Confusion Vol 2 No 4 #16

Shelby Vick

February 1954


Cover Bob McMillan art Cover
Program Shelby Vick Contents Contents
usher Shelby Vick illo Contents
Ballance Sheet Shelby Vick Editorial 1
chinese salesman Shelby Vick illo 1
She Hates Me '85 Shelby Vick art 1
Beer & Buttermilk Vernon L. McCain (Column) 2
Darling '85 Shelby Vick art 4
The Gateway J L Green column 5

Nameless Greg Calkins poem 5
Poem Paul Enevers poem 6
I Walked In Darkness Then Isabelle Dinwiddie poem 6
Before The Curtain Toby Duane poem 6
Siren Of The Sea J L Green song 7
'85And, Having Writ '85 Bob Silverberg Numbered Fandom article 8
Crip Quips

The Famous Fantastic Mystery Cal Beck article 10
In The Midst of Confusion Shelby Vick column 11
Stag(ger) Line Char Wells art 12
Hey! Shelby Vick novelty Center Fold
The Play s The Thing Bill Morse & Terry Wright play 16
Willis In America Walt Willis trip report 20
Sunday Fight Shelby Vick illo 22
Sound Off Shelby Vick et al letter column 23
Something Up Our Sleve Shelby Vick illo (novelty) 28
Back Talk Shelby Vick editorial 29

Page scans provided by Judy Bemis

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