.Magazine subscription: $15. Club membership: $25 (singles), $35 
(household), $35 (overseas)

I'm not sure whether any copies of Ethel the Aardvark are available for 'the 
usual'; however, I did trade fanzines with Ethel for several years before I 
joined the Club, and each issue has letters from all over the world. Emilly 
McLeay has taken over from Sean Paul Smith, and is gradually solving the 
problem of Fitting Everything Into 20 Pages. In the previous issue, I could 
not tell who had written which article, but in the July issue the layout is 
accessible and good-looking. This issue of Ethel contains so much material 
that's impossible to list everything. Damien Christie reviews Star Wars II 
(for those who are interested), Steve Cooper writes an excellent comprehensive 
review of Turner Award winner Maxine McArthur's first and second novels, Time 
Future and Time Past; Danny Heap takes over the lash-the-fans role recently 
vacated by Terry Frost, telling us the agonising behind-the-scenes tales of 
putting together ConVergence (it was a huge success, but might have failed); 
Ted McArdle reviews franchise books; and there is lots of news (including this 
year's DUFF results), plus a healthy letter column. I expect Ethel to return 
to the Ditmar nomination list next year.

Bruce Gillespie, 23 July 2002

You can also browse Eric Lindsay's on-line fanzine, "Gegenschein", the index 
to which you will find at The latest 
edition appears to be 92, which is at


GALAXY BOOKSHOP (222 Clarence St Sydney; ):For 
book signings, they have coming up:

Juliet Marillier on Thursday August 15 at 6pm
Kate Forsyth on Thursday August 22 at 6pm
China Miéville on Wednesday 28 August at 5.30 pm
Raymond Feist on Sunday 22 September at 11 am
Terry Pratchett on Tuesday 19 November at 11.30 am.
They are also hoping to organise Cecelia Dart Thornton for a signing in October.

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP (Shop 5 No. 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, ):Infinitas has a discussion group which meets at 7pm on 
the first Thursday of the month at about 7 pm. The August topic will be "You 
see me here, you see me there. Teleportation, Stargates etc in SF."

On Sunday, 25th August at 1 pm Infinitas will host a book launch party for new 
publications from Mirrordanse Books, and AGOG! Press including Immaterial by 
Robert Hood and AustrAlien Absurdities edited by Chuck McKenzie & Tansy Rayner 
Roberts, as well as the first edition of Agog! Edited by Cat Sparks. All Welcome!

Raymond E. Feist will also be visiting Infinitas on Sunday 22 September at 2pm 
to sign copies of his new book, "Tales of the Silver Hawk"

Infinitas also has a writers' group (indeed it was that group under the 
leadership of Bill Congreve, that provided the material for the anthology 
"Passing Strange" that has been launched recently). More details when they 
come to hand. You can email Bill Congreve at the Infinitas email address.

SLOW GLASS BOOKS: 305 Swanston Street Melbourne, 3000 Vic. Phone: (03) 9639 1511 Fax: 
(03) 9639 1511.

KNOWN SPACE BOOKS: First Floor, 108 Gawler Place, Adelaide, SA 5000. Tel: (08) 
8223-4304 Open: 12:00-6:00 Wednesday-Thursday; 12:00-10:00 Friday; 12:00-6:00 
Saturday New and used books related to science fiction, film and TV. Also 
comics and magazines. Now receiving American imports weekly.

[ote: I (EAS) am a co-manager of the "Known Space" website,, a reporitory of information on the works of SF writer 
Larry Niven, whose "Known Space" stories are among his best known. There is no 
connection between this and the Known Space bookshop.]

[ "PS" to the above. At the last Niven mail list monthly IRC chat, Larry was 
there and I asked him if he knew about Known Space Books. He said he'd never 
heard of it. Oh well ... one man's future history is someone else's bookshop.]


We are keen to report news from other SF bookshops around Australia. For Marc 
Ortlieb's list see:


FAN FUND for AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND (FFANZ) 2003 RACE. Paul Ewins recently 
announced Nominations are now open for the 2003 FFANZ trip from Australia to 
Auckland for Emoticon 2003 (Easter, 2003) Nominations close on August 31, and 
voting will take place until October 31, 2002. Nominations are open to anyone 
currently a resident of Australia who was active in fandom prior to 6 June, 
2002. Each nomination must be signed by the nominee and accompanied by a 
donation of $10 (AUD) to FFANZ. Each nominee must also have the signed support 
of 1 fan currently residing in NZ, and two fans residing Australia, The 
nominee should provide a written platform of 100 words or less for the ballot, 
and an optional photo. Nominations should be sent to Paul Ewins, 4 Coval Crt, 
Vermont Sth, Vic. 3133. Australia.

SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS OF EARTH. The annual competition for unpublished SF 
writers: Details and entry forms for the 2002 SFWoE Awards are available at, or Australian entrants can send an SASE to Rob 
Riel, (Picaro Press)PO box 853 Warners Bay, NSW 2282. (e-mail:
[webmaster note: the above url does not work. Anyone wanting information soon 
should email Rob Riel. I will endeavour to get a working url asap]

Congratulations to Lee Battersby, whose story, "Carrying the God" placed 3rd 
in the 2001 L Ron Hubbard Awards. (as reported on CoodeStreet)

Congratultions also to Sydney-based artist, Nick Stathopolous, whose work, 
Dragon Study #1, has been nominated in the category of "Best 
MonochromeUnpublished work" section of the Chesley Awards. (Reported on Coode 

Keeping the congratulations ball rolling, Bob Eggleton was voted second in the 
recent Locus awards for art, and Shaun Tan  was voted tenth. (Rreported on 
Coode Street)


Congratulations to Sue & Robert Hoge on the arrival of baby Imogen Elizabeth 
Hoge, born Sunday 21 July.(Reported on the Andromeda Spaceways mailing list)

Congratulations to author Garth Nix and  Pan McMillan Australia editor Anna 
McFarlane who became parents of Thomas Henry Nix on Thursday 11 July 2002 
(Rreported on Coode Street).


And now the news you've all been waiting for...The harp owned by Harpo Marx that 
was auctioned on e-bay recently sold for (US) $32,900 (Unfortunately Edwina's 
saleable body parts don't amount to that much.) : - (
[your webmaster is still boggling at the inference that she went around the 
traps and got three quotes]

Ted Scribner recently called for expressions of interest in resurrecting 
Syncons (Sydney SF conventions) on the Eastcoast e-mail list. There have been 
signs of support from a number of Sydney (and Canberra?) fans. Check then, if you want to be 
a part of it, email Ted at and he'll put you on a list 
of people-to-talk-to-each-other-about-a-Syncon.

The following pieces of information come courtesy of Multiverse's , "The Comm 
Centre" No. 87.

SPIELBERG DOESN'T SAY NEIGH. Stephen Spielberg & Kate Capshaw have donated 
(US)$12 million to save the Sullivan Canyon Riders Club in Los Angeles. The 
money will preserve 8.3 acres of land used by horse riders from being sold to 

PATRICK STEWART was "a breath away" from quitting his role of Captain Picard 
because of a row over his salary before the new Star Trek movie, Nemesis, 
started filming. Nemesis is due for a 1st January Australian release.

Apparently LOTR: THE TWIN TOWERS has the Battle for Helm's Deep running 
uninterrupted for 45 minutes.
[your webmaster is wondering how long the Battle of the Pelennor Fields will run]


For information on New South Wales clubs, societies etc, see Ted Scribner's 
web page For information on 
other clubs, societies etc see Marc Ortlieb's web page


"SYDNEY TREK", "Bringing Star Trek fans together". All welcome. More 
information at

WHOVENTION A mailing list to keep 
Doctor Who fans posted on upcoming Australian conventions, run by the Doctor 
Who club of Australia especially Whovention conventions including the 
forthcoming Whovention 2003. More information at

activities on the East Coast of Australia.

NATCONS To discuss the future of the 
Australian National Science Science Fiction Convention (and the associated 
Ditmar Awards).

OZFAN-HISTORY A group to share 
information regarding the history of Australian science fiction fandom: 
documents,commentaries, directories, locations of repositories, and so on. 
Mainly for Australians; others welcomed.

and distribution of a new, Australian Pulp SF magazine: "Andromeda Spaceways 
Inflight Magazine" (ASIM)

THE EIDOLIST is a general purpose sf discussion list based in Western 
Australia but it does not confine its discussions to that state.The Eidolist 
was set up by the management of The Eidolon. It is run with "Majordomo" 
software and the list server can be addressed at or To subscribe to the eidolist, send mail to either of 
these addresses, with no sig and no subject in the letter and the message 
subscribe eidolist in the body of the letter.Once subscribed, the listmember 
may send messages to


NOVA MOB MEETING: The next meeting of the Nova Mob will be held at Andrew 
McCrae and Sarah Marland's house, 145 Blyth St, East Brunswick.  Date: Weds 7 
August 2002 at the usual time of 8.00pm. A serious critical paper on SF that 
is presented at the meeting, and discussion follows.


The "Age" Melbourne Writers' Festival. August 23 to September 1 The full 
program was published in The Age, Sat, 27th July. Details also available on

The following (at least) guests are relevant to sf&f:

China Miéville, Kerry Greenwood (primarily a mystery writer), Sean McMullen, 
Sean Williams, Cecilia Dart-Thornton

The following (at least) sessions are relevant to sf&f, mostly fantasy.

Saturday 24 August:

Merlyn Theatre, 2pm: Spotlight on China Miéville. Sean Williams talks to 
leading British science-fiction writer winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award 
and shortlisted for this year's prestigious Hugo Award, author of King Rat, 
Perdido Street Station and, most recently, The Scar: China Miéville. Session 
sponsored by Pan Macmillan.

Sunday 25 August

Merlyn Theatre, 2pm: Other Worlds. To create a convincing environment in which 
the reader can immerse themselves is a fine art; discussing exactly how they 
achieve this will be Matthew Reilly, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Sean McMullen, 
China Miéville and, as chair, Sean Williams. Session sponsored by Pan Macmillan.

Beckett Theatre, 12 noon This Blessèd Plot. Matthew Reilly, China Miéville and 
Maureen McCarthy, in a look at whether plot is more important than character 
in their best selling fiction. Chaired by The British Council's Simon Gammell.

Tower, 10am The Writers' Voice. Readings by Jane Watson, Cecilia 
Dart-Thornton, Rachael Treasure and Anna Funder. 

Sunday 1 September

Merlyn Theatre,10am: Mythologies. Briar Grace-Smith, Marina Warner and Rachel 
Elior discuss how myth has shaped their writing with, as chair, Judith 

AUSTRALIAN COSTUMERS GUILD BALL. 24TH August. 3 course meal and costume 
parade. See
http// for full details.

FANTASTIC FICTIONS: medieval & modern  A One-Day Symposium at the University 
of Sydney Friday 27th September 2002, Women's College. Speakers include: 
Professor Brian Attebery, authors Terry Dowling, Sophie Masson & Scott 
Westerfeld and researchers in the area of fantasy and science fiction 
literature from around Australia
The symposium offers serious critical comment and debate on a hitherto 
neglected area of study: the fantastic in literature (medieval and 
contemporary), film, television, art, and other media. Among the topics under 
discussion will be the sources, influences, and concerns of fantastic fictions 
and its relevance to the modern world.  The presentations will highlight the 
history of fantasy and science fiction, the connections between the fantastic 
past and present in
the development of both genres, as well as the contemporary forms of fantasy 
and science fiction. Registration: $25/$15 before 14th September, or $30/$20 
afterwards (includes GST, lunch & refreshments). Further information and 
registration form available at the conference 
website: Or enquiries 
to:Melissa McMahon, Events and Projects Officer Research Institute of 
Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) Woolley Building A20 University of 
Sydney NSW 2006 Tel: (02) 9351 5344 Fax: (02) 9351 5700

STARWARS, THE MAGIC OF MYTH EXHIBITION. Powerhouse Museum, Sydney from 18th 
September, 2002 to Feb 2, 2003.Displaying costumes, props, models and 2 
full-sized ships from Ep. 2 Visit for full details.


   GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be 

Phenomenon This is the annual roleplaying convention in Canberra. It will be 
held at the ANU on the 9-11 August 2002. It will consist of 7 sessions (You 
don't have play all sessions) and a banquet on Saturday Night. Rego is at 6pm 
Friday and the 1st session will be at 7pm Friday. For more details see
(The Machinations launch (CSFG's latest offering) will be held there on 
Saturday at lunch.)

NB Edwinafan would like to hear from other gamers who are organising cons. We 
know you're there. Please drop us a line with info on your upcoming cons.

CON JOSÉ The 60th World Science Fiction Convention, August 29 to September 2, 
2002 at San José McEnery Convention Centre. GoH's: Vernor Vinge, David Cherry, 
Bjo & John Trimble, Ferdinand Feghoot. Toastmaster: Tad Williams. Enquiries: 
P.O. Box 61363 Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363 U.S.A. Email: Web: Attending membership currently A$350. Supporting 
membership: A$60.

Australian agent: (to pay for membership in Australian currency you must apply 
to the Australian agent) Rose Mitchell, PO Box 1212k Melbourne Vic 3001Cheques 
payable to "60th World Science Fiction Convention".

[Your webmaster will be attending this con - that's if he survives the 
previous week. I've just discovered that, apart from being the "capital of 
Silicon Valley", San José is also near the centre - oops - center of the 
California wine producing areas of Napa, Sonoma and numerous smaller ones. 
Reports on my return. I might even mention the con!]

Note: Rose is also the Australian agent for the GLASGOW IN 2005 WORLDCON BID 
which is currently selling pre-supporting, ( AUS$35) and "friends of" ( 
AUS$165) memberships. Contact Rose for more details . 
The site for the 2005 Worldcon will be voted on at Con Jose.

BORDERLANDS: That which scares us. Guests: Eddie Campbell, Stephen Dedman. 
Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th, 2002 Emerald Hotel, 24 
Mount Steet, Perth Western Australia Cost: Both Days: $60 Standard $50 
Concession * Saturday: $35 Standard $30 Concession * Sunday: $30 Standard $25 
Concession The website is, and the committee can be 
emailed at .   Ph: (+618) 9331 516, or write 
to 14 Simons Street Coolbellup, 6163, WA.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS BABYLON 5 October 26 & 27, 2002. GoHs Bruce Boxleitner and 
Jerry Doyle. Check their website: for further details.

Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club on Sunday 10th November, 2002. Tickets are 
$75 for FSF members and $85 for non-members. (Booking & handling fee of $2 per 
ticket) They can be booked on line at or by phone: (02) 9523 
8385 Make cheques and money orders payable to Friends of Science Fiction and 
post to: Friends of Science Fiction PO Box 797 Fairfield. NSW 1860

November 16th. 9am-6pm, Ella Latham Theatre, Royal Children's Hospital, 
Flemington,: Members of Multiverse clubs - $50, non club members - $60, 
Children under 15 - $20  A ticket order form is up on the web page now for you 
to print off and send back to us with payment. if you wish to pay by 
installments you can - just ask! If you have any questions, please feel free 
to contact us at You don't need to be a 
member of Multiverse or a Multiverse club to attend these Multiverse events.

ROSWELL CONVENTION Presents Majandra Delfino (Maria Deluca 
from the TV Show "Roswell") This con has been postponed to a date to be fixed. 
We'll post details as we hear them (the 2 Eds) Contact details:Roswell 
Convention PO Box 1569 North Ryde NSW 2113 Alternately, contact
RoswellForums @  or visit @

20th ANNIVERSARY The A-TEAM CONVENTION March 1-2, 2003.Bournemouth, England. 
More information at the website:

EMOTICON 2003 New Zealand's NatCon, Auckland. Dates: 18th - 21st April 2003 
(Easter weekend) Three confirmed literary guests: Diane Duane, Peter Morwood 
and Lois McMaster Bujold. The committee is also looking for a media guest and 
have confirmed Mary Maclachlan as the Fan Guest of Honour.
Email: or write to Malcolm Fletcher, Consultant 
DBA SQL Services Ltd, 104-106 Customs St West,PO Box 3631, Auckland. Website:

SWANCON 2003 (Swancon 28). Details at It's also the 
Natcon. Special discount memberships are available until July 31.

GENGHIS CON This mysterious con is to be held in Perth at some time during 
2003. For more info as it comes to hand, keep watching The organisers can be contacted at They also have a forum which you can read about and 
join at

TORCON III The 61st World Science Fiction Convention will be held over August 
28-September 1, 2003 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. GsoH: George R. 
R. Martin, Frank Kelly Freas, Mike Glyer. Toastmaster: Spider Robinson and 
GoHst of Honour: Robert Bloch the spirit of Toronto Worldcons.Enquiries:P.O. 
Box 3, Station A, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5W 1A2 Attending Membership: 
$US115; Supporting Membership: $US40;
Email: Website:

CHRONOPOLIS - Swancon 29 Perth, Western Australia Easter weekend Thu 8 to Mon 
12th April 2004 Shay Telfer, Convenor Details to follow.

CONFLUX 2004 Natcon, Canberra. ACT. Chifley Hotel, Anzac Day Long Weekend. The 
web page is at

CONTOUR 2004 May 31 to June 3 2004, Rotorua. Proposed as New Zealand's 25th 
National Science Fiction Convention. Email:

UK in 2005 (Worldcon bid) Glasgow, 4-8th August,2005. Dates intended to 
overlap with school summer holidays and the Edinburgh Festival & Military 
Tattoo.see for more information. Rose Mitchell is Australian 
Agent. "Friend of" membership AUD$165, Pre-supporting AUD$35. Mail to Rose 
Mitchell, GPO Box 1212K, Melbourne, Vic. 3001, e-mail

SYNCON 200? (Tentatively 2006 [perhaps, Edwina. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...]). 
Ted Scribner recently called for expressions of interest in a Syncon (Sydney 
SF convention - v.i.) possibly to be held in 2006. If you're interested in 
making this idea a reality contact Ted at , or browse 

[Oh, btw, if anyone should write to me and say something to the effect that we 
haven't yet had 199 Syncons he/she shall be mercilessly flamed on eastcoastsf 
- webmaster.]

NEXT BULLSHEET  The deadline for submission of material for inclusion in the 
September Bullsheet (#6) is 25th August. Send your news e-mail to or snail mail to Edwina Harvey c/- 12 Flinders St, 
Matraville NSW, 2036.

NB, there might be a minor delay in getting e-mailed subs of the Bullsheet out 
next month...Ted will be attending the Worldcon, leavinng the Technologically 
Inept One (Edwina) to e-mail out the newsletter.

The Bullsheet's web site is  and a mirror site is at  These sites are regularly updated through the 
month (except for next month when the webmaster is traveling to the Worldcon, 
which is now).

You can also be put on the list for free direct e-mail subscription by sending 
a request to

For people with restricted or no internet access, or who prefer the printed 
paper format, annual snail mail subscriptions are available in Australia for 
20 x 45c postage stamps to cover postage and printing. Also available 
snail-mail to overseas subscribers in exchange for postage stamps. Write 
to:Edwina Harvey c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville NSW 2036 AUSTRALIA.

For a range of hand-made SF and fantasy ceramic products visit Celestial 

For no sufficiently explained reason this Fanzine still supports The 
Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid!