The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 61 – April 2007

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 61
April 2007 
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)

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IAN MCKELLEN (Magneto from X-men, and Gandalf from the Lord of the 
Rings movies, among many other screen credits) along with the Royal 
Shakespeare Company will be performing King Lear & Chekov in the Arts 
Centre, State Theatre , Melbourne from 28th July to 5th August. For 
bookings phone 1300 136 166, see Ticketmaster, or the Arts Centre 
booking office. (reported by Ian Triffitt on the Eidolist.)

TORCHWOOD has been purchased by Channel 10 in Australia (Confirmed by 
Dallas Jones.)

The DR WHO Club of Australia is having a MARTHA JONES and her first 
adventure with THE DOCTOR day on Sunday 6th May at the Drummoyne RSL 
Club, 162 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne, Sydney. KERRIE DOUGHTERY will also 
be speaking about the new book she co-authored, Dr Whp - The Visual 
Dictionary. Cost Adults, $8, DWCA members $6, Children $4. (Catch the 
500 series buses from the city, or bus route 520 from Parramatta 
station which also stops at Rydelmere and West Ryde Stations. The 492 
bus from Rockdale Station which also stops at Kingsgrove, Campsie and 
Burwood Stations also goes to Drummoyne.) 

ELIZABETH MOON, GoH at Inconceivable - Swancon 32 (q.v. conventions) 
this Easter will be doing a book signing from 5-7pm, Wednesday 11th 
April at GALAXY BOOKSHOP, and at INFINITAS BOOKSHOP, Parramatta on 
Thursday 12th April (no time given, EH). Her new book, Command 
Decision was published by Orbit and will be available at the 
booksignings. $19.95 rrp. ISBN 9781841493794. (Information provided 
from her publishers, Galaxy and Infinitas bookshops.)

JENNIFER FALLON will be signing her books at GALAXY BOOKSHOP, York 
St, Sydney, from 5pm on Thursday 19th April (reported by David Lynton)

INFINITAS Bookshop, Parramatta, has started several forums which can 
be found at Why not sign up and join 
in the discussion? 
INFINITAS will be closed on Easter Saturday.

J.J. ABRAMS, of LOST and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 fame is to direct the 
as yet unnamed Star Trek XI movie. He's been quoted as saying "'s 
the brilliance & optimism of Rodenberry's world brought back to the 
big screen.". The project has a draft script, and an expected release 
date of Christmas Day, 2008. (Reported on SF Crowsnest and

Uncut, remastered original STAR TREK episodes can now be downloaded 
from iTunes (Reported on Star, relayed by Richard Gray.)

PIERS ANTHONY's book, Split Infinity is to be adapted into a full 
length anime movie. (Reported on SF Crowsnest.)

E.E.(Doc) SMITH's work is coming into the public domain. PROJECT 
GUTTENBERG already has Triplanetary, the first of the Lensmen books, 
on line at , though Ted Scribner 
points out that the print version of Triplanetary was actually 3 
books (published as the one volume? EH) The first two books 
explaining the nature of Eddore and Arisia, and also giving an 
account of other relevant events prior to Triplanetary, yet it is 
only Triplanetary that appears on line. (reported by Ted Scribner via 
the Larry Niven list) 

New Yahoo group Brisbane Sci-Fi MeetUp has been formed for Brisbane 
SF fans who want to meet up. See more details at (Reported by Brock Ulfsen on 
the Vision writers list.)

CHUCK MCKENZIE is contemplating publishing a re-edited version of his 
novel WORLDS APART to be published in 2008 and has recently announced 
he'll be the new manager of Angus & Robertson, Frankston, Vic. Full 
details can be found at

KEVIN NEALE has been nominated for the SIR JULIUS VOGEL AWARD for his 
story, The Pattern Spinner which appeared in Andromeda Spaceways 
Inflight Magazine issue 25.

Science Fiction Foundation, this competition is open to writers who 
are yet to have a paid fiction sale.(Submitters can have paid non-
fiction sales, and/or have received "payment" for fiction in kind 
i.e. contributors copies.) There will be 2 categories: Writers under 
18 years of age, and adult writers. Stories should be no more than 
1,500 words, 12 pt, double line spaced. Writers contact details to 
appear on cover letter only. (Please include age if entering the 
under 18 category) Entry appears to be free for members of 
Convergence 2, for non-attendees and $20 for non-members, made out to 
Victorian Science Fiction Conventions. Entries can be posted to PO 
BOX 1212 Melbourne, 3001. Winners will be announced at the 
convention, and winning entries will be published at a later date, 
possibly on the net. 

CONVERGENCE 2 MEMBERSHIP FOR SALE: US fan, Andy Porter, is unable to 
attend Convergence 2 due to on-going health problems. He is looking 
to sell his Convergence 2 membership. If you're interested contact 

YING TONG: A WALK WITH THE GOONS. For those Goons fans who missed it 
in Canberra, this play by Roy Smiles will be performed at the Sydney 
Opera House from April 10th to May 19th. Phone (02) 9250 1777 or see (Reported in March/April issue of Open Road 

REAL RABITS THIS EASTER: As well as running an award-winning rabbit 
stud, Susan and Graeme Batho run a rabbit refuge. If you would like 
to adopt a bunny this Easter e-mail:

DONKEY SOCIETY OF NSW. As I met my first genuine donkey owner at a 
science fiction convention, (and aim to be one myself!) in case there 
are any other donkey fanciers out there, donkey societies exist in 
most states of Australia. Annual membership to The Donkey Society of 
NSW is $45 (this includes local newsletters and several issues of The 
Donkey Digest, magazine of the affiliated donkey societies of 
Australia) Contact Sue Mistler, (I'm sure 
she'll put you into contact with donkey societies in other states 
too. There are also at least 3 donkey sanctuaries in Australia ) 
(Vulcans,Elves, Donkeys.Maybe I just have a pointed ear fetish? EH.)

HUGO NOMINATIONS have now been announced. The HUGO's will be voted on 
at NIPPON 07, the World SF convention in Yokohama, Japan later this 
year. (q.v. conventions). Novel: Michael F Ford, Eifelheim, Naomi 
Novik, His Majesty's Dragon, Charles Stross, Glasshouse, Venor 
Vinge,l Rainbows End, Peter Watts, Blindsight. Novellas: Paul Melko, 
The Walls of the Uiniverse, Robert Reed, A Billion Eyes, William 
Shunn, Inclination, Michael Swanwick, Lord Weary's Empire, Robert 
Charles Wilson, Julian: A Christmas Story. Novelette: Paolo 
Bacigalupi, Yellow Card Man, Michael F. Dlynnm Dawnm and Sunset, and 
the Colours of the Earth. Ian McDonald, The Djinn's Wife, Mike 
Resick, All the Things You Are Short stories: Neil Gaiman, How to 
Talk to Girls at Parties, Bruce McAllister, Kin, Timothy Pratt, 
Impossible Dreams, Robert Reed, Eight Episodes, Benjamin Rosenbaum, 
The House Beyond Your Sky. Related Book: Samuel R. Delaney: About 
Writing..., Joseph T. Major, Heinlein's Children..., John Picacio, Cover 
Story, the Art of John Picacio, Mike Resnick & Joe Siclari, Worldcon 
Guest of Honour Speeches. Dramatic Presentation (Long) Children of 
Men, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, The Prestige, A 
Scanner Darkly, V for Vendetta. Dramatic Presentation, Short: 
Battlestar Gallactica, Downloaded. Dr Who, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, 
Girl in the Fireplace, School Reunion. Stargate SG-1, 200. Editor - 
Long: Lou Anders, James Patrick Baen, Ginjer Buchanan, David G 
Hartwell, Patrick Neilsen Hayden. Editor, Short Form: Gardner Dozois, 
David G. Hartwell, Stanley Schmidt, Gordon Van Gelder, Sheila 
Williams. Professional Artist: Bob Eggleton, Donato Giancola, Stephan 
Martiniere, John Jude Palencar, John Picacio. Semiprozine Editors: 
Dave Langford, Andy Cox, Gavin J. Grant, Kelly Link, Charles N. 
Brown, Kirsten Gong-Wong & Liza Groes Trombi, Kathryn Cramer, David 
G. Hartwe;; & Kevin J. Maroney. Fanzines:Claire Brialey & Mark 
Plummer, Guy Lillian III, Christopher J. Garcia, Alison Scott, Steve 
Davies,& Mike Scott, Lee Hoffman, Geri Sullivan & Randy Byers. Fan 
Writer: Chris Garcia, John Hertz, Dave Langford, John Sclazi, Steven 
H. Silver. Fan Artist: Brad W. Foster, Teddy Harvia, Sue Mason, Steve 
Stiles, Frank Wu. John W. CAMPBELL award for Best New Writer: Scott 
Lynch, Sarah Monette, Naomi Novik, Brandon Sanderson, Lawrence M, 
Schoen. (Thanks to Bruce Gillespie for passing this info on. 
Unfortunately my computer refuses to cut and paste it, so I had to 
transcribe it by hand. Typo Warning! EH) 

AND NOW WE ARE 5! This month the revivified Australian Science 
Fiction Bullsheet turns 5! (And I'm still waiting for Marc Ortlieb to 
come storming back to reclaim it's editorship any day now!) Thanks 
for all your hard work, Ted! And thanks to all the readers and 
contributors who keep us going! 

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too 
dark to read"- Groucho Marx 

FORD STREET BOOKS, a new publishing venture by Paul Collins 
advertised in last month's Bullsheet is NOT accepting unsolicited 
manuscripts at this time.

Coeur de lion publishing website can be viewed at 

JASON NAHRUNG's horror novel, The Darkness Within, (ISBN 
9780734409713) to be published by Hodder in June, will be having 2 
launches, the first at Convergence 2 in Melbourne over the Queen's 
Birthday long weekend (q.v. conventions) and at St Magdalene's Bar, 
235 Edward St, Brisbane from 7pm on June 19. KIM WILKINS will be MC 
at this event. Please RSVP to by 30 May.

RUINS anthology seeks stories set near or about ruins left by ancient 
civilizations(not necessarily earth-based, but they can include 
Egyptian or Mayan ruins for example.) Submissions up tp 1-,000 words. 
Payment $25 - $30 (US? EH) plus royalties. Send submissions via e-
mail to with RUINS SUBMISSION in the 
subject line. Submissions close 15th April, looking to publish mid 
2007.(Reported by Wendy Waring on the Visions list.)

DRAGON MOON PRESS is planning a 2nd volume of their "Complete Guide 
to Writing SF" series. They are looking for chapters that help 
writers create more believable, realistic science in their stories. 
Chapters could be on topics such as future technologies, life on 
spaceships etc. Send chapter proposals to by 30 
April. If proposal is acceptable, chapters to be between 4k-12k 
words. (Reported by Tom Dullemond on the Visionwriters list.)

KATE ELLIOT, author of the CROWN OF STARS series has a new book out 
called SPIRIT GATE, book one of a seven book series. This volume is 
published by Orbit in April. 630 pages, trade paperback, $32.95 rrp. 
ISBN 9781841495996.

Hachette Book Group recently announced forthcoming (US) publications: 
Leigh Eddings, and KITTY TAKES A HOLIDAY by Carrie Vaughan. This is 
the 3rd book in a series about Kitty, a werewolf talk show host.(The 
idea tickles me! Edwina) 


ANTIPODEAN SF 106 features flash (under 500 words) fiction from Marie 
Gordon, Tony Williams, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Tavis Potts, Shaun A. 
Saunders, Jackie Hosking, Tsana Dolichiva, Simon Berry, Peter 
MacGregor & Matt Tighe. It can be viewed at

GRAHAM STONE has a catalogue of SF books and pulp SF magazines 
(Amazing Stories, Analog, Galaxy SF) for sale. For a copy of the 
catalogue send a sase to 205/24 Victoria St, Burwood, NSW, 2134. 

LEIGH BLACKMORE's Raven books, specialising in dark and horror 
fiction also includes Sequence comics. For a catalogue e-mail Leigh also occasionally sells on e-bay as seller 
ID Quoth Raven Books. 

MERV BINNS perzine, Out of the Bin is available from PO Box 315, 
Carnegie, Vic, 3163. 

FRIENDS OF LINDA COX CHAN (FOLCC) raise money to donate to Juvenile 
Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated books etc. (Current 
tally $20 Cath Ortlieb, you're a legend! Thank you!) Books looking 
for new homes: A-Team colouring and activity books: Art cards 
autographed by Marianne Plumridge and Bob Eggleton are also for sale. 
To buy items e-mail Edwina Harvey at or snail 
mail Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville, NSW 2036. *Make cheques 
payable to Edwina Harvey please, FOLCC is an informal entity.) You 
can also pay via direct deposit and paypal. 


ANDY PORTER, prominent American fan, Antipodean enthusiast and 
Bullsheet reader, is undergoing chemotherapy following an operation 
for cancer. (Good to see you're well enough to send e-mails, Andy! EH)


MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB, Meet most Friday nights at 74 
Melville Road, West Brunswick 3055.Membership to the MSFC is $25 
single, or $35 family p.a. No meeting on Good Friday For further 
details including meeting details check the MSFC website at 

AUSTREK, the Star Trek fan club in Victoria celebrates its 30th 
anniversary this year and is still going strong with meetings on the 
1st Saturday of every month from 2pm at the Northcote Town Hall, 
Melbourne. Annual membership to the club is $30. See 
for more details. (Reported by Clare McDonald.) 

SPACED OUT: a science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated 
communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15 
concession.) to Spaced Out Inc. PO Box 363, Preston, Vic. 3072.Non-
profit SF club offering monthly meetings, "Diverse Universe" 
newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" annual anthology.

CANBERRA SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays 
of the month. It's a relaxed social society for the discussion of SF 
and fantasy. Membership $24 p.a. For more info write to CSFS PO Box 
47, Civic Square, ACT 2608, or e-mail

SFSA (South Australian Dr Who fan club) Two regular meetings each 
month. Annual membership $15. The regular club meeting is held at the 
Adelaide High School from 3pm-10pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month. 
See for full details or write to PO Box 3227, 
Rundle Mall, SA 5000. (Reported by Martin Dunne.) 

The Doctor Who Club of Australia (DWCA) Membership $16 within Aust. 
provides 6 issues of Data Extract, membership pack, access to the 
club's member-only internet mailing list, discount prices on a range 
of merchandise, admission prices to club functions (including 
Whovention, discounts at selected retail outlets for Doctor Who 
merchandise. For more information contact Dwayne Bunney - or 0416 269 726 or check

SHUTTLE MAWSON ( is a South Australian Star 
Trek fan club, & chapter of Starfleet International, run by Stuart 
Blair. (Reported by Stuart Blair.)

QUEST Queensland Star Trek club. Contact the club at PO BOX 2084, 
Brisbane, QLD. 4001, or check (Reported by 
Kevin Sheehan.)

The Brisbane Babylon 5ers website is at 
(Reported by Erica Sharp, president of the Brisbane Babylon5ers )

VISIONS WRITERS GROUP offers meeting and critiquing for SF, Fantasy 
and Horror writers in QLD Monthly meetings from 11am -2 pm, first 
Sunday of the month (except Jan and Dec) at Dymocks City Store, Queen 
St, Brisbane. $10 joining fee, and $4 per meeting. (reported by Nigel 

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP/Blokey Stuff, Shop 22 Civic Arcade, 48 - 50 George 
Street Parramatta NSW. has 2 groups regularly meeting at its 
premises. The SF Discussion Group meets at 6:30pm on the first 
Thursday of each month except January. A SF Writers Group also meets 
at the shop once a month on Saturdays See for meeting dates. 
(Reported by Tim Martin via Ted Scribner). 
Sci-Fi Monthly is a relaxed, casual SF book discussion group that 
meet at 2pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at NEW VENUE: Café 
Gallery, Eastgate shopping centre, Bondi Junction, Sydney. See for more details.

SYDNEY FANS IN THE PUB. Now meet from 6.30pm on the second Tuesday of 
the month at the Civic Hotel, Crn Pitt & Goulburn Sts, Sydney. 

mail for meeting details. 

STARWALKING: holds meetings af the 
Lidcombe Catholic Workers Club, 24 John St, Lidcombe, opposite 
Lidcombe Railway station on the third Sunday of some months. 
Attendance costs $8 members, $10 non-members.

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION (fsf) meet at Bankstown Sports Club, 8 
Greenfield Pde, Bankstown (a short walk from Bankstown railways 
station.) on the 2nd Sunday of each month.Check for more 

NEWCASTLE SPACE FRONTIER SOCIETY (NSFS) Regular meetings and social 
functions. Full details available at (Reported 
by Jack Dwyer.) 

SPOCKSOC: A SF group run by students at the University of NSW, 
Kensington, Sydney.


VORTEX: SF Events happening in Brisbane, can be found at

TEZUKA: The Marvel of Manga is an exhibition celebrating the life of 
Tezuka Osamu, who created over 700 manga titles during his lifetime 
exhibition, featuring original drawings and designs runs until 29th 
April, and features free showings of Anime films at 2pm and 7.15 pm 
on Wednesdays and 2pm on Sundays. (n.b as The National Gallery of 
Victoria is listed as a sponsor, this exhibit has either been to Vic, 
or is heading ther. Me check.)

DYLAN MORAN (aka Bernard Black, from Black Books) is touring 
Australia performing in Melbourne Town Hall April 5-14, Canberra 
Theatre April 17, Hobart Tasman Hall, April 18, Brisbane Qpac Concert 
Hall April 23 and Perth Concert Hall April 29th. See for further details.

JIM HENSON's Puppet Up (an uncensored variation of the muppets by the 
look of it) will be performing at Princess Theatre, Melbourne April 
14-15 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 


DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) The race for a DUFF contender is on again, 
and full details can be found at (Thanks to Irwin Hirsch for 
passing this information on.)

GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be 

XIVAMC, Medieval re-enactment group. Easter 5-8 April, 2007. Meeting 
at the Danelaw property, Charley's Forest Rd, Wog Wog, NSW. (35 min 
drive north of Braidwood, 3 hrs south of Sydney, 1.5 hrs east of 
Canberra. Registration $150 fully catered for 4 days. See for more details. (Reported by J. Gibbins.) 

INCONCEIVABLE, SWANCON 32, Easter 5- 9 April, 2007. Acacia Hotel, 
Northbridge, W.A. GoH's: Elizabeth Moon, David Gerrold, Matthew 
Reilly, Russell B. Farr. Damian Magee. Membership $110 ($90 
concession. See Or e-mail 

CONTEMPLATION:is the UK Eastercon (5-9 April 2007) which replaces 
CONVOY which was cancelled, Crowne Plaza, Chester, UK. See for more details. 

SUPANOVA: Pop expo, Brisbane, 13-15 April, RNA Showground. Billy Dee 
Williams among many GoHs/ See

ARMAGEDON PULP EXPO April 14-15, Christchurch, NZ, See

TERRA NOVA V: The Emissary Cometh. April 20-22. GoH's Avery Brooks 
and Barry Jenner VENUE CHANGE! Now at Police Club, Adelaide, SA. See for full details. (Reported by Stuart Blair) 

FIRST CONTACT CONVENTIONS, 1 Day convention, Sat April 28th. GoH's 
Don Davis & Devid Deluise. Melbourne Busienss School, 200 Leicester 
St, Carlton, Melb. See

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION 1 Day Convention, Sun April 29th, 
Bankstown Sports Centre, Sydney GoH's Don Davis & David Deluise. See

ALPHA 2 OMEGA. A literary & dramatic arts convention apparently for 
Chtistian writers. May 5-7 (Labour Day long weekend, QLD) Sydney St 
Theatre, Sydney St, New Farm, Brisbane. Membership $150, $115 
concession. See for 
full details. (Reported by James Collins) 

CONSPIRACY II, NZ Natcon. 1-4th June, Mercure Hotel, Willis St, 
Wellington, NZ. See GoH's: Eric Flint, 
Marianne de Pierres, Isobelle Carmody. Dylan Horrocks. Fan GoH: 
Barbara Clendon. Membership NZ$80 from 1 Jan until 20th May, then NZ 
$90 from 20th May until the door. Day rates also available. (Don't 
forget the Pitching Competition this convention is offering for 
novels and scripts. (Thanks to Robin Johnson for the additional 

CONVERGENCE 2. Australian Natcon, 2007. Rydges Hotel, Melbourne. 
Queens Birthday weekend, 8-11 June, 07. Theme:YA genre fiction. GoHs 
Australian fantasy author Isobelle Carmody & Melinda M Snodgrass, 
Star Trek script writer, author of The Circuit Trilogy and co-author 
of the Wild Cards series with George R.R. Martin.. Anime GoH: Piro. 
Membership from 1st March - 1st May $175. Students 15 yrs and over 
$55. Children under 15 free, Concession rates also available. See (Reported by Rose Mitchell.). Postal 
address GPO Box 1212 Melbourne, Vic 3001.

TOLKIEN SEMINAR: 25th August, 2007. NSW Writers Centre, Rozelle, 
Sydney. As the first Tolkien seminar to be held outside the UK, this 
event is endorsed by the Tolkien Society. To get updates of this 
function see The 
Tolkien Society is also calling for papers on Middleearth to be 
presented at this seminar. Speakers should be looking at having their 
papers run for 20 or 46 minutes. (This allows time for questions and 
discussions after the paper has been presented.) Send a title and 
summary/abstract to by 1st June 07. 
(Reported by Ted Scribner.)

SCINUT Conventions Eastern Seaboard 4 City Tour: Canberra, Melbourne, 
Brisbane, Sydney. 25th Aug 07 - 2 Sept 07. Celebrating 40 years of 
Star Trek in Oz. Guests Jack Donner, (Dragon Dronet Props), Wanda 
Piety, Susan Schwartz. $60 adults, $30 concession. Bookings via e-
bay:, or see (Reported on Scinut newsletter) 

NIPPON 2007. Worldcon. Aug 30-Sept 3 2007. Pacifico Yokohama 
convention centre, Japan. Gohs: David Brin and Sakyo Komatsu. Artist 
Gohs: Yoshitaka Amano and Michael Whelan. Details at .. You can also join Australian agent Craig 

CONFLUX 4 will be held from Sept 28th to October 1, 2007.(October 
long weekend in some states.) GoH's: Graham Joyce, Garth Nix, Simon 
Brown, Karron Warren, Donna Maree Hanson and Sharyn November. Full 
membership is $110, Student & Concession $75, and Supporting members 
$35. Prices rise on 1st January 07. See for more 
details. (Reported by Nicole R. Murphy.)

DENVENTION: The Worldcon in 2008 will be held in Denver, 6-10 August 
08. See

Australia 2010 Worldcon bid. Let's do it again in 2010! The Aussie 
Worldcon bid seems to be getting good support from overseas. Pre-
supporting m/ships $20. Firend m/ships $100. E-mail for information about paypal and credit card 
payments. See or e-mail Postal address Australia in 2010, GPO Box 1212 
Melbourne, Australia. 3001. US AGENT: David Evans, UK Agents Eve & 
John Harvey, European Agent: Vince Docherty.

If you've read this far and you want to wish us a happy birthday, why 
not send us an e-mail to with Happy 5th 
Birthday!" in the subject line. Thanks! Edwina.


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The Inkspillers web site, is a great 
source of market information for SF writers that is always being 
updated by Tony Plank. 

For links to books, movies and television shows see John Tipper's 
homepage: http://www.collecting books

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