The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet – March 2003

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet

ISSUE 12 -MARCH 2003
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)
Most recent update: 02/24/2003 19:32:53


Powerhouse Museum, was interviewed on ABC 702 at approx 7.30am on 14 Feb where 
he said that in the only time the exhibit had been shown outside America, it 
proved so successful that the season was extended until the end of February 
(It was originally scheduled to close on 2 February). He also said  George 
Lucas was  so impressed with the interactive elements of the display developed 
by the museum (hold a light sabre, hear your voice like Darth Vader's, and use 
the Force to raise Luke's ship from the swamp) that he was interested in 
buying them.

JUSTIN ACKROYD from Slow Glass Books has been named as one of  this year's 
World Fantasy Award judges. (Reported by Robert Hoge on the Eidolist.)

ERIC JENNINGS ( is an artist currently living in 
Perth and specialising in SF art. Check his web site at .

OVIDU BUFNILA recently announced his new web site at

COLIN STEELE will be a guest speaker at a conference called "DEATH OF THE 
7th and 8th at the National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney, under 
the auspices of  the National Scholarly Communications Forum. Cost: $240. 

SF T-SHIRT AUCTION AT SWANCON. (Perth, Easter, 2003) In memory of his late 
wife, Perth writer Lee Battersby has spent the past year collecting 60 
signatures of writers, illustrators, actors and SF luminaries around the 
world, including Fred Pohl, Joe Haldeman, Larry Niven, Terry Pratchett, Sean 
Williams & Sean McMullen. This T-shirt will be auctioned at Swancon, with the 
proceeds being donated to The Asthma Foundation of Western Australia (Lee's 
wife was asthmatic). More details, a full listing of signatories and pictures 
of the T-shirt can be found at , 
or contact Lee on (Lee also recently had a fire in his 
kitchen, and had to move out of his home).

HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION Australian Chapter.  Marty Young 
( writes that the proposed  Australian chapter needs 
a list of local publishers and magazines that handle horror. Contact Marty if 
you have publishing details to pass on.

STARBUCK A GIRL: The remake of the cult SF show, Battlestar Galactica will 
feature a female Starbuck, played by Katee Sackhoff. (I found Dirk Benedict 
was easier on the eye - Edwina)  British actor Jamie Bamber will play Apollo 
(Reported on the Comm Centre)

BUFFY (STILL) A GIRL. When Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar departs Buffy the 
Vampire Slayer to pursue a movie career, Eliza Dushku will reportedly fill her 
shoes while maintaining her character, the moody Faith, allowing Gellar to 
occasionally reprise her role of Buffy. (UK Express newspaper, reported on the 
Comm Centre.)

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE STILL A MAN. Despite rumours that Ian McKeller would be 
offered the role, 62 year old Irish-born actor Michael Gambon will play 
Professor Albus Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter movie after the death of 
Richard Harris who played the character in the first two Harry Potter 
movies.(Sydney Sunday Telegraph, Feb 23, pg.48)

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to 
read"- Groucho Marx

PATRICIA MCKILLOP'S  novel,  Winter Rose, was  released by Penguin in Feb. 
$16.95. The ISBNs: 1904233074. (Reported by Bill Congreve on the FANTASTIC 
mailing list.)

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, PLC,  announced the formation of BL Publishing . They 
have added the Black Flame imprint to their Black Library imprint covering 
novels, graphic novels, the Warhammer Monthly comic and Inferno magazine. BL 
is securing the rights to publish novels based of SF, Fantasy and Horror 
properties held by New Line Cinema.
BLAKE TEMPLETON has a new novel out called "The Dare Island Enigma." based 
around the discovery of a dangerous looking animal that is reported to the 
Society for the Search for Unknown Animals. To get more details, or to buy 
this book, see .

13 HORRORS is a limited edition Horror anthology  to be launched at the 13th 
Annual World Horror Convention, Kansas, USA. A trade paperback copy available 
for US $19.95 from PO Box  36212  Kansas City MO 64171-6212 or e-mail

JUSTINE LARBALESTIER's book, "Battle of the sexes in science fiction" has been 
listed on the Locus website as one of their '15 Top SF & Fantasy Anthologies, 
Collections, Non fiction books, and Art books of 2002'. The link to the list 
is on the Locus front page. (Reported by Bill Congreve on the FANTASTIC 
mailing list.)

KIRSTEN BISHOP reported on the Eidolist, " My first novel, 'The Etched City', 
has been published. It's a fantasy about exile, love, and transformative 
magic..An extract,  picture of the cover and ordering       information, can 
be found at:   It is on sale online and in some 
independent bookshops in the US, but currently there is no Australian 
distribution. If you live in the Melbourne area, you can purchase copies 
directly from Kirsten by e-mailing her directly: .

BORDERLANDS: Simon Oxwell wrote to the Eidolist: "The first edition of 
"Borderlands", a new journal of  Australian science fiction, fantasy and 
horror will be launched at SwanCon in April 2003.Editorial committee member, 
Jodie Hunter, said "Borderlands will be an edgy, modern genre journal with 
high content standards. Our mission is to provide readers with an exciting and 
provocative range of short stories, novellas and  non-fiction." Borderlands 
will be a tri-annual publication, providing a permanent platform for 
Australian speculative fiction writers. Borderlands will be available through 
subscriptions and in selected book stores. The journal will also be provided 
in a downloadable format, which will be launched at a later date. Borderlands' 
experienced committee are all based in Western Australia and include: Stephen 
Dedman, Simon Oxwell, Sandra Norman, Grant Watson, Sarah Xu, David Cake, Jodie 
Hunter and Anna Hepworth.   Writers and artists are welcome to contact 
Borderlands Press for submissions guidelines. For further information: Simon 
Oxwell, Email: Jodie Hunter, Publicity, Email: . Swancon website:

HUGE MONSTERS: Robert Hood and Robin Pen are editing an anthology with the 
working title of DAIKAIJU! It will be a collection of original stories about 
giant monsters -- not dinosaurs (unless mutated into even bigger forms) and 
not just slightly oversized insects, but huge, physics-defying creatures 
inspired by (but not based on) famous Japanese film creations such as Godzilla 
and Gamera. The anthology will be published by Agog! Press in 2005. We want 
good and  unusual stories -- takes on the daikaiju genre that cross over into 
intriguing and imaginative areas. Mere city-stomping will not be enough. Full 
guidelines availableat: or through 
the editors,  PO Box U302 University of Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia Email: .

address of Ideomancer is  .

AGOG! Terrific Tales. This second anthology edited by Cat Sparks will feature 
stories from Sean Williams, Scott Westerfeld, Janeen Webb, Kaaron Warron, Kyla 
Ward, Lucy Sussex, Tracey Rolfe,
Kate Orman, Martin Livings, Chris Lawson, Sue Isle, Robert Hood, Dirk 
Flinthart, Brendan Duffy, Marianne De Pierres, Jack Dann, Adam Browne, Simon 
Brown, Leigh Blackmore, Deborah Biancotti, Lee Battersby. Full details on This anthology will be 
launched at Swancon at Easter.

ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS  has changed postal address again. It's now PO BOX 495, 
Chinchilla, QLD, 4413. Issue 5 is out now containing stories by Monissa 
Whiteley, John Borneman, Sue Bursztynski, Wendy Laharnar, Patrice E. Sarath, 
Kirsty McDermott, Angela Boord and Sue Isle.

DARK ANIMUS  #2, edited by James Cain, is now available for sale from (Copies also seen for sale at Infinitas Bookshop, 

VISIONS NEW WEB SITE; Brisbane spec. fiction writing group "Visions" has a new 
website at .

AUSTRALIAN WRITERS' WEB: Updated by Tony Plank, this useful web site can be 
found at .

ROR 2003. Writers on the Road (ROR) , a  professional development workshop, 
will be held on 4-7 April at the Varuna Writer's Centre (Katoomba) 
Participants are Marianne de Pierres, Rowena Cory Lindquist, Trent Jamieson, 
Tansy Rayner Roberts, Michael Barry, and Maxine McArthur. For more information 

ANTIPODEAN SF The current edition of this e-mag is available at .

CLARION SOUTH. An intensive writers' workshop, to be held in Brisbane for 6 
weeks over Jan-Feb 2004, has announced its Final Three Tutors: Nalo Hopkinson, 
US editor David G. Hartwell, and Brisbane horror/fantasy novelist Kim Wilkins 
round out the complement of tutors across the six weeks. Each tutor will be in 
residence at Clarion South for one week, leading critique session and having 
one-to-one consultations  Full details available at (Reported by Robert Hoge.) Clarion has also 
recently been awarded a $15,000 grant. (Reported on the Eidolist.)

REDSINE 10 is currently available. Order direct from the publisher  or   or 
(Barnes and Noble) in the USA. Locally, Bill Congreve also has copies of 
issues 7-10 for sale. Contact Bill at for details.

Aphelion Webzine wrote: The February issue of Aphelion just went online. This 
issue is respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Heinlein, who passed away last month, 
and to the crew of Columbia. The URL for Aphelion is:

FOLCC BOOK SALES. The "Friends of Linda Cox Chan" aim to raise money to donate 
to Juvenile Diabetes Society of Australia by selling donated books. (Tally is 
currently $22). "Honor Harrington: Flag in Exile, and Honor Harrington: The 
Honor of the Queen, both by David Weber. $6 each, including postage within 
Australia (Thanks to Anne Devrell for donating these books)  Magazines still 
desperately looking for homes are: Crux Vol 4, features Michael Hailstone, 
Eric Harries Harris, Paul Collins, Rick Kennett $3, New Eyes Vol 1, features 
Robert Luxford, Peter Jones, Steven Crawley $3, New Eyes Vol 2, features 
Geoffrey Maloney, Robert Luxford, $3, Under Magellenic Clouds 2, features 
Geoffrey Maloney, Elvis Gladztone, Ken Rawlinson $3 (Prices include postage 
within Australia)To buy tor donate books/mags e-mail Edwina Harvey at  or snail mail Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville, NSW


SF COMMENTARY 78. The latest issue of Bruce Gillespie's fanzine is A4, 82 
pages long, has a full colour cover and features a tribute to Wynne Whiteford, 
who passed away last year, a synopsis of ConVergence, and many reviews and 
letters of comment. (As well as an index. I was impressed when I found that - 
Edwina) available for "The Usual" (Letters of Comment, articles, reviews, art 
etc, or trade with other fanzines) or $35 for a 5 issues subscription payable 
to Gillespie and Cochrane Pty Ltd , post to 59 Keele St Collingwood Vic 3066. 
Also available in .pdf format - email Bruce at  for details.

STEAM ENGINE TIME, ISSUE 3, 2001, jointly edited by Bruce Gillespie, Paul 
Kincaid and Maureen Kincaid Speller (28p.) is also available from Bruce at the 
above address. Issue 3 features articles by Gregory Benford, Russell 
Blackford, Christopher Priest, Dave Langford, Kev McVeigh, Paul Kincaid & 
Bruce Gillespie.

MUMBLINGS FROM MUNCHKINLAND - The only West Australian fanzine published in 
Samoa. Jan 2003, looks at Robert Heinlein's story "Jerry is a Man" , and the 
Haldeman Diaries (Pt One) recapping Joe Haldeman's holiday in Samoa in May 
2002.16 pgs, card cover, A5 format. Published by Chris Nelson PO Box 1571, 
Apia, Samoa. (This one reminds me of John Tipper's long defunct fanzine, 
Metaluna. - Edwina)


COLLINS SUPERSTORE. Level 2, Broadway Shopping Centre, Cnr Broadway and Bay 
St, Sydney. Leigh Blackmore reports Collins is planning a special SF evening 
in mid-April with overseas and local authors. There will also be a 10% 
discount on SF books purchased during this event.

GALAXY BOOKSHOP: 143 York St Sydney. David Lynton reports that  GARTH NIX will 
be in the store at 6pm on Thursday 13 March, signing copies of his new book, 

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP (Shop 5 No. 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, ):
Infinitas has a discussion group which meets at 7pm on the first Thursday of 
the month. Infinitas also has a writers' group. Indeed it was that group under 
the leadership of Bill Congreve that provided the material for the anthology 
"Passing Strange", published in mid 2002 by Agog Press. You can email Bill 
Congreve at or the Infinitas email address.

SLOW GLASS BOOKS: Formerly of 305 Swanston Street Melbourne, 3000 Vic. Slow 
Glass Books is  now a mail order catalogue. To join the mailing list write to 
GPO Box 2709X Melbourne Vic 3001 or see . Email:  Phone: (03) 9639 511 Fax: (03) 9639 1511.

RAVEN BOOKS: Second hand book service specialising in supernatural & occult 
books. "From the Vault" catalogues are issued irregularly. If you'd like to be 
added to this mailing list, write to Leigh Blackmore,
Raven Books, PO Box A281, Sydney South NSW 1235.

KNOWN SPACE BOOKS: First Floor, 108 Gawler Place, Adelaide, SA 5000. Tel: (08) 
Open: 12:00-6:00 Wednesday-Thursday; 12:00-10:00 Friday; 12:00-6:00 Saturday 
New and used books comics and magazines related to science fiction, film and TV.

OTHER BOOKSHOPS We are keen to report news from other SF bookshops around 


SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS OF EARTH 2002 Award. This annual, international  award 
for budding SF writers was won by Australian for the first time. 
Congratulations to Julie Waight, who took out first prize for her story, "The 
Overcoat." Julie's story will be published on the SFWOE website The 2003 competition is now open to any SF writer 
who has yet to sell a piece of work.

DUFF Race 2003. As reported by Irwin Hirsh on the East Coast SF mail list, the 
Eidolist and the
Ozfan-History mail list, Naomi Fisher and Pat Molloy wrote: The 2003 Down 
Under Fan Fund (DUFF) race has concluded. Congratulations to Guy and Rosy 
Lillian, the new North American DUFF delegates!
They will be attending the Natcon: Swancon, in Perth at Easter.


SMEG RADIO , a radio show dedicated to SF fantasy and TV radio programs, goes 
to air through the community radio station 2RRR FM (Ryde Regional Radio), 88.5 
MHz, every Wednesday from 6.30 to 8 pm. The program is run by Peter Bryant and 
Abe Killian who recently announced:  We are starting a new segment on the show 
(our first new one in six years).  The segment will be an opportunity for 
local clubs and organisations to get some free publicity and promote your 
event on the show. We don't see this as a one-off, we would like to be able to 
have people back on a semi-regular basis to promote events or meetings.  We 
also intend to improve our 'what's on' segment, so any meetings or conventions 
 will be promoted on a fairly regular basis. We are putting a 'new talent' 
section into our show and website. The aim of this will be to give new 
writers, artists, animators, performers etc a chance to get their work known 
to the wider audience, but also through our website and eventually being able 
to use our influence with the major publishers to forge a link between these 
new writers and the acquisition editors or the like they need! We have been 
promoting and interviewing local writers for many years and through our book 
reviewer, Bill Congreve, are starting a new writers' showcase  fortnightly."

Web page: Email:  or
Postal Address: Smeg Radio, PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675. Phone number 
(during the show only): 9816 2938

SPECULATION is a new radio program from ArtSoundFM 92.7 in Canberra. The first 
program went to air on Thursday, 13th Feb, and it will feature on the second 
Thursday of the month from now on.  It highlights SF, fantasy, "magickal" 
(sic) realism and horror, news interviews and reviews. Check out their web 
site at . For more information, email 
Lilitu Babalon at . Reported on Eidolist by Lilitu 
Babalon ( )


There are of course many problems connected with life, of which some of the 
most popular are: why are people born? why do they die? why do they want to 
spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches? - Douglas Adams

MARRIAGES: Yet again this issue of the Bullsheet went off without a hitch.

BIRTHS: No hatches either. ZPG still being practiced by fandom.

AILING: JOHN FOYSTER  Long time active fan John Foyster's condition continues 
to decline .John was diagnosed with a brain tumour in late 2001. He has passed 
the mean survival time (8 or 9 months) for this kind of tumour. His doctor has 
advised against surgery as it might increase his survival by one or two 
months, but has a high risk of leaving him partly paralysed. A course of 
chemotherapy appears to have done no good in stopping the growth of the 
tumour, and it was decided there would be no further chemotherapy treatment.. 
Bruce Gillespie posts letters from John Foyster and Yvonne Rousseau to the 
Eidolist  and Eastcoast SF list for forwarding  as they become available.

RECOVERING: Robbie Matthews was sent back to hospital for several days to have 
antibiotic treatment after his broken arm became infected. He's back home now, 

DEATHS: JOHN TOLKIEN: The eldest son of The Lord of the Rings author JRR 
Tolkien has died at the age of 85. Father John Tolkien, heir to the 
multi-million family estate, died   after a 50-year career with the Catholic 
church in the Midlands. (reported by The Tolkien Society)

BILL SMITH: Ex-pat Australian fan, who was active in Sydney from the 70's into 
the 90's,  recently sucuumbed to cancer. *Reported by Bruce Gillespie on the 
Eidolist 25 February.)


Melbourne Science Fiction Club, 74 Melville Road, West Brunswick 3055.

Friday 7th March:  Buffet and Trivia Night  8.00 to 11.00pm. Danny Heap is 
running a Trivia Quiz.  Jess is doing another of her food night specials.

Friday 14th March:  Merchant Night and Auction.  8.00 to 11.00 pm to raise 
funds for the MSFC, tonight people will come along, get a table and sell SF 
fannish and non-fannish items.  Costs $5 for rental of a table or 10% 
commission on auction items sold.  Everybody welcome to come, browse and BUY.

Friday 21st March: The Long view. A look at the far future.  Where will we be 
in a hundred thousand or a
million years from now?  Will we recognize ourselves?

STARWALKING Inc  holds meetings at the 
Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club (24 John Street, Lidcombe, opposite Lidcombe 
Railway Station) on the third Sunday of some months. Check the website for 
details of the next meeting. They run from 12 noon to 5 pm. Attendance costs 
$8 for members and $10 for non-members.

SYDNEY FUTURIANS: Meetings in room 1615 (floor 16) of the Tower Block, The 
University of Technology, Broadway, Sydney, at 7 pm, usually on the third 
Friday of the month. Meetings are scheduled for 21 March,  11 April,  16 May, 
20 June, 18 July, 15 August, but check or phone Garry Dalrymple 
after 7 pm on (02) 9718 5827 for updates.

SYDNEY SOUTHERN SF&F GROUP: Meetings are now scheduled for the year and dates 
/ nature of meeting are on  Phone Brad Row on 
9580 4369 for more details.

AUSTRALIAN COSTUMERS' GUILD. (Vic). Open event at Werribee Park Mansion on 
March 29. Meet on the grounds at approx 11am. Park admission fees Adults 
$10.60, children $6.40. Check  or e-mail (Reported on the Comm Centre.)


MULTIVERSE EVENTS: You can reserve tickets by emailing
then check the Multiverse website

MULTIVERSE "DAREDEVIL" movie premier. March 19, Hoyts Cinema, Bourke St, 
Melbourne. 6.30 session. Tickets $12.50 adults and $9.50 children. Reserve 
tickets by

OTHER MULTIVERSE PREMIERS, April 17: The Core; April 30: X-men 2. More on the 
Multiverse website.

STAR TREK FILM MARATHON: March 9th, Westgath Theatre, 89 High St, Northcote, 
VIC. See all 10 ST Movies. Session starts with free brekkie at 6.45 am and 
screening starts at 7.30am. No prices set as yet but Multiverse members get a 
discount. (reported on the Comm Centre)

TASMANIAN READERS AND WRITERS FESTIVAL will feature resident Tasmanian spec 
fic writers Dirk Flinthart and Tansy Rayner Roberts as well as Sean Williams, 
Cory Daniells, Marianne De Pierres and Maxine McArthur. The Festival will take 
place on 21 March to 6 April 2003, in the State Theatre, North Hobart, and 
other venues. Web site

SUPANOVA Pop Culture Expo, April 5th -6th, 2003, with Gohs Jenny Baker, Sean 
Schemmel (Dragonball Z), John Romita Jr (Spiderman, Hulk, Uncanny X-men) Debbi 
DerryBerry (Jimmy Neutron) & Lisa Ortiz (Pokemon) Wharf 8, Sydney. Phone 
organizer Daniel Zachariou on 0412 026 797, or e-mail  or 
write to 33 Moondah Rd, Alfreds Oint NSW 2234. Web site at  (Reported on Comm Centre.) Admission: $20 for a 2 
day pass or $11 per day, but the ticket, which must be purchased from 
Ticketek, has an additional $1.50 booking fee. Alternatively you can pay at 
the door - that costs $13.50 per day.

SF DAY AT PERTH LIT FEST for High School Students Terri Sellen wrote to the 
Eidolist: On Thursday, April 3, there is to be an SF day at a Perth Lit Fest 
for high school students and we are looking for volunteers to help out. So, if 
you are   interested in helping out at a Lit Fest - booths, panels, 
presentations or   demonstrations - or if you want to test your Swancon 
material on a brand new audience :), could you drop me a line, please? 
( ).

MAGIC CASEMENTS: A Festival of Speculative Fiction, presented by The New South 
Wales Writers' Centre in association with Krenon (Ted Scribner). New South 
Wales Writers' Centre, Rozelle, Sydney, 13-14 September 2003. Speculative 
Fiction - Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror This Festival of Speculative 
Fiction will endeavour to gather local writers and readers, to discuss the 
current and possible future directions of their art, its position with regard 
to other written fiction and to media sf, and the relationships between its 
various genres. More details to follow soon. Specific queries: email Website:


GoH- Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be announced.

20th ANNIVERSARY The A-TEAM CONVENTION. March 1-2  Bournemouth, England. GOH 
Dirk Benedict. More information at the website:

WHOVENTION 2003: 4th to  6th April 2003 , The Carlton Crest Hotel Sydney 169 
to 179 Thomas Street, Haymarket.(close to Railway Square (Central Station) and 
Chinatown, About 15 minutes from the airport.
Confirmed guests are now Wendy Padbury, Janet Fielding, Jason Haigh-Ellery and 
Dudley Simpson. *Peter Davidson won't be attending due to work commitments) 
This convention will celebrate 40 years of Doctor Who. panels, auctions, 
merchandise plus a real life-size Police Box and the Daleks! Day Rate:$95. 
When booking you membership please indicate which day (Sat or Sun) you wish to 
attend. If you do not have a preference for either day then please tell us 
this so we can allot you a day to attend. This will help us to balance the 
number of people attending on both days. No discount applies for the Day Rate. 
Additional guests may not appear on both days and that day members will be 
subject to autographing restrictions. Full membership paid by end of March 
$170, "At Door" rate of $180. A $10 discount applies for members of the DWCA, 
children and concession holders.Family rates are available on application. 
Registration forms can be printed out from: 
. Make cheques and money orders payable to "Whovention" (NOT "Whovention 
2003"). Send payments to: Whovention: 2003 Membership PO Box 148 Gladesville 
NSW Please provide a photocopy of age/concession card for child/concession 
membership rate Please note that due to mail box collection and banking 
co-ordination it may take up to 2 weeks for your cheque to be presented

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 18 April 19 & 20, 2003 Melbourne, Australia Guests 
(OCP):Marina Sirtis - Counselor Troy (Star Trek TNG) Mira Furlan - Delenn 
(Babylon 5), Claudia Christian - Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5) Michael Hurst - 
Iolaus (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), Ryan (Andromeda) Tony Amendola - 
Bra'tak, (Stargate SG-1) Gil Gerard - Buck Rogers (Buck Rogers in the 25th 
Century) Erin Grey - Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) ** 
Cocktail Party ** Banquet ** Two 1-Day Conventions ** Wrap Party ** See  e-mail or phone 02 6259 1619 for full 

SWANCON 2003 (Swancon 28, Australian Natcon 2003.). 17-21 April.(Easter) Kings 
Hotel, Perth. GoHs Lynn Flewelling & Tony Shillitoe. Details at

EMOTICON 2003 New Zealand's NatCon, Auckland. 18th - 21st April 2003 (Easter 
Three confirmed literary guests: Diane Duane, Peter Morwood and Lois McMaster 
Bujold. The committee is also looking for a media guest and have confirmed 
Mary Maclachlan as the Fan Guest of Honour.
 Email or write to Malcolm Fletcher, Consultant 
DBA SQL Services Ltd, 104-106 Customs St West, PO Box 3631, Auckland. Website:

CENTURIES DATE: 22-24 April 2003 VENUE: Humanities Research Centre, ANU, 
Canberra. Convenors: Jane Goodall and Christa Knellwolf. This conference will 
offer a focused discussion of the heated debates between  respectable 
scientific experimentation, revolutionary pseudo-science, quackery, amateurish 
dabbling, and religious orthodoxy. International speakers, public displays of 
experiments; the cultural meanings of dissection; the conflicts between 
theology and astronomy, geology and biology; the revolutionary relevance of 
electricity; and many more. For more information and for online registration, 
see . 
The conference is accompanied by a reenactment of historical arguments 
entitled Electrifying Scientists: Wed. 23 April, 5.30, National Library of 
Australia, Canberra. Please contact Jane Goodall or Christa 
Knellwolf with any questions and queries. 
(Reported by Kim Selling on the "Fantastic" mail list)

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION: 17-18 May. Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club, 24 
John St, Lidcombe, NSW.GOHS Tom Lenk & Danny Strong (Andrew and Jonathan in 
Buffy, and Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather in Enterprise.) FSF members 
$I76 for both days, $88 for one day. Non-FSFS members, $99 per day. Check  for details. Phone book 02 953 8385, post: Friends of 
Science Fiction, PO Box 797 Fairfield NSW I860.

CONTINUUM: 11-13 July 2003, Cato Conference Centre, 489 Elizabeth Street, 
Melbourne. Guests: Kate Forsyth, Chris Lawson. Invited guests: Nick 
Stathopoulos, Lewis Morley and Marilyn Pride.Membership:
Full Membership $80 (paid  before 30 April 2003): Student (13-16 years at time 
of purchase) or Concession Card Holder: $50 Child (5-12 years at time of 
purchase and accompanied by a paying adult): $25 Sue Ann Barber (Continuum 
Program Coordinator) wrote to the East Coast SF list: Continuum, a SF 
convention based in Melbourne was launched on January 17th and  we are now 
seeking submissions of ideas for panels and presentations. If you  have any 
ideas that could possibly be developed into programme items, send a  reply to . The programme is in its very early stages and we 
are quite open to a number of suggestions and ideas. A large number of the 
people involved in the running of this convention were involved in the highly 
successful ConVergence 2002 so were hoping to make it just as enjoying and as 
entertaining. .

GENGHIS CON 2 For more info as it comes to hand, keep watching .

TORCON III The 61st World Science Fiction Convention will be held over August 
28-September 1, 2003 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. GsoH: George R. 
R. Martin, Frank Kelly Freas, Mike Glyer. Toastmaster: Spider Robinson and 
GoHst of Honour: Robert Bloch the spirit of Toronto Worldcons.
Enquiries:  P.O. Box 3, Station A, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5W 1A2Attending 
Membership: $US115; Supporting Membership: $US40; Email: 

CHRONOPOLIS - Swancon 29 Perth, Western Australia Easter weekend Thu 8 to Mon 
12th April 2004
Shay Telfer, Convenor. Details to follow.

CONFLUX: 43rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention, 23-26 April 
2004. Guests of Honour: Award winning authors Greg Benford and Sean McMullen. 
Fan Guest of Honour: Karen Herkes. Panels, workshops and other activities 
focus on science fiction, fantasy and horror themes. Also role-play gaming, 
live SF oriented theatre, dealers' room, art show and filking. Special events 
include an Anzac Day dawn service. Cost: currently $110. Children and students 
at reduced rates. Instalment plan available. A deposit of $20 secures you the 
current rate. Contact:, or see 
. Postal Address:  PO Box 903,  Belconnen, ACT 2616  Tel: 0418 540 160; Fax: 
02 6242 5776

CONTOUR 2004 May 31 to June 3 2004, Rotorua. Proposed as New Zealand's 25th 
National Science
Fiction Convention.Email: .

Interaction, will be held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in 
Glasgow over the weekend of 4-8 August 2005, along with many local hotels. 
Around 5,000 members are expected to attend the event, . Guests of honour 
Christopher Priest, Robert Sheckley and Jane Yolen, critic and fanzine editor 
Greg Pickersgill and veteran Scandinavian fan Lars-Olov Strandberg. Membership 
costs £75 or $115 until Easter 2003: write to Interaction at 379 Myrtle Road, 
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 3HQ, UK. Interaction recently launched an 
on-line registration service at their web site  .

INTERACTION's AUSTRALIAN AGENT is Rose Mitchell. You can contact her re 
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