Amanita and her companion were acutely aware of the carefree group of children playing in the vacant lot. From their vantage under the old oak tree, they envied those children with a depth of feeling few people can ever know---envied them their ability to run and jump and play as children are intended to do.

"The most wonderful thing in the world," mused Amanita, "is the one thing we'll never be able to do."

The other was derisive. "The will to do is greater than any conceivable physical limitation. Given a sufficiently powerful determination, even we can walk and run about as freely as yonder children."

Amanita brightened momentarily as she absorbed some of the other's enthusiastic belief. She dreamed of walking about in the garden, of strolling down the rose-bordered lane on warm summer afternoons. Dwelling on such a beautiful prospect, she became almost happy. Then her usual pessimism returned.

"Never, never, never," she repeated. "It is impossible!"

Her companion was unmoved by her pessimism. "Nothing is impossible!" Already we have overcome one handicap. Neither of us can speak a word, or hear the voice of another. Yet we have overcome that obsticle and can convey our thoughts to one another with ease. The inability to move about is but another obstacle to overcome".

Amanita sank deeper into her pessimism. It would be easy to let oneself build grand hopes, but the inevitable dissapointment would be too great to bear.

"If the All-Powerful had intended us to walk and run, He would never have made us as we are."

The other considered this thought as unworthy of notice. "What I will to do I can do. Faith and determination make mock of such terms as defeatism as 'impossible'.

Amanita merely snuggled deeper into her pessimism, while the other continued: "Presently I shall put forth the full effort of my will. Then you shall see me move about as freely as those children,"

"Never," echoed Amanita.

Disgusted, at last, with her lack of faith, the other toadstool got up and slowly walked away.

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