The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 29 – August 2004

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 29
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)


AUSSIECON ONE *The first Worldcon held in Australia in 1975) video tapes and 
DVDs Mark Loney recently announced that the transfer of the original Aussiecon 
video tapes and the Anti-Fan films to a modern digital format is now complete. 
All but one of the Aussiecon video tapes were successfully transferred. 
Copies are available either as DVD's or videos  can be provided in either PAL 
or NTSC formats. Estimated cost of the Aussiecon 1 Videotape collection was 
$250 (plus postage and handling) The Anti-fan films were estimated to cost $20 
(= p & h) If you have already contacted Mark he will contact you soon to 
confirm your interest. If you are interested but have not already contacted 
Mark, the deadline for orders was supposed to be 31st July, but maybe he'll 
make a few exceptions. For full details email Mark:
Writer Hal Colebatch has a website at

The AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM, Sydney, is apparently having a display on moonrocks on 
Sunday 15th August.(Display being a plate-sized disk of glassite with about 
half a dozen small samples embedded within it) Reported by Jack Dwyer
I, ROBOT: a thumbnail review: I found the new Will Smith movie loosely based 
on Isaac Asimov's stories and laws of robotics, had an engaging story-line. It 
had high-class special effects, lots of action, but still had space for a bit 
of humour. I recommend seeing it - Edwina:

NO STONE UNTURNED. Pebble, the rescued Labrador puppy going blind with 
cataracts (reported here last month) has been adopted into a permanent home, 
and enough money was raised ($3,500) for her to have an eye operation to 
restore her sight. You can check on Pebble's progress  at 
Thanks to all those Bullsheet readers who helped contribute to Pebble's 
sponsorship. (Edwina)

 DAVID L. RUSSELL's Newspaper clippings can be found at:

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to 
read"- Groucho Marx

ALLEN & UNWIN publishers, Australia, are distributing the newly released SF 
MASTERWORKS  book list for ORION BOOKS, UK. This list consists of: The Forever 
War Joe Haldeman, I Am Legend Richard Matheson, Cities in Flight James Blish, 
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Philip K. Dick, The Stars My Destination 
Alfred Bester, Babel 17 Samuel R Delaney, Lord of Light Roger Zelaney, The 
Fifth Head of Cerebus Gene Wolf, Gateway   Frederick Pohl, The Rediscovery of 
Man - Cordwainer Smith, Last and First Men - Olaf Stapledon ,Earth Abides 
George R Stewart Martian Time Slip,  Philip K Dick, The Demolished man Alfred 
Bester, Stand on Zanzibar, John brunner The Dispossessed  ursula Le Guin, The 
Drowned World. JG Ballard, The Sirens of Titan, Kurt Vonnegut, Emphyto Jack 
Vance, A Scanner Darkly Philip K. Dick, Star Maker Olaf Stapledon, The Book of 
Skulls, Robert Silverberg, Behold the Man Michael Moorcock, Time machine/War 
of the Worlds  HG Wells, Flowers for Algenon  Daniel Keyes, Ubik Philip K 
Dick, Timescape Greg Benford, More than Human Theodore Sturgeon, Man Plus  
Frederick Pohl,A Case of Conscience James Blish, The Centauri Device John M 
Harrison, Dr Bloodmoney. Philip K. Dick, Non-stop. Brian Aldis, The Fountains 
of Paradise. Arthur C. Clarke, Pavane Keith Roberts, Now Wait for Last Year 
Philip K Dick, Nova Samuel R Delaney, The First Men in the Moon HG Wells, The 
City and the Stars Arthur C Clarke, Blood Music  Greg Bear
Jem Frederick Pohl, Bring the Jubilee Ward Moore, Valis Philip K Dick, The 
Lathe of Heaven Ursula Le Guin The Complete Roderick John Sladek, Flow my 
tears the Policeman Said  Philip K Dick. The Invisible man HG Wells, Grass 
Sherri Tepper, A Fall of Moondust  Arthur C Clarke,Eon Greg Bear,The Shrinking 
Man Richard Matheson,The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Philip K Dick, 
Dancers at the end of Time Michael Moorcock

PAUL COLLIN'S new book, Dragonfang, was launched by Isabelle Carmody on 16th 
July at Readings, Port Melbourne. (Reported by Sue Bursztynski.)

SUE BURSZTYNSKI's new book, Rolling Right Along, (about the history of the 
wheel) will be released by Nelson in August. The book will be available 
through education bookshops or school booksellers.

PO Box 127 Belmont WA 6984

ANTIPODEAN SF No. 73 featuring short,short stories (500 words) by can be 
viewed at

The AUSTRALIAN SCIENCEuFICTION FORUM inaugural issue featuring fiction, non 
fiction and artwork can be viewed at (Reported by 
Greg Guerin)

MERV BINNS perzine, Out of the Bin is available from PO Box 315, Carnegie, 
Vic, 3163.. Merv's publication may soon also be available via e-mail. Belated 
birthday wishes to Merv who celebrated his 70th orbit on this planet in mid-July.

FOLCC BOOK SALES.  "Friends of Linda Cox Chan" aim to raise money to donate to 
Juvenile Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated books. A cheque for 
$86 has been forwarded to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. New 
Tally: $0
     Books looking for new homes: "Honor Harrington: The Honor of the Queen," 
by David Weber, "Harm's Way" by Colin Greenland, "Virtual Girl" by Amy 
Thomson, "The Magic and the Healing" by Nick O'Donohoe,  "Arthur" and "Merlin" 
by Stephen Lawhead,  "An Echo In Time" and "The Ancient Future" by Traci 
Harding, "Silver Wolf" by Alice Borchardt,  To buy books e-mail Edwina Harvey 
at or snail mail Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville, 
NSW 2036. *Make cheques payable to Edwina Harvey please, FOLCC is an informal 
entity.)  Anyone wanting to donate directly to JDRF- Juvenile Diabetes 
Research Foundation can do so via PO Box 2038, South Melbourne, VIC 3205.Their 
web site is

COLLINS SUPERSTORE. Level 2, Broadway Shopping Centre, Cnr Broadway and Bay 
St, Sydney. Leigh Blackmore, who runs the SF section of this store recently 
called for any small press publishers, or authors with small press editions, 
who do not currently have stock with Collins, Superstore Broadway to contact 
him as Collins wants to support titles produced locally.

GALAXY BOOKSHOP: 143 York St Sydney. KATE 
FORSYTHE will be in store from 6pm on Thursday 8th July signing copies of her 
new novel. Tower of Ravens. (Reported by David Lynton.)

her new book, Wolfblade from 2-4pm on Sat. 3rd July in the new store, Blokey 
Stuff, shop 22, Civic Arcade, 48-50 George St, Parramatta.

FARENHEIT SF & Fantasy Bookshop cnr Bourke & William St, Melbourne.Ph 03 9600 
4674, email CRIME INK: 150 William St (Crn Bourke 
&William, Ph 03 9600 4674, e-mail

COLLECTED WORKS: Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St Melbourne. (Cnr of Flinders 
Lane) Ph 03 9654 8873; E-mail  Reported to be a 
good place to find mediaeval, Arthurian and Gothic literature as well as 
stocking Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. (Reported by Sue Bursztynski)
KNOWN SPACE BOOKS: First Floor, 108 Gawler Place, Adelaide, SA 5000. Tel: (08) 
8223-4304 Open: 12:00-6:00 Wednesday-Thursday; 12:00-10:00 Friday; 12:00-6:00 
Saturday New and used books related to science fiction, film and TV. Also 
comics and magazines. Now receiving American imports weekly.

SLOW GLASS BOOKS: a SF mail order catalogue. To join the mailing list write to 
GPO Box 2708X , Melbourne Vic 3001 or see Email: Phone: (03) 9639 1511 Fax: (03) 9639 1511. Melbourne 
fans will be pleased to hear that Justin Ackroyd is looking to reopen Slow 
Glass as a shopfront in the near future.

RAVEN BOOKS: Second hand book service specialising in supernatural & occult 
books. "From the Vault" catalogues are issued irregularly. If you'd like to be 
added to this mailing list, write to Leigh Blackmore, Raven Books, PO Box 
A281, Sydney South NSW 1235.


2004 Locus Awards Winners
Winners of the 2004 Locus Awards are announced in Locus Magazine's
July issue, along with complete results of this year's readers poll. SF NOVEL 
Ilium, Dan Simmons FANTASY NOVEL Paladin of Souls, Lois McMaster Bujold  FIRST 
NOVEL Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Cory Doctorow YOUNG ADULT NOVEL The 
Wee Free Men, Terry Pratchett NOVELLA "The Cookie Monster'', Vernor Vinge 
(Analog Oct 2003) NOVELETTE "A Study in Emeralds", Neil Gaiman (Shadows Over Baker
Street) SHORT STORY "Closing Time", Neil Gaiman (McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of
Thrilling Tales) COLLECTION Changing Planes, Ursula K. Le Guin ANTHOLOGY The 
Year's Best Science Fiction: Twentieth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois, ed.
The Sandman: Endless Nights, Neil Gaiman, et al. (Vertigo) EDITOR Gardner 
Dozois MAGAZINE The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction BOOK PUBLISHER Tor
ARTIST Michael Whelan (Reported by Bruce Gillespie on the Eidolist.)
BBB - BRING BRUCE BAYSIDE is a specialized fan fund aimed at raising funds to 
get Bruce Gillespie to Corflu and Potlatch conventions in 2005. Donations can 
be made (In $US) to American administrators Joyce and Arnie Katz, PMB 152 330 
S. Decatur Blv, Law Vegas, NV 89107. Donations in $A can be to Bill Wright, 
Unit 4 1 Park St, St. Kilda VIC 3182. It was recently reported that the fund 
had raised $3,500.

GUFF: The race for the  "Get Up and over Fan Fund" - to get an Antipodean fan 
up to Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon in Scotland (q.v.) is now open  Nominees 
must post a $25 bond by 30 September. Full details available on

The McNamara Achievement Award is now calling for nominees. This award is 
given for contribution by a writer, film producer, organizer, editor, 
publisher, reviewer or for lifetime achievement. The recipient of the award is 
judged at the sole discretion of the award judge. All nominations are to 
include details of why the person nominated should be selected.(preferably in 
point form only.) Send all nominations to (Award Judge) Van Ikin Department of 
English, The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 
6009, Australia


DEATHS: JERRY GOLDSMITH who wrote musical scores for movies such as


MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB, 74 Melville Road, West Brunswick 3055.Meet 
most Friday nights. Meetings for August 6th. Food & Trivia night for the 
End-of-Winter Plum Pudding, Casseroles and Trivia! August 13thHugo Nominees: 
Fiction forensics & ritual dissections from Bruce Gillespie, Alan Stewart & 
Justin Ackroyd. Books for sale. August 20th Lee Falk's 'The Phantom' Lost 
Worlds & Lost Times Trevor Clark describes the SF connections in this long 
running comic series August 27th Video Appreciation & Discussion Night 
"Freaked"  Great comedy with fine cameos.
Ethel #113 due out around August 23rd  (reported by James Allen)

SPACED OUT: a science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated 
communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15 concession.) 
payed to Space Out Inc. PO Box 363, Preston, Vic. 3072.Non-profit SF club 
offering monthly meetings, "Diverse Universe" newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" 
annual anthology.

SFSA (South Australian Dr Who fan club) is also a generic science fiction club 
with two regular meetings each month. Annual membership rises to $15 . The 
regular club meeting is held at the Adelaide High School from 3pm-10pm on the 
3rd Saturday of the month. See for full details or 
write to PO Box 3227, Rundle Mall, SA 5000.
Reported by Martin Dunne.)

The Doctor Who Club of Australia (DWCA) Membership $16 within Aust. provides 6 
issues of Data Extract, membership pack, access to the club's member-only 
internet mailing list, discount prices on a wide range of merchandise 
(including some club-exclusive items), discount admission prices to club 
events and functions (including Whovention, discounts at selected retail 
outlets for Doctor Who merchandise. For more information contact Dwayne Bunney 
- or 0416 269 726  or check

QUEST The long-running Queensland Star Trek club is still going strong. Anyone 
interested in finding out more can contact the club at PO BOX 2084, Brisbane, 
QLD. 4001 ((Reported by Kevin Sheehan.)

The Brisbane Babylon 5ers has been going for about 4 years. Their website is 
at (Reported by Erica Sharp, president of the 
Brisbane Babylon5ers )

SYDNEY FUTURIANS: Meetings in room 1615 (floor 16) of the Tower Block, The 
University of Technology, Broadway, Sydney, at 7 pm. Check or phone Garry Dalrymple 
after 7 pm on (02) 9718 5827 for updates.

SYDNEY SOUTHERN SF&F GROUP: New meeting arrangements will be posted to the web 
site or e-mail 
Bradley Row,  or phone 9580 4369

SKYWALKING: holds meetings af the Lidcombe 
Catholic Workers Club, 24 John St, Lidcombe, opposite Lidcombe Railway 
stationon the third Sunday of some months. Attendenca costs $8 members, $10 

MANIFEST 2004. Melbourne Anime Festival in August.  Featuring competitions, 
fan art, fan fiction & discussion panels on Anime and Manga. Full details 
available at

CONQUEST conventions and other Brisbane Star Trek events can be found at

VORTEX: SF Events also happening in Brisbane, can be found at

The Doctor Who Club of Australia In Association with The Powerhouse Museum 
present THE MAESTROS - An Audience With Doctor Who & Blake's 7 Composers 
Tristram Cary & Dudley Simpson Sunday November 14th 2004 10.30am - 4.30pm 
Coles Theatre Powerhouse Museum Corner Harris & MacArthur Streets, Ultimo 
Sydney. Special screenings will be shown and merchandise will be on sale. 
Admission: DWCA and Powerhouse Museum Members - $15 (Quote your member number 
when booking, membership card must be presented to claim your ticket). General 
Public $20 Bookings via the Powerhouse Museum on 02 9217 0600 (Credit cards 
accepted). LIMITED SEATING For more details visit 
or the Powerhouse Museum website:
The Doctor Who Club of Australia presents ReCon Rebuilding the past / Awaiting 
the future A DWCA Day Event Drummoyne RSL Club Victoria Road, Drummoyne 11am - 
6pm Admission - DWCA Members $7 Non-Members $10 for more information:Website - Email - Or write 
to - ReCon, GPO Box 2870, Sydney, NSW, 2001 Recons Website -

CLARION SOUTH 2005 (Jan 3-Feb 11 2005, Brisbane. Will have Sean Williams, 
Ellen Datlow, Michael Swanwick, Margo Lanagan, Ian Irvinne and Scott 
Westerfield as tutors. Total cost of attending Clarion South will be $2,539, 
this includes tuition and accommodation for 6 weeks. Scholarships available. 
For further details see

GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be announced.

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION:  11 September. One day event starring John Rhys 
Davies. Other guests also invited. . For more details phone FSF  92 9523 8385, 
or e-mail, or send an sase to Friends of Science 
Fiction PO Box 797 Fairfield, NSW. 1860.  NB John Rhys Davies has now also 
negotiated to appear at functions held by Multiverse, Melbourne (? ) , 
Supanova, Brisbane and Armageddon (Wellington, NZ) around the same time as the 
Sydney function.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Lord of the Rings convention 20-21 November, The Chifley 
on Northbourne, Canberra. Guests and full details available on

haven't already got this news, you might like to check and
re Cirroc Lofton and Penny Johnson Jerald in Sydney and Melbourne, 2.10.04
and 3.10.04 respectively.

SMOFCON 3-5 December 2004. Washington, DC USA. Wyndham Hotel. (n.b.  SMOF 
stands for "Secret Masters of Fandom") SMOFCON is an annual convention about 
organising SF conventions. Full details are available on   The 
San Francisco SF Conventions Inc has recently established a fund to grant 2 
scholarships of US $500 to help potential convention organisers attend 
SMOFCON. While these scholarships are open to anyone, applicants must show how 
attending SMOFCON will assist the Bay Area  SF group. (San Francisco, USA)

SciNut Conventions is holding a Lord of the Rings con in Melbourne in March 
2005. Some LOTR actors (no principal actors) and technical people attending as 
GoHs. Con organisers currently calling for people to run panels.  E-mail (Relayed to Bullsheet by Tony Plank).

CONSENSUALITY - Swancon XXX. Perth, WA. Easter, March 24-28 2005. Emerald 
Hotel, Perth Membership $75 until 1/5/04 GoH Charles de Lint, Special Guest 
Grant Watson, Fan  Guest Anna Hepworth, E-mail 
Temporary website 
Stephen Dedman and Elaine Kemp.

CONCLAVE: 30 Sept- 3 October, 2005. Adelaide, SA. It is hoped that this will 
be an annual SA convention. Guests and prices yet to be announced. E-mail, and (requested that you e-mail 
both addresses.) Co-conveners, Fiona McIntosh, Todd Rowlands & Jay Watson. 
(Reported by Fiona McIntosh.)

FIDDLER'S GREEN, a Sandman convention (in the US) GoH's Neil Gaiman, Karen 
Berger, Todd Klein, Charles Vess, Caitlin R Kiernan.  PO Box 527, Grand Blanc, 
MI 48480-0527 USA. E.mail:  or see-

CONFLUX 2: Fri 22 April - Sun 24th April, 2005. GoH Jennifer Fallon, Special 
Guests Terry Dowling and Maxine McArthur. Conflux website ( 
will not be updated until the end of June, but e-mail for 
more information. (Reported by Rose Mitchell.)

THYLACON IV. National SF con for 2005. Hobart, Tasmania. 10-13 June, 2005 
(Queens Birthday Long weekend in many states.) Attendence rates $120. 
Australian GoH Marianne de Pierres, Fan GoH Merv Binns. Hobart Midcity Hotel. 
Accom $105 single/double, $135 tripple. For full details see 
or write to Thylacon PO Box 345 Kingston TAS, 7051  To join the Thylacon 
e-mail list send a subscribe message to:

CONTINUUM 3.15-17 July 2005. GoH's Richard Harland, Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z. 
Brite Fan GoH James Allen.  Membership $110. (Concession/Student $80) GPO Box 
603, Melbourne, Vic 3001. or e-mail

Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon will be held at the Scottish Exhibition and 
Conference Centre in Glasgow over the weekend of 4-8 August 2005.GoHs 
Christopher Priest, Robert Sheckley and Jane Yolen, critic and fanzine editor 
Greg Pickersgill and veteran Scandinavian fan Lars-Olov Strandberg. Australian 
Agent, Ted Scribner, can be contacted at or 12 
Richmount St, Cronulla, NSW 2230.

CASCADIA con is the Nasfic (North American SF) con for 2005. (Nasfics are held 
in the USA in years when the Worldocn is held outside the USA).  1 - 5 
September, 2005, Seattle, Washington. Goh's Fred Saberhagen, Liz Danford, 
Kevin Standlee, Toni Weisskopf. Full information on

CONJURE. National SF convention, Brisbane, 2006. More details to follow, or 

LA CON IV, the 64th Worldcon. 23-27 August, 2006. Anaheim Convention Centre, 
Hilton & Marriott hotels, Anaheim. Goh's Connie Willis, James Gurney, Howard 
De Vore, Frankie Thoman. Current membership prices appear to relate to the 
number of patches you have - which won't be of much relevance unless you were 
at Torcon this year. See the Bullsheet web site for full details. New members 
can e-mail, Postal address LA Con c/- S.C.I.F.I. inc, PO Box 
8442, Van Nuys, CA, 91409. USA.

Ted Scribner's Australian SF&F home page is:
and his list of SF oriented groups in NSW is at
Coode St Review lists Australian publishing news and achievements by 
Australian writers

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