--Ogden Nash Rooster

Fat dames who ride
Through the park on a palfrey
Either don't care
Or have bats in their belfrey

The pain through his belly did permeate
All on account of the wermeate

Have you ever felt
When the weather gets hotter
You'd like to go nude
But hadn't otter

To me the practice of morning ablution
Is just a source of constant frustrution

Oh, Bert McSquirt
Is a horrible person
In fact I can think of
No one werson

There's nothing like thinking of green persimmon
To pucker your lips, when kissing wimmon

The skunk is a critter
Resembling a lynx
And when it's around
Oh boy, how it stynx

There's nothing like sleeping in the shadow
Of the oak tree in the madow

Have you ever drank
The nectar of Quassia
It's bad as it looks
And gives you nassia

I wish they'd send to pansemonium
Women who ask for alimonium

Our hollyhocks
Are strong and sturdy
And when they bloom
They sure are purdy

The works of Bach, Johann Sebastian
Always gives me indegastion

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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