The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet Supliment – April 2009

The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet Supliment - DITMARS & NAFF nominations now open
April 2009
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Hi guys,
Hope you all had/are having a good holiday break.

Here's some recent news relayed through the Eidolist regarding the Ditmars and
the NAFF (National Australian Fan Fund) race which are now both open.  As the
Ditmar nominations close on ***4th May***, and the NAFF nominations close
***24th April***, I thoug ht it best to get this out early, as I know we have
readers interested in both events.



From: On Behalf Of David Cake
Sent: Tuesday, 14 April 2009 5:41 AM

Nominations for the Australian SF ("Ditmar") Awards, are
currently open and close on the 4th of May.
The current Ditmar rules including award categories are
available at
Note that the Award categories have changed this year. Best
New Production in any Media replaces both Best Fan Production and
Best Fanzine. The Best Fan Achievement and Best Professional
Achievement categories have been replaced by a single Best
Achievement category. Other changes have been made to the eligibility
criteria for Best Collected Work and Best New Talent.

Nominations will be accepted only from natural persons active
in fandom, or from full or supporting members of the national
convention of the year of the award. Where a nominator may not be
known to the Awards subcommittee, the nominator should provide the
name of someone known to the subcommittee who can vouch for the
nominator's eligibility. Convention attendance or membership of an SF
club are among the criteria qualify a person as active in fandom, but
are not the only qualifying criteria - if in doubt, nominate and
mention qualifying criteria. If you received this email directly, you
almost certainly qualify.

The current Awards committee is a sub-committee of the Natcon
business meeting standing committee, and will rule on eligibility
where it is unclear under the Ditmar rules.
Nominations can be made via email to or directly reply to this email.
Email nominations are preferred, but postal nominations can be made to

     6 Florence Road
     Nedlands 6009
     Western Australia

The Ditmars will be awarded at Conjecture, the 2009
Auastralian National SF Convention, details of conjecture can be
found at

David Cake


Welcome to the NAFF race for 2009.

The National Australian Fan Fund (NAFF) was created to assist fans to
travel across Australia to attend the National Convention (Natcon).
NAFF assists fans to travel to the Natcon and covers the costs of
airfares and accommodation. A convention membership is donated by the

The Natcon for this NAFF race is the 48th Australian Natcon,
Conjecture, and will take place in Adelaide, South Australia over the
weekend of 5-8 June 2009. Fans residing in all states and territories
except South Australia are eligible to be nominated for NAFF.

To be on the ballot, each interested fan must be nominated by three
fans, including at least one from their own state/territory and
provide a bond of $20. In addition, each nominated fan is required to
provide a 100 word (max) description indicating what they could bring
to interstate fans and a brief description of their past experience in
fandom. It is expected that the winner will produce a report of their
trip, engage in fundraising to support future NAFF races, and to help
administer the NAFF race for the following two years.

Nominations can be sent to NAFF at or given in person
to one of the NAFF representatives at any one of the many functions
you might find them. Representatives are Sue Ann Barber (VIC), Emma
Hawkes and Grant Watson (WA). For more information please contact
Grant Watson at Previous unsuccessful applicants are
welcome to re-nominate. Please pass this information on to any friends
who may be interested. If any nominees or nominators are unknown
directly to the administrators we may contact you for further

Nominations must be received by Friday 24 April 2009. Voting opens the
following Monday, the voting period concludes on Friday 15 May 2009.

Please make all cheques payable to NAFF or National Australian Fan
Fund. Please email if you would like to pay via direct deposit or
paypal. Remember to include your cheque / money order and to attach
your nomination platform!

For news as it happens, keep an eye on the Australasian Science
Fiction Fan Funds community on Livejournal