--Frank Robinson

The nether gardens are filled with riotous blooms
That creep along the ground and hang temptingly
From the boughs of strong-limbed trees that sway
With the rhythm of the wind.

The flowers are of such a hue no mortal has ever
Seen--rainbows of attractive colors that lure the
Ones who linger in the gardens into picking
Them for their---shrouds.

For beware! The flowers in the nether gardens
Were not in Heaven grown nor did they feast on
Holy Water--their drink was something of a coarser
Grade--a thicker drought.

I once knew a mortal who lingered in the gardens
Entranced by the sensuous blooms--and when
I sought for him on the morrow--there was a new
Flower in the gardens--with petals shaped
Strangely like the features of his face.

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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