Australian SF Bullsheet 14 – May 2003

Australian SF Bullsheet 14
MAY 2003
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)


The MULTIVERSE team took part in the Good Friday collection to raise
money for the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, and raised
$10,822.81 – the highest amount collected by a single team on a single
intersection. (Reported Comm Centre. 116) 

TV series, and is working on the film, said the film is expected to
start production in September.  (Comm Centre 116)

NICK STATHOPOULOS' painting, "Here's Mr Squiggle" was spotted in the
Funday comics section of the Sunday Telegraph, April 6, promoting a
portrait painting competition for the Art Gallery of NSW. 

DR WHO CREW FILLS THE TARDIS 40 YEARS ON, was the title of an article
promoting Whovention, talking to GOH's Wendy Padbury and Janet
Fielding. A photo of Wendy Padbury with a Dalek accompanied the
article. Spotted in the Daily Telegraph, 4/4/03 by Edwina.

KATE ORMAN was interviewed by Angus Kidman publicizing the Dr Who
novels in April's Bulletin news magazine. Kate and her husband,
Jonathan Blum, will be publishing 2 Dr Who titles to celebrate the 40th
Anniversary of the show; Blue Box is a novel by Kate  (available now)
while the novella, Fallen Gods will be available in July,  (Reported
to The Butterfly Room by Kate Orman.)

DAMIEN BRODERICK has an essay, "Eating Our Dreams: Life After
Singularity" published in Photofile Journal no. 68, April 2003.
www.acp/ (reported by Damien Broderick)

AUTOGRAPHED T-SHIRT RAISES $150. The T-shirt featuring multiple
celebrity autographs collected by Lee Battersby was auctioned at
Swancon. The buyer intends to add to the T-shirt's collection of
autographs at Continuum and Conflux, before putting the T-shirt up for
auction again at Swancon  2004, with the additional proceeds also being
donated to Asthma Foundation of Western Australia.

STAG to close. After 30 years, the British-run Star Trek Action Group
(STAG) is set to close. In a newsletter dated 26th March, 2003, Lynne
Bannister sighted diminished interest in Star Trek as the main reason
for the club folding. They will continue to publish an irregular
newsletter concentrating on Classic Trek news.
Star Trek fandom in the USA is at an all-time low, Nemesis went poorly
at the box office, and Enterprise is not rating as well as previous ST
incarnations. The American "Star Trek: The Magazine" has ceased
publication and Pocket Books has recently announced they will no longer
be publishing non-fiction Star Trek titles. (Reported by Anne Devrell.)

GODZILLA PETITION:  A group of US fans have started a petition to ask
TriStar, or any other US company interested, to take a more serious
look at releasing the Toho Studios Godzilla films produced in the last
decade. These films are usually badly dubbed and often re-edited
("mangled")when released in the west. You can sign the petition at (Reported by Rob Hood on Eidolist.) 

HORROR GROUP: Marty Young reports that the Australian chapter of HWA
(Horror Writers of America) is about to be officially recognised. While
he's had a good response to date, he is still looking to contact horror
magazine editors, publishers, authors and artists, especially if they
can help in the organization and running of the Australian chapter.
Contact Marty, e-mail, ,  or or phone. 0403 810 412 

BUFFY to be played by Holly Valance? This possibility has been widely
publicized in Sydney (2Day-FM and the Daily Telegraph, Thurs, 24/4/03.)
While the singer's agency said reports were "premature" it would give a
different twist on her song "Kiss Kiss", wouldn't it? (Edwina.)

TOLKIEN HOME SOLD. The seven bedroom Georgian town house that J.R.R.
Tolkien and his wife lived in in 1918 sold well above the asking price
due to the author's popularity as well as an overheated British real
estate market. The Tolkien Society had wanted to buy the property but
could not raise the cash. (The Comm Centre 116)

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark
to read." – Groucho Marx.

"BATTLE OF THE SEXES" Wins Locus Acclaim. Bill Congreve wrote to the
"Fantastic" mail list: Justine Larbalestier's "Battle of the Sexes in
Science Fiction" has been listed on the Locus website as one of their
'15 Top SF & Fantasy Anthologies, Collections, Non fiction books, and
Art books of 2002'. The link to the list is on the Locus front page.

WONDER YEARS: Bill Congreve wrote to the Eidolist: Those interested in
the contents of the Peter McNamara selected Aussie SF retrospective
anthology, Wonder Years, can find them at: The 10 Best
Australian Stories from a decade past, selected by Peter McNamara.
Paperback 206 mm x 135 mm, 320 pages. ISBN 0958658374 RRP $24.95 (inc
GST) (Published May 2003 - by MirrorDanse Books).

AGOG! Terrific Tales was launched at Swancon, 2003. Edited by Cat
Sparks it features stories from: Sean Williams, Scott Westerfeld,
Janeen Webb, Kaaron Warron, Kyla Ward, Lucy Sussex, Tracey Rolfe, Kate
Orman, Martin Livings, Chris Lawson, Sue Isle, Robert Hood, Dirk
Flinthart, Brendan Duffy, Marianne De Pierres, Jack Dann, Adam Browne,
Simon Brown, Leigh Blackmore, Deborah Biancotti, Lee Battersby. The
anthology will be available from: SYDNEY, NSW: Collins, Broadway,
Dymocks, 424-430 George Street, Dymocks, Westfield, Burwood ,
Westfield, Figtree.(Wollongong), Galaxy Bookshop, 222 Clarence Street
PARRAMATTA, NSW:Infinitas Bookshop, Horwood Place, Unicentre Bookshop,
University of Wollongong.  VICTORIA:Slow Glass Books, 305 Swanston
Street, Melbourne QUEENSLAND: Pulp Fiction, Anzac Square Arcade Shop
28, 267 Edward St, Brisbane, ON LINE: Australian On-line Bookshop The
third Agog! anthology -- Agog! Smashing Stories -- will soon be open
for submissions. .Check

CONSENSUAL: The Second Coming, SF & Fantasy erotica anthology edited by
Stephen Dedman, Cathy Cupitt and Elaine Kemp, was also launched at
Swancon. Stories by Claire McKenna, Danielle J. Linder, David Cake,
Edwina Harvey, Elaine Kemp, Grant Watson, Helen Patrice, Lee Battersby,
Max Blaxall and Cat Sparks, Richard Harland, Robert Hood, Scot Snow &
Stephen Dedman. Internal art by Sarah Xu and Caroline Booth, cover art
by Jade Todd. Available from PO Box 276, Bayswater, WA, 6933. 

features stories by Geoffrey Maloney, Lee Battersby, Simon Haynes, Carl
Frederick, Kevin Maclean, Ralan Conley, Dirk Flinthart, Melissa
Yuan-Innes, Nancy Jane Moore, Kate Eltham and Byron Merritt with poetry
by Bruce Boston, John Grey and William I Lengeman III.  Dymocks,
424-430 George St, Sydney, will be stocking ASIM from Issue 6. Known
Space Bookshop, Adelaide, will also be stocking  ASIM soon.
ASIM also recently launched a Young Authors writing competition, with
categories for writers 16 years and younger, and another for writers 21
years and younger. Check "Awards and Competitions" section of the
Bullsheet, and or write to PO BOX 495,
Chinchilla, QLD, 4413 for full details. (You can also send an SASE to
Edwina who has a supply of competition entry forms.) 

HAL SPACEJOCK 2. The hilarious adventures of Hal and Clunk continue in
a second volume that was launched at Swancon. Cover by Les Petersen. 
$17.95. Bowman Publishing, ISBN 1-877034-18-5. Copies available from
Dymocks, Carousel, Perth, PO Box 495 Bentley, WA 6982, and

ORB #5 was launched at Swancon. Check
for full details.

PerMutations. Cathy Cupitt and Matt Chrulew recently called for
submissions for a new anthology of speculative WA Fiction. "We want
stories that make us see WA in a new light."  Deadline is 30 September,
2003 with a view to launching at Swancon 2004. Submissions can be sent
to or mailed to The Editors,
Permutations, PO BOX 915 Nedlands, WA, 6909. Check full details on

ANTIPODEAN SF. Issue 59 features short stories by Lee Battersby, Dean
Hewish, Chris Manning, Brendan Duffy, Peter Holz, Chis Jones, Jenny
Mounfield, Darren Speegle, T.L. Miller (aka Terri Sellen), and
l.a.enocraf. Take a look at

SFSA (Science Fiction South Australia I think - Edwina)  Magazine #11
is out now. The theme is alternate realities and includes reviews of
The Matrix, Clive Baker's Hellraiser and Kings of Space by Capt.
W.E.Johns. 52 pgs. The theme for SFSA 12 is artificial intelligence.
The deadline for submissions is 1 June. Send to
(Reported by Martin Dunn)

HISTORICAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY calling for submissions, 3-6000 words. To
be published electronically by Cyber-Pulp. Payment: royalty split.
Check, e-mail
HUMOROUS FANTASY ANTHOLOGY – details as above. (Reported by Claire
McKenna on Eidolist)

FOLCC BOOK SALES. The "Friends of Linda Cox Chan" aim to raise money to
donate to Juvenile Diabetes Society of Australia by selling donated
books. (Tally is currently $22). "Honor Harrington: Flag in Exile, and
Honor Harrington: The Honor of the Queen, both by David Weber. $6 each,
including postage within Australia (Thanks to Anne Devrell for donating
these books)  Magazines still desperately looking for homes are: Crux
Vol 4, features  Michael Hailstone, Eric Harries Harris, Paul Collins,
Rick Kennett $3, NewEyes Vol 1, features Robert Luxford, Peter Jones,
Steven Crawley $3, New Eyes Vol 2, features Geoffrey Maloney, Robert
Luxford, $3, Under Magellenic Clouds 2, features Geoffrey Maloney,
Elvis Gladztone, Ken Rawlinson $3 (Prices include postage within
Australia)To buy tor donate books/mags e-mail Edwina Harvey at or snail mail  Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St,
Matraville, NSW 2036. 


COLLINS SUPERSTORE. Level 2, Broadway Shopping Centre , Cnr Broadway ad
Bay St, Sydney.

GALAXY BOOKSHOP: 143 York St Sydney. The
new store is downstairs from street level.

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP (Shop 5 No. 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, Infinitas has a discussion group which meets at
7pm on the first Thursday of the month. Infinitas also has a writers'
group led by Bill Congreve.

SLOW GLASS BOOKS: mail order catalogue. GPO Box 2709X Melbourne Vic
3001 or see Email: Phone:
(03) 9639 1511 Fax: (03) 9639 1511. 

RAVEN BOOKS: Second-hand book service specialising in supernatural &
occult books. "From the Vault" catalogues are issued irregularly. If
you'd like to be added to this mailing list, write to Leigh Blackmore,
Raven Books, PO Box A281, Sydney South NSW 1235. 

KNOWN SPACE BOOKS: First Floor, 108 Gawler Place, Adelaide, SA 5000.
Tel: (08) 8223-4304 Open: 12:00-6:00 Wednesday-Thursday; 12:00-10:00
Friday; 12:00-6:00 Saturday New and used books related to science
fiction, film and TV. Also comics and magazines. Now receiving American
imports weekly. 


2003 DITMARS: please check -as there
may be slight variations:Jeremy Byrne through the Eidolist) wrote: The
2003 Ditmar Winners (announced at Swancon)  Professional Categories:
BEST AUSTRALIAN NOVEL: Echoes of Earth by Sean Williams & Shane Dix
BEST AUSTRALIAN SHORT FICTION: King of All and The Metal Sentinel by
Deborah Biancotti ( in Agog! Fantastic Fiction) BEST AUSTRALIAN
COLLECTED WORK: Agog! Fantastic Fiction ed. Cat Sparks (Agog!  Press)
BEST AUSTRALIAN ARTWORK: Passing Strange (MirrorDanse Books) Cover by
FANZINE: Fables & Reflections ed. Lily Chrywenstrom BEST AUSTRALIAN
PRODUCTION: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Launch BEST
AUSTRALIAN FAN ACHIEVEMENT: Borderlands: That which scares us... ed.
Simon Oxwell, Grant Watson and Anna Hepworth  Other Awards: The
Australian Science Fiction Foundation's A. Bertram Chandler Award,
given for services to and achievements in the genre in Australia, was
presented to Lucy Sussex coincidentally by her partner Julian Warner.
The Peter McNamara Award ("The Mac"), similarly presented for
significant and ongoing achievement in Australian SF, was awarded to
Stephanie Smith, Senior Editor for HarperCollins Australia's Voyager

2003 TIN DUCKS Awards specifically for Western Australian SF related
works: Jonathan Strahan (relayed by Jeremy Byrne through the Eidolist)
wrote:The 2003 Tin Duck Finalists: BEST WA PROFESSIONAL WRITER: Stephen
Dedman BEST WA NON-PROFESSIONAL WRITER: Shay Telfer (Grant Watson
withdrew from this category). BEST WA PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION IN ANY
MEDIUM: Borderlands: That which scares us... (book) ed. Grant Watson,
MEDIUM: "Raw Cordial", Swancon 2002 by Grant Watson & Simon Oxwell BEST
WA VISUAL ARTWORK: "Muppet Quilt" by Davina Watson 
Relationship to  Science Fiction" by Cathy Cupitt BEST WA
Potter Novels: Class by Emma Hawkes

2003 NEBULA AWARDS. NOVEL: American Gods, Neil Gaiman (Eos) NOVELLA:
"Bronte's Egg", Richard Chwedyk (F&SF Aug 2002) NOVELETTE: "Hell Is the
Absence of God", Ted Chiang (Starlight 3, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed.,
Tor) SHORT STORY: "Creature", Carol Emshwiller (F&SF Oct/Nov 2002)
SCRIPT: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Fran Walsh,
Philippa Boyens, & Peter Jackson (New Line Cinema; based on the novel
by J. R.R. Tolkien)
(Reported by Robert Hoge on the Eidolist)

2003 HUGO NOMINEES:The nominations for the Hugos are out. BEST
NOVEL:Bones of the Earth by Michael Swanwick, Hominids by Robert J.
Sawyer,Kiln People by David Brin, The Scar by China Mieville, The Years
of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson  BEST NOVELLA:"A Year in the
Linear City" by Paul Di Filippo, "Breathmoss" by Ian R. MacLeod,
"Bronte's Egg" by Richard Chwedyk, "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman, "In
Spirit" by Pat Forde, "The Political Officer" by Charles Coleman
Finlay, BEST NOVELETTE: "Halo" by Charles Stross,  "Liking What You
See: A Documentary" by Ted Chiang  "Presence" by Maureen F. McHugh,
"Slow Life" by Michael Swanwick BEST SHORT STORY: "A Gift of Verse" by
John L. Flynn,  "Creation" by Jeffrey Ford,  "Falling Onto Mars" by
Geoffrey A. Landis,  "'Hello,' Said the Stick" by Michael Swanwick,
"The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport" by Michael Swanwick , BEST
RELATED BOOK, "The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction" by Justine
Larbalestier , "Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril" by
Judith Merril and Emily Pohl-Weary, "Dragonhenge" by Bob Eggleton and
John Grant, "Ray Bradbury: An Illustrated Life" by Jerry Weist,
"Spectrum 9: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art," Cathy Fenner and
"A Night in Sickbay"  Enterprise, "Carbon Creek"  Buffy the Vampire
Slayer, "Conversations With Dead People"  Firefly, "Serenity" Angel,
Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,  The Lord of the Rings: The Two
Towers,  Minority Report, Spider-Man, Spirited Away. BEST PROFESSIONAL
EDITOR  Ellen Datlow,  Gardner Dozois  David G. Hartwell   Stanley
Schmidt  Gordon Van Gelder BEST PROFESSIONAL ARTIST  Jim Burns,  David
A. Cherry, Bob Eggleton,  Frank Kelly Freas,  Donato Giancola,BEST
SEMIPROZINE:  Ansible, edited by Dave Langford  Interzone, edited by
David Pringle, Locus, edited by Charles N. Brown, Jennifer A. Hall and
Kirsten Gong-Wong The New York Review of Science Fiction, edited by
Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell and Kevin Maroney, Speculations,
edited by Kent Brewster. BEST FANZINE: Challenger, edited by Guy H.
Lillian III, Emerald City, edited by Cheryl Morgan, File 770, edited by
Mike Glyer, Mimosa, edited by Rich and Nicki Lynch Plokta, edited by
Alison Scott, Steve Davies and Mike Scott  BEST FAN WRITER:  Bob
Devney,  John L. Flynn,  Mike Glyer, Dave Langford,  Steven H. Silver,
BEST FAN ARTIST: Brad W. Foster , Teddy Harvia,  Sue Mason,  Steve
Stiles, Frank Wu . JOHN W. CAMPBELL AWARD for BEST NEW WRITER:  Charles
Coleman Finlay, David D. Levine, Karin Lowachee,  Wen Spencer,  Ken
(Reported by Robert  Hoge on the Eidolist

2003 GUFF RACE (The Going Under Fan Fund, or Get Up-and-over Fan Fund
depending on what direction it's running) is open for 2003. This year's
winner will be travelling from Europe to Australia and/or New Zealand.
Candidates are Doug Bell and Pat McMurray. Voting is open to anyone
active in fandom who donates GBPounds 5, or A$10 You can download a PDF
of the voting form at , or
go to  where there's a
voting form at the bottom of the page as well as links to PayPal and a
credit card processing facility. (GBP or US$ only. Unfortunately.)
Voting closes at midnight (GMT) J0 November, 2003. The Guff fund is
managed by Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber, PO Nox 640 Airlie Beach, QLD
4802, AUSTRALIA, and Paul Kincaid, 60 Nournemouth Rd, Folkestone, Kent,
CT 19 5AZ, UK. (Reported by Eric Lindsay)

entry fee (Free if the entrant or their school is a ASIM subscriber)
Sections for Art, poetry and short stories (5,000 words or less.) for
under 16's and under 21's. First Prize, publication in the magazine
including payment and subscription. 2nd and 3rd prizes also offered.
(these do not include cash payment). Entries close on July 31st. See or send an SASE to PO BOX 495, Chinchilla,
QLD, 4413 for entry forms and full entry details, 


There are of course many problems connected with life, of which some of
the most popular are Why are people born? Why do they die? Why do they
want to spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches?-
Douglas Adams 

MARRIAGES: Sydney fan Ian Woolf and Canadian Emma Duncan tied the knot

BIRTHS:  (We got one!)  Maxwell Harrison McKenzie. Chuck and Megan
McKenzie are extremely proud and happy to announce the birth of their
first child, Maxwell Harrison McKenzie, on Monday 21st April, at  
1.30am. 4.2 kilos. (9 pounds 7 oz)! Mother and son doing well; father
still slightly overwhelmed. 
The Bullsheet team extends congratulations and best wishes to all

AILING: Peter McNamara has a brain tumour and is not expected to live
long.  Terry Dowling is working to finish his fourth and final
"Rynosseros" book while Peter is still alive. 

DEATHS: John Foyster died at 9 p.m.(Adelaide time) on Saturday 5 April.
Bruce Gillespie subsequently wrote: 
John Foyster: 13 April 1941-5 April 2003. John
entered fandom in 1958, joined  the Melbourne SF Club in 1959, and in
the early 1960s was one of the few Australians publishing fanzines that
were sent overseas. Titles included Satura, Gryphon and The Wild
Colonial Boy. He was the main organiser of the 1966 Melbourne Easter
Convention, the first Australian convention for eight years and the one
that relaunched Australian fandom. After a lull. Foyster, John Bangsund
and Lee Harding began Australian Science Fiction Review in July 1966,
which helped launch new groups of fans in Sydney (The Sydney SF
Foundation), Adelaide (Adelaide University SFA), Perth and Brisbane.
Foyster as an acerbic non-academic SF critic and fannish writer was a
major contributor to ASFR, 1972 he was the major force behind the
start of DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund). In 1970 Foyster appointed a team
to bid to hold a world SF convention in Australia; this quickly became
the Aussiecon I bid for 1975...won in Toronto in 1973... John was partner
to Elizabeth (now Elizabeth Darling) until 1976, to Jennifer Bryce
until 1987, and to Yvonne Rousseau until his death.  He is survived by
his sister Myfanwy, and daughter Miranda. 

Rather than sending flowers, Yvonne Rousseau suggested that mourners
make a donation to the Andrew Ollie Memorial Trust, Northern Medical
Research Foundation, Level 4, Vindin. Royal North Shore Hospital, St
Leonards. NSW 2065.

As executor of John's will, Yvonne Rousseau encouraged anyone wanting
to reprint John's fannish works to send her copies of reprints if
possible. They can be posted to PO Box 3086, Rundle Mall, Adelaise. SA
5000, or e-mailed to

Bruce Gillespie would like to know if anyone is planning a "Best of
John Foyster" collection. Could they please contact him at 59 Keele St,
Collingwood, Vic 3066, or

May, The Linden Gallery, 26 Acland St, St Kilda.


Starwalking Inc,, holds meetings at
the Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club (24 John Street, Lidcombe,
opposite Lidcombe Railway Station) Meetings  on 1 June, 17 August and 2
November from 12 noon to 5 pm. Attendance costs $8 for members and $10
for non-members. 

The South Australian Dr Who Fan Club meets on the first Saturday of
every month – next meeting May 3rd – at Buckingham Arms, Walkerville,
from 5pm.

SASF meets on the third Saturday of each month (except December) at
the Adelaide High School 3pm – 10pm. Cost $3 members, $4 non-members.
(Reported by Martin Dunn)

SYDNEY FUTURIANS: Meetings in room 1615 (floor 16) of the Tower Block,
The University of Technology, Broadway, Sydney, at 7 pm, usually on the
third Friday of the month. Meetings are scheduled for 16 May, 20 June,
18 July, 15 August, but check
ttp://  or phone Garry
Dalrymple after 7 pm on (02) 9718 5827 for updates. 

Row on  9580 4369 for more details. 


day speculative fiction writing workshop. Friday 4th July to Wednesday
9th July, 2003. Brisbane Girl's Grammer school. Brisbane city. $550
(extra cost if you need to hire a computer) Tutors include Kim Wilkins,
Marianne de Pierres, Louise Cusack and Cory Daniels. Contact Cory
Daniels (Rowena Cory Lindquist) on 07 3893 2959 or email (reported by Cat Sparks on the Eidolist) 

JACK DANN is conducting a 2 day master class entitled "Writing the
Fabulous" at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre (WA) on
26-27 July 2003. Cost of the course is $350. Prospective participants
to submit story samples prior to the Master Class in order to determine
who will be admitted. Please contact the centre to register: (Address
submissions to?) Margot LoweCo-ordinator, Katharine Susannah Prichard
Writers Centre 11 Old York Rd GREENMOUNT 6058 WA.Ph 08 9294 1872 or
look at (Reported by Tracey Rolfe on the

CLARION SOUTH. An intensive writers' workshop, to be held in Brisbane
for 6 weeks over Jan-Feb 2004, Terry Dowling, Jack Dann , Lucy Sussex,
Nalo Hopkinson, and David G. Hartwell and Kim Wilkins are confirmed
tutors. Full details available at 

MULTIVERSE EVENTS: You can reserve tickets by emailing then check 
Matrix Reloaded: Fri. May 16, Hoyts Chadstone, Chadstone Shopping
Centre(Melb)   Tickets 12.50, adults, $9.50 children.  Check for other premiers.

SYDNEY SCIENCE FICTION WEEKEND (SSFW). (previously known as Freecons) 
Garry Dalrymple  recently wrote that "instead of a fourth Museum
Freecon this year, there will be a "2003 Sydney SF Weekend" on June 21
– 22 at the Discovery Centre, level 2, Australian Museum, William St,
Sydney. No entry charge.  The web site is at
Or e-mail, mail PO BOX 2, Bexley
North. 2207, or phone 02 9718 5827.

Garry Dalrymple also writes "I would welcome any suggestions of things
to discuss or to start at the 2003 SSFW that could be carried through
to the Magic Casements event to be considered by a larger (and less
fannish?) audience."
MAGIC CASEMENTS: A Festival of Speculative Fiction presented by The New
South Wales Writers' Centre in association with Krenon. (Ted Scribner
and Garry Dalrymple apparently.) New South Wales Writers' Centre,
Rozelle, Sydney, 13-14 September 2003. 

GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be

BUFFYCON: 2-4 May. Victorian Arts Centre, ANZ Pavilion, Level 8, 100
St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Guest Emma Caulfield (Anya Jenkins) Cost $98
per day. Contact Event Director, Siobahn De Vincentis on 0403 82 62 82,
Fax 03 5964 3476 or e-mail or check

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION: 17-18 May. Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's
Club, 24 John St, Lidcombe, NSW. GOHS: Tom Lenk & Danny Strong (Andrew
and Jonathan in Buffy, and Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather in
Enterprise.) FSF members $I76 for both days, $88 for one day. Non-FSFS
members, $99 per day. Check for details. Phone
book 02 953 8385 or post to: Friends of Science Fiction, PO Box 797
Fairfield NSW I860. 

CONTINUUM 11-13 July 2003, Cato Conference
Centre, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Guests: Kate Forsyth, Chris
Lawson. Invited guests: Nick Stathopoulos, Lewis Morley and Marilyn
Pride. Membership: full paid prior to  30 April 2003): $80 Student
(13-16 years at time of purchase) or Concession Card Holder: $50Child
(5-12 years at time of purchase and accompanied by a paying adult): $25 

DWARFCON Gaming Con. in
Melbourne on the Queens Birthday weekend (July 11-13). 

TORCON III The 61st World Science Fiction Convention will be held over
August 28-September 1, 2003 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
GsoH: George R. R. Martin, Frank Kelly Freas, Mike Glyer. Toastmaster:
Spider Robinson and GoHst of Honour:Robert Bloch the spirit of Toronto
Enquiries: P.O. Box 3, Station A, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5W 1A2  
Attending Membership: $US115; Supporting Membership: $US40; Email: Website: 

INTENSICON a one day gaming con held at
Melbourne University sometime in December. 

CHRONOPOLIS - Swancon 29 Perth, Western Australia Easter weekend Thu 8
to Mon 12th April 2004 
Shay Telfer, Convenor, lily Chrywenstrom secretary. Details to follow. 

CONFLUX 43rd Australian National Science Fiction
Convention, 23-26 April 2004. 
Guests of Honour: Greg Benford and Sean McMullen. Fan GOH's Karen
Herkes  Cost: currently $110. Children and students at reduced rates.
Instalment plan available. A deposit of $20 secures current rates.
Voting membership only $5.All enquiries should be directed to: Postal Address:  PO Box 903,  Belconnen, ACT 2616 
Tel: 0418 540 160; Fax: 02 6242 5776 Convenor: Vanessa Jacobsen -
email: Publicity Manager: Rose Mitchell - email: 
***Membership prices set to rise from May.**

CONTOUR 2004 May 31 to June 3 2004, Rotorua. Proposed as New Zealand's
25th National Science 
Fiction Convention. Email: 

CONSENSUALITY – Swancon XXX. Perth, WA. Easter 2005. Conveners Stephen
Dedman and Elaine Kemp.

THYLACON. Natcon for 2005. (Voted for at Swancon 2003) Hobart,
Tasmania. Details to follow.

Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon will be held at the Scottish Exhibition
and Conference Centre in Glasgow over the weekend of 4-8 August
2005.GoHs Christopher Priest, Robert Sheckley and Jane Yolen, critic
and fanzine editor Greg Pickersgill and veteran Scandinavian fan
Lars-Olov Strandberg. 
ROSE MITCHELL, the Aus agent for Interaction wrote that attending
memberships will rise from 1  June. Memberships available through Rose
via GPO BOX 1212K Melbourne, VIC 3001 or e-mail

Other Info sources: Marc Ortlieb's Australian Science Fiction
Information page:
Ted Scribner's  Australian SF&F home page is:
and his list of SF oriented groups in NSW is at 
Coode St Review:

The Bullsheet is available as a FREE e-mail subscription, (Send a
request to and we're happy to trade with other
e-mail zines. If you want to receive the Bullsheet snail mail, we ask
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NEXT BULLSHEET: The deadline for submission of material for inclusion
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