Confusion Vol 2 No 3 #15

Shelby Vick

May 1953


Cover Naaman Peterson art Cover
Time Table Shelby Vick Contents Contents
porter Shelby Vick illo Contents
Ballance Sheet Shelby Vick Editorial 2
chinese salesman Shelby Vick illo 2
Orville W Mosher art 2
Beer & Buttermilk Vernon L. McCain column 3
Bang! Lee Hoffman Letter 4
Report On The Fan Vet Con Cal Beck con report 6
Who Knows '85 Dean Grennell art 8
Fan Varieties Rich Bergeron art 9
Gateway J L Green column 11
Dance Macabre Isabelle Dinwiddie poem 11
I Walked In Darkness Then Isabelle Dinwiddie poem 6
Greed Russell Watkins & Charles Wells poem 12
The Spaceship R. H. Orrey poem 12
Hello Out There, Hello J L Green song 13
Philconews Lyle Kessler report and Souvenir stamps 14
In The Midst of Confusion Shelby Vick column 15
In the Spring '85 Shelby Vick art 16
From Plinth to Lower Fascia Walt Willis con/trip report 19
chaos Shelby Vick illo 18
unveiling '85 Shelby Vick illo 20
It s In The Bag Shelby Vick game & contest 21
Sound Off! Shelby Vick et al letter column 25
Quotes From Lazy Notes Shelby Vick letter clips 30
Something Up Our Sleve Shelby Vick illo 31
Back Talk Shelby Vick editorial 32

Page scans provided by Judy Bemis

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