The Australian Science Fiction BULLSHEET – April 2004

The Australian Science Fiction BULLSHEET
ISSUE # 25 - APRIL 2004
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This issue edited by Edwin Scribner - Edwina is recovering from another 
vitrectomy and hopes to be back next month.


WE'RE TWO YEARS OLD! The new Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet came into 
existence in April 2002, about six months after Marc Ortlieb wound up his 
marathon effort. It has so far been produced on time and as originally 
planned, with the email / snail mail version appearing monthly and the web 
version following that format as well as being updated "occasionally" when 
news comes to hand and the webmaster finds the time.

ART FOR HEART'S SAKE: Chuck McKenzie is currently auctioning three framed 
original oil paintings he created himself, with the money raised being donated 
to Juvenile Diabetes Research (through the FOLCC). You can view the paintings 
at Chuck's website: Bidding is 
open until 20 April.

MEDIA NEWS: David L. Russell's press clippings are at and

CLARION SOUTH 2004: Pictures of the event are available at (Cat Sparks - duh!) and (Claire McKenna).

CLARION SOUTH 2005: The tutors are Ellen Datlow, Ian Irvine, Margo Lanagan, 
Michael Swanwick, Scott Westerfeld and Sean Williams


     "I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set
      I go into the next room and read a book" - Groucho Marx


When the site was visited on 30 March, they were: 1. New Spring - Robert 
Jordan; 2. Pandora's Star - Peter F. Hamilton; 3. Silmarillion - J.R.R. 
Tolkien; 4. Across the Face of the World - Russell Kirkpatrick, 5. Myrren's 
Gift - Fiona Mcintosh; 6. Fool's Fate - Robin Hobb; 7. The Hobbit - J.R.R. 
Tolkien; 8. Jimmy the Hand - Raymond E. Feist ;Steve Stirling; 9. The Complete 
Book Of Dragons - Earnest Drake; 10. Crossroads of Twilight - Robert Jordan. 
For thumbnail pictures of the covers and a brief description of each book see 
the web page.

HAL SPACEJOCK 3: Hal Makes a meal of it in ... "Hal Spacejock - Just Desserts. 
When the Volante lands on Cathuan for urgent repairs, Hal's problems are only 
just beginning. Power blackouts threaten his cargo, armed forces are 
commandeering private ships and worst of all, fuel and spares are in short 
supply. Clunk is still sourcing parts for the Volante when a lucrative cargo 
job comes in. Undaunted by the lack of a spaceship, Hal takes the job anyway. 
Now he must deliver a cargo which doesn?t exist, using a ship he doesn't own, 
to people who think they hired someone else. "Hal Spacejock - Just Desserts" 
by Simon Haynes. RRP $17.95, ISBN 1-877034-30-4, Cover by Les Petersen. 
Release date is April 10th, at Swancon.

DREAM-DUST PARASITES by Ian Hobson (Irvine). Published in the US and now 
available through bookstores across Europe and the US and online from all of 
the major online bookstores.

BLACK JUICE by Margo Lanagan. This companion volume to White Time contains 
another 10 outstanding stories. Now in bookshops. More about it, including 
online purchase, at

X, Y, Z, T: DIMENSIONS OF SCIENCE FICTION by Damien Broderick: It can be 
bought on line at at . (He didn?t tell us whether 
it's in the shops)

NYLON ANGEL by Marianne de Pierres is now available in bookshops. The book can 
be ordered via a link on her web site,

ORBITAL BURN By Adrian Bedford, published in USA and Canada. Now available in 
certain bookshops, eg Galaxy in Sydney and Slow Glass (which sells on line 
only) in Melbourne.

THE ETCHED CITY, Kirsten Bishop's ( ) novel will be 
released in Australia by Pan Macmillan this April. The International 
Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (  ) has awarded 
the William L. Crawford Award to K.J. Bishop for 'The Etched City'.


ROSALEEN LOVE's short story "Real Men" was broadcast on Sunday March 7 on ABC 
Radio National. The following Sunday, March 14, Dr Love delivered the talk on 
"Ockham's Razor" (also on RN). Her topic was "Coral Reefs - the Global 
Canary", and the full text of the talk can be read on


AN ALTERNATE TIME: A new anthology, edited by Robert N Stephenson and someone 
who wants to do some form of internship. Submissions opening Feb 20 and 
closing post date August 31. Original alternate history/time or time travel 
stories or variations thereof. Story length minimum: 3500 words, maximum: 8000 
words. Anthology length will be 80 000 words - strict. A website with full 
guideline will be available soon.

AGOG! SMASHING STORIES: Third anthology of new fantastic fiction, launch date: 
Easter 2004 at Swancon 2004.

ENCOUNTERS: Submissions for this anthology, the fourth in the current Canberra 
Speculative Fiction Guild series, have now closed

CONSENSUAL A TROIS: This is now open for submissions of erotic stories, poems, 
letters etc. 5,000 words maximum (shorter is better). Send submissions and an 
SASE to P.O. Box 276 Bayswater, WA 6933. All submissions will be considered 
disposable. Reading period closes on 30/4/2004.


CHAMPAGNE SHIVERS MAGAZINE: Editor Cathy Buburuz. Australian Participation 
Wanted. Champagne Shivers will now be published once a year as a print 
magazine designed to showcase the work of poets, fiction writers, non fiction 
writers, cartoonists, photographers and artists with the ability to inspire 
shivers in readers. The most significant challenge for potential contributors 
is to inspire those chills with work done in good taste. "Yes, I want scary 
stuff, but I don't want anything that falls short of eloquent and poetic 
language. And, yes, I want illustrations that demonstrate horror, but only 
those that are well-rendered and done in reasonably good taste. To me, the 
word 'Champagne' signifies quality and good taste, thus the title 'Champagne 
Shivers'." For more details see the latest issue starting on or email

ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS INFLIGHT MAGAZINE: Issue 11 is now available, edited by 
Lyn Triffit. Stories By Mark Antony Brenman, Lee Battersby, John Borneman, 
Rick Jankowski, Stephen Dedman, Martin Livings, Dirk Flinthart, Paul Haines, 
Rick Kennett, Barbara Robson and Shauna Roberts. Poetry by John Grey. Issue 12 
is due out soon; to be edited by Edwina Harvey. subscriptions (6 issues for 
$45) and single issues ($7.95) can be purchased from PO Box 495 Chinchilla, 
QLD 4413, or on line at

TICONDEROGA ONLINE: launched Issue 1 with a 
solid line-up including Martin Livings, Jay Caselberg, Sean Williams, Stephen 
Dedman, Chris Lawson and Grant Watson. The webzine features two stories: "The 
Art of Suffering" by Ditmar and Aurealis Award nominated writer Martin Livings 
and "Tasting Time" by Aurealis Award nominated Jay Caselberg. 
TiconderogaOnline #1 will be available at the website until 15 September 2004. 
Edited by Lee Battersby, Russell B. Farr, Liz Grzyb and Lyn Triffitt. Contact 
Russell B. Farr at

ANTIPODEAN SF: ("flash fiction", 500 words) Issue 70 is now on line at

VISIONS: the newsletter of the Queensland – based writers group, is available 
on line at It is now also a paying
market. Check


DARK ANIMUS: Issue #5 is current. Check for updates.

BORDERLANDS: Borderlands is a small press 
magazine publishing Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, 
and associated non-fiction. Issue 2 is current.

POTATO MONKEY: Issue 3 is now available.

AUSTRALOZ: Issue 1 has been launched and can be viewed at

AUREALIS: Number 31 is published. Order from their website, or fax credit orders on 03 9504 1517. Email the 
editor, Keith Stevenson, at . Issue #32 will be 
out soon. Trudi Canavan wants to end her role as art designer for Aurealis and 
is looking for a worthy successor. If you think you can do it or know someone 
who might, email her at .

Email editor Lily Chrywenstrom at . Issue 5 is current


GEGENSCHEIN 98: is on line.

SFSA MAGAZINE #15: According to the web page,, the 
SFSA (and South Australian Dr. Who Fan Club) magazine number 15 should now be 
out. The theme is "Australian Science Fiction". Enquiries to  or PO Box 3227, Rundle Mall, SA 
5000 or contact Martin Dunne, .

PIFFLE is the club magazine of the University Science Fiction Association, 
UniSFA, of the University of Western Australia.

THYME: Available for $15 annual sub (or ?The Usual? - traded fanzines, letters 
of comment etc) from Alan Stewart, PO Box 222 World Trade Centre, Melbourne, 
VIC 8055


COLLINS SUPERSTORE: Level 2, Broadway Shopping Centre , Cnr Broadway and Bay 
St, Sydney. Leigh Blackmore, who runs the SF section of this store, is still 
interested in hearing from fan groups who may want to use the store's Banjo 
Patterson Room for meetings.

GALAXY BOOKSHOP: 143 York St Sydney. . See the 
website for info on recent important science fiction, fantasy and horror awards.

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP: Shop 5 No. 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, . The owner of Infinitas is Tim Martin. Their website, is still under construction but check it - when 
finished it will allow online purchasing. Infinitas discussion group which 
meets at 7pm on the first Thursday of the month.

GASLIGHT BOOKS: A specialty bookshop in Canberra for readers of crime, mystery 
and detective fiction, and science fiction, fantasy and horror. Email: Telephone or fax: ( 02) 6239 3633 Location: Unit 
10, 83 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick ACT Correspondence to: PO Box 267, Fyshwick 
ACT 2609 Australia.


ENVISION: Multi-published speculative fiction authors Kim Wilkins, Louise 
Cusack, Marianne de Pierres and Cory Daniells recently established EnVision, a 
manuscript development service offering accurate feedback, and set tasks 
designed to improve key sections of your manuscript. Website: ; e-mail .

SPECULATIVE FICTION MARKETS (formerly Australian Writers' Web):, lists Australian and overseas markets and 
resources for Australian writers. Maintained and updated by Tony Plank.

FOLCC BOOK SALES: The ?Friends of Linda Cox Chan? aim to raise money to donate 
to Juvenile Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated books. Many thanks 
to Geoff Allshorn who recently donated $20 to the FOLCC fund in Linda's 
memory. Our tally is currently $33. Anyone wanting to donate directly to JDRF- 
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation can do so via PO Box 2038, South 
Melbourne, VIC 3205.Their web site is

Books looking for new homes: see list on the web Bullsheet. $6 each, including 
postage within Australia. Discounts for buying more than one book.. Thanks to 
Anne Devrell, Julie Townsend, James Allen and David L. Russell for donating 
the above books. To buy books e-mail The Bullsheet at or snail mail Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St, 
Matraville, NSW 2036.

MEDIA: RADIO: SMEG RADIO boasts of being Sydney's only SF fantasy and TV radio 
program. It emanates from 2RRRFM, which broadcasts from Ryde in Sydney's near 
north west, at 88.5 MHz. "Smeg Radio" goes to air every Wednesday from 6.30 to 
8 pm. It is run by Peter Bryant and Abe Killian. Web page: , Email: , 
. Postal Address: Smeg Radio, PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675 Phone number 
(during the show only): 9816 2938

MEDIA: TELEVISION: Dr Who Rolls On - ABC TV, Monday - Thursdays, 6pm . Doctor 
Who is coming back to BBC One in 2005. It will be a new live-action series, 
written by Russell T Davies. It will be a family show, but no details are 
available on when it will be scheduled.

MEDIA: MOVIES: See David L. Russell's Gleanings:


Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber are in the USA. They will be back for Conflux.


2004 DITMARS: The Ditmar Awards recognize excellence by Australians in Science 
Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. They will be presented at Conflux, the 43rd 
Australian National Science Fiction Convention that will be held in Canberra 
from 23-26 April 2004. Additional information about Conflux and the Ditmar 
Awards is available from the Conflux website at, by 
emailing  or by writing 
to Ditmar Awards, PO Box 903, Belconnen ACT 2616. The voting form is on the 
Conflux website. All attending and supporting members of Conflux are eligible 
to vote. Nominees are also listed on the Conflux website (and the web Bullsheet).

artwork entered in the Conflux art show. The prize is paid publication of 
artwork in ASIM, (a cover and internal illustrations, plus a 2 page spread 
about the winning artist in the magazine.) to the value of $200.

THE KARTHARINE SUSANNAH PRICHARD Science Fiction/Fantasy Awards: Closing date: 
5pm Friday May 28, 2004. Length: 1500- 3500 words. All forms of Speculative 
Fiction welcome. 2 Sections: Open and the Shire of Mundaring National Young 
Writers Awards (20 years and under). More details on or write to KSP Writers' Centre, 11 
Old York Road Greenmount WA 6056

INTERNATIONAL HORROR GUILD AWARDS: Details of nominations on and the Galaxy bookshop website. The awards will be 
presented at the World Horror Convention on Saturday, April 10 at 9 pm. "The 
Etched City" by K.J. Bishop (Prime Books),"Gathering the Bones", edited by 
Ramsey Campbell, Jack Dann and Dennis Etchison (HarperCollins-Voyager; Tor) 
and Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural, edited by Bill 
Congreve (Sandglass Enterprises) all got nominations.

PETER MCNAMARA ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Nominations for the 2003 Mac Awards have 
now closed. The short list is (in alphabetical order): Bill Congreve, Jack 
Dann, Van Ikin, Lucy Sussex. The winner will be announced at Conflux by 
Richard Harland.

AUREALIS AWARDS SHORT LIST: The list is in the web Bullsheet. The winners will 
be announced at Swancon.

WORLD FANTASY AWARDS: The 2003 World Fantasy Awards were announced Sunday, 
November 2nd, at the 29th Annual World Fantasy Convention at the Hyatt Regency 
Washington in Washington, DC. Winners were:
- LIFE ACHIEVEMENT: Donald M. Grant, Lloyd Alexander
- BEST NOVEL(tie): The Facts of Life, Graham Joyce(Gollancz) and Ombria in 
Shadow, Patricia A. McKillip(Ace)
- BEST NOVELLA: "The Library", Zoran Zivkovic(Leviathan 3)
- BEST SHORT STORY: "Creation", Jeffrey Ford(F&SF, May 2002)
- BEST ANTHOLOGY(tie): The Green Man: Tales From the Mythic Forest, Ellen 
Datlow & Terri Windling, eds.(Viking) and Leviathan Three, Forrest Aguirre & 
Jeff VanderMeer, eds. (Ministry of Whimsy Press)
- BEST COLLECTION The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories, Jeffrey 
Ford (Golden Gryphon Press)
- SPECIAL AWARD, PROFESSIONAL Gordon Van Gelder, for The Magazine of Fantasy 
and Science Fiction
- SPECIAL AWARD, NON-PROFESSIONAL Jason Williams, Jeremy Lassen, & Benjamin 
Cossel, for Night Shade Books.
Judges for the award were Justin Ackroyd, Les Edwards, Laura Anne Gilman, 
Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Jane Yolen.

DARK ANIMUS AWARDS. Editor James Cain recently announced the Dark Animus 
Awards to recognise best new fiction, poetry, interior illustration and cover 
art in Dark Animus magazine. Winners will be voted on by Dark Animus 
subscribers. Issue 5 of Dark Animus has a form for online voting by 
subscribers. Check for more details.

The KATHARINE SUSANNAH PRICHARD Science Fiction/Fantasy Awards: Closing date: 
5pm Friday May 28, 2004. Words: Minimum 1500 Maximum 3500. All forms of 
Speculative Fiction welcome. Two Sections: OPEN and the Shire of Mundaring 
National Young Writers Awards (20 years and under). PRIZES: OPEN: First $200 
Second $50; Shire of Mundaring National Young Writers Awards: First $75 Second 
$25. Highly Commended and Commended Certificates will also be awarded. Awards 
announced and presented at the Sunday Afternoon Readings, KSP Writers' Centre, 
August 8, 2004. No entry form required - open to all Australian residents. For 
Conditions of Entry see:

have done exceptionally well in 2003, taking out five of the top ten spots, 
and three of the top five. Second place went to Victorian Andrew Lyall. Nathan 
Burrage from Wollstonecraft in Sydney took out 3rd & 9th, while Chris Barnes 
from Ashfield NSW finished 5th. Tenth place went to South Australian Graham 
Parks. For more details see the website.The 2004 competition is now open to 
submissions; some entry forms can be downloaded from the SFWoE website.


FFANZ: This is a year for a New Zealand FFANZ delegate, to represent New 
Zealand fandom at the Aussie natcon. The successful candidate will attend 
Conflux in 2004. The winners of the FFANZ 2004 are Maree and Matthew 
Pavletich. Web site:

NAFF: The National Australian Fan Fund was created to assist fans to travel 
across Australia to attend the National Convention (Natcon). Only one 
nomination was received: Jon Swabey.

GUFF: The Going Under Fan Fund, or Get Up-and-over Fan Fund depending on what 
direction it's running. This year's winner will be travelling from Europe to 
Australia and/or New Zealand (going under). This year's winner is Pat 
McMurray. He can't make Conflux but he's coming to Australia on 21 May and 
leaving on 20 June. Details are in the web Bullsheet.

DUFF 2004: The 2004 Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) will support travel from 
Australia to the USA. Administrators are Guy Lillian (USA, ) 
and Julian Warner (Australia. ) who will collect votes 
until 1 May. Candidates are Norman Cates, Erika Maria Lacey and Danny Oz (nee 
Heap). They have posted their platforms at the DUFF website: .


     "There are of course many problems connected with life, of which some of 
the most popular are Why are
       people born? Why do they die? Why do they want to spend so much of the 
intervening time wearing
       digital watches?" - Douglas Adams

BIRTHS: Kate Forsyth. Kate is expecting in early April (the exact date is 8 
April) and it's a girl. She peeked :)

MARRIAGES: Lee Battersby, and Lyn Triffitt plan to wed at Swancon 2005 with 
the reception to follow in conjunction with the Masquerade Ball. The couple 
are currently looking for, or have recently found, a registered marriage 
celebrant willing to conduct the ceremony at the con.

AILING: PETER MCNAMARA - the miracle is that he's still alive. He's rewriting 
the record books about that particular type of brain tumour he has. Our 
sympathies to Peter, his devoted wife Mariann and other near and dear.

RECOVERING: EDWINA HARVEY had a vitrectomy on her right eye done on Monday 15 
March. Apparently the operation went better than the one on her left eye, but 
will still take some getting over. April's email Bullsheet is done by me (Ted).

CHUCK MCKENZIE had surgery scheduled for 6 April, but extenuating 
circumstances brought it forward to 31 March. The editor hasn't heard any more 
but, knowing Chuck, I'd say he will try his darndest to get to Conflux. For 
updates, check the web Bullsheet or Chuck's home page -

GEOFF ALLSHORN is still recovering slowly from open heart surgery. Bound to be 
a slow process. Best wishes, Geoff.


MEL HUNTER: Locus Online noted the death of SF artist Mel Hunter, 1927-2004, 
on February 20, of bone cancer. Hunter contributed dozens of magazine covers 
from 1953 through 1971, notably including a series of robot covers for F&SF, 
with a last appearing in May 2003.


MSFC meets every Friday, starting at 8pm, at St David's Church Hall, 74 
Melville Rd, Brunswick 3055. This is close to Stop 36 of the No. 55 tram 
leaving from William St. For more information, e-mail David Cook at .

NOVA MOB: now meers at the Carlton Public Library, 667 Rathdowne Street, 
Carlton (corner of Newry Street). Meetings look like being held on the first 
Wednesday of the month Dinner before: not clear at the moment. I haven even 
got an official contact, but I think Bruce Gillespie will be able to help you. 
Email him on .

SFSA: The Science Fiction South Australia (and Dr Who Fan Club) is a club for 
generic Sci-Fi fans. Annual membership is $15. The SFSA have 2 regular 
meetings per month. The regular club meeting is held at the Adelaide High 
School on the third Saturday of the month from 3pm to 10pm. Cost $3 members, 
$4 non-members. A social gathering is held on the First Saturday of the month, 
at the Buckingham Arms hotel, Walkerville, starting at 7pm, until 
approximately 10pm. Annual membership: $15. See for 
full details.

SPACED OUT: A science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated 
communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15 concession.) 
paid to Space Out Inc. PO Box 363, Preston, Vic. 3072. Non-profit SF club 
offering monthly meetings, ?Diverse Universe? newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" 
annual anthology. Diverse Universe 17 available at

SYDNEY FUTURIANS Meetings are held in room 1615 (floor 16) of the Tower Block, 
The University of Technology, Broadway, Sydney, at 7 pm, usually on the third 
Friday of the month. Check this page under "meetings", or, or (the latter - mine - is 
usually more up to date), or phone Garry Dalrymple after 7 pm on (02) 9718 
5827 for updates.

information, e-mail Bradley Row at or phone (A.H.): 

STARWALKING Inc holds meetings at the 
Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club (24 John Street, Lidcombe, opposite Lidcombe 
Railway Station) on the first or third Sunday of some months. Check the 
website for details of the next meeting. They run from 12 noon to 5 pm. 
Attendance costs $8 for members and $10 for non-members.

MAIL LISTS: See the web Bullsheet or .


Blak Yak Theatre presents: RED DWARF II: KRYTEN. Adapted by Nick Donald - 
Directed by Tim Edwards By special arrangement with Grant Naylor Productions. 
It's your last chance to catch Red Dwarf II this week... after two weeks in 
the Perth Hills, the show moves closer to the city in Maylands. The boys from 
the Dwarf are back! Following their highly successful production of Red Dwarf 
in 2002, Blak Yak Theatre has got the crew together again for more shenanigans 
in space. Red Dwarf II: Kryten will be performed at the Maylands Sunroom, 
corner Sixth Avenue and Whatley Crescent, on March 31, April 1, 2 and 3. 
Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for child/concession - bookings on 0500 
525 259 or go to the website for more details.

MAGIC CASEMENTS III: Following the success of Magic Casements II, the Director 
of the New South Wales Writers' Centre, Irina Dunn, has foreshadowed another 
Festival of Speculative Fiction, early in March 2005. Any questions or 
comments about it should be sent to Irina at or 
me (Ted) at .

ENVISION 2004: Brisbane, Australia, 2nd July -7th July, 2004. $660 for the 5 
days, plus manuscript reading fee. Applications open January 1st, 2004. See for more information. Contact Cory Daniells 07 3893 
2959 (Aust) or email . A 5 day Speculative Fiction 
workshop where writers get to polish their manuscript under the guidance of 
published authors who specialise in this genre. This year's workshop will be 
even bigger and better! Not only will attendees get hands on experience 
working with published authors, but they will get an insight into the 
publishing industry. industry professionals are Sean Williams, Kim Wilkins and 
Stephanie Smith. Sean Williams will be speaking on the Writer's Career path. 
Kim Wilkins will run a workshop on how to write your synopsis. We discovered 
last year that this was sorely needed. Stephanie Smith, Publishing Editor of 
Harper Collins Voyager line will be speaking on what Harper Collins is looking 
for and how to approach an editor. Tansy Rayner Roberts, winner of the 
Inaugural George Turner Prize will be teaching, along with Louise Cusack, 
Marianne de Pierres and Cory Daniells. This year all four tutors will be on 
duty for all five days so there will be more time for individual tuition, but 
attendees will still be able to take their work to different tutors to get 
alternative feedback.

MULTIVERSE IS CLOSING DOWN! The 140th issue of The Comm Centre (27 March) 
gives details of the reasons why Multiverse has been forced to close. If you 
want to know more, email

From 8:30AM - 5:00PM and later. Elsternwick Junction - the intersection of 
Nepean Highway and Glenhuntly Road. Melway Ref 67 E3. Car parking will be on 
street parking on NEW street (NO entry from Nepean Highway as its one way!) 
and we will be pitching our shade tents on the lawns out the front of the GOLF 
club on the city bound side. McDonalds and the golf club have generously 
allowed us to use their toilets for the day and the local Pub has great cheap 
counter meals. There is a 7/11 right there on the corner. Of course, as 
normal, Multiverse will be supplying BBQ lunch (including Fish), soft drinks, 
Easter Eggs and Hot Cross buns and a shade cloth as well as some seating (but 
bring your own if you can. COST: None - unless you want to buy your lunch. 
AFTER: Dinner and a film on us! (thanks to Hoyts). We NEED you to help out, so 
if you can, please email us here at Multiverse on 
to let us know you can make it even if its only for a few hours.


Saturday May 1st - 9:00AM - 6:00PM

See details under "Conventions - Media".


GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be announced.

CHRONOPOLIS - Swancon 29. Perth, Western Australia. . Easter weekend: Thu 8 to Mon 12th April 2004 
Venue: Parmelia Hilton. Guestof Honour: Internationally acclaimed author Tim 
Powers With a writing career spanning almost 30 years, Tim's works are 
intricately plotted secret and alternate histories with science fiction and 
supernatural themes. His tales encompass poets and gamblers, incubi and 
succubi, beer and wine, pirates and vampires, time travel and depilatory 
salons. Tim Powers was born in 1952. He attended and graduated from California 
State University, Fullerton, in 1976. In 1980 he married Serena Batsford. In 
1984, Tim received the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award for "The Anubis Gates" 
and again in 1985 for "Dinner at Deviants Palace". His novels "Last Call" and 
"Declare" have won the World Fantasy Award. He was also awarded the 
International Horror Guild Award for "Declare". Gollancz have recently 
reprinted "Forsake the Sky" in their Masterworks series.

Invited Guests: Eddie Campbell, Gary Chaloner, Chris Dickinson, John
Long, Shaun Tan, Ben Templesmith Fan Guest: Emma Hawkes Convenor: Shay Telfer. 
Secretary: Lily Chrywenstrom. Swancon is the southern hemisphere's longest 
running annual science fiction convention, and has hosted the Australian 
National science fiction convention on many occasions. In 2004 chronopolis 
will be the 29th Swancon. Previous guests at Swancon include Neil Gaiman, 
Ellen Datlow, Howard Waldrop, Robert Silverberg, Pat Cadigan, Terry Pratchett, 
Lois McMaster Bujold, Anne McCaffrey, and many others.

CONFLUX: . 43rd Australian National Science Fiction 
Convention, 23-26 April 2004. Guests of Honour: Award winning authors Greg 
Benford and Sean McMullen. Fan Guest of Honour: Karen Herkes. Panels, 
workshops and other activities focus on science fiction, fantasy and horror 
themes. Also role-play gaming, live SF oriented theatre, dealers' room, art 
show and filking. Special events include the Ditmar Awards (Australian SF 
achievement awards) and an Anzac Day dawn service. Details for the Conflux art 
show and a short story competition will soon be posted on the convention web site.
Full Membership (Attendance, Voting Rights, Publications): $253
Student / Concession (Attendance, Voting Rights, Publications): $165
Secondary School Student (Attendance, Publications): $121
Supporting (Voting Rights, Publications): $44
Children under 12 years accompanied by an adult: free
All enquiries should be directed to: . Postal Address: PO 
Box 903, Belconnen, ACT 2616. Tel: 0418 540 160; Fax: 02 6242 5776. Chair: 
Donna Hanson - email: . Publicity Manager: Rose Mitchell 
- email: . (Please note that the Anzac Day weekend 
has been declared a long weekend – i.e. Holiday Monday – in all states of 
Australia except Victoria and Tasmania).

CONTOUR 2004: Easter (9-12 April) 2004, Rotorua. New Zealand's 25th National 
Science Fiction Convention. GoH:Greg Benford. Venue: Princes Gate Hotel & 
Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua. Membership: Attending membership: 
$70(NZ$); Supporting membership: $40 (NZ) Website: . 
Email: PO Box 74-93 Market Rd, Auckland, New Zealand.

CONTINUUM: . Following on from the highly 
successful ConVergence and Continuum 2003 comes Continuum 2004: gods of myth 
and silicon. The convention is being held over the Queens Birthday weekend in 
June in Melbourne and promises to be just as much fun as the last two. Some of 
the popular events returning for 2004 are: the fanzine room, the late night 
entertainment, the maskobalo and the great parties.. Check out our website for 
more info. Chair: Danny Oz (formerly Heap) confirmed guests so far: Trudi 
Canavan , author of the Black Magician Trilogy; Eddie Campbell, artist of From 

Short Story Competition: First Prize: $300 plus publication in the 2004 
convention handbook, Second Prize: $150, Third Prize: $75 Entry is FREE but 
the competition is open only to members of Continuum 2: gods of myth and 
silicon (both full and supporting members are eligible to enter).So sign up, 
get scribbling, and send us your best work! Closing date for entries is 9 
April 2004. Send three copies of your story to: GPO box 1212K, Melbourne, Vic, 
3001. For other conditions and terms of entry, see the Continuum website.

NOREASCON 4: . The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention. 
September 2-6 2004, Boston, Massachusetts. Pro Guests of Honor: Terry 
Pratchett, William Tenn. Fan Guests of Honor: Jack Speer, Peter Weston. 
Registration rate through July, 2004: New Attending $180, New Supporting $35, 
Child $105. (the foregoing are in US$ - the Australian rates don't appear to 
be on the website) Enquiries to: Noreascon Four, P.O. Box 1010 Framingham, MA 
01701 Fax: 617-776-3243 Email:

CONSENSUALITY – Swancon XXX. Perth, WA. Easter 2005. Conveners Stephen
Dedman and Elaine Kemp. More details when available.

THYLACON IV: National SF con for 2005. Hobart, Tasmania. 10-13 June, 2005 
(Queens Birthday Long weekend in many states.) 
Australian Guest of Honour: Marianne de Pierres 
( ). Supporting memberships are currently 
available $35. Supporting memberships can be upgraded to attending memberships 
at any time for the price of attending membership when the supporting 
membership was purchased). Attending membership $95 (Children under 12 $35) 
For membership forms, visit the web page or e-mail or 
write to Thylacon 2005 PO Box 345 Kingston TAS, 7051. To join the Thylacon 
e-mail list send a subscribe message to: . 
The New South Wales agent is Zara Baxter ( ).

HARRY POTTER CON: Reading University, UK, 29-31 July 2005 . It's early days for this con so check the web page 
from time to time, or email for updates. Al Hewison - 
Conference Chair

INTERACTION: the 2005 Worldcon will be held at the Scottish Exhibition and 
Conference Centre in Glasgow over the weekend of 4-8 August 2005, along with 
many local hotels. Around 5,000 members are expected to attend the event, 
around 3,000 of them from overseas. Guests of honour will be award-winning 
authors Christopher Priest, Robert Sheckley and Jane Yolen, critic and fanzine 
editor Greg Pickersgill and veteran Scandinavian fan Lars-Olov Strandberg.

Membership now costs AU$250. For more details, check the website at or write to Interaction at: UK: 379 Myrtle 
Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 3HQ; USA: PO Box 58009, Louisville, 
Kentucky 40268-0009. email: . Interaction's 
Australian agent: Ted Scribner, 12 Richmount St Cronulla 2230. Phone: (02) 
9523 7235. Email:

RINGS. . Email: . 11-15 AUGUST 2005, ASTON UNIVERSITY, 
BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, UK. Call for papers: Expressions of interest and 
proposals should be sent (no deadline as yet) to Dr Bob Davis, University of 
Glasgow, St Andrew's Building, 11 Eldon Street GLASGOW United Kingdom G3 6NH

CASCADIA CON (Seattle, Washington) . Nasfic (North 
American Science Fiction) Convention, September 1 - 5, 2005. Writer Guest of 
Honor: Fred Saberhagen, Artist Guest of Honor: Liz Danforth, Editor Guest of 
Honor: Toni Weisskopf, Fan Guest of Honor: Kevin Standlee. Nasfic conventions 
are held in the USA in years when the World Science Fiction Convention is held 
outside North America.

CONJURE 2006?? Brisbane is going to bid for the 2006 Natcon at Conflux. 
Details of the bid and more information about "Fantastic Queensland" are at . To ask about the NatCon 2006 bid email .

L.A.Con IV E-mail: . The 64th World 
Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), 23-27 August 2006 - Anaheim Convention 
Center, Hilton, and Marriott (Confirmed: $99 room rates at both hotels). 
Author Guest of Honor: Connie Willis; Artist Guest of Honor: James Gurney; Fan 
Guest of Honor: Howard DeVore; Special Guest: Frankie Thomas Membership Rates 
(Australian) until 14 September 2004: Attending Membership: AU$170 Supporting 
and Child Memberships: AU$75 Australian agent: Ted Scribner, 12 Richmount St 
Cronulla NSW 2230 Phone: (02) 9523 7235 Email: .


GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 22: Stargate SG-1 Convention, Canberra, Australia 
(Location To Be Advised, Date To Be Advised) Don S. Davis - General George 
Hammond, Carmen Argenziano - General Jacob Carter, Selmak, Frida Betrani - Lya 
of the Nox Alex Zahara - Michael ('1969') Various others. David Winning - 
Award-winning director: Stargate: Atlantis, Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict. 
Cocktail Party, Banquet, Two 1-Day Conventions, Wrap Party. For more 
information including how, when and where to book, see

24 April 2004 'Jonas Quinn', Stargate SG-1. Corin Nemec played the role of 
'Jonas Quinn' in the award winning television series Stargate SG-1. Whilst 
most recently known for his Stargate SG-1 role Corin has an impressive 
catalogue of work to his name. Best known for his television series Parker 
Lewis Can't Lose, which ran for three seasons on FOX, Nemec received critical 
acclaim for his gripping performance in the title role of the Emmy-nominated 
miniseries I Know My First Name is Steven. A television veteran, Nemec also 
starred in Stephen King's The Stand and Webster. He has made guest appearances 
on NYPD Blue, Beverly Hills 90210 and Tales from the Crypt. Nemec has also 
done extensive feature film work, including Operation Dumbo Drop with Danny 
Glover and Ray Liotta, and Drop Zone opposite Wesley Snipes.

thanks to Austin Powers!), is a cheap, one day, no fuss, no guest, full of fun 
mini convention for people who are SF fans. ALL profits for this event will be 
donated to the Royal children's Hospital! DATE: Saturday May 1st - 9:00AM - 
6:00PM; VENUE: Ella Latham theatre, Royal Children's Hospital, Parkville. 
Melway Ref 2A J5; COST: As this is our final event and all profits go to the 
royal children's hospital, we don't think for 9 hours of activities asking for 
$10 per adult and $5 per child is too much to ask. Do you? AFTER: Well, there 
is a McDonalds in the front of the hospital for dinner afterwards if you want 
to and of course the hospitals cafe which is also quite good! TICKET 
RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENTS: There is no need to prebook or pre pay for tickets 
for this event. TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE DAY from us at our 
registration table from 8:30am. If you feel like it (please do!), please feel 
free to advise us you are coming by EMAILING: to advise how many 
tickets to hold for you and what type and we will hold them for you at the 
door. this will also help us gauge numbers that will be attending. If you have 
any questions, please feel free to contact us.

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION: FSF presents John Rhys-Davies, 11 September 2004 
The John Rhys-Davies event that we had to postpone till 2004 has become 
literally the JRD tour. FSF is now partnering Multiverse (Melbourne), Supanova 
(Brisbane) and Armageddon (Wellington, NZ) to do a 4 city tour with John. 
These other groups run definitely the best conventions and expos, so if you 
happen to be from those areas contact them or come to Sydney which will be the 
best LOTR spectacular. For this one day event we have also invited some other 
wonderful guests. Don't miss out. If you have any questions please call or 
email us. (02) 9523 8385 . FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION 
P O Box 797 Fairfield, NSW 1860

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 23: Lord Of The Rings Convention. November 20 & 21, 2004 
The Chifley On Northbourne, Canberra, Australia. Guest lineup to be announced 
shortly. Keep watching for more information.

NEXT BULLSHEET: The deadline for submission of material for inclusion in the 
May Bullsheet (#26) is 25th April. Send your news e-mail to , or snail mail to Edwina Harvey c/- 12 
Flinders St, Matraville NSW, 2036.

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For no sufficiently explained reason this Fanzine still supports The 
Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid! ( )