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WEBMASTER BACK. I'm back and I attended ConJose. I'll post my report here when 
I've finished it but of course the Bullsheet itself takes precedence. - Ted

KRENON AND REDFLAME FINALLY MEET. While staying in San Jose, Ted Scribner 
(whose email name is krenon) finally had the chance to meet Carol Phillips 
(whose email name is redflame), after corresponding with her on the internet 
since September 1996. Carol, also a Larry Niven fan, has been highly 
influential in Ted becoming interested and active in fandom.


It appears that an Australian bid will be made for the Worldcon in 2010.The 
news broke at ConJose on Sunday 1 September, although it appears that the plot 
was hatched the night before. I (Ted) picked up a flyer from one of the public 
notice tables on Sunday afternoon and saw Stephen Boucher at the "UK 2005 
Thank You" party on Sunday night. That party was also billed as the "Australia 
2010 Bid" party. He was sitting in a corner of one of the rooms. On his right, 
acolytes were busy signing up pre-supporters with hastily altered 
"Interaction" (UK 2005) membership forms. A plastic container was rapidly 
filling with US$20 bills. On his other side sat "Wombat", aka jan howard 
finder. Stephen insisted that he was dobbed in by the others who, having 
decided on an Australian Worldcon bid, rapidly shoved him to the front. 
However, he was supportive enough of the bid to dismiss all other major 
Australian cities as incapable of hosting a Worldcon (Stephen: if you think 
this is inaccurate, by all means contact me with accurate details). 2010 is a 
"wrong year" for the DUFF but I suppose that the direction of DUFF travel can 
be reversed in time if the bid gets up in the site selection of 2007 which 
will probably be held in Japan. By Monday [2nd Sept], people were walking 
around ConJose wearing the t-shirt. Sharon Sbarsky now has a web page for the 
bid at

FARSCAPE TO END. Rod McLeod quoted an unnamed source, "Well, this is very sad 
indeed, but the news hit on a chat with the creators last night that Farscape 
is going to be cancelled after the 4th (the current)season. Full chat 
transcript here

A fairly prominent ad was also seen on page 32 of the Sydney Daily Telegraph 
on Friday 7th September from a Farscape fanclub and websites thanking the cast 
and crew for providing a wonderful show for 4 seasons,

ENTERPRISE, The Victorian-based Star Trek fan club will wind up after 8 active 
years with s BBQ X-mas party in Cheltenham Park, Cheltenham, Vic on Sat 14th 
December. More details at (reported on The Comm 

DR WHO READY FOR ANOTHER REINCARNATION? BBC 1 recently revealed that they were 
in the early stages of planning a revival of Dr Who for television. (Reported 
on The Comm Centre)

FORREST J. ACKERMAN'S GHASTLY GARAGE SALE. Originally reported  by Norma Meyer 
on the Copley News Service, and passed on to the Eidolist via Joyce Scrivner 
via Bruce Gillespie comes the news that the 85 year old author and ardent SF 
memorobilia collector, has had to sell off his "Ackermansion" and move to a 
small nearby bungalow in order to pay legal bills incurred from a court battle 
with former business partner Ray Ferry, over ownership of the pen-name Dr. 
Acula. Efforts to save the 300,000 piece collection (including a library of 
50,000 books)  in a permanent museum, or with a private collector, failed to 
attract any interest. The collection , started when Forry was 10 years old, 
was dispersed at bargain basement prices n a garage sale. Ackerman, who used 
to open the doors to his mansion most Saturday mornings to anyone who wanted 
the grand tour of his collection, is still recovering from pneumonia and brain 
surgery to remove a blood-clot.

FOLCC BOOK SALE'S RESURECTED: Linda Cox Chan was a widely-known Sydney based 
fan artist and writer. The Friends of Linda Cox Chan (FOLCC) have held various 
money-raising ventures over the years, since Linda's death, donating the 
proceeds to Juvenile Diabetes in Linda's memory. We were able to raise close 
to $150 at Aussiecon 3 by selling donated books. Taking a slower road, we 
intend to advertise a small selection of donated books/magazines through the 
Bullsheet every month, and donate the money raised to Juvenile Diabetes. We'd 
like to start off with some magazines that Linda's mum sent us: (NB: All 
prices quoted will include postage. Discounts if you buy more than 1 item. You 
can even pay in postage stamps if it's easier!) Galaxy Magazine Vol 26, No 4, 
1968, features Clfford Simak, Damon Knight & Larry Niven. $3, Crux Vol 4, 
features Michael Hailstone, Eric Harries Harris, Paul Collins, Rick Kennett 
$3, New Eyes Vol 1,featuresRobert Luxford, Sharon Cook, Peter Jones, Steven 
Crawley $3, New Eyes Vol 2, features Geoffrey Maloney, Robert Luxford, Mike 
McGann $3, Under Magellenic Clouds 2, features Geoffrey Maloney, Elvis 
Gladztone, Ken Rawlinson $3
To buy these mags, or if you want to donate a book to the scheme (How about an 
autographed book, all those authors who read the Bullsheet?) e-mail Edwina 
Harvey at  We'll keep you posted on how much money we 
raise, and hope you'll support us.

THANKS to Alan Stewart for sending both eds a copy of Thyme #134!, and to 
Rachel for the Raymond Feist link (regrettably too late to use but it was the 
thought that counted and she provided a Terry Pratchett link that was not too 


STARWARS, THE MAGIC OF MYTH EXHIBIT: Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.  18th Sept 
'02-2 Feb '03. $12 entry. Display of props, costumes and models. See for more details.

MULTIVERSE MOVIE PREMIERS: REIGN OF FIRE,, Hoyts cinemas, 7 pm approx. Tickets 
$10.50  Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melb. Reserve tickets via, or check out for upcoming movie 
premiers, including Halloween Resurrection on Nov 7th, and Harry Potter and 
the Chamber of Secets on Nov 28th.

MEDIEVAL BUSHDANCE October 12, St Johns Church Hall, Constitution Avenue, 
Reid, ACT. 8pm. $12 admission .Tea, coffee & iced water provided. Costumes 
encouraged. Everyone welcome, Contact Aylwen Garden, ph 02 6281 1098, or email Website:

AUSTRALIAN COSTUMERS GUILD (SA) October 13 "Victorian Steam" day trip. Steam 
train journey from Mt Barker to Strathalbyn and back (SA) Cost $22 Train stops 
at Strathalbyn for several hours allowing plenty of time for a picnic lunch or 
a stroll through the antique shops. Contact Lynne Cook on 08 82420881 or 

JAPANIME '02 From 30 October. Kino Cinemas, Melbourne. Highlights include 
digitally restored version of Akira, Cowboy Bebop the Movie and Spirited Away. 
For full program details subscribe to including 
"subscribe" in the subject field


"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to 
read" - Groucho Marx

EQUILIBIUM BOOKS is a new Australian Print-on-demand and e-book publisher 
specialising in Speculative Fiction, but considering submissions from all 
genres. Sales royalties will be paid to contracted authors at a rate of 50% of 
net returns to the publisher. Full details are available from, or PO Box 853, Rockingham, WA, 6968, Australia

CLARION SOUTH: Planning has begun for the first Clarion Writers Workshop to be 
run for 6 weeks in Jan-Feb, 2004. in South-East Qld. The Clarion workshops 
have been described as "the literary equivelant of boot camp" but past events 
in the USA have produced such writers as Kim Stanley Robinson, Octavia Butler, 
Vonda McIntyre and Bruce Sterling. Clarion South will be organised by Marianne 
de Pierres, Kate Eltham and Grace Dugan. Web site is  You 
can join a mailing list from that site.

LOCUS ONLINE REVIEWS AUSTRALIAN WORKS Robert Hoge reports: There's a review in 
Locus Online of AustrAlien Absurdities, Passing Strange and Aurealis. Great to 
see Trent Jamieson, Robbie Matthews and Les Peterson getting mentions for fun 
stories in AA. Brisbane writer Shane M Brown also gets a great mention for his 
story Lucy, Lucy in Aurealis 29. Seems like Brisbane and Canberra writers are 
fairing very well at the moment.Good stuff!  (reported on 

DARK ANIMUS is a new quarterly magazine of dark pulp fiction (SF, fantasy, 
horror, but no erotic horror) Issue 1 due out in November. Seeking fiction 
(under 4,000 words) and art submissions. Contributors receive 2 contributors 
copies. E-mail submissions to, snail mail: to James Cain 
Dark Animus PO Box 128 Blackheath. NSW. 2785.  Web page: (Reported on Eidolist)

FABLES AND REFLECTIONS: Issue 3 including fiction by Alinta Thornton,, 
Margaret Dunlop, Tracey Rolfe, Grant Watson, Lucy Schmeidler, Paul Haines, & 
Kirsten Bishop. Non-fiction by Sandra Norman, Cat Sparks, Liz Bowyer, Claire 
McKenna & Lee Battersby, Edwina Harvey & Lily Chrywenstrom. Cost $5 (payable 
to Lily Chrywenstrom) from PO Box 99 Claremont, WA, 6910.

FREE MAGAZINES! Erika Lacey, editor of Harbinger magazine, recently announced 
on the Eidolist that she is giving away remaining copies of issues 1-3 of her 
SF & Fantasy magazine. To receive copies of the A5-sized  magazine send a 
prepaid large postage prepaid envelope, or post satchel to 70 Karri Ave,Logan 
Central, QLD 4114. You can e-mail Erika at If you're 
interested in these magazines, please contact Erika before the end of November.

COLIN STEELE had an informative article on Australian SF magazines and 
anthologies, highlighting Canberra writers associated with them, published in 
theCanberra Times on Sat, Aug 31. A scanned version of the article is 
available at It has been brought to our attention that 
there is an error in that article. The author quoted Lucy Sussex as saying 
"feminist soap opera", when the wording was "feminist space opera".

IAN NICHOLS reports that he was recently interviewed by School Matters, the WA 
Education Department magazine regarding his new book, Pocket Essentials 
Literature: William Shakespeare.

MARIANNE de PIERRES has sold her book, working title: Nylon Angel, to Orbit 
books, UK. Congratulations, Marianne. The book is "...set in a seedy 
near-future underworld where your rights equate to the size of the gun you 
carry and society is ruthlessly manipulated by the media". (Reported on the 

NATALIE JANE PRIOR has published a YA novel titled "Lily Quench & the Treasure 
of Mote Ely"

NEW AUSTRALIAN FANTASY ANTHOLOGY Robert Hoge wrote (on the Eidolist):Some 
details of a new Aussie fantasy anthology from the editors of Alien Shores. 
I've put together the info from details from Nigel Read and some 
correspondence today with Peter: Forever Shores - a new anthology of fantasy 
stories edited by Peter McNamara and Margaret Winch. Aphelion Press and SA 
publisher Wakefield Press are combining to publish the book. It will consist 
of approx 100,000 words of short stories. Preferred story length is 
5000-10,000 words. Initial print run is expected to be around 3000! All types 
of fantasy accepted.  Email subs to Peter: RTF files are 
best. Word files are ok (but if you're using Word you can save docs as RTFs 
easily). Avoid plain text attachments. Standard manuscript formatting. Snail 
mail to PO Box 619 North Adelaide, SA, 5006. No website attached to the 
project. Payment for the initial edition will be on publication, on a per word 
basis. Future editions will be covered by a different royalty scheme. Closing 
date for subs: December 1, 2002.

ANTIPODEAN SF ISSUE 53 is now up on

AUSTRALIAN WRITERS WEB: Updated by Tony Plank, this useful web site can be 
found at


GALAXY BOOKSHOP (222 Clarence St Sydney):David Lynton reports: Cecelia 
Dart-Thornton on Thursday 10 October at 6pm, and Terry Pratchett on Tuesday 19 
November at 11.30 am.

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP (Shop 5 No. 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, Infinitas has a discussion group which meets at 7pm on 
the first Thursday of the month at about 7 pm. Infinitas also has a writers' 
group led by  Bill Congreve.

SLOW GLASS BOOKS: 305 Swanston Street Melbourne, 3000 Vic. Phone: (03) 9639 1511 Fax: 
(03) 9639 1511.


 FAN FUND for AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND (FFANZ) 2003. For the 2003 FFANZ trip 
from Australia to Auckland for Emoticon 2003 (Easter, 2003), nominations 
closed on August 31, and voting will take place until October 31, 2002. FFANZ 
local administrator Paul Ewins wrote: The nomination period for the FFANZ race 
has closed and there has only been one nomination, Rose Mitchell. This doesn't 
mean that Rose is automatically the winner however. As per usual Fan Fund 
practices there will be a ballot with three options:

1. Send Rose to New Zealand ,
2. Send someone else (write in candidate)
3. Don't send anyone (Hold over funds)

 Anyone choosing option 2 should supply the name of the person (or people) 
that they wish to send to NZ. This should be someone resident in Australia who 
has not previously lived in New Zealand. I will endeavour to come up with an 
official voting form, but will accept anything that shows all three options 
and indicates the option chosen. (i.e. you could just print this email and 
circle your favoured option). Each vote should be accompanied by a voting fee 
of $5.00 (cheques should be made payable to "Fan Fund for Australia and New 
Zealand"). Voting starts now and will continue until the end of November, 2002. 
Votes should be sent to Paul Ewins, 4 Coval Court, Vermont South Victoria 3133 
 At this point in time there is no New Zealand administrator, so I will try 
and get something sorted for any NZ voters. Apologies to one and all for a 
certain amount of slackness on my part, but sometimes real life intrudes and 
fandom has to take a back seat. Queries can be emailled to - Paul Ewins FFANZ administrator

BORDERLANDS convention recently announced the winners of their Short Story and 
Essay competition. The short story competition was won by Martin Livings fot 
"Into the Valley"; "Ambrosia" by Shay Tefler, "The Listener" by Roland Sinn, 
"Nothing to Fwear" by Nigel Read, and "Last Laugh" by Martin Livings were 
shortlisted. "Interstitial Space and Multiple Histories" by Tama Leaver won 
the essays category, and "What Scares Us in the Harry Potter Novels" by Emma 
Hawkes was shortlisted.

THE 2002 HUGOS: The 2002 Hugo awards were presented at the San Jose Civic 
Auditorium on Sunday 1 September (your webmaster knows - he was there). They 
are documented on

SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS OF EARTH annual competition for unpublished SF writers 
Details and entry forms for the 2002 competition available at or send a SASE to Rob Riel PO Box 853 Warners Bay, 
NSW 2282. e-mail


"There are of course many problems connected with life, of which some of the 
most popular are Why are people born? Why do they die? Why do they want to 
spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches?"- Douglas Adams


Sally Beasley announced that horror writer, Kim Wilkins and partner Mirko 
Rukels had a son, Luke Nikolai Ruckels, at 8.43pm on 1st September. The baby 
weighed 3.905kgs.

THE SMALL SCREEN: Derek Screen reported: I wish to announce the arrival of 
little Jaime Elizabeth Screen on Wednesday August 28th 2002 at 6:20pm at 
Masada Private hospital following an emergency Caesarian birth 4 weeks early - 
our first baby.Little Jaime weighed in at 2.570kg or in the old scale 5lb 
10.5oz and although a full month early, she is doing well.
(We understand Mum Sharon and the bub are now home - Edwina)

Weeks after declaring their engagement, Sally Wilson announced on the Eidolist 
on 2nd September that her engagement to Terry Frost had been called off.

Dr Robert L. Forward. News of the death of Dr Robert L. Forward is now on 
Locus Online at  and on the 
Science Fiction Writers of America website at It was reported: The intelligent pattern 
of protoplasm that had been Robert L. Forward ceased coherent operation on 
September 21, 2002. Robert Lull Forward died at home of brain cancer at the 
age of 70. Forward was born 15 August 1932 Forward was one of the early 
pioneers in the field of experimental gravitational radiation astronomy. He 
took early retirement in 1987 to spend more time on writing. In addition to 
over 200 papers and articles, Forward published 11 "hard" science fiction 
novels, where the science is as accurate as possible-consistent with telling a 
good story. His first book, DRAGON'S EGG, expanded upon Frank Drake's idea of 
tiny fast-living creatures living on the surface of a neutron star. Forward 
called it, "A textbook on neutron star physics disguised as a novel."

Wynne Whiteford, author of  "Breathing Space Only", "Thor's Hammer", and "Lake 
of the Sun" among others, is currently in hospital. If you'd like to visit, or 
send a card or letter to cheer him up, contact details are: Wynne Whiteford, 
Patient. Percy Cleland Wing, Bundoora Intensive Care, 1231 Plenty Rd, 
Bundoora, Vic 3083. Phone 03 9495 3100 (Reported by Paul Collins on the Eidolist)


Starwalking Inc,, holds meetings at the 
Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club (24 John Street, Lidcombe, opposite Lidcombe 
Railway Station) on the third Sunday of some months. Check the website for 
details of the next meeting. They run from 12 noon to 5 pm. Attendance costs 
$8 for members and $10 for non-members. Contact details and what you get for 
your attendance money are shown on the web pages.

MULTIVERSE EVENTS: For latest info, see website: 

GRADUATE SYMPOSIUM - Call for Papers: The Buffyverse

 Djoymi Baker wrote:

GRADUATE SYMPOSIUM. call for papers: The Buffyverse.Contributions are sought 
for a day symposium of critical presentations on all themes related to Buffy 
the Vampire Slayer, including the musical episode, and spin off series Angel, 
and related industry products and people. Critical positions arguing against 
Buffy and her universe are welcome, as are fan invested critiques.Selected 
papers will be invited to be published in The Refractory,, a refereed e-journal from 
the University of Melbourne, Cinema Studies School in their 2003 Summer 
Special Edition on the Buffyverse. Please send abstracts of no more than 500 
words to the convenor via email by 12 October, 2002: Angela Ndalianis, The symposium will be held at The University of 
Melbourne, Prince Phillip Theatre, Thursday 21st November, 9:30am - 6pm.

STARWARS, THE MAGIC OF MYTH EXHIBITION. Powerhouse Museum, Sydney from 18th 
September, 2002 to Feb 2, 2003.Displaying costumes, props, models and 2 
full-sized ships from Ep. 2 Visit for full details.

Doctor Who Club of Australia presents:
Bilbo's Big Finish - DOCTOR WHO MEETS LORD OF THE RINGS, Sunday October 13th, 
Drummoyne RSL, 162-166 Victoria Rd Drummoyne (Upstairs function rooms) Route 
500 series buses run right past the door 11 am to 6 pm with Gary Russell 
(editor of "The Art of Lord of the Rings", producer of the Big Finish range of 
official Doctor Who audio stories on CD, writer of "Regenerations" the large 
format book on the making of the Doctor Who Television Movie and ex-editor of 
"Doctor Who Magazine".) Other guests to be announced Admission:Adults - $15
Concession & children (under 16) - $10 (DWCA members will get a $3 discount on 
presentation of their membership card)

Blak Yak Theatre is producing a stage play of Red Dwarf directed by Tim 
Edwards, at the Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre, Canning Rd, Kalamunda *WA?) 
on October 16,18,19,23,25 & 26. Tickets $14 ($12 concession) and can be booked 
by phoning the toll free number: 0500 5252 59


GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be announced.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS BABYLON 5 October 26 & 27, 2002, Sydney.. GoHs Jerry 
Doyle, Andreas Katsulas, Claudia Christian, Steven Austin, and Australian SF 
authors Sean McMullen & Ian Irvine.. Check their website: for 
further details.or phone 02 6259 1619

Friends of Science Fiction are holding an Amanda Tapping day at the Lidcombe 
Catholic Workmen's Club on Sunday 10th November, 2002. Tickets are $75 for FSF 
members and $85 for non-members. (Booking & handling fee of $2 per
ticket) They can be booked on line at or by phone: (02) 9523 
8385 Make cheques and money orders payable to Friends of Science Fiction and 
post to:Friends of Science Fiction PO Box 797 Fairfield. NSW 1860

A one day convention on Saturday November 16th.VENUE: Ella Latham Theatre, 
Royal Children's Hospital, Flemington. COST: Members of Multiverse clubs - $50, 
non club members - $60, Children under 15 - $20 TICKETS: A ticket order form 
is up on the web page now for you to print off and send back to us with 
payment. if you wish to pay by installments you can - just ask!

STARGATE SG1 - VORTEX CON 1st December, 2002. GoH's Don S. Davis and Teryl 
Rothery. web site Postal address: GPO Box 2004 Brisbane, 4001

ROSWELL CONVENTION Presents a "Roswell" convention.Convention 
Update: Ming & Joy wrote:
It has now been rescheduled to January the 18th & 19th 2003. Tickets are $77 
for one day or $142 for both days. Lunch will be served at the convention on 
both days. We are waiting on written confirmation before announcing who will 
be coming and will let you all know as soon as they are confirmed...We are no 
longer running it at the Intercontinental but will be instead running it at 
Fox Studios. Contacts: email ( or write to: Roswell 
Convention PO Box 1569  North Ryde NSW 2113

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 18,  Feb 15-16 2003Andromeda GoH's Kevin Sorbo, Lisa 
Ryder, Becka Valentine, Zack Stentz. Check out , e-mail or phone 02 6259 1619

20th ANNIVERSARY The A-TEAM CONVENTION Ann Hinch, U.S. Publicity Coordinator, 
TML Conventions, wrote: I am publicity coordinator for TML Conventions, based 
in Southampton, England. We are staging a 20th anniversary The A-Team 
convention on March 1-2, 2003, in Bournemouth, England. TML is a nonprofit 
organization dedicated to celebrating classic action television and movies; 
this is our first venture and we could use all the help we can get. More 
information at the website:

WHOVENTION 2003 4th to 6th April, 2003. The Carlton Crest Hotel Sydney. The 
convention will celebrate 40 years of Doctor Who. Will feature real life-size 
Police Box and the Daleks! The convention will feature 2 overseas guests TBA 
Everyone who is fully paid by October 23 goes into a draw to win a free entry 
into our Saturday Evening Event.Pay a $50 non-refundable deposit and be locked 
into Sep/Oct Rate until November 30th. This means you have over an extra month 
to fully pay the introductory rate. Family rates are available on application. 
Make Cheques and Money Orders Payable to WHOVENTION  Send to: Whovention: 2003 
Membership PO Box 148 Gladesville NSW Please note that due to mail box 
collection and banking co-ordination it may take up to 2 weeks for your cheque 
to be presented. Check out our website for all the 
latest or e-mail

EMOTICON 2003 New Zealand's NatCon, Auckland.Email: or write to Malcolm Fletcher, Consultant DBA SQL 
Services Ltd, 104-106 Customs St West, PO Box 3631, Auckland.Website:
Dates: 18th - 21st April 2003 (Easter weekend).Three confirmed literary 
guests: Diane Duane, Peter Morwood and Lois McMaster Bujold. The committee is 
also looking for a media guest and have confirmed Mary Maclachlan as the Fan GoH

SWANCON 2003 (Swancon 28).Australian Natcon 2003.17-21 April. (Easter)  GoHs 
Lynn Flewelling & Tony Shillitoe. Kings Perth Hotel, Hay St, Perth. Membership 
paid before 21 April, 2003, $120 Details at

GENGHIS CON This mysterious con is to be held in Perth at some time during 
2003. For more info as it comes to hand, keep watching The organisers can be contacted at They also have a forum which you can read about and 
join at

TORCON III The 61st World Science Fiction Convention will be held over August 
28-September 1, 2003 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. GsoH: George R. 
R. Martin, Frank Kelly Freas, Mike Glyer. Toastmaster: Spider Robinson and 
GoHst of Honour: Robert Bloch the spirit of Toronto Worldcons. Enquiries: 
P.O. Box 3, Station A, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5W 1A2. Attending Membership: 
$US115; Supporting Membership: $US40; Email: Website:

CHRONOPOLIS - Swancon 29 Perth, Western Australia Easter weekend Thu 8 to Mon 
12th April 2004 Shay Telfer, Convenor
Details to follow.

CONFLUX 2004. The 43rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention, 
Canberra 23-26 April 2004. Guests of Honour: Award winning authors Greg 
Benford and Sean McMullen. Fan Guest of Honour: Karen Herkes. Panels, 
workshops and other activities focus on science fiction, fantasy and horror 
themes. Also role-play gaming, live SF oriented theatre, dealers' room, art 
show and filking. Special events include the Ditmar Awards (Australian SF 
achievement awards) and an Anzac Day dawn service. Cost: Special offer - $110. 
Instalment plan available. A deposit of $20 secures you the special offer 
rate. Voting membership only $5. Children and students at reduced rates. 
Website with online registration coming soon. Details of how to register for 
Conflux next issue. In the meantime, enquiries to: Convenor: Vanessa Jacobsen 
at email: or telephone 0421 877 187 or Publicity 
Manager: Rose Mitchell at email: or telephone 0418 540 160

CONTOUR 2004 May 31 to June 3 2004, Rotorua. Proposed as New Zealand's 25th 
National Science Fiction Convention.

Centre in Glasgow over the weekend of 4-8 August 2005, along with many local 
hotels. Around 5,000 members are expected to attend the event, including 
around 3,000 international attendees 
GoHs: Christopher Priest, Robert Sheckley and Jane 
Yolen, critic and fanzine editor Greg Pickersgill and veteran Scandinavian fan 
Lars-Olov Strandberg. Membership for the weekend costs £75 or $115 (US $? 
Edwina) until Easter 2003: write to Interaction at  UK: 379 Myrtle Road, 
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 3HQ, USA: PO Box 58009, Louisville, Kentucky 
40268-0009 email or see our website at for further details.

TASMANIA NATCON BID 2005 (more info presuming I can access my e-mail before I 
print this out. (&^% technology!)

SYNCON 200? (Tentatively 2006 ). Ted Scribner recently called for expressions 
of interest in a Syncon  (Sydney SF convention - see also under People) 
possibly to be held in 2006. If  you're interested in making this idea a 
reality contact Ted at , or browse at

Marc Ortlieb still maintains his Australian Science Fiction Information pages 

Ted Scribner's Australian SF&F home page is: and his list of SF oriented groups in 
NSW is at

For updates to the Bullsheet through the month, check our web sites:
http://members.optushome.comau/aussff/bullsheet.html, or

The Bullsheet is compiled and maintained by Edwina Harvey and Edwin A (Ted) 
Scribner. It is available as a free e-mail subscrption. Just drop us a line at
For people with restricted or no internet/e-mail access, or who prfer the 
printed paper form, an annual snail-mail subscription is available for 
20x45cent stamps posted to Edwina Harvey c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville, 2036. 
(Snail mail subscriptions to other countries also available by negotiation).

Deadline for the November Bullsheet (#8) is 25 October. Send your news to the 
addresses shown above.

Now look, it's getting close to Christmas...have you ever thought of giving a 
custom made ceramic piece to someone you love as a present? To get gift-giving 
inspiration, especially of a SF & Fantasy ceramics nature, have a look at 
Celestial Cobbler Ceramics. (Infinitas bookshop is 
also stocking a small range of my ceramics until ChristmasJ )

For no sufficiently explained reason, this Fanzine still supports the 
Minneapolis in '73 Worldcon Bid!