Once again we have been fortunate in obtaining a manuscript from J. Wontford Laydschur, that vitriolic raconnteur on the solid side. Mr. Laydschur's next lesson, taken from his book Tomey Touches for Authors With Crutches, will be "At Bay With the Girl Intern, or How To Write Soap Operettas in Three Easy Box Tops". Be sure to reserve your copy of the next issue at your nearest barber shop. Mr. Laydschur will discourse at length on the following:

  1. The salvation of dirty people - the soap opera.
  2. How to kill off your heroine when your Crosby rating hits zero.
  3. Selling soap bubbles by extolling troubles.
  4. The hospital and soap chips.
  5. The commercial uber alles.
Reserve your copy now, and assure yourself a treat.

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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