So you come to the last page of Channy 3. A Third Issue should convince you that this publication is not another unishotzine. I intend to go on with Channy indefinitely. However I am cutting down on the number of copies each issue. When I started Chanticleer I had hopes it would be one of the top five fanzines. Now I don't particularly care whether it is or not. Not that I think it isn't a good publication, for enthusiastic letters prove to the contrary. But, I'm discontinuing the practice of sending out free copies, and Channy henceforth will go only to subbers, exchanges and friends.

Frankly, I'm disappointed over the lack of artwork in this issue. Stenciling this ish began months back, with a view of those wonderful Wiedenbeck headings and pics, but Jack has discontinued all fan drawing since his marriage. The headings were dished up by yours truly. If they don't quite make the grade, remember I'm a neophyte as far as art is concerned.

The contest mentioned in the last issue just didn't come off. Mainly, I presume because most copies were sent out after the deadline of the contest. Others sent reviews but stated they were not for contest purposes.

This issue is divided as I intended all previous issues to be; 12 pages of articles, and 12 pages of book news and reviews. Personally I liked the reviews this ish. I'm also more pleased with the contents of the mag as a whole.

Next issues publication date is obscure and is subject to the various ramifications of moving, fanning, FAPA, roseboob, ktp. The only promise I can make is that there will be another issue. On hand at present are reviews by Chauvenet, Speer, Watson, Laney, yours truly; an article on jazz music by Laney, a pome by Tanner. So you see Channy 4 has a firm foundation.

Anent the white ink. It's devilish stuff to work with, and slip sheeting tends to flatten out the stuff because of the large amount of pigment contained therein. It's also damnable slow in drying, so be careful about dragging your digits or paws across it. But don't it make a purty cover?

The editor gratefully acknowledges the help of Milton Ashley, who is hereby designated Official Slipsheeting Editor.

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