A Roosterrecipe

--Red Gallus

Ingredients: 4 well rounded frinchs, 1 tbsp flub, 1 tsp gamaprot, 1 pinch of panch, 2 cups of smeep glornch, 1/2 cup bindleberries, boysenberries, girlsenberries.

DIRECTIONS: Gut the frinchs with a siddwise savoir faire. Stand back and admire your work. Take the flub, gamaprot, and the pinch of panch, and blend furiously until exhausted. Rest awhile. Put the frinchs and mixed stuff in a pot. Build a bonfire beneath the pot. Warm isn't it. Watch until the brew burbles brindiliously, and, when it forms a hard ball in a tub of water, get out your bat and play baseball. After batting the ball around breezily, drink the two cups of sneep glornch. Now, isn't that refreshing? Put the whatever kind of berries you have in a big thing (pot, pan, preferably with bottom). Take off your shoes and socks and trample on the berries frenzily. Notice how the juice oozes up between your toes. Tickles doesn't it? Reclaim the juice, being careful to squeeze your toes to extract every bit of it. Throw the ball into the sink, wash it down with the juice, and eat your toes.

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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