The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 84 – March 2009

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 84
March 2009
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)


 LAND OF FIRE AND FLOODING RAINS: From what we've been able to
ascertain, no fans have been directly affected by the fires or floods
that have recently ravaged parts of Queensland, Northern NSW and
Victoria, though there have been a few close calls reported as at
27/2/09. (EH)

BUSHFIRE  RAFFLE FOR ANIMALS. Writer and animal lover, Astrid
(Gillian) Cooper has  organised a raffle offering more than 30 prizes
including children's books, adult books, a manuscript assessment,
jewellery & silk pieces to raise money to donate to animal welfare
agencies such as the RSPCA and wildlife rescue dealing with the many
injured domestic and wild animals that were victims of the recent
bushfires. Tickets are $3 each or 5 for $10. The raffle will close
30th March and be drawn on 2nd April. Full details of that raffle can
be found at: <>

 I know many in the SF community are horse lovers like myself. The
Triple R equine relief organisation
<> were quick to organise an
evacuation point for many of the animals that survived the fires.
This group of volunteers are working flat out treating burned or
injured horses, donkeys, etc, trying to reunite lost animals with
their owners, find temporary agistment, and rehome animals that no
longer have owners, or whose owners can no longer keep them. You can
make a donation to this organisation through their website, and
donations over $2 are tax deductable.

CONGRATULATIONS RICHARD HARLAND whose story  "A Guided Tour in the
Kingdom of the Dead" from the  Dreaming Again anthology will be
included in Tor's Year's Best Fantasy #9 anthology.

CONGRATULATIONS  IAN NICHOLS who will be presenting papers at  the
International Great Writing Conference, in Bangor, Wales and  the
First Global Conference on Making Sense of Aging: The Times of Our
Lives. Ian's also had a major paper, A Comparison of the ideology of
Robert E Howard's Conan Tales and J R R Tolkien's The Lord Of The
Rings. published in The Dark Man, the Journal of Robert E Howard
Studies and has a novel, The Whorl and the Pallin, published with
Tactile Press later this year.

VICTORIAN SPEC FIC WRITERS: THE Victorian Writers Centre is offering
a SPECIAL OFFER TO SF WRITERS who book into the next "The Year of
Speculative Fiction – the SF novel Challenge" with  renowned
Australian SF author, LUCY SUSSEX. Book before 6th March by calling
The Victorian writers' Centre on 9654 9068, & mention "VWC PROMO
DEAL" to receive a discount. This intensive 1 day course will be held
on Saturday 28 March, 10am – 4 pm, Victorian Writers Centre, 1st
Floor, Nicholas Bldg. 37 Swanston St, Melbourne. Applicants must
submit sample chapters and story outlines to be eligible. Cost $570
(or $530 for VWC members) This course will also be repeated on 28
March, 23 May, 25 July, 26 September, 28 November.) (Reported by Kate
Eltham on the Visions List)

DUFF - The Down Under Fan Fund race is open again. It's a fund to
allow North American and Australasian fans to visit each others'
cons. This year it's for someone in  Australasia to go to
Anticipation, the Worlcon hosted in Canada later this year.
Nominations close on 15th March, voting closes in May. See  for more information. (Reported by
Nicole R Murphy)

CONJECTURE, the Natcon in Adelaide in June looks like it will be
going ahead (according to word around the traps. Nothing new on their
website yet. I suggest you keep checking if thinking of going to
Conjecture. EH)

PHILIP K. DICK's last wife, Tessa, has reworked The Owl In Daylight,
the novel the legendary science fiction author was working on when he
died in 1982 as a tribute to Dick. It is said to be "loosely based"
on Dick's life. A biopic about Philip K. Dick also called The Owl in
Daylight, is also being planned.
 See <
owl-daylight> for full details (relayed by Andy Porter.)

THE LOST BOOK is an interactive animated webseries that tells the
story of investigative journalist, Aileen Adler and her dog Watson
who have to solve the crime of the stolen book. Viewers can leave
their plot ideas on the website <> (Relayed by
Paul Mannering on the Visions list.)

Anyone attending the WORLD HORROR CONVENTION in 2010 (q.v.
conventions) interested in doing a reading can register at the
website under the "Programming" icon. See <>

You're getting this  issue of Bullsheet early because I'll be
mooching with the donkeys at the Royal Canberra Show this weekend. If
you see a donkey fan wearing an Andromeda Spaceways  Inflight
Magazine T-shirt, chances are it's me. EH

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too
dark to read"- Groucho Marx

crime non-fiction book aimed at young readers. Fully illustrated by
Louise Prout, it features an introduction by Kerry Greenood. Ford
Street Publishing RRP $16.95. ISBN 0781876462765

SEX, LIES AND VAMPIRES is the third deliciously funny romp through a
world of alpha male "Dark Ones" and the charismatic women they fall
for by KATIE MacALISYER. HODDER. RRP 19.99n ISBN9780340951996.

SUCCUBUS IN THE CITY is a new novel by NINA HARPER about all that's
important in life: sex, high fashion. Piatkus. RRP $19.99

VLAD; THE LAST CONFESSION  blends fact and fiction about Count
Dracula in a new novel by Canadian actor, playwright, fight
choreographer and fencer, C.C. HUMPHREYS. Orion. EEP $32.99. food and
hanging out with your supernatural gal pals. ISBN9781409104629.

NECROPHENIA offers  private eyes, glamorous dames, ukulele maestro
George Formby, Mama Cass, Mick Jagger and Elvis Presley and millions
and millions of zombies in ROBERT RANKIN's latest novel. Gollancz.RRP

SPIRIT by GWYNETH JONES is said to be a high-octane retelling of the
Count of Monte Cristo in space. Gollancz.  RRP $35.

Gollancz in January.  RRP $22.99.

at Lovecraft's writing, the craft of writing and having a dark view
of the world by MICHAEL HOPUELLEBCQ. Gollancz. RRP $24.99

DREAM WARRIOR is book 4 of the Dream Hunter series by  HAL KENYON was
published by Piatkus in February RRP $19.99 ISBN 9789749909055.

DEAD UNTIL DARK by CHARLAINE HARRIS  is the latest adventure of small
town cocktail waitress and mind reader, Sookie Stackhouse. This time
she's landed herself a tall, dark and handsome boyfriend, whose
thoughts she can't read, But it looks like he's a vampire. Is Sookie
destined to become his next victim?  Gollancz. RRP $22.99 ISBN

If you're an aspiring writer who loves reading/writing thrillers,
bookshop chain, Borders  is offering the chance to join Australia's
biggest selling crime author, James Patterson in an online chain
story that takes place over 30 days. James Patterson will write the
first and last chapters in this 30 chapter thriller, Chap 1 to be
launched 20 March, and Borders are looking for 28 writers to complete
the rest. Each of the winning authors will receive a copy of the
finished book. One lucky author to receive a one-on-one master class
via telephone with James Patterson. See  (reported by SES
Wilson on the Visions list)

ANTISF Issue 129.features short, short (under 500 words) from Liam
Thorpe , J.D.Brames , Steve Duffy , Jan Napier, Mick Dawson, Shaun A
Saunders, Mark Farrugia, Houston Dunleavy,Liz Simmonds, Felicity
Dowker See to read and vote for your favourites.

from Katie Howenstine, Ingrid Banwell, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, EM
Sky, K.V. Johansen,  Phillip Kaldon and others, an interview with
Pamela Freeman, cover art by Rachel McLachlan, internal art by Dan
Skinner and Lewis Morley is now being distributed to subscribers, and
is  also available to purchase on line in print and PDF format at

US pulp magazine, REALMS OF FANTASY will close after publishing the
April 2009 issue (which was at the printer in late January) The
closure  was reported as primarily due to plummeting newsstand sales,
the problem currently faced by all fiction magazines. Realms of
Fantasy started in 1994, and had been looking forward to publishing
its 100th issue this year.( Paul Mannering/Visions List)

BLACK magazine recently announced it was ceasing print publication in
favour of going on line as a free-to-read magazine. See > for more details.

now at  (Reported by Keith Stevenson)

GRAHAM STONE has recently released a special issue 74 of SCIENCE
FICTION NEWS, presenting a fragment of Australian SF history.  By
Graham's reckoning, Australian SF fandom will celebrate 70 years in
November this year.  Graham's looking to reactivate the FUTURIAN
SOCIETY OF SYDNEY (not to be confused with the still active Sydney
Futurians) for a celebratory dinner in Sydney in November, or longer
if there is interest.  To this end, he would welcome small donations
towards resurrecting the society complete with formal structure,
subscription and regular activities.. Graham plans to reprint Vol
Molesworth's HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN FANDOM, which he will sell for
$10. Phone (02) 9715 7129 for more details, or post cheques, money
orders etc to 205/24 Victoria St, Burwood. NSW 2134.

BOOK BINDING CLASSES. GRAHAM STONE is also a member of the
Bookbinders Guild. If you're attending the Sydney Royal Easter Show,
the Guild will have an information stall set up in the Arts and
Crafts pavilion (where beautifully bound books are judged and
displayed). The Bookbinding Guild also holds intensive weekend
courses at the NSW Writer's Centre, in the grounds of Rozelle
Hospital, Sydney. The next workshop is to be held in May. You can
leave a message requesting more information at (02) 8230 3470, or
Graham's also happy to talk to people interested in learning the art
of book binding.
Copies of Graham's book: Australian Science Fiction Bibliography and
Notes on Australian Science Fiction covering Aus SF commentary,
reviews etc from 1848-1950s. (Indispensible if you're researching the
history of SF in Australia.) are also available through his address.

MUTTERINGS FROM MUNCHKINLAND issue 26. Chris Nelson's fanzine
dovetails nicely with Graham Stone's activities, as this issue also
dedicates a lot of space to the Futurian Society of Sydney, in
particular looking at the admission of women into the society, and
includes a fold out centrefold photo of the business session of the
2nd Australian SF Convention in 1953. (I think I've finally spotted a
young Graham Stone. EH), Great cover art, always an interesting read,
and if regular contributors/correspondents with Chris haven't got
their issue yet, contact him as he was having trouble with missing
addresses. E-mail

BRUCE GILLESPIE sends the new issue of STEAM ENGINE TIME, No 10,
March 2009. 86 page. Edited by Jan Stinson (Michigan) and Bruce
Gillespie (Melbourne, Australia).Cover by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen). This
issue includes a feature letter of comment from Michael Moorcock,
plus a rich lode of other letters. The Conflux coverage, part 2,
leads off with Leigh Edmonds' report on the convention; plus Bruce's
Fan Guest of Honour speech (and lots of photos), Gillian Polack's
Guest of Honour speech, and Colin Steele's talk about  'My Life and
Books'. The special Dan Simmons section includes Elaine Cochrane's
long article about his major SF novels; and Barbara Roden's interview
with Dan Simmons, mainly about The Terror. George Zebrowski and Ian
Watson discuss recent new editions of Lem's Solaris and Zebrowski's
own Macrolife. Print edition available only to contributors of
articles, reviews, art or photographs; or publishable letters of
comment; or who have sent review copies or traded fanzines; or who
have subscribed ($50 or 25 pounds, please send cash, not cheque or
postal order). Otherwise, please download at

LEIGH BLACKMORE's Raven books, specialising in dark and horror
fiction also includes Sequence comics. For a catalogue e-mail
lvxnox@gmail. com. Leigh also occasionally sells on e-bay as seller
ID Quoth Raven Books. Leigh once again has a book sale going.
Proceeds to support the bi-annual journal Studies in Australian Weird
Fiction, and MoonsKin Annual No 1.

 MERV BINNS perzine, Out of the Bin is available from PO Box 315,
Carnegie, Vic, 3163. (Geez, Merv, with Bruce and Graham being so
active in fandom lately, aren't you tempted to jump in and have a go
as well? EH)

FRIENDS OF LINDA COX CHAN (FOLCC) raise money to donate to Juvenile
Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated books etc. (Current
tally $62!) CHEAP Books looking for homes: Panglor by Jeffrey
A.Carver, Hell on High by Ted Nolan and Holly Lisle. Original Dukes
of Hazard activity book (500 pages. Colouring, puzzles etc).Dr Who
Annual, 1983 (Peter Davidson era), The Gerry Anderson memorabilia
Guide (1994), Rolling Stones Mag visits Saturday Night Live, Sherlock
Holmes Mystery book, Visitor Command fanzines, GREG BEAR "Blood
Music" Uncorrected book proof**, Life signs, the Biology of Star
Trek, Absolutely Fabulous Book 2, Leonard Nimoy: I am Spock, John
Rockham, Alien Sea,   Starburst Classic Horror film, Kung-fu,
Supergirl, Terrahawks annuals, The Bill – the Inside Story,   (Thanks
to John Tipper for donating the latest influx of books.).



CHUCK CRAYNE, a power in Los Angeles fandom for many years, who had a
bit to do with Australia winning the Worldcon bid in 1973 (for the
first Aussiecon in 1975) passed away on his 71st Birthday on 16th
February. (Reported by Bruce Gillespie)

American author PHILIP JOSE FARMER who wrote the World of Tiers and
Riverland series of books among others. Not only did he have a
tendency to rework existing characters from fiction and history in
his writing such as in The Wind Whales of Ishmael (1971), an
otherworldly sequel to Herman Melville's Moby-Dick; and A Barnstormer
in Oz (1982), in which Dorothy's adult son, a pilot, flies to Oz by
accident, but he also wrote under a convoluted set of joke-within-
joke pseudonyms such as using the pen-name of Kilgore Trout, a
fictional author  in the works of Kurt Vonnegut, when he wrote Venus
on the Half-Shell in 1975. He also used Cordwainer Bird, a pseudonym
created by Harlan Ellison for use on film and television projects he
wished to be distanced from. Farmer, aged 91, died peacefully in his
sleep on 25th February.(Reported by Ted Scribner and Andy Porter.
Biographical info gleaned from Wikipedia by EH)


MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB, Meet most Friday nights at 74
Melville Road, West Brunswick 3055.Membership to the MSFC is $30
single, or $40 family/household or overseas, and $20 for interstate
p.a. Meeting MSFC, March 13: Artist Night - Meredith Turnb : $10.
Families: $20. Concession: $5.ull.  MELBOURNE "ALL-CLUB" MINICON", 18
April,GOH: Kim Westwood. Admission $10, Families $20, Concession $5
(Update from Thomas Bull).

AUSTREK, the Star Trek fan club in Victoria which has been going
strong for more than 30 years meet on the 1st Saturday of every month
from 2pm at the Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne. Annual membership to
the club is $30. See www.austrek. org for more details. (Reported by
Clare McDonald.)

FEDERATION SQUARE (Melbourne) SF & Fantasy genres book reading group.
Free to attend, Meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 11.30am
at Café Beer Delux in Federation Square. E-mail books@fedsquare. com

DR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA has been operating for over 25years. Their
newsletter - Sonic Screwdriver - publishes news, reviews & gossip on
Dr Who as well as publishing fanfic & pictures 6 times a year. $35
for a family membership) which gets you 7 issues of the newsletter.
Members receive discounts at ABC shops and Minotuar in Elizabeth St,
Melbourne. See http://www.vicnet.

*SFFiG* SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY in GEELONG http://au.groups. group/SFFiG/ Irregular meets announced via email.
Discussions, trivia & games, news and more! (Reported by Ben Hughes)

SPACED OUT: a science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated
communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15
concession.) to Spaced Out Inc. PO Box 363, Preston, Vic. 3072.Non-
profit SF club offering monthly meetings, "Diverse Universe"
newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" annual anthology.

OUT THERE "You find a lot of queer things in space" is a social club
for gay SF fans, mostly over 30, that meets monthly in Adelaide.
Phone Rod on 0402027891 for more details.

CANBERRA SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays
of the month. It's a relaxed social society for the discussion of SF
and fantasy. Membership $24 p.a. For more info write to CSFS PO Box
47, Civic Square, ACT 2608, or e-mail canberrascifi@

The Doctor Who Club of Australia (DWCA) Membership $16 within Aust,
provides 6 issues of Data Extract, membership pack, access to the
club's member-only internet mailing list, discount prices on a range
of merchandise, admission prices to club functions (including
Whovention, discounts at selected retail outlets for Doctor Who
merchandise. For more information contact Dwayne Bunney:
corporate@doctorwho australia. org, phone 0416 269 726 or check

The DR WHO CLUB OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA is regenerating. They will meet
on the first Saturday of each month 12.30-5pm at The Collins St
Centre, Cnr Shaftesbury Ave and Collins St, South Perth. Club stalls,
info, afternoon tea and entertainment. See their temporary website:
www.comedydownunder .com/westlodge/ or phone Aaron on (08?) 0400 1957.

JAFWA is Perth's largest & oldest anime group. They offer screenings
in the Jones lecture theatre, Curtin University from 5pm on any
Saturday that isn't the first Saturday of the month. See
http://jafwa. for full details.

STARSHIP MAWSON (www.starshipmawson .com) is a South Australian Star
Trek fan club, & chapter of Starfleet International, run by Stuart
Blair. (Reported by Stuart Blair.)

QUEST Queensland Star Trekkers Fan Club usually meet at the PCYC
Fortitude Valley on the second Sunday of the month (though this
occasionally changes) . Contact Mary Kemp either by phone: 07
32904243 or by e-mail: jmkemp@bigpond. The club's snail mail
address is still PO BOX 2084, Brisbane, QLD. 4001. Quest's new
website will be up and running in the near future. (Reported by Mary

VISIONS WRITERS GROUP offers meeting and critiquing for SF, Fantasy
and Horror writers in QLD Monthly meetings from 11am -2 pm, first
Sunday of the month (except Jan and Dec) at Queensland State Library,
Rm 2D, 2nd Floor. Brisbane. $10 joining fee, and $4 per meeting.
There website is http://visionwriter s,org. You can also join their
virtual group (great for writing tips and general SF info) at
http://groups. group/vision- writers. (Reported by Kris

INFINITAS BOOKSHOP/Blokey Stuff, Shop 22 Civic Arcade, 48 - 50 George
Street Parramatta NSW. has 2 groups regularly meeting at its
premises. The SF Discussion Group meets at 6:30pm on the first
Thursday of each month except January. A SF Writers Group also meets
at the shop once a month on Saturdays See WritersGroup. php for meeting dates.
(Reported by Tim Martin via Ted Scribner).

SYDNEY FUTURIANS: Contact address: P.O. Box 152 Bexley North, NSW,
2207. Usually meet on the 3rd Friday of the month (except for
December) in the foyer of UTS building, Broadway at 6.55pm.

STARWALKING (NSW) http://sydskyforce. starwalking. net holds meetings
at the Lidcombe Catholic Workers Club, 24 John St, Lidcombe, opposite
Lidcombe Railway station on the third Sunday of some months.
Attendance costs $8 members, $10 non-members.

TAG, TERRA AUSTRALIS GARRISON - a Starwars stormtrooper appreciation
society. Details can be found at (reported on Sci fi

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION (fsf) are once again meeting at Dooley''s
Lidcombe Catholic Club, a short walk from Lidcombe station on the 2nd
Sunday of each month. Check for more information. (updated
by Ted Scribner)

functions. Full details available at au/nsfs. (Reported
by Jack Dwyer.)

SPOCKSOC: A SF group run by students at the University of NSW
Kensington, Sydney. http://www.spocksoc au


VORTEX SF. SF Events happening in Brisbane, can be found at

Powerhouse Museum until 26th April. Entry to the exhibit is $24
adults, $12 children, $18 concession and $60 for families. Check for full details.

ANIMANIA: Anime and Manga festival  SYDNEY 28th March,  Citigate
Central Hotel. 169-179 Thomas St, Sydney, also 5-6th September (Venue
to be announced). MELBOURNE 18th April (Venue To be Announced)
BRISBANE 9th May, &  19th Sept (Venue tba) See for more details.

SUPANOVA: (media/comics/authors events) MELBOURNE 27-29 March 2009,
Melbourne Showgrounds. BRISBANE:  3-5 April 2009, RNA Showgrounds,
SYDNEY 26-28 June 2009, The Dome, Olympic Park, Sydney, PERTH: 3-5
July 2009, Claremont Showgrounds, Perth. See
<>  (Reported by Thomas Bull)

MANIFEST (Melbourne Anime Festival) 21-23 August 2009. Melbourne
<> (reported by Thomas Bull)

GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be

SWANCON 09. (Sorry, guys! Don't know how I forgot about you for so
long! Why didn't someone remind me? EH) Easter, April 9-13, Perth.
All Seasons, 15  Robinson Ave, Northbridge (inner suburb of Perth.)
GoHs Richard Morgan, Trudi Canavan, Rob Masters & Alicia Smith.
Attending membership $160 ($140 concession)  e-mail or see

MELBOURNE "ALL-CLUB" MINICON, 18 April, 2009.St David's Uniting
Church Hall, 74 Melville Rd, West Brunswick. GOH: Kim Westwood.
Admission: $10. Families: $20. Concession: $5. (Reported by Thomas

DOCTOR DOWNUNDER. Culture Shock Events, First Contact conventions and
FSF will be presenting PETER DAVISON the 5th Dr Who at Dooleys
Lidcombe Catholic Club, John St, Lidcome (Sydney) from 10am on
Saturday 22nd March, 2009. $80 * general admission, $60* for DWCA and
FSF members. $40 for a photo with Davison. To book for Sydney phone
1300 553 237, e-mail or snail mail Culture
Shock Events PO Box 797, Fairfield, NSW 1860.

PETER DAVISON will then be appearing in Melbourne on Sun 23rd March.
(Venue TBA) Phone 0439 444 901 or e-mail for more details.(* Payment by
credit card incurs an additional 3% fee ) (Reported by Dallas Jones)

CONQUEST (Melbourne games convention), 10-13 April 2009. Melbourne
High School For further information see
(Reported by Thomas Bull)

TWILIGHT PROM 24 April 2009, Sydney (venue TBA), 25 April 2009, Oaks
on Market, 60 Market St, Melbourne. GOH's Kellan Lutz and Ashley
Greene. (See for further details.)
(Reported by Thomas Bull)

CONSCRIPTION 2009, the 30th New Zealand National Science Fiction
convention, is being held at The Grand Chancellor Hotel in Mangere,
Auckland, NZ over (their) Queen's Birthday weekend, 27th May to 1st
June 2009.GOH: Julie Czerneda, Fan GoH is Robbie Matthews Editor in
Chief of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight magazine  The convention chair
is author Kevin Maclean. For full details see  (Thanks to June

CONJECTURE the 2009 Natcon  5-8 June. The Holiday Inn, Hindley St,
Adelaide. Attending membership currently $120 Supporting $60 You can
pay by paypal through their website .
Accom details also available on the site. After recent discussions it
appears this convention will be going ahead.

ANTICIPATION, the 2009 Worldcon will be in Montreal, CANADA 6-10
August, 2009.GoH's: Neil Gaiman, Elisabeth Vonarburg, Tom Doherty,
David Hartwell and Taral Wayne, Artist GoH Ralph Bakshi. Author Julie
Czerneda will be Master of Ceremonies. See <>
for full details.

CONTINUUM 5. Continuum 5 Galaxies by Gaslight, Friday 14 to
Sunday16th August 2009. GoH Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Membership prices
until 30th April: $145 (adult), $100 (concession), $35 (junior). (
See site for further details.) $10 discount for members of an SF & F
club, gaming club, or 2009 convention.  Ether Conference Centre,
Mercure Hotel Welcome 265-281 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne .
Postal address: Continuum 5 GPO Box 603, Melbourne, VIC 3001 website: (Thanks to Thomas Bull for the update!)

The World Fantasy Convention in 2009. Celebrating Edgar Allen Poe's
200th Anniversary. (New dates) 29th Oct – 1st Nov. Fairmont Hotel,
170 South market St, San Jose, California.

WORLD HORROR CONVENTION will be held from 25-28th March, 2010 at the
Royal Albion Hotel Brighton, England. This will be the 20th
anniversary of this convention and the first time it has been held
outside America. Membership: From February 1st,the Attending
Membership fee rises to 60.00 UK pounds,(or approx 65 Euros,)
(Currently inviting member authors/publishers  to give readings of
their work at the convention.) <>

AUSSIECON 4. Worldcon in Melbourne. Will be held 2-6 September at the
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank GoH's: Kim
Stanley Robinson, Shaun Tan, Robin Johnson. Memberships Aus $210
attending, $70 supporting. $50 child. You can pay by credit card or
paypal (check their website for memberships in other currencies)
Postal address Australia in 2010, GPO Box 1212 Melbourne, Australia.
3001. US AGENT: Mark Linneman, PO Box 221878, Sacramento, CA 95822
USA, UK Agents Eve & John Harvey, European Agent: Vince Docherty. -

The World Fantasy Convention in 2010 will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

RENO 2011 Worldcon bid. The intergalactic travel agents of Reno
Convention Fandom, Inc. are delighted to announce a bid to host the
69th World Science Fiction Convention in 2011 (August 17-21) in
the "Biggest Little City in the World," Reno, Nevada. See what Reno
has to offer at http://www.rcfi. org, or e-mail if you
want to support this Worldcon bid. Australian Agent: Jean Weber. To
pay for presupporting memberships in A$, you can send Jean a cheque
(payable to Jean Weber) or pay via Paypal to Australia@rcfi. org.
Presupporting rates are A$20 ordinary, A$100 Friend, or for A$110+
you'll be considered a Really Close Friend.


The Inkspillers web site, http://www.inkspill is a great
source of market information for SF writers that is always being
updated by Tony Plank.
For links to books, movies and television shows see John Tipper's
homepage              http://www.collecti ngbooksandmagazi

Sci-fi REPORTER is a SF news service covering cons, fan clubs and
media, edited by Stuart Blair. To subscribe to this list send an e-
mail to scifireporter@

SMW Editing & Proof reading services for academic (including theses),
fiction & non-fiction. For more details or arrange a quote, e-mail  (Please note new e-mail address.)

KopperKat Manuscript Assessment and Editing service. Industry
professional with many years' experience as an editor and best-
selling author goes beyond the norm to assist you with your writing.
Enquiries: kopperkat@gmail. com

If you want a great fanzine resource offering fanzines in PDF format,
go to http://efanzines. com where Bill Burns hosts the electronic
versions of a wide variety of the world's best fanzines. Australians
whose fanzines are available include Bill Wright, Bruce Gillespie,
Kim Huett and Ron Clarke.

The Bullsheet is available online at and as
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Looking for hand-made original ceramics and silk with a SF or Fantasy
(and increasingly horse and donkey) theme? Check CELESTIAL COBBLER
CERAMICS see Mention you saw my add in the
Bullsheet and you'll get a "staff discount".

For no sufficiently explained reason this Fanzine still supports The
Minneapolis in '73 Worldcon Bid