The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 63 – July 2007

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 63
July 2007 
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)


DITMAR AWARD WINNERS: Novel: The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliot. 
Novella/Novellette The Devil In Mr Pussy (or How I Found God Inside 
My Wife) by Paul Haines. Short story: The Fear of White by Rjurik 
Davidson. Collected Work: The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction 
and Fantasy Vol 2. Edited by Bill Congreve and Michelle Marquardt. 
Professional Artwork: Andrew MacRea for 25Lies/1 Truth. Professional 
achievement: Bill Congreve for Mirrordanse Books and 2 editions of 
Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology. Fan Writer: 
Danny Oz. Fan Artist: Jon Swabey. Fan production: ASiF website, Alisa 
Krasnostein Executive Editor. Fanzine: HorrorScope, Shane Jiraiya 
Cummings Managing Editor, Fan Achievement: Alisa Krasnostein for 
establishing AsiF. New Talent: Alisa Krasnostein.

The William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review was won by 
Justine Larbalestier for Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction 
in the Twentieth Century.

The Peter McNamara Award (now awarded by Mariann McNamara) was won by 
Shaun Tan

The A. Bertram Chandler Award was won by Bruce Gillespie

Congratulations to all the winners! 

We hope all our Melbourne readers are safe, high & dry! Edwina 
(watching the news!)

CONVERGENCE 2. A thumbnail review. What it lacked in "Glitz & Titz" 
it made up for in social opportunities. It was a small, but fun 
convention. It was good to catch up with people again, many for the 
first time in half a decade. It was especially good to see Merv Binns 
enjoying himself at the con, and his wife Helena was impeccably 

CONFLUX 4 VIRTUAL MINICON: This is a free on-line convention from 
midday Aug 3 to midday Aug 4.Five of the GoH's will be at the virtual 
minicon. See for more details. (Reported by Nicole 
R. Murphy.)

CONFLUX 4 recently announced it had a special deal going for people 
wanting DEALERS TABLES at the convention. Until 31st July fans can 
book tables for $80, professional rate is $145 for 1 table, or $245 
for 2 tables. If you also want to attend the convention, membership 
is an additional $100. e-mail or phone the 
Conflux 4 chair, Nicole R. Murphy, on 0423 167 047

CONFLUX 4 deadlines for submitting materials for the con's souvenier 
book is 30 July. Deadline for showbag inserts 1st September. 

DOUJICON, a Melbourne convention offering "the best in local comics, 
cartoons and Manga Doujinshi...Learn how to make your own comics " is 
on Sat, 28th July, from 10am. Building K, Monash Uni, Caulfield, 
Melbourne. See for full details.

The Queensland Writers Centre is calling for Expressions of Interest 
from Australian writers (including playwrights, screenwriters, poets, 
fiction & non-fiction authors) and editors to teach seminars, 
workshops or masterclasses running from 2 hrs to multi-day in 2008. 
For submission details abd program details see Alternatively e-
mail submissions to (reported by Kate Eltham on 
the Visions list.) 

MELBOURNE WRITERS FESTIVAL's opening night on Fri 24th August will 
feature keynote addresses by CLIVE JAMES and DAVID EGGERS who wrote a 
comic strip for SF weekly, among other writing successes. The opening 
will be at the Malthouse Theatre, Southbank, Melbourne. To book 
tickets phone 9685-5111, see or go to the box 
office at 113 Sturt St, Southbank.

CHUCK MCKENZIE, manager of the Frankston Angus & Robertson bookshop, 
is publishing a monthly newsletter highlighting books and authors of 
interest, as well as general news. To join this group see 

Congratulations to Crowswing Books who received 19 nominations in 
this year's British Fantasy Awards.

Its raining SF!!! - Or at least it seems to be with Torchwood on 
Channel 10 on Monday nights, while Dr Who on Thursday and Saturday 
nights on Channel 2, as well as the new series Hyperdrive (Which 
looks like Red Dwarf meets The Office, but with fewer laughs as far 
as I can tell. EH) on Channel 2.

BARBARELLA BACK AGAIN! Dino & Martha De Laurentis are to produce a 
new version of the cult SF movie, Barbarella.The movie will be 
directed by Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, Sin City & Spy Kids.) 
(Reported on SF Crowsnest.) (Wonder who they'll get to play Pygar??? 

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too 
dark to read"- Groucho Marx 

TANSY RAYNER ROBERTS' new book, Seacastle, the first book in the Lost 
Simmeron series was launched at Melbourne's State Library on 10 June. 
Published by ABC Books. ISBN 9780733320262. $12.95. There's also a 
great promo trailer at 

PAUL COLLINS' publishing imprint, Ford Street Books, has released its 
first YA novel, Before the Storm by SEAN McMULLEN . ISBN: 978-1-
876462-50-5 RRP $19.95. Copies can be purchased via MacMillan 
customer service. Email or phone 1300 135 

SONNY WHITELAW's eco-thriller book, The RHESUS FACTOR, is now 
available as a free e-book. You can download it as a PDF from Sonny's 
webpage: It's also available in 
several e-reader formats through As the fiction portrayed in 
this book is fast becoming reality with regards to climate change, 
the publishers have decided to offer this book to interested readers 
for free. 

ALISTAIR REYNOLD's new book, THE PREFECT, the story of Tom Dreyfus, a 
Prefect (sort of policeman) whose beat is the multi-faceted utopian 
society, The Glitter Band, a vast swirl of space habitats. After a 
murder, is the Glitter Band still in control of its own destiny? (I 
enjoyed Reynold's earlier novel, Pushing Ice, and can't wait to read 
this one! EH). ISBN: 978-0-575-07818-5 RRP $32.95

RICHARD MORGAN's new SF Thriller, BLACK MAN, deals with a future 
where genetically engineered alpha males are designed to fight wars, 
but they're dangerous to have around in peacetime, so most of them 
are sent to Mars. This novel deals with prejudice and the 
ramifications of playing with mankind's genetic blueprint. ISBN 978-
0-575-07767-6. RRP $32.95. 

JUSTINA ROBSON's new novel, SELLING OUT is about Special Agent, Lila 
Black, tortured and magic-scarred by Elves, rebuilt by humans into a 
nuclear-fuelled part-robot. Her boyfriend's a half-elf, half-demon 
international rock star, and a mission to Hell is the last thing she 

CHARLAIN HARRIS' book, DEAD AS A DOORNAIL is about Sookie Stackhouse, 
a cocktail waitress who can read minds. Things just seem to happen 
when Sookie is around, like someone trying to wipe out the shape-
changing population. 

story of Pontius Pilate's wife who has second sight and repeatedly 
dreams of a man who wears a crown of thorns.

THE MUSIC OF THE MARX BROTHERS is a new (and long awaited!) book by 
Michael A Yahn Frederick. It's published this month and is available 
for US $24.95 (plus postage and handling) from,, and 

BELONGING: A PLACE CALLED HOME: is a proposed 2 vol new anthology 
edited by Russell B Farr, to be published by Ticonderoga publications 
in 2008. It's currently open to submissions on the speculative 
explorations of migration (a relevant issue in Australia at the 
present.) Submissions close 1st September, 2007. See 

The next AGOG! anthology will be Canterbury 2100. They are "seeking 
short stories from a group of travellers on their way to Canterbury" 
in a future "where storytelling is once again a valued skill" This 
anthology will be inspired by the classic 14th century Canterbury 
Tales by Chaucer, and will be edited by Dirk Flinthart. See for more 

THE KISS OF THE LILY will be a spec fic romance anthology focusing on 
the sacrifices of love. Sexual content allowed if it's integral to 
the development of the story. This anthology is open to Australians & 
Australian residents only. Original work only, no reprints. Paying 1 
cent a word Stories up to 5000 words. Submissions open 1st October, 
and close 31st December. E-mail submissions to in 12 pt Courier, double spaced 
RTF as an attachment. Submitters names & contact details are not to 
be put on the submissions, but in the body of the e-mail instead as 
editors want to read stories blind. In the subject line of the e-mail 
write Submissioin and title of your story.

ANTIPODEAN SF 108 features flash (under 500 words) fiction. It can 
be viewed at

RIPPLES magazine seeks original works by Australian writers, 
illustrators & poets. All genres considered. Pays in contributors 
copies. Annual subscription is $18 (4 issues). See (reported by Sam Cousins) 

stories of a humorous, absurdist nature, stories that don't fit 
comfortably within any genre. Magazine buys first North American 
serial rights. Story lengths 2000-5000 words. Submissions should be 
single spaced, and can be sent via e-mail as a RTF attachment to Put your cover letter in the body of 
the e-mail. Alternatively snail mail submissions to Michael Smith Jr. 
165 Northhampton St, Apt E, Easthampton, MA 01027 USA. (Reported by 
Tehani Wessley) 

NOCTEM AETERNUS is a planned free new PDF magazine expected to launch 
on 1 January, 2008, looking to publish SF, Fantasy, Adventure, and 
Western stories that contain an element of horror. Submissions open 
on 1st June. Please do not send submissions before this date. Paying 
10 cents a word. You can view submission guidelines or subscribe to 
this magazine at (Reported by Astrid Cooper on 
the Visions list.)

MUTTERINGS FROM MUNCHKINLAND, No. 24, Dec 06. What other fanzine can 
lay claim to being "The Only West Australian fanzine published in 
Fiji" and also bring you a multi-paged editorial about a Fijian home 
invasion as well as the most recent Fijian military coup? Fortunately 
editor, Chris Nelson and his family are back in Australia now. The 
fanzine also has a reprinted article about the life of Eric Russell 
and an interesting reprint of a con report for the 1955 Australian 
natcon held in Sydney. (How things have changed! EH). Copies can be 
acquired from Chris via snailmail, 63 Ligertwood St, Evatt, ACT 2617, 
or e-mail 

GRAHAM STONE has a catalogue of SF books and pulp SF magazines 
(Amazing Stories, Analog, Galaxy SF) for sale. For a copy of the 
catalogue send a sase to 205/24 Victoria St, Burwood, NSW, 2134. 

LEIGH BLACKMORE's Raven books, specialising in dark and horror 
fiction also includes Sequence comics. For a catalogue e-mail Leigh also occasionally sells on e-bay as seller 
ID Quoth Raven Books. 

MERV BINNS perzine, Out of the Bin is available from PO Box 315, 
Carnegie, Vic, 3163. 

FRIENDS OF LINDA COX CHAN (FOLCC) raise money to donate to Juvenile 
Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated books etc. (Current 
tally $0. $40 donated to JDRF after Convergence 2. Thanks to everyone 
who bought art cards at the con to help boost our tally!) Books 
looking for new homes:A-Team colouring and activity books: Art cards 
autographed by Marianne Plumridge and Bob Eggleton are also for sale. 
To buy items e-mail Edwina Harvey at or snail 
mail Edwina, c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville, NSW 2036. *Make cheques 
payable to Edwina Harvey please, FOLCC is an informal entity.) You 
can also pay via direct deposit and paypal. 


Australian writer TERRY DARTNELL had an unsuccessful Whipple 
Procedure (an operation to remove cancer from the pancreas) with 
complications. (Reported on the Visions list.) 

ANDY PORTER, prominent American fan, Antipodean enthusiast and 
Bullsheet reader, is undergoing chemotherapy following an operation 
for cancer.

MERV BINNS, prominent Australian fan, former manager of Space Age 
Books, is slowly recovering following triple by-pass heart surgery 
followed by a bout of pneumonia in March. 

DANNY OZ, popular Melbourne fan and convention organiser, recovering 
from a stroke that has affected his balance. (I was shocked to hear 
this at Convergence. Thanks to James Allen for additional 

Happy [censored]th Birthday to Melbourne-based fan and all-round 
swell gal, LUCY ZINKIEWICZ!!!!

(If any other readers would like a Bullsheet birthday announcement, 
just let me know which month your birthday falls in. Edwina) 


MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB, Meet most Friday nights at 74 
Melville Road, West Brunswick 3055.Membership to the MSFC is $25 
single, or $35 family p.a. No meeting on Good Friday For further 
details including meeting details check the MSFC website at 

AUSTREK, the Star Trek fan club in Victoria which has been going 
strong for more than 30 years meet on the 1st Saturday of every month 
from 2pm at the Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne. Annual membership to 
the club is $30. See for more details. (Reported by 
Clare McDonald.) 

DR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA has been operating for over 25years. Their 
newsletter - Sonic Screwdriver - publishes news, reviews & gossip on 
Dr Who as well as publishing fanfic & pictures 6 times a year. If you 
join in December/Jan membership is $24 (or $35 for a family 
membership) which gets you 7 issues of the newsletter. Membership 
then reduces depending on which month you join, i.e. August/Sept is 
$10 ($15 family.) Members receive discounts on purchases at ABC shops 
and Minotuar in Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Family memberships also 
available. See

GEELONG SCIENCE FICTION CLUB: Join the on-line group at (Reported by Ben 

SPACED OUT: a science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated 
communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15 
concession.) to Spaced Out Inc. PO Box 363, Preston, Vic. 3072.Non-
profit SF club offering monthly meetings, "Diverse Universe" 
newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" annual anthology.

OUT THERE "You find a lot of queer things in space" is a social club 
for gay SF fans, mostly over 30, that meets monthly in Adelaide. 
Phone Rod on 0402027891 for more details. 

CANBERRA SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays 
of the month. It's a relaxed social society for the discussion of SF 
and fantasy. Membership $24 p.a. For more info write to CSFS PO Box 
47, Civic Square, ACT 2608, or e-mail

The Doctor Who Club of Australia (DWCA) Membership $16 within Aust. 
provides 6 issues of Data Extract, membership pack, access to the 
club's member-only internet mailing list, discount prices on a range 
of merchandise, admission prices to club functions (including 
Whovention, discounts at selected retail outlets for Doctor Who 
merchandise. For more information contact Dwayne Bunney - or 0416 269 726 or check

STARSHIP MAWSON ( is a South Australian Star 
Trek fan club, & chapter of Starfleet International, run by Stuart 
Blair. (Reported by Stuart Blair.)

QUEST Queensland Star Trek club. Contact the club at PO BOX 2084, 
Brisbane, QLD. 4001, or check (Reported by 
Kevin Sheehan.)

The Brisbane Babylon 5ers website is at 
(Reported by Erica Sharp, president of the Brisbane Babylon5ers )

VISIONS WRITERS GROUP offers meeting and critiquing for SF, Fantasy 
and Horror writers in QLD Monthly meetings from 11am -2 pm, first 
Sunday of the month (except Jan and Dec) at Queensland State Library, 
Rm 2D, 2nd Floor. Brisbane. $10 joining fee, and $4 per meeting. 
There website is  You can also join their 
virtual group (great for writing tips and general SF info) at (Reported by Kris 

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP/Blokey Stuff, Shop 22 Civic Arcade, 48 - 50 George 
Street Parramatta NSW. has 2 groups regularly meeting at its 
premises. The SF Discussion Group meets at 6:30pm on the first 
Thursday of each month except January. A SF Writers Group also meets 
at the shop once a month on Saturdays See for meeting dates. 
(Reported by Tim Martin via Ted Scribner). 

Sci-Fi Monthly is a relaxed, casual SF book discussion group that 
meet at 2pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Café Gallery, Eastgate 
shopping centre, Bondi Junction, Sydney. See 
for more details.

SYDNEY FANS IN THE PUB meet from 6.30pm on the second Tuesday of the 
month at the Civic Hotel, Crn Pitt & Goulburn Sts, Sydney. 

mail for meeting details.

STARWALKING: holds meetings af the 
Lidcombe Catholic Workers Club, 24 John St, Lidcombe, opposite 
Lidcombe Railway station on the third Sunday of some months. 
Attendance costs $8 members, $10 non-members.

TAG, TERRA AUSTRALIS GARRISON - a Starwars stormtrooper appreciation 
society. Details can be found at (reported on Sci fi 

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION (fsf) meet at Bankstown Sports Club, 8 
Greenfield Pde, Bankstown (a short walk from Bankstown railways 
station.) on the 2nd Sunday of each month.Check for more 

NEWCASTLE SPACE FRONTIER SOCIETY (NSFS) Regular meetings and social 
functions. Full details available at (Reported 
by Jack Dwyer.) 

SPOCKSOC: A SF group run by students at the University of NSW, 
Kensington, Sydney.


VORTEX: SF Events happening in Brisbane, can be found at

ADELAIDE POP CULTURE FESTIVAL will be held 18th - 26 August at the 
South Australian Museum. Adelaide. (Reported on Sci-fi reporter)

The COSTUMERS GUILD of SA will be holding their annual ball at the 
Burnside Ballroom on 25th August. (Reported on Sci-fi reporter.)

CONCATENATION is celebrating its 20th anniversary by one of its 
members, Tony Bailey, endeavouring to swim the English Channel (20 
miles) in July to raise money for several charities. Sponsors 
welcome! See 
Concatenation has also recently uploaded heaps of information on 
films, publishing news, book reviews, and trivia. See

IAN MCKELLEN (Magneto from X-men, and Gandalf from the Lord of the 
Rings movies, among many other screen credits) along with the Royal 
Shakespeare Company will be performing King Lear & Chekov in the Arts 
Centre, State Theatre, Melbourne from 28th July to 5th August. For 
bookings phone 1300 136 166, see Ticketmaster, or the Arts Centre 
booking office. (reported by Ian Triffitt on the Eidolist.)

Jeff Wayne's stage musical, WAR OF THE WORLDS, featuring Justin 
Hayward (aka lead singer from Moody Blues) and a 30 ft tall Martian 
fighting machine, will be touring Australia in September. Tickets are 
already on sale and selling fast. Dates and venues are: Sat 8th 
September, Perth, Burswood Superdome; Thurs 13th Sept, Brisbane 
Entertainment Centre; Tues 18th Sept, Sydney Acer Arena (Homebush), 
Friday 21st Sept, Melbourne Ron Laver Arena. (Reported by Sonny 
Whitelaw on the Visions list.). 

GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be 

THINK GALACTICON a con where "leftists can discuss politics and 
speculative fiction in an intelligent, engaging and fun fashion" July 
13-15, Roosevelt University, downtown Chicago. USA. (Reported by 
Marianne de Pierres on the Visions list.) 

SHOCK CULTURE: Astor Theatre, St Kilda, Melbourne. 18th August. GoH: 
Alan Ruok. Also in Sydney, Aug 25th (No venue announced) See: (reported on Scinut) 

TOLKIEN SEMINAR: 25th August, 2007. NSW Writers Centre, Rozelle, 
Sydney. As the first Tolkien seminar to be held outside the UK, this 
event is endorsed by the Tolkien Society. To get updates of this 
function see The 
Tolkien Society is also calling for papers on Middleearth to be 
presented at this seminar. Speakers should be looking at having their 
papers run for 20 or 46 minutes. (This allows time for questions and 
discussions after the paper has been presented.) Send a title and 
summary/abstract to by 1st June 07. 
(Reported by Ted Scribner.)

SCINUT Conventions Eastern Seaboard 4 City Tour: Canberra, Sat 25th 
Aug.Diplomat Hotel. Brisbane, 2 Sept, Mercure Hotel. Celebrating 40 
years of Star Trek in Oz. Guests Jack Donner, (Dragon Dronet Props), 
Wanda Piety, Susan Schwartz. $60 adults, $30 concession. Bookings via 
e-bay:, or see (Reported on Scinut newsletter) 

NIPPON 2007. Worldcon. Aug 30-Sept 3 2007. Pacifico Yokohama 
convention centre, Japan. Gohs: David Brin and Sakyo Komatsu. Artist 
Gohs: Yoshitaka Amano and Michael Whelan. Details at .. You can also join Australian agent Craig 

SHOCK CULTURE Sydney 15th September, Melbourne 16th September (no 
venues announced as yet) Theme: Firefly/Serenity. GoHs Morena 
Baccarin, Christina Hennricks . Membership $88 general, $300 VIP. 

CONFLUX 4 will be held from Sept 28th to October 1, 2007.(October 
long weekend in some states.) GoH's: Graham Joyce, Garth Nix, Simon 
Brown, Karron Warren, Donna Maree Hanson and Sharyn November. Full 
membership is $190 until 28th Sept then $220 at door. Student & 
Concession $130 until 28 Sept. $155 at door. Supporting members $35. 
See for more details. (Reported by Nicole R. 

SUPANOVA Sydney. 12-14 October. Exhibition Hall 2, Sydney Olympic 
Park. See for more details, 

ARMAGEDDON/SHOCK CULTURE: Sydney. 13-14 October. Royal Hall of 
Industries. Moore Park (Fox Studios) GoHs: Adam West (Batman from 
1960s TV series), Julia Newmer (Catwoman from Batman 1960s TV 
series), Ray Park, Matt Wood, Jane Badler and Pro-wrestlers. 
Admission $15. See 

FANTASYCON 2007. 21-23 Sept, Britannia Hotel, Nottingham, UK. GoH's 
Terry Brooks, Michael Marshall-Smith, Stephen Jones. (Reported on SF 

ARMAGEDDON , NZ. 20-22 October. Aotea Centre, Auckland. NZ. GoHs: 
Adam West (Batman from 1960s TV series), Julia Newmer (Catwoman from 
Batman 1960s TV series), Ray Park, Matt Wood, Jane Badler and Pro-
wrestlers. Tickets on sale from 1st September via Ticketek. (Reported 
on Scinut.) 

CRUISE TREK DOWNUNDER: Sets sail from Sydney 4th November, calls in 
on Melbourne, Tasmania & NZ, with some Lord of the Rings shore trips 
planned for New Zealand. Star Trek GoHs rumoured to be attending. 
Variety of on-bard accommodation available. See 
for more details (but prices are in $US!)(Thanks to Clare McDonald 
for the additional information.) 

BoBW convention. 9-11 November.Sebel hotel, 350 Church St, Parramatta 
(Sydney). Stargate theme. GoHS Joe Flannagan, Teryl Rothery, Peter 
Williams, Sonny Whitelaw. Memberships per day: VIP $300. Gold $250, 
Basic $195. e-mail, see or phone 02 

SWANCON 2008. Perth. Natcon 2008. GoH Paul Cornell (? EH) More 
details to follow.

CONRUNNER 2008, 28-29 June 08, Britannia Hotel, Wolverhampton, UK. A 
convention about running conventions. Membership 25 pounds.

DENVENTION: The Worldcon in 2008 will be held in Denver, 6-10 August 
08. See

AUSTRALIAN NATCON 2009 will be in Adelaide. 

Australia 2010 Worldcon bid. Let's do it again in 2010! The Aussie 
Worldcon bid seems to be getting good support from overseas. Pre-
supporting m/ships $20. Firend m/ships $100. E-mail for information about paypal and credit card 
payments. See or e-mail Postal address Australia in 2010, GPO Box 1212 
Melbourne, Australia. 3001. US AGENT: David Evans, UK Agents Eve & 
John Harvey, European Agent: Vince Docherty.


Ted Scribner's Australian SF&F home page is:
and his list of SF oriented groups in NSW is at 

The Inkspillers web site, is a great 
source of market information for SF writers that is always being 
updated by Tony Plank. 

For links to books, movies and television shows see John Tipper's 
homepage: http://www.collecting books

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