The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 99 – June 2010

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 99 JUNE 2010
ISSN 1445-4319 (print version), ISSN 1445-4327 (online version)

FLY ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS AND GET 3kg EXCESS BAGGAGE FOR ONLY $60! Are you already fretting about getting all the books and magazines you intend to buy at Aussiecon home with you???Let Andromeda Spaceways help you out! From now until the end of July you can purchase 3kg of ASIM back issues for $60! That works out to be 20 issues @ $3 an issue delivered to your door! You don't even have to spend time trying to decide which issues you want. The ASIM packing robots will select the back issues for you! Sorry if you're overseas or offplanet, this special deal is only available for delivery within Australia. Enquiries or payments by paypal can be made to

Fijian born, New Zealand raised fantasy author, NALINI SINGH will be special guest and signing books at the Australian Romance Writers Conference on 13th August at Crowne Plaza, Coggee (Sydney). See <> for more details.

CHARLAINE HARRIS author of ths hugely successful SOOKIE STACKHOUSE novels (Which have neen turned into the TRUE BLOOD TV series is coming to Australia as the guest of Hub Productrions for vents in Sydney and Melbourne on 25th and 26th September. (See <www.thehubproductions/com/events> for full details, Season 3 of True Blood screens on Showcase in August. Season 2 was released on Blu-Ray and DVD in May.

The LARRY NIVEN web page (unofficial but sanctioned by the author) has been changed from <> to <> following difficulties with the ISP . It's possible that there might be "teething problems" with the new address for a short while – broken links etc. (Reported by Ted Scribner)

GREAT COD ALMIGHTY! The black codpiece worn by Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder, recently sold for 850 pounds in an auction of movie & TV props

STEPHEN FRY, actor and host of TV series, QI, will be making one Australian appearance at the Sydney Opera House in a 90 minute talk in the Concert Hall of Sydney Opera House on 27th July. Tickets start from $50.

Congratulations to DAMIAN BRODERICK whose short story,"This Wind Blowing, and this Tide", (Asimovs 4/5 ,2009) is a finalist for the 2010 Theodore Sturgeon Award

Voting forms for NAFF (National Australian Fan Fund) is available via the Dudcon 3 home page <> )Reported by Thomas Bull).

AUSSIECON 4 (q.v. conventions) has released an electronic 2010 Hugo Voter Packet containing works and samples from 2010 Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer nominees. The packet is available for download by Aussiecon 4 members. Download information has been sent out to members. The Hugo voting process for works published or otherwise released in 2009 is open to supporting and attending members of Aussiecon 4, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention. In order to participate, you must purchase an Aussiecon 4 membership by 31 July 2010 23:59 PDT. For further information, contact

MSFC COMMITTEE CHANGES: There have been several recent changes to the MSFC committee. RICHARD SNOW has resigned as a committee member, having taken employment overseas. SAM ROONEY is now Vice President, and CRAIG IRVINE is now Treasurer. The club is also seeking new committee members, so if you're interested in taking a more active role in the MSFC, please consider nominating yourself at the AGM in July which will elect office bearers for 2010/11 (Reported by James Allen)

It's taken me a few years, but I finally made it to a MSFC minicon in Melboutne on 22 May and really enjoyed it. The table next to mine was the MELBOURNE BROWNCOATS, formed in 2006, and they had a fantastic diversity of Serenity merchandise for sale. I hope I get the chance to see them again at the Worldcon in Melbourne in September. Their website is e-mail You can also check out for forthcoming fundraisers, (Edwina).

CONTINUUM (Melbourne convention) is having a social night/fundraiser (?EH) at Hoyts Cinemas, Melbourne Central on Sunday 13th June from 12 noon to see Prince of Persia

This could be old news by now, but PAUL EWINS was looking to contact LynC, Emilly McLeay and Roman Orzanski with regard to DUDCON

DUDCON (the "not quite a natcon" running simultaneously within Aussiecon 4. q.v. conventions) has recently released Progress Report 2 It was announced that there will be a special Award at the convention for Best Fannish Cat. Ditmar nominations have not been opened as yet (Though Ditmar trophies have been made) At this stage it is planned that the Ditmar Ceremony will be held on the Friday night of Aussiecon. For more information see

SUPANOVA Pop culture (SF, TV, books, comics, trading cards, music, fantasy, cartoons, animation and heaps more) Expo, Sydney, 18-20 June, The Dome, Olympic Park (Homebush), Perth 25-27 June, Claremont Showground, Brisbane 2011 1-3 April RNA Showgrounds, Melbourne 2011. April 8-10 Melbourne Showground. See: for more information./ (Reported by Royd Burgoyne)

BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS "Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to read"- Groucho Marx

THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BOOKLIST is a proposal for booklovers and readers to nominate a "wish list" of overseas, local small press, & out of print publications. The GAB will be made available to publishers, distributors, and booksellers to be considered when purchasing copyright on titles to republish. The GAB will allow Australian book buyers some say in the local book industry. See
<"\ tid=2&sort=none&Itemid=279">here</a> (Reported by Gillian Pollack)

COEUR de LION Publishing is now open for submissions for its new Science Fiction anthology Anywhere But Earth edited by Keith Stevenson. Deadline 28 Feb 2011. For all the information see: <>

A new WERE anthology, BEWERE THE NIGHT, to be published by Prime, in May 2011 is open to submissions of stories dealing with any were-creatures including werewolves. Tthe stories should be general urban fantasy. Reprints and original fiction welcome. 1000 – 7500 words. Submissions close end of December, 2010 Paying 1 cent a word for reprints, 5 cents per word for unpublished acceptances. More detals from editor Kathy Sedia (e.sedia at gmail dot com) (Relayed through the Visions list by Marianne de Pierres.)

SCIENCE IN MY FICTION CONTEST<http://crossedgenre contest/> NO ENTRY FEE Deadline June 30, 2010. 2,500 -10,000 words. Authors write a science fiction or fantasy short story
which is inspired by a scientific discovery or innovation made or announced within the past year. It can't be peripherally added: the science must be integral to the story. Writers must include a link to a relevant article or study of the applied science when they submit their stories. The winner will receive $250 USD, plus a 2-year online subscription to Crossed Genres and a print copy of the CG anthology, Crossed Genres Year One. Second place will receive $100, a 1-year online subscription and a copy of Crossed Genres Year One, and Third place will receive $50,a 1-year online subscription and a copy of Crossed Genres Year One. There will also be 3 Honorable Mentions, each of which will receive a 1-year online subscription and a copy of Crossed Genres Year One. 2,500-10,000 words. (Reported by Anita on the Visions List)

MIDNIGHT ECHO is currently open to submissioins from Australian authors and especially artists. E=mail

ZINEWEST 10 Writing Competition. Closes 25th June. Open to submissions of previously unpublished short stories, memoir, drama/screen scripts, cartoons/comics, poetry by new writers in Western Sydney. No entry fee, but entries must be submitted with official entry form.. The Writing and Society Research Group (UWS) co-sponsors prizes and nominates the judge. Entrants can submit up to 3 entries. The New Writers Group will select 30 pieces for publication. Cash first prize: $400, 2nd Prize: One year's HEAT Magazine subscription, 3rd Prize: Book from Giramondo Publishing Plus other nominations and editors' awards. For more information contact Sue Crawford, Editor, ZineWest, (editors mail box) or see <> (reported by Anita on the Visions List)\ The US based Xeric foundation offers a $5000 development grants for self-published comic books. Next closing date September. If you write and draw a comic book of your own creation and plan to publish and sell that comic independently of any other publishing company or belong to an artist/writer team see:< http://www.xericfou xericapplycomicgrants.html> (reported by Anita on the Visions List)

ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS INFLIGHT MAGAZINE Issue 45 has taken the hyper-space bypass and is now at the printers. It should be distributed within the next few weeks. ASIM Issue 44 should be following hot on 45's heels, hopefully being published and distributed within the next 6 weeks.

ANTIPODEAN SF 143 offers short (500 words or less) SF from the following authors: Rachel Amphlett, J.L Cooper, Des McNicholas, Benjamin Hayes, Houston Dunlevy, Shaun A. Saunders, Ken Kraus, Tiana Citright, Richard Buldasty & Jeanie Laherty, and can be viewed at

The first issue of the new series of FUTURIAN OBSERVER was published in April. It features a poem from Kevin Smith, a message reflecting on the earliest beginnings of what was to become the Sydney Fururian Society by Bert Castellari, excerpts from early issues of the Futurian Society, reflections by Graham Stone and Kevin Smith, and articles by John August and Charles Lovecraft. Available from The Futurian Society of Sydney, PO Box 72, French;s Forest, NSW 1640

The first issue of MOONLIGHT TUBER, edited by Ben Payne and containing work from: Ethan Canter, Gitte Christensen, Peter M. Ball, Sheri Radford, Adam Browne, Heidi Wessman Kneale, and Matthew Chrulew can be downloaded for free at <>

TERRA INCOGNITA PODCAST 19 featuring "Flower weed: by Margo Lannagan is up now free at The podcast should be available on iTunes too.

MOON SWORN is the latest novel in the Riley Jenson Guardian series by Melbourne writer KERI ARTHUR. As with the other books in the series, this one is also set in Melbourne and revolves around vampire werewolf hybrid cop policing the supernatural races, Riley Jenson. A viscious enemy from her past is determined to strip Riley of everything that gives her life meaning. Piatkus. RRP $19.99/

SLAVE TO SENSATION Psy-Changeling Book 1, and VISIONS OF HEAT Psy-Changeling Book 2 by NZ writer, NALINA SINGH, set in a world where emotions are denied and the ruling Psy punishes any sign of desire, and where changelings can take human or animal form, these books weave romantic fantasy into a sexy tale. Gollancz RRP $22.99.

THE ETERNAL PRISON is a new novel by JEFF SOMERS, author of The Electric Church and The Digital Plague. Avery Cates, survivor of the worst bioengineered disaster in history, is a wanted man. Orbit RRP $19.99

DEAD IN THE FAMILY is the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel in the best selling series by CHARLAINE HARRIS.. This time around Sookie is facing family problems' a non-human fairy and a telepathic second cousin are demanding a place in her life , while her lover, Eric's, vampire sire with Eric's "brother" . meanwhile, Sookie's tracking down a distant relation of her ex and neighbour, Bill Compton. Gollancz. RRP $32.99

THE MAP OF ALL THINGS is book Two of Terra Incognita by KEVIN J. ANDERSON. After terrible atrocities, the religious war between Tierraand Uraba has spread and intensified, dividing the known world. Orbit. RRP $32.99

THE KING OF THE CRAGS is the sequel to The Adamantine Palace by STEPHEN DEAS. Prince Jehal has murdered, poisoned and betrayed his way to the top and now just has to enjoy the fruits of his power, but those still loyal to the old realms are plotting, and no one has yet found the favled white dragon. Gollancz. RRP $32.99

LEIGH BLACKMORE's Raven books, specialising in dark and horror fiction also includes Sequence comics. For a catalogue e-mail Leigh also occasionally sells on e-bay as seller ID Quoth Raven Books.

MERV BINNS perzine, Out of the Bin is available from PO Box 315, Carnegie, Vic, 3163.

FRIENDS OF LINDA COX CHAN (FOLCC) raise money to donate to Juvenile Diabetes Research, Australia by selling donated books etc. (Current tally $45) CHEAP Books looking for homes: Panglor by Jeffrey A.Carver ($1 + postage), Hell on High by Ted Nolan and Holly Lisle ($1+ postage). Sherlock Holmes Mystery book ($1 + post), Life signs, the Biology of Star Trek ($5 + post), John Rockham, Alien Sea ($5 +post). The Bill – the Inside Story ($5 ea + post), (Thanks to John Tipper for donating the latest influx of books.).


Sydney fan, LEA HENDERSON passed away on 15 May. She had been in poor health for some time, though she continued to make the effort to attend fannish events. Lea was noticeable at meetings and conventions as she wore dark glasses and a hat even indoors because her eyes were very light sensitive. Lea had studied literature at Sydney University, and had a passion for collecting books and ephemera. She was also an active supporter of the Powerhouse Museum and Belvoir St Theatre. Our condolences to her family. (Reported by Adrienne Losin)

ROBERT GARY, script supervisor of the original Star Trek series as well as Star Trek: the Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space 9, passed away in Los Angeles on May 3rd aged 90. (Reported by Andy Porter)

Writer-director DAVID DURSTON, best known for the 1970's movie, "I Drink Your Blood" though he also wrote scripts for the SF anthology show, Tales of Tomorrow, died in Los Angeles on May 6th aged 88. (Reported by Andy Porter)

SF Artist, FRANK FRAZETTA, possibly best known for his series of Conan paintings, suffered from a stroke and sunsequently passed away on 11 May. (reported by Marianne Plummridge via facecbook)

Prolific mathematics and science writer MARTIN GARDNER passed away on 22nd May. Gardner was known for populalrizing recreational mathematics, He wrote stories and articles for several children's magazine and his creation of paper folding puzzles led to him being published in Scientific American. He authored more than 50 books during his life, and was also known for debunking the paranormal. Gardner died in Oklahoma, USA, aged 95. (Reported by Ted Scribner)

American author, NORMAN SPINARD, The serialisation of whose novel Bug Jack Barron led to the banning of New Worlds in Australia for five issues in 1969, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. (Reported by Andy Porter, relayed by Bruce Gillespie – thanks for the expansion on info, Bruce!)

Happy (Mostly Belated) Birthdays to: Lisa Hannett, Jon Swabey, Keith Stevenson, Paul Collins, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Sean Williams, Kathleen Jennings, Paul Kennedy, Lloyd Penney and Kate Forsythe.


THE NORMA K. HEMMING AWARD is open until 31st July 2010, the award to be presented at Aussiecon 4. For full details of this award see the main website <http;// or go to> (Reported by Bill Wright) CLUBS & MEETINGS

MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB, Meet most Friday nights at 74 Melville Road, West Brunswick 3055. Membership to the MSFC is $35 single, or $45 family/household or overseas, and $25 for interstate members. Website Meetings:4 June - Trivia quiz and roast dinner, 11 June - Queens of Fantasy discussion, 18 June - author night, 2 July - Trivia quiz and American food. (Update relayed by Bill Wright and Thomas Bull)

FEDERATION SQUARE (Melbourne) SF & Fantasy genres book reading group. Free to attend, Meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 11.30am at Café Beer Delux in Federation Square. E-mail<>

DR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA has been operating for over 30 years. Their newsletter - Sonic Screwdriver - publishes news, reviews & gossip on Dr Who as well as publishing fanfic & pictures 6 times a year. $35 for a family membership) which gets you 7 issues of the newsletter. Members receive discounts at ABC shops and Minotuar in Elizabeth St, Melbourne. See <>.

*SFFiG* SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY in GEELONG http://au.groups. group/SFFiG/ Irregular meets announced via email. Discussions, trivia & games, news and more! (Reported by Ben Hughes)

SPACED OUT: a science fiction club for gays, lesbians and associated communities. $5 joining fee, then $20 annual membership. ($15 concession.) to Spaced Out Inc. PO Box 12033 A'Beckett St RP, Melbourne, Vic 8006. .Non-profit SF club offering monthly meetings, "Diverse Universe" newsletter and "Solar Spectrum" annual anthology. (Thanks to Geoff Allshorn for the update.)

CANBERRA SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. It's a relaxed social society for the discussion of SF and fantasy. Membership $24 p.a. For more info write to CSFS PO Box 47, Civic Square, ACT 2608, or e-mail canberrascifi@

The DOCTOR WHO CLUB OF Australia (DWCA) Membership $16 within Aust, provides 6 issues of Data Extract, membership pack, access to the club's member-only internet mailing list, discount prices on a range of merchandise, admission prices to club functions (including Whovention, discounts at selected retail outlets for Doctor Who merchandise. For more information contact Dwayne Bunney: corporate@doctorwho australia. org, phone 0416 269 726 or check www.doctorwhoaustra

The DR WHO CLUB OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA meet on the first Saturday of each month 12.30-5pm at The Collins St Centre, Cnr Shaftesbury Ave and Collins St, South Perth. Club stalls, info, afternoon tea and entertainment. See <> or phone Aaron on (08) 0400 1957.

JAFWA is Perth's largest & oldest anime group. They offer screenings in the Jones lecture theatre, Curtin University from 5pm onall but the first Saturday of the month. See <http://jafwa. for full details>.

STARSHIP MAWSON (www.starshipmawson .com) is a South Australian Star Trek fan club, & chapter of Starfleet International, run by Stuart Blair. See <> (Reported by Stuart Blair.)

The BLACKWOOD WRITERS GROUP for spec fic authors was formed in 1996 and meets every Monday at 7pm for 2-3 hrs upstairs in the Blackwood Church of Christ Hall 367 Shepherd's Hill Rd Blackwood, Australia, 5051. For more info see or phone Rob Bleckly 08 8536 3975 or Robert N Stephenson 08 8278 8995

QUEST Queensland Star Trekkers Fan Club usually meet at the PCYC Fortitude Valley on the second Sunday of the month (though this occasionally changes) . Contact Mary Kemp either by phone: 07 32904243 or by e-mail: jmkemp@bigpond. The club's snail mail address is still PO BOX 2084, Brisbane, QLD. 4001. Quest's new website will be up and running in the near future. (Reported by Mary Kemp).

VISIONS WRITERS GROUP offers meeting and critiquing for SF, Fantasy and Horror . Check the Bullsheet website for updates or contact Graham Stone (02) 9715 7129

SYDNEY FUTURIANS: (Not to be confused with the Futurian Society of Sydney, listed above.) Contact address: P.O. Box 152 Bexley North, NSW, 2207. Usually meet on the 3rd Friday of the month (except for December) in the foyer of UTS building, Broadway .

FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY meet at the end of each month. Check the web version of the Bullsheet for updates.

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION meeting 13th June at the Bankstown Sports Club. Admission $10 members, $15 non-members. (Reported by Anne Devrell)

STARWALKING (NSW) http://sydskyforce. starwalking. net holds meetings at the Lidcombe Catholic Workers Club, 24 John St, Lidcombe, opposite Lidcombe Railway station on the third Sunday of some months. Attendance costs $8 members, $10 non-members.

TAG, TERRA AUSTRALIS GARRISON - a Starwars stormtrooper appreciation society. Details can be found at (reported on Sci fi reporter.)

NEWCASTLE SPACE FRONTIER SOCIETY (NSFS) Regular meetings and social functions. Full details available at au/nsfs. (Reported by Jack Dwyer.)

SPOCKSOC: A SF group run by students at the University of NSW Kensington, Sydney. http://www.spocksoc au

EVENTS VORTEX SF. SF Events happening in Brisbane, can be found at <>.

GLOW, a compilation of cartoon/comic strips, cinema and live theatre starts at the Sydney Opera House from 5th June. Tickets from $53+.

CAN'T STOP THE SERENITY. Charity screening of Joss Whedon's movie, Serenity, raffle, auction etc with money raised on the day donated to EQUALITY NOW a global charity working with national human rights organizations. Sat 26th June, 1.300-6pm, Main Tower, University of Technology,15 Broadway, Sydney. (Reported by Sarah Murray White)

ANIMANIA FESTIVAL DATES 2010: Brisbane - Mercure Brisbane, 11-12 September - Sydney - Australian Technology Park (ATP), 2 October - Adelaide - Adelaide Festival Centre (AFC), 30 October - Brisbane - Mercure Brisbane (See (Thanks to Thomas Bull for this info)

VAMPIRE DIARIES event,3 July 2010, Sir John Clancy Auditorium, UNSW Campus, Kensington (Sydney).4 July 2010, Melbourne (venue TBA).9am-6pm. GoH:Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev.See<> for more information.(reported by Thomas Bull)

MAniFest 2010 (Melbourne ANIME Festival): 20-22 August 2010. Melbourne Showgrounds. (For more details see <>.) (Reported by Thomas Bull)

ARMAGEDDON celebrity collectible fair: Melbourne October 16-17 Venue Melbourne Exhibition Centre. (See <> for more information)(Update from Thomas Bull)

THE YEAR OF SF & FANTASY with PAUL COLLINS Course. Join Paul, author of over 120 novels and 140 short stories, editor and publisher (Ford Street Publishing) as he guides you through the process of writing your own novel. Participants will benefit from brainstorming ideas with others through the year and the outcome should be a completed, polished novel ready to submit to publishers. Saturdays 24 July, 25 September, 27 November, 10am – 4pm Cost: $600, Members $540/$500 Victoria Writers Centre, 176 Little Lonsdalel St, Melbourne

CONVENTIONS: GoH = Guest of Honour, OCP = Other Commitments Permitting, tba= to be announced.

AU CONTRAIRE, NZ Natcon, Fri 27-Sun 29th August, 2010 (the week before Aussiecon 4 for those northern hemisphere fans looking to extend their antipodean SF experience) Quality Hotel, Wellington. Full attending membership currently NZ $60. Day & supporting memberships also available. See for full details. Snail mail address is PO Box 10104, Wellington NZ.

CHANGING THE CLIMATE: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe, The Fourth Australian Conference on Utopia, Dystopia and Science Fiction.30 Aug – 1 Sept 2010. Monash Conference Centre, Level 7, 30 Collins St, Melbourne. (See for more information.)(Thanks to Thomas Bull for this.)
THE TOLKIEN SOCIETY and Australian Smial, TOL HANDOR are presenting "TOLKIEN's ODYSSEY: MIDDLE EARTH AND BEYOND" on Saturday 28th August (The weekend before Aussiecon 4) in Melbourne. ) and are currently calling for papers seeking presentatioins of 20 minutes and 45 minutes in length. Melbourne Artist, TONY GALDAMEZ has been commissioned to create artwork on a Tolkien theme for the Moot. See for full details.

AUSSIECON 4. Worldcon in Melbourne. 2-6 September 2010, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank. GoH's: Kim Stanley Robinson, Shaun Tan, Robin Johnson. Attending membership until 31 July, Adult Attending: AUD:$ 310, Supporting: AUD: $70, Convert Supporting to Attending: AUD $ 250, Child Attending: AUD$ 50, Memberships may be purchased with cash, PayPal, cheques in AUD and USD, Visa, and MasterCard. All credit card charges will be processed in Australian dollars. Aussiecon 4 is now taking bookings for the Art Show <;>and the Dealers Room <;>Please see the relative pages under the Exhibits section at; Queries can be directed to Steve Francis (Dealers Room Manager) or Emma (Art Show Curator).

DUDCON, the 49th Australian National SF Convention (Natcon) that will be held in conjunction with Aussiecon 4, 3-5th September, 2010, and will be responsible for the serious natcon stuff of running the Ditmars and holding the business meeting for the natcon Fan Guest of Honour: Jacob Blake. Other GoH's to be announced. Various memberships on offer starting with Cheapskate member for $10, Generous member $20, Friend of the Ditmars m/ship $30, Protector of Kittens m/ship $40, All around good bloke/blokess m/ship $50, and Absolute Fucking Legend m/ship $100. Contact details, Paul Ewins, e-mail, or PO Box 1126, North Melbourne. VIC 3132. (Reported by Bruce Gillespie.)

(Note to SF Travellers:You're spoiled for choice! You can attend the NZ Natcon, the Tolkien Moot, the Worldcon, Changing the Climate, Aussiecon 4, and Dudcon, the Australian Natcon for 2010 held within Aussiecon 4 all in one week. NZ is a 3 hour flight from Melbourne. Get more cons for your Antipodean buck!)

Gen Con™ Australia 23rd-26th September. Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Electronic gaming, anime, card games, board gamesm celebrity appearances, clothing manufacturers, comic and alternate stores for enthusiasts. anime, cos play, board games, card games, war gaming, computer games, guest appearances from sci-fi/fantasy authors. Currently seeking businesses & organizations to book exhibition spaces (attendances expected to be over 10,000 over 4 days.

RENOVATION is the Worldon in Reno, Nevada, USA August 17-21, 2011. GoH's: Tim Powers, Ellen Asher, fantasy artist Boris Vallejo/ Venue: Reno-Sparks Conventioin Centre & The Atlantis Hotel main venues. See <> for more details. Australian Agent: Jean Weber

WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION 2010 will be held October 28-31 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Columbus, Ohio (USA) Attending membership US $125. Snail mail WFC 2010, 3824 Patricia Dr, Upper Arlington, OH 43220, USA. Or see <> for more details. (Thanks to Thomas Bull for the update)

SFContario, Toronto, Canada. November 19-21, 2010. Ramada Plaza Hotel in Toronto. GoHs: Michael Swanwick, Hugo- and Nebula-award winning author of Bones of the Earth, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Tor Books editors, Geri Sullivan & Karen Linsley. Attending mshipCAN $45. Seet < >

NULLUS ANXIETAS III. 8-11 April 2011.Panthers World of Entertainment, Penrith, NSW.Membership prices until 30 June 2010: $150 (full), $100 (concession),$60 (child), $30 (supporting).(See for more information.) (reported by Thomas Bull)

SWANCON THIRTY SIX | NATCON FIFTY. 21-25 April 2011 Hyatt Hotel, Adelaide Tce, Perth. Membership prices until 6 Sept 2010: $185 (full), $140 (concession) $20 (supporting). See <> for more information. (reported by Thomas Bull)

CONTINUUM 7 will be held 10-13 June, 2011. Guest of honour will be fantasy author, ROBERT RANKIN. Memberships will be launched at Aussiecon 4, and will be available from their website (Reported by James Allen)

ConText: The 2011 New Zealand National Convention. Literary Guest Catherine Asaro, Fan GoH Lynelle Howell website: e-mail address: (NB: this is for initial enquiries only.
Postal address: PO Box 74-013 Market Rd Auckland 1543 New Zealand Phone: +64-9-9629806

OTHER INFORMATION RESOURCES: The Inkspillers web site, < http://www.inkspill> is a great source of market information for SF writers that is always being updated by Tony Plank.

For links to books, movies and television shows see John Tipper's homepage <http://www.collectingbooksandmagazi>

Sci-fi REPORTER is a SF news service covering cons, fan clubs and media, edited by Stuart Blair. To subscribe to this list send an e-mail to scifireporter@

SMW Editing & Proof reading services for academic (including theses), fiction & non-fiction. For more details or arrange a quote, e-mail (Please note new e-mail address.)

KopperKat Manuscript Assessment and Editing service. Industry professional with many years' experience as an editor and best-selling author goes beyond the norm to assist you with your writing. Enquiries: kopperkat@gmail. com

If you want a great fanzine resource offering fanzines in PDF format, go to http://efanzines. com where Bill Burns hosts the electronic versions of a wide variety of the world's best fanzines, including many Australian fanzines.

The Bullsheet is available online at <>. and as a FREE monthly e-mail through the AUSSFBULL mailing list. To join send a blank e-mail to AUSSFBULL-subscribe@yahoogroups. com. Send your news e-mail to

Looking for hand-made original ceramics and silk with a SF or Fantasy (and increasingly horse and donkey) theme? Check Edwina's CELESTIAL COBBLER SILK and CERAMICS see Say you read the Bullsheet and get a "staff discount"

For no sufficiently explained reason this Fanzine still supports The Minneapolis in '73 Worldcon Bid