The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 46 – January 2006

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 46
January 2006
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)


FRIENDLY REMINDER: In the last few days I noticed a spam message sent 
through the Aussfbull address...just a friendly reminder that we 
don't send Bull as an attachment. Beware of viruses! Edwina

TOO LATE; YOU MISSED IT: SBS showed that SF classic "Santa Claus 
Conquers The Martians" at 1pm on Christmas Day.

20,000 LEGS UNDER THE SEA?: A 7 metre giant squid, caught dead in 
fishing nets off New Zealand and preserved in a massive block of 
clear ice will be one of the highlights of a "Monsters of the Deep" 
exhibit at the Melbourne Aquarium until March.

MORE ZERO G OVER SUMMER. Rob Jan's SF radio program, Zero-G runs for 
two hours from 12 midday to 2pm from December 26th to February 27th 
on 3RRR FM, Melbourne.

SPECTRUM FM RADIO CDs including The Great Debate - Humans Are 
Unnatural Creatures and Australian Female Fantasy Authors will soon 
be in The Port Phillip Library, in Victoria, For online sales of 
these CD's check out

Congratulations to KRIS HEMBURY who recently won the Young and 
Emerging Writers Mentorship offered by Fantastic Queensland, Council 
for the Arts. Kris will be mentored by Marianne de Pierres. (Reported 
by Robert Hoge on the Visions List)

MORE BEST of BOTH WORLDS? According to Brian 
and Adele Carr, the organisers of BoBW cons are considering their 
options for future cons after the success of what was to be their 
last con. (Reported by Ted Scribner) 

The Aurealis Awards have announce the 2005 finalists and honourable 
mentions for this year's awards to be held in Brisbane on Saturday 25 
February 2006 at the Queensland Conservatorium, South Bank, to be 
followed by a Cocktail Party at Cafe San Marco.  Enquires: Tickets: $20 from Pulp Fiction 
bookshop, Brisbane. Ph 07 3236 2750)

2005 Aurealis Awards Finalists' Shortlists: SCIENCE FICTION Novels 
John Birmingham, "Designated Targets", Macmillan; KA Bedford, 
Eclipse, Edge; Marianne de Pierres, Crash Deluxe, Orbit; Sean 
Williams and Shane Dix, Geodesica: Ascent 1, Harper Collins 

SF Short Stories: Rjurik Davidson, "The Interminable Sufferings of 
Mysterious Mr Woo", Aurealis #33/34/35; Leanne Frahm, "Skein Dogs", 
Fables and Reflections; Trent Jamieson "Slow and Ache", Aurealis #36; 
Lynn Triffit, "The Memory of Breathing", ASIM #17; Kim 
Westwood, "Terning tha Weel", Aurealis #36; Science Fiction Short 
Story Highly Commended Tess Williams, "How Green Was Their Love" 

FANTASY Novel: Sara Douglass, "Darkwitch Rising: The Troy Game Book 
3", Harper Collins; Anthony Eaton, "Nightpeople", UQP; Sonya 
Hartnett, "Surrender", Penguin; Juliet Marillier, "Blade of Fortriu: 
Book II The Bridei Chronicles", Pan Macmillan Australia. Karen 
Miller, "The Innocent Mage: Kingmaker Kingbreaker Book I," Harper 
Collins. Fantasy Novel Highly Commended Trudi Canavan, "Priestess of 
the White," Harper Collins. 

Fantasy Short Story: Adam Browne, "Heart of Saturday Night",Lenox 
Avenue Ezine Issue #4; Terry Dartnell, "Ones and 
Zeros", Neverary, Issue 8; Dirk Flinthart, "The Red Priest's 
Homecoming" ASIM 17; Richard Harland, "The Greater Death of Saito 
Saku", Daikaiju!; Rosaleen Love, "Once Giants Roamed the Earth", The 
Traveling Tide and Daikaiju!; 

HORROR Novel Highly Commended: JC Burke, "Nine Letters Long", Random 
Horror Short Story:Lee Battersby,"Paterfamilias", Shadowed Realms #3; 
Chuck McKenzie, "Eight-Beat Bar", Aurealis #33/34/35; Paul 
Haines, "Doof, Doof, Doof", Dark Animus #7; James Cain, "The Ride", 
Dark Krypt May/June 05; Cat Sparks, "Macciato Lane", Tinconderoga 

Horror Short Stories Highly Commended:Peter Barber, "Dust", Aurealis 
33/34/35. Horror Short Story Highly Commended: Shane Jiraiya 
Cummings, "Revision is Murder", Simulacrum #11; Greg Guerin, "The 
Deviation Road", Borderlands #4; Paul Haines, "The Light in Autumn's 
Leaves", Borderlands #5; Martin Livings, "In Nomine Patris", Shadowed 
Realms #5.

YOUNG ADULT Novel Finalists: Isobelle Carmody, "Alyzon Whitestar", 
Penguin; Anthony Eaton, "Nightpeople" UQP: Justine 
Larbalestier, "Magic or Madness",Penguin; Scott Westerfeld, "Peeps", 
Penguin; Scott Westerfeld, "Uglies", Simon & Schuster; 

Young Adult Novel Highly Commended: Kerry Greenwoood,"The Rat and the 
Raven", Lothian; Penni Russon, "Breathe" Random House; Scott 
Westerfeld "Pretties", Simon & Schuster.

Young Adult Short Story Finalists: Dirk Flinthart, "The Red Priest's 
Homecoming" ASIM 17; Garth Nix, "Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in 
the Case", Across the Wall; 

CHILDREN'S Long Fiction Finalists: Isobel Carmody, "Little Fur: The 
Legend Of Little Fur." Penguin; Morris Gleitzman, "Worm Story" 
Penguin; Richard Harland, "Sassycat: The Night of the Dead", 
Omnibus;Garth Nix, "Drowned Wednesday,"Allen and Unwin 

Children's Long Fiction Highly Commended: Carole Wilkinson, "Garden 
Of The Purple Dragon" Black Dog Books; John Flanagan, "The Icebound 
Land (Ranger's Apprentice 3)", Random House. 

Children's Short Fiction Finalists: Goldie Alexander, "The Space 
Gypsies", The School Magazine #71; Stephen Axelsen, "Piccolo & 
Annabel 2: The Disastrous Party", Random House;Stephen 
Axelsen, "Piccolo & Annabel 3:The Stinky Cheese Gypsies" Random 
House; Gary Crew & Jeremy Geddes "The Mystery of Eilean Mor", Lothian;

See for more details

Australian author, Christian Doan has won the European Space Agency 
short story competition. See
PAGE=contest%2Findex.html for full details. (Reported by A. Bell on 
the Visions List.)

HELP BUY AN EYE OP: There's a SF fan on a disability pension living 
on the Central Coast (north of Sydney) who needs a vitrechtomey (eye 
operation. I had 2 of them last year and can tell you all the gory 
details if you want to know - Edwina.) Rather than wait for 2 years 
with declining eyesight to get this operation done through the public 
health system, this lady is spending her savings to pay for the 
operation, but doesn't quite have enough. To help her out, I'm 
raffling a $30 gift card good at any Dymocks bookstore around 
Australia. Tickets are $1 each, and can be purchased by sending 
postage stamps, cheques or money order to 12 Flinders St, Matraville, 
2036, or by direct deposit. (e-mail for 
details.) Alternatively, see James Allen at MSFC meetings to buy tickets.

the generous response to the above raffle so far, especially at a 
time of year when money is tight for most of us. - Edwina.
Thanks to everyone who sent us Christmas cards! We hope you have a 
Happy New Year.

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too 
dark to read"- Groucho Marx 

SUE BURSZTYNSKI has a new Children's/YA book called "It's True! Your 
Cat Could Be A Spy" published by Allen & Unwin.(87 pp. ISBN 1 74114 
606 2 RRP $11.95). This is a collection of fascinating facts and 
tantalising trivia, mostly to do with spies, in the new "It's True!" 
series from Allen and Unwin. 

Other titles in the series include "Hauntings Happen and Ghosts Get 
Grumpy" by MEREDITH COSTAIN, "You Eat Poison Every Day" by PETER 
MACINNIS, and "Space Turns You Into Spaghetti" by HEATHER CATCHPOLE 

LOTHIAN BOOKS recently advised that there will be a further delay in 
announcing titles for their Dark Suspense series, as selected titles 
now has to be approved by parent company, Time Warner Book Group. 
It's hoped a final announcement will be made early in the New Year. 
(Relayed by Rob Hood, via the Visions List) 

ROBOTS AND TIME, is a new anthology from Altair Books including 
stories from Martin Livings, Alexander Freed, Lyn McConchie, Bryn 
Spark and Dan Foley, Robert J Sawyer, Douglas Smith and Brendan 
Carson. Edited by Robert N Stephenson and Shane J Cummings.  
Available for $19.95 (plus postage and handling.) Find full details 
LEONAUR is a new UK Publisher. Its first SF titles include 3 
collections of short stories from Jack London available in soft and 
hard cover. See, or to purchase them

A HARRY POTTER PARODY named Harry Pouter and Phil O'Dendron's Stone. 
Can be viewed at 

ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS Issue 21 has been printed and should be 
distributed early in the New Year – Edwina.

ANTIPODEAN SF No. 91 featuring short, short stories (500 words) can 
be seen at or

TICONDEROGAOnline 6 can now be viewed at It features fiction from David 
Carroll and Deborah Biancotti as well as interviews, columns and 

THE WORKERS' PARADISE is a new spec-fic anthology with the theme of 
work/workplace relations, to be edited by Russell B. Farr and Nick 
Evans. Expected to contain 90,000 words, release date October 2006.  
This anthology is open to submissions of original stories of 1-7,000 
words from Australian residents from 1 reading from Jan 1 - 1 Aug 
2006. Stories may be emailed to the editors at with the words "Submission Workers" 
in the subject line. Payment: 2 copies and Aus 1.5 cents/word on 
publication. In addition, a bounty of $5 will be paid for each good 
(as judged by the editors)Marxist joke, and a one off prize of $50 
for the best Marxist pun. See for full details.

A WHO's WHO of Australian speculative fiction writing, inclusive of 
those who are at the beginning of their journey to publication, as 
well as established writers, has been proposed by Nigel Stone. If you 
are interested in contributing to this project, e-mail

Angela Challis and Marty Young are looking for submissions of "the 
darkest, most disturbing horror story. ...horror in its rawest form - 
the unsettling, the terrifying, " for 'Macabre - The New Era in 
Australian Horror.' Anthology.Reading from 1 October 2005 to 31 March 
2006. Open to Australian citizens and residents only. Full details on 
how to submit can be found at

BILL CONGREVE and MICHELLE MARQUARDT are calling for writers 
interested in having their work considered for the second volume 
of "The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy." Any story up to 20,000 
words written by an Australian citizen published during 2005 is 
eligible. Reprints only. Send hardcopy submissions to MirrorDanse 
books, PO Box 3542, Parramatta, NSW, 2124. 

MERV BINNS strikes a handsome pose with wife, Helena, and Santa Claus 
in his Christmas cards this year. Merv also recaps the year in his 
perzine, Out of the Bin is available from PO Box 315, Carnegie, Vic, 3163. 

FRIENDS OF LINDA COX CHAN (FOLCC) raise money to donate to Juvenile 
Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated books etc. (Tally 
$10.60 ) Books looking for new homes: "Dr Who: The Scripts, Galaxy 4" 
by William Emms. "Licence Denied: Rumblings from the Dr Who 
Underground" (new) edited by Paul Cornell, "The Truth About Magic" by 
Dave Luckett (new), "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" (new) 
and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", JK Rowling, "Arthur" 
and "Merlin" by Stephen Lawhead. Audiobook: "Journey to the Centre 
of the Earth" by Jules Verne featuring John de Lancie and Leonard 
Nimoy., also a Dukes of Hazard Play and Read record, and A-Team 
colouring and activity books: Art cards autographed by Marianne 
Plumridge and Bob Eggleton are also for sale. See images of the 
available cards on the Bullsheet website. To buy items e-mail Edwina 
Harvey at or snail min poor health for some 
timeail Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville, NSW 2036. *Make 
cheques payable to Edwina Harvey please, FOLCC is an informal 
entity.) You can also pay via direct deposit and paypal. Why not give 
a gift that gives twice this Christmas? (Thanks to Anne Devrell for 
the new titles.)

DEATHS: SF writer Robert Sheckley died in New York, at the age of 77. 
One of the field's great humorists, Sheckley was first published in 
1952, and was a prolific short story writer. His novels include 
Immortality, Inc. (1958), The Status Civilization (1960), Journey 
Beyond Tomorrow (1962), Mindswap (1966). Sheckley also served as 
fiction editor for Omni magazine from January 1980 through September 
1981, and was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and 
Fantasy Writers of America in 2001. Robert Sheckley had been in poor 
health for some time, which left him unable to attend the World SF 
Convention in Glasgow as Guest of Honour this year. (Reported in 
Locus Magazine, relayed by Chuck McKenzie.) 


MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB, Meet most Friday nights at 74 
Melville Road, West Brunswick 3055.Membership to the MSFC is $25 
single, or $35 family p.a. For further details on the MSFC see Meetings resume on 13th January:. Check the 
MSFC website. 

AUSTREK, the Star Trek fan club in Victoria will be celebrating its 
30th anniversary this year and is still going strong.

SPACED OUT: a science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated 
communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15 
concession.) to Spaced Out Inc. PO Box 363, Preston, Vic. 3072.Non-
profit SF club offering monthly meetings, "Diverse Universe" 
newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" annual anthology.

CANBERRA SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays 
of the month. It's a relaxed social society for the discussion of SF 
and fantasy. Membership $24 p.a. For more info write to CSFS PO Box 
47, Civic Square, ACT 2608, or e-mail

SFSA (South Australian Dr Who fan club) Two regular meetings each 
month. Annual membership $15. The regular club meeting is held at the 
Adelaide High School from 3pm-10pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month. 
See for full details or write to PO Box 3227, 
Rundle Mall, SA 5000.(Reported by Martin Dunne.) 

The Doctor Who Club of Australia (DWCA) Membership $16 within Aust. 
provides 6 issues of Data Extract, membership pack, access to the 
club's member-only internet mailing list, discount prices on a range 
of merchandise, admission prices to club functions (including 
Whovention, discounts at selected retail outlets for Doctor Who 
merchandise. For more information contact Dwayne Bunney - or 0416 269 726 or check

QUEST Queensland Star Trek club. Contact the club at PO BOX 2084, 
Brisbane, QLD. 4001, or check  (Reported by 
Kevin Sheehan.)

The Brisbane Babylon 5ers website is at 
(Reported by Erica Sharp, president of the Brisbane Babylon5ers )

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP/Blokey Stuff, Shop 22 Civic Arcade, 48 - 50 George 
Street Parramatta NSW. has 2 groups regularly meeting at its 
premises. The SF Discussion Group meets at 6:30pm on the first 
Thursday of each month except January. A SF Writers Group also meets 
at the shop once a month on Saturdays See for 2006 meeting dates. 
(Reported by Tim Martin via Ted Scribner). 

SYDNEY MECHANICS' SCHOOL OF ARTS at 280 Pitt St, Sydney, regularly 
holds a members reading group for Mystery and Crime, Romance and 
Science Fiction and Fantasy. The groups start with Mystery and Crime 
at 10am and meander into SF (and sometimes Romance, depending on 
demand) from 12 noon. Attendance at the first meeting is free, but if 
you're interested in attending more meetings, you are asked to join 
the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts. (Annual fee $15.50 ?) This also 
entitles you to borrowing rights at the School of Arts library. 
Meetings held every 3 weeks. Upcoming meetings: Sat Jan 21st, Sat Feb 
11th, Sat March 4th. 

SYDNEY FANS IN THE PUB. Meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the 
Civic Hotel, Saloon Bar, Crn Pitt & Goulburn Sts, Sydney. From 
6.30pm. (Reported by Zara Baxter.)

SYDNEY SOUTHERN SF&F GROUP . Next meeting probably the 2nd Saturday 
in February Contact Brad Row ph 9580-4369 or e-mail for full details (Reported by Ted Scribner)

SYDNEY FUTURIANS now affiliated with the Student Assoc of UTS. 
Meetings in room 510C (5th floor) of The University of Technology, 
Broadway, Sydney, at 7 pm. Check, or e-mail 
for meeting dates. 

STARWALKING: holds meetings af the 
Lidcombe Catholic Workers Club, 24 John St, Lidcombe, opposite 
Lidcombe Railway station on the third Sunday of some months. 
Attendance costs $8 members, $10 nonmembers. (Starwalking Melbourne 
has Force 4 convention in May. q.v. conventions.)


MONSTERS! A display of Academy award winning special effects artist, 
John Cox's monster models and animatronics is on show until March 06 
at the Australian Museum, College St, Sydney. The exhibit will then 
tour to other major cities around Australia. (Spotted by Edwina on 
the ABC 7pm news, 27 Oct) 

VORTEX: SF Events happening in Brisbane, can be found at

FESTIVAL OF SPECULATIVE FICTION.(aka Magic Casements?) NSW Writers' 
Centre. Saturday 25 March 2006. Chris Barnes, director. The March 
2006 edition of Newswrite, the NSW Writing Centres Magazine will be 
devoted to speculative fiction. Submissions on spec fic, 700 - 1100 
words long and be accompanied by a headshot of the author or relevant 
publication accepted. Send to or PO Box 
1056 Rozelle NSW 2039 by 10 February.(Reported by Ted Scribner.)

GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be 

HUB Productions (Melbourne & Sydney) 4 Feb 06 Sydney, Zenith Theatre, 
Cnr Railway & McIntosh sts, Chatswood.  5 Feb  Melbourne, Roadshow 
Theatre, State Library, Latrobe St. GoH's: actor Jonathan Woodward  
and director & Assoc producer, R.D Price. VIP $350, General $90, 
Workshop with JD $30 Enquires 0402 267 541 or,

SWANCON RENAISSANCE: 10-13 March, 2006. Acacia Hotel, Perth, WA. 
Gohs: Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon & Danny Oz. Cost $100 (supporting 
$35) see for full details.

The International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA) 
March 15-19, 2006, Wyndham Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel. USA. GoH's: 
Charles Vess, M. Thomas Inge, Kathleen Ann Goonan. Currently calling 
for papers for their program. Please submit proposals by 30th 
November. Themes covered include SF, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, 
including Children's and YA lit.llustration. Look for Conference 
Information and Updates at the IAFA website: 
(Originally announced by Dale Knickerbocker, relayed by Ted Scribner.)

CONJURE. National SF convention, Brisbane, Easter, 14-17 April, 
2006.GoHs Cory Doctrow, Bruce Sterling, Sean Williams, Jonathan 
Strahan. Membership $200 until 27th February 2006. Student/Concession 
and High School student discounts available. Children 12 and younger 
free. Check their website

CONCUSSION: 57th British National SF convention. 14-17 April, 2006, 
To be held at The Moat House, Congress Rd, Glasgow. See for full details.

CONCLAVE: NZ National SF & Fantasy con. 2-5 June, 2006. Mount 
Richmond Lodge, 576 Mt Wellington Hw, Mt Wellington, Auckland, 
NZ.GoH's Joan Vinge, Jim Fenkel, Steve Jackson. Han GoH Kevin 
MacLean. Membership. NZ $70 until end of 2005. See for full details. (Thanks to Andrienne 
Losin for passing on this information.)

CONFLUX 3: Queens Birthday Weekend, 9-12 June 2006. National Museum. 
GoHs Ellen Datlow, Kate Forsyth, Sara Douglass and Jackie French. 
Attending m/ship $145. See or e-mail .PO Box 903 Belconnen, ACT 2616 

Continuum. 4-6 August, 06. Venue TBA GoHs  Shaun Tan, Charles 
Stross, Margo Lanagan, Bruce Gillespie. Tickets:$65-$95 prior to 31 
Dec 05. Website:

LA CON IV, the 64th Worldcon. 23-27 August, 2006. Anaheim Convention 
Centre, Hilton & Marriott hotels, Anaheim. GoH's Connie Willis, James 
Gurney, Howard De Vore, Frankie Thoman. Attending m/ship $225 ($au) 
Conversion from supporting membership to attending, $165 (au) 
Kids/supporting memberships $65. e-mail, Postal 
address LA Con c/- S.C.I.F.I. inc, PO Box 8442, Van Nuys, CA, 91409. 
USA. Australians can buy memberships to LaCon by sending a cheque or 
money order made payable to their Australian Agent, Edwin A. Scribner 
c/- 12 Richmount St, Cronulla NSW 2230, preferably with a printout of with personal details 
filled in. Alternatively send your full name, address and email 
address. Attending membership is currently $225 and supprting or 
child (5 - 11) $65. 

NULLUS ANXIETAS The First Australian Discworld Convention. New dates 
Feb 9-11, 2007. Melbourne. Attending $120, concession $100, 
supporting $50. (Gala dinner to cost an extra $90) see for further details.

CONVERGENCE 2. Aus Natcon. Rydges Hotel, Melbourne. Queens Birthday 
weekend, 8-11 June, 07. Theme:YA genre fiction. GoH Isobelle 
Carmody.  See (Reported by Rose 

XIVAMC, Medieval re-enactment group. Easter 2007. Meeting at the 
Danelaw property, Charley's Forest Rd, Wog Wog, NSW. (35 min drive 
north of Braidwood, 3 hrs south of Sydney, 1.5 hrs east of Canberra. 
Registration $150 fully catered for 4 days. See 
for more details. (Reported by J. Gibbins.) 

NIPPON 2007. Worldcon. Aug 30-Sept 3 2007. Pacifico Yokohama 
convention centre, Japan. Gohs: David Brin and Sakyo Komatsu. Artist 
Gohs: Yoshitaka Amano and Michael Whelan. Details at . Australian agent Craig McBride. Membership A$210 
until Sept 30 2005. You can also join 

Geneva Convention a civilised worldcon bid for Switzerland in 2008.

Australia 2010. A Worldcon bid. See 


Ted Scribner's Australian SF&F home page is:
and his list of SF oriented groups in NSW is at 
Coode St Review lists Australian publishing news and achievements by 
Australian writers

AUSTRALIAN WRITERS WEB, Is a great source 
of market information that is always being updated by Tony Plank. 

For links to books, movies and television shows see John Tipper's 
homepage: http://www.collecting books

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