Coventranian Gazette

Bruce Pelz

1962 - 1962


Country: US

See for context. Each issue of the Coventranian Gazette includes an issue of the CIAWOT Telegraph. CIAWOT probably translates as "Coventry Is A Waste Of Time." Other Coventry zines include: Gimble (Johnstone) and Nyet Vremya #229 (Pelz's L-zine)in APA-L 252.

New issues will be listed in bold.

Title PDF WholeNum Vol Num Month Day Year Pages Notes
Coventranian Gazette 1 PDF 1 1 1 January
1962 10
Coventranian Gazette 2 PDF 2 1 2 March
1962 12
Coventranian Gazette 3 PDF 3 1 3 March
1962 10

Scan by Joe Siclari

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