The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 19 – October 2003

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 19
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SHOW ME THE MONEY!  Special Lord of the Rings commemorative coins
featuring Gandalf, Frodo, Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas (with Queen
Elizabeth on the reverse side) were recently launched by actor John
Rhys-Davies. The coins are produced by Pobjoy Mint in Surrey, UK. They
will be legal tender in the Isle of Man, and can be exchanged in banks
on the Island for their face value, but are not considered legal
currency, so cannot be used in shops. (reported on
optusnet.entertainment 6/9/03)

ASTRO-BOY BLASTS OFF: a commemorative coin celebrating Astroboy's
Golden Jubilee released by the Japanese Mint is available for sale on (stores in Sydney and Melbourne.)

STAR WARS A WRAP: The as yet unnamed Episode 3 Star Wars movie finished
principle photography at Sydney's Fox Studios on Wednesday 17
September. The film features Australian actors Graeme Blundell, Claudia
Karvan, Bruce Spence and Rebecca Jackson Mendoza. Minor filming is
expected to take place overseas in March 2004, and post-production is
expected to take 18 months before the film is released in 2005.
(Reported on Pg 3, Sydney Daily Telegraph. 18 September. Spotted by

FANS HAVE FAR TO GO is the title of Robert Fidgeon's column "My Say".
The article sites Lauren Parker of Essendon wanting to mount a campaign
to bring back Farscape, which was axed in March last year. When it
battled to attract 500,000 viewers nationally (despite rating better
overseas) Farscape fans came up with "Brascape" where hundreds of
female fans of the show sent bras to the network to protest the show's
demise, and to prove the channel's viewers went beyond the typical male
audience. The article also mentions that Farscape fans established
Viewer Consortium, an independent group that looks at various ways
viewers can finance quality television shows. (Page 9 of "Guide" in the
Herald Sun on September 10 Spotted by David L. Russell.)

GREG BENFORD (Who will be GOH at Conflux next April – q.v. conventions)
has an article on his working ideas for ENTERPRISE in Gegenshein 96
(q.v. fanzines)

DR WHO TO RETURN IN 2005 as a new live action series written by Russell
T. Davies, produced by BBC Wales in conjunction with Mal Young,
Controller of continuing BBC series. Full story (Reported by
David Shanahan on Eidolist, and also relayed to Bullsheet by Tansy
Rayner Roberts.)

KERRIE DOUGHERTY appeared on the George Negus Tonight show (6.30 ABC,
Monday September 15) in a feature about the Dr Who series being
repeated on the ABC to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the show 

SEAN SETS SIGHTS ON SYDNEY: Sean Williams recently revealed plans that
he intends to relocate to Sydney in 2004 in correspondence with Ted

JOHN BAXTER, who visited Melbourne in July (as previously reported by
Merv Binns) was in Australia researching a book on Norman Lindsay.
Baxter's book, A Pound of Paper, which mentions several Australian fans
and professional identities, recently went into its 5th printing, and a
sequel to it has been commissioned. (Reported by Bruce Gillespie.)

For up to the minute  tongue in cheek sci-fi news check out (Reported by Alison Barton on the Eidolist.) 

HORROR WRITERS AUSTRALIAN CHAPTER. Marty Young reports that Darrell
Pitt has been constructing a website. A domain name is being discussed
at the moment. Meanwhile, a mailing list has been set up, and you can
join it by contacting


"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark
to read"- Groucho Marx

ANDREW SULLIVAN recently had his first novel, A Sunburnt Country,
published by Ginninderra Press. This speculative fiction thriller is
set in Melbourne, 2032, during a 30 year drought where draconian laws
are in place to ensure there is enough water for everyone. 300 pgs, $30
retail. Available from Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Collins, Smiths and
the National Library bookshop in Canberra. Can also be ordered through
bookstores, or bought directly from the publisher at
GLIMPSES anthology featuring stories by Scott Robinson, Dirk Flinthart,
Karin Hannigan, Shane Brown, Lee Battersby, Geoffrey Maloney, Cat
Sparks, Cory Daniells, Tom Dullemond, Robert Hoge, Trent Jamieson, Jay
D'Argo, Kate Eltham, Mike Morgan, Grace Dugan, Barry Rosenberg, Mark
Curtis, Jaxx Kirby, Darren Johnson, Chris McMahon, Lyn Uhlmann, Peter
Hannigan, Robert Dobson, Saskia Vanderbent and Stephen Thompson,
published by the Vision Writers Group.  SEAN WILLIAMS will launch the
anthology with KIM WILKINS hostessing at the Brisbane Writers Festival
of Saturday, 4th October 1.30 – 2.45 pm, Rooftop Terrace, QPAC,
Brisbane. If you wish to attend this launch, RSVP to, or phone 04 38 120401 (Reported on the
Eidolist by Robert Hoge)

by Tracina Jackson-Adams, Sue Bursztynski, Stephen Dedman, Ian Creasey,
Sandra McDonald, Christopher Stires, Greg Beatty, Marsha Sisolk, Peter
Friend, Hank Quense, Kevin MacLean, Lawrence Shoen, Alette J. Willis,
Robert Hoge, Rick Kennett and Dave Luckett. Single issues available for
$7.95 from SF specialty bookshops around Australia, also Collins
Bookshop, Broadway, Sydney, Dymocks, George St, Sydney, or send a
cheque or money order to PO Box 495 Chinchilla, QLD. Annual
subscriptions, (6 issues)  $45

POTATO MONKEY ISSUE 3 Out now. Features stories by Cat Sparks, Carlton
Mellick III, Shane Griffin, Ken Goldman, D.Harlan Wilson, Edwina
Harvey, Stephen Thompson, Lee Battersby and Trent Jamieson. $5 for a
single issue, or $20 for 4 issue subscription. Make cheques or money
orders payable to Ben Payne, PO Box 84, Darling Heights,  QLD, 4350  

ANTIPODEAN SF ISSUE 64 at Features short-short 
stories, (500 words) by Tony Murrell, Barbara Robson, Anthony Woolley,
Peter Cobcroft, Joseph Rook, Shaun A. Saunders, Chris Manning, GL
Schmitt, Zdravka Evtimova and Jill McDougall.

An updated version of Edwina Harvey's article "Connecting with Bob
Eggleton" has been published on
Infinity Plus.

ROB GERRAND will be editing a book entitled "The Best Ever Australian
SF" a hard-back looking at the last 150 years if Australian short SF.
To make this a comprehensive anthology he is looking for suggestions of
stories that should be included in the anthology. Contact him by
e-mail,, , phone 03 9534 5447, mob: 0411 134
904 or fax 03 9534 5143. (Relayed through various e-mail lists by Bruce

MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR, edited by Stephen Jones, is now
reading for volume 15. This is a reprint market only looking at
supernatural and psychological horror and dark fantasy that's been
published between Dec 2002 and Dec 2003. Reading closes 1 February,
2004. No e-mail submissions, no multiple submissions, but send stories
c/- 130 Park View, Wembley, Middx HA96JU, England (Reported by Geoff
Maloney via Bill Congreve on the new Aus Horror e-mail list.)

VISIONS, the newsletter if the Queensland – based writers group, is no
longer being distributed in PDF format, but is available on line at It is now also a paying
market. Check

CONSENSUAL A TROIS is now open for submissions of erotic stories,
poems, letters etc. 5,000 words maximum (shorter is better). Send
submissions and an SASE to P.O. Box 276 Bayswater, WA 6933. All
submissions will be considered disposable. Reading period closes on
30/4/2004. (Reported by Stephen Dedman)
EnVision: Multi-published speculative fiction authors Kim Wilkins,
Louise Cusack, Marianne de Pierres and Cory Daniells recently
established EnVision, a manuscript development service offering
accurate feedback, and set tasks designed to improve key sections of
your manuscript. Check their web site is at, or

Sara Douglass' novel, "Beyond the Hanging Wall" is reviewed by Donna
Jones in this month's SF Crowsnest,

FOLCC BOOK SALES. The "Friends of Linda Cox Chan" aim to raise money to
donate to Juvenile Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated
books. Many thanks to Geoff Allshorn who recently donated $20 to the
FOLCC fund in Linda's memory. Our tally for the year is currently $30.
     Anyone wanting to donate directly to JDRF- Juvenile Diabetes
Research Foundation can do so via PO Box 2038, South Melbourne, VIC
3205.Their web site is
     Books looking for new homes: "Honor Harrington: The Honor of the
Queen," by David Weber, "Harm's Way" by Colin Greenland, "Virtual Girl"
by Amy Thomson, "The Magic and the Healing" by Nick O'Donohoe, 
"Grunts" by Mary Gentle, "Arthur" and "Merlin" by Stephen Lawhead, "Gun
with Occasional Music" by Jonathan Lethem, "Hell on High" by Holly
Lisle, "Daggerspell" and "Darkspell" by Katharine Kerr, "Phule's
Company", "Phule's Paradise" and "The Cold Cash War" by Robert Asprin,
"Echoes of the Great Song" (Lg Trade Paperback), "An Echo In Time" and
"The Ancient Future" by Traci Harding, "Silver Wolf" by Alice
Borchardt, "This is the Way the World Ends" by James Morrow, and "Buck
Alice and the Actor Robot" by Walter Koenig. $6 each, including postage
within Australia. Discounts for buying more than one book.. Thanks to
Anne Devrell, Julie Townsend, James Allen and David L. Russell for
donating the above books.  To buy books e-mail Edwina Harvey at or snail mail Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St,
Matraville, NSW 2036.  


CHAMELEON FACTOR 78. Celebrating 21 years of the fanzine's publication
and 40 years of Dr Who. Currently looking for submissions until 4th
October. Submit to

OUT OF THE BIN is produced monthly by Merv Binns. PO Box 315, Carnegie,
Vic. 3163, or e-mail 

GEGENSCHEIN 96, Eric Lindsay's zine containing short SF book reviews
and Letters of Comment is available at Gegenschein 97 is half
completed and available at 


COLLINS SUPERSTORE. Level 2, Broadway Shopping Centre, Cnr Broadway and
Bay St, Sydney. 
Leigh Blackmore, who runs the SF section of this store recently
called for any small press publishers, or authors with small press
editions, who do not currently have stock with Collins, Superstore
Broadway to contact him as Collins wants to support titles produced

GALAXY BOOKSHOP: 143 York St Sydney.

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP (Shop 5 No. 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, 
RALPH BUTTIGIEG recently announced that he has sold Infinitas Bookshop,
Parramatta, to Tim Martin. Ralph has been a strong supporter of the
Bullsheet, as well as the local SF scene, and we wish him well in his
future endeavours. - Edwina 
BILL CONGREVE will continue at Infinitas, and will have a new offsider,
Danielle, who is a keen reader of the genre and a dragon collector.
Infinitas will be branching more into toys and games in the future 

FARENHEIT SF & Fantasy Bookshop cnr Bourke & William St, Melbourne.Ph
03 9600 4674, email Books freighted in from
America weekly, happy to mail order requests.

CRIME INK: 150 William St (Crn Bourke &William, presumably sharing the
same premises at Farenheit?)Ph 03 9600 4674, e-mail  Offer a monthly catalogue, happy to do mail order

KNOWN SPACE BOOKS: First Floor, 108 Gawler Place, Adelaide, SA 5000.
Tel: (08) 8223-4304 
Open: 12:00-6:00 Wednesday-Thursday; 12:00-10:00 Friday; 12:00-6:00
Saturday New and used books related to science fiction, film and TV.
Also comics and magazines. Now receiving American imports weekly. 

SLOW GLASS BOOKS: a SF mail order catalogue. To join the mailing list
write to GPO Box 2708X , Melbourne Vic 3001 or see Email: Phone: (03) 9639
1511 Fax: (03) 9639 1511. 

RAVEN BOOKS: Second hand book service specialising in supernatural &
occult books. "From the Vault" catalogues are issued irregularly. If
you'd like to be added to this mailing list, write to Leigh Blackmore,
Raven Books, PO Box A281, Sydney South NSW 1235. 


HUGOS AWARDS 2003: (As this year commemorated the 50th anniversary of 
the Hugo Awards, all the lucky winners received gold plated trophies.)
BEST NOVEL: hominids by Robert, J. Sawyer, BEST NOVELLA: Coraline by
Niel Gaiman, 
BEST NOVELETTE: slow Life by Michael Swanwick, BEST SHORT STORY:
Falling Into Mars by Geoffrey Landis, BEST RELATED WORK: Better to have
loved: The Life of Judith Merril by Judith Merril and Emily Pohl-Weary.
episode, "Conversations with Dead People." BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION,
LONG FORM Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. 
BEST SEMIPROZINE: Locus, edited by Charles N. Brown, Jennifer A. Hall
and Kirsten Gong-Wong.
BEST FANZINE: mimosa, edited by Rich & Nicki Lynch. BEST FANWRITER:
Dave Langford. BEST FAN ARTIST: Sue Mason. 
The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer was won by Wen Spencer.
The Arthur C. Clarke Award for best SF novel receiving its first
British publication_, was won by Christopher Priest for The Separation.

MANNA - BREAD OF HEAVEN writing competition for Christian authors.
$1000 first prize. Entries close 15 October, 2003. Send a SASE to PO
BOX 944 Warners Bay NSW 2282 for entry form. 

"SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS OF EARTH" The 2003 competition for any SF
writer who has yet to sell a piece of work closes 30 October. Entry is
$5 ($A). Entries can be posted to Australian coordinator, Rob Riel, PO
BOX 853 Warners Bay, 2282.  Check  www.flashnet/~sfwoe/  for full

NAFF: The fourth National Australian Fan Fund to assist fans travelling
across Australia to attend the National SF Convention  is now open to
assist the winning fan's travelling expenses to Conflux, the Natcon in
Canberra in 2004. To be on the NAFF ballot, each interested fan must be
nominated by 3 other fans from their state/territory and provide a bond
of $20. Each nominated fan is required to provide a 100 word
description of what they could bring to interstate fans and their
fannish history. Nominations can be sent to NAFF at PO Box 241,
Flinders Lane Post Boxes, Melbourne Vic. 8009, or given in person to
Sue Ann Barber or Alison Barton (Vic) or Emma Hawkes (WA). They can
also be contacted via e-mail Nominations must
be received by Friday 28th November, 2003. Voting will be open from the
following Friday until 29 February, 2004. Please make cheques payable
to NAFF, National Australian Fan Fund. You must provide contact details
for the nominee and at least one nominator.

GUFF: (The Going Under Fan Fund, or alternatively the Get Up- Over Fan
Fund, depending on what year it's being run.) The two contenders for
the 2004 GUFF race from the UK to Australia are Doug Bell and Pat
McMurray. You can find out more information and download voting forms

There are of course many problems connected with life, of which some of
the most popular are Why are people born? Why do they die? Why do they
want to spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches?-
Douglas Adams 

RAY NELSON, step-father of Perth writer Lee Battersby, died (prior to)
11 September. Possibly by his own hand. He is survived by one son and
two stepsons (Reported by Lee Battersby)

JOHN RITTER: actor, best known for his role in the '70's comedy,
Three's Company, who also played Ted Buchanan, the homicidal robot in
the second series Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, Ted, reported dead
at 54 from heart problems in the Herald Sun, September 13. (Spotted by
David L. Russell.)


MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB, 74 Melville Road, West Brunswick
3055.Meet most Friday nights. Meetings for  October 3rd: Food night.
Banquet. 3 course meal and trivia. October 10th.  Board games, card
games, lego. October 17th The Goodies, cult TV show. October 24th
Appreciation Discussion of "Now & Again" starring Eric Close. October
31st  MSFC Olympics.

SPACED OUT: a science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated
communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15
concession.) payed to Space Out Inc. PO Box 363, Preston, Vic. 3072.
Non-profit SF club offering monthly meetings, "Diverse Universe"
newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" annual anthology.
Diverse Universe 17 available at 

SFSA (South Australian Dr Who fan club) is also a generic science
fiction club with two regular meetings each month. The regular club
meeting is held at the Adelaide High School from 3pm-10pm on the 3rd
Saturday of the month. October 18 meeting theme is "Halloween." Costs
$3 members, $4 non-members. A social gathering is held on the first
Saturday of each month at the Buckingham Arms Hotel, Walkerville, from
5pm-10pm see for full details.(Reported by
Martin Dunne.)

SYDNEY FUTURIANS: Meetings in room 1615 (floor 16) of the Tower Block,
The University of Technology, Broadway, Sydney, at 7 pm, usually on the
third Friday of the month.  Check or phone Garry
Dalrymple after 7 pm on (02) 9718 5827 for updates. 

SYDNEY SOUTHERN SF&F GROUP: Convenor Brad Row will be absent from
September to December. New meeting arrangements will be posted to the
web site 


MULTIVERSE EVENTS: Upcoming Multiverse movie premier October 23rd,
Alien, the Director's Cut. You can reserve tickets by emailing then check
Premier of Underworld has been put back to December 8th.

EXPERIMENTA HOUSE OF TOMORROW: Sept 5 – 3 October, 100 St Kilda Rd,
Melbourne. Open Mon-Fri 12 – 8pm, Sat & Sun 10am-6pm. Exhibits include
Zizi- The Affectionate Couch. Stroke this firry piece of furniture to
make it vibrate and purr like a cat, Flying Carpet – geometric patterns
swirl around as you walk or dance across an interactive carpet, 
Saturation – Step into this tactile cubicle to be showered with sound
vibrations, Virsual – The Digital Rocking Horse – Explore vast
simulated terrains on an interactive rocking horse. $11 or $9
concession. Book by phoning 8663 2583 or at the ACMI box office, or
check out School Group Bookings also offered at
heavily discounted rates by phoning 9281 8140.

feature Australia's largest fair of DIY art, zines, comics, small press
publications, stickers, T-shirts etc. Key events include Fandom and
writing, "Why are writers such bastards?" and "How did plagiarism
become cool?". Check, for details, or
contact Lauren Redman, ohone 02 49
271475, or 0417 427 727.(Reported by Jeremy Byrne)

STAR WALKING (VIC) 20th Anniversary Return of the Jedi Banquet October
25th. Rydges of Carlton, Swanston St, Carlton, Melbourne from 6pm.
Formal or costume dress. $55 for 3 course meal (drinks excluded) Check for ull details.

GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be

Catholic Club. GoH's Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and David Prowse (Darth
Vader) (OCP) Costs: FoSF Members $60 per day, Non-members $75 a day.
Phone Bookings 02 9523-8385, on-line bookings:

BOBW 20 (?)  STARGATE CONVENTION. 14-16 November. The Rydges Lakeside
Hotel, Canberra. GoH's Michael Shanks, Dan Shea, Douglas Arthurs and
Peter Williams. (OCP) Memberships from $135 Check Best of Both Worlds
web site,

FoSF LORD OF THE RINGS CON. Sat 22 November, Lidcombe Catholic Club.
GoH John Rhys-Davies.(Gimli/ Treebeard, LOTR) (OCP) Costs: FoSF Members
$80, Non-members $98. Phone Bookings 02 9523-8385, on-line bookings:

DAYCON: Proposed one day con to be held in the Sydney CBD, has been

INTENSICON a one day gaming con held at
Melbourne University in December. 

CHRONOPOLIS - Swancon 29 Perth, Western Australia. Easter weekend Thu 8
to Mon 12th April 2004 
Venue: Parmelia Hilton. GoH's: Chris Dickinson, John Long. Fan GoH:
Emma Hawkes. Shay Telfer, Convenor.

CONFLUX 43rd Australian National Science Fiction
Convention, 23-26 April 2004. 
Guests of Honour: Greg Benford and Sean McMullen. Special Guest, Harry
Turtledove. Fan GOH's Karen Herkes  UPDATES: Rose Mitchell recently
reporterted that details for the Conflux art show and a short story
competition will soon be posted on the convention web site. Attending
membership currently $143. Students (including secondary school
students) and Concession rates: $77. Primary school students and
younger admitted free. Supporting memberships $44. rates. All enquiries
should be directed to: Postal Address:  PO Box
903, Belconnen, ACT 2616. (Please note that the Anzac Day weekend is a
long weekend –i.e. Holiday Monday – in all states of Australia except
Victoria and Tasmania.)

CONTOUR 2004 New Zealand's 25th National Science Fiction Convention.
REVISED DATES: Easter 2004, not May 31 to June 3 2004 as previously
published. GoH's Harry Turtledove & Greg Benford.  Princes Gate Hotel &
Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua. Attending membership $70(NZ$) or
$40 (NZ) supporting. Web site  Email: PO Box 74-93 Market Rd, Auckland, New

CONSENSUALITY – Swancon XXX. Perth, WA. Easter 2005. Conveners Stephen
Dedman and Elaine Kemp.

THYLACON IV. National SF con for 2005. Hobart, Tasmania. 10-13 June,
2005 (Queens Birthday Long weekend in many states.) Supporting
membership currently available for $25 until 30 July, rising to $35
after then. (Supporting memberships can be upgraded to attending
memberships at any time for the price of attending membership when the
supporting membership was purchased.) Attending membership $95
(Children under 12 $35) For membership forms e-mail, or write to Thylacon PO Box 345 Kingston TAS,
7051  To join the Thylacon e-mail list send a subscribe message to: Their web site is
NB the first issue of "TIGER TRACKS," the Thylacon newsletter was sent
out to members on 9th August 

Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon will be held at the Scottish Exhibition
and Conference Centre in Glasgow over the weekend of 4-8 August
2005.GoHs Christopher Priest, Robert Sheckley and Jane Yolen, critic
and fanzine editor Greg Pickersgill and veteran Scandinavian fan
Lars-Olov Strandberg. 
Australian Agent, Ted Scribner, can be contacted at or 12 Richmount St, Cronulla, NSW 2230.

CASCADIA con is the Nasfic (North American SF) con for 2005. (Nasfics
are held in the USA in years when the Worldocn is held outside the
USA).  1 – 5 September, 2005, Seattle, Washington. Goh's Fred
Saberhagen, Liz Danford, Kevin Standlee, Toni Weisskopf. Full
information on 

LA CON IV, was recently voted  the 64th Worldcon. 23-27 August, 2006.
Anaheim Convention Centre, Hilton & Marriott hotels, Anaheim. Goh's
Connie Willis, James Gurney, Howard De Vore, Frankie Thoman. Current
membership prices appear to relate to the number of patches you have –
which won't be of much relevance unless you were at Torcon this year.
See the Bullsheet web site for full details. New members can e-mail, Postal address LA Con c/- S.C.I.F.I. inc, PO Box
8442, Van Nuys, CA, 91409. USA.

Ted Scribner's Australian SF&F home page is:
and his list of SF oriented groups in NSW is at 

Coode St Review lists Australian publishing news and achievements by
Australian writers

Australian and overseas markets and resources for Australian writers.
Maintained and updated by Tony Plank. (Great graphics, and a great

For links to books, movies and television shows see John Tippers

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NEXT BULLSHEET: The deadline for submission of material for inclusion
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Visit Celestial Cobbler for custom made ceramic craft with a SF &
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For no sufficiently explained reason this Fanzine still supports The
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