Destiny VII

Earl Kemp
Malcom Willits

Winter 1953


Cover Stanley R. Sommer Art Cover
In Dedication Earl Kemp/Malcom Willits Editorial 2
      For Marie Wolfe
Table of Contents
ORNOD Earl Kemp Fiction 4
Preparing the Index to Science-Fiction Magazines Donald B. Day Article 8
Don Day
Photo 11
Don Day
Photo 12
Destiny #8 Publication
Notice 12
Why Conquer Space?
Opinion 13
                as answered by Willy Ley
                as answered by Arthur C. Clarke
Transformation Paul Paul Powlesland Illo 14
Transformation Paul Paul Powlesland Fiction 14
Advertisement William E. Newman Ad 15
Racial Prejudice Pat Eaton Fiction 16
A Bit of Moonlight Ralph Rayburn Phillips Illo 17
A Bit of Moonlight P. H. Economou Fiction 17
      Four Gems of the Light Fantistic
                The Man Who Stayed to Dinner



                "E" is for Esacpe

Untitled Ralph Rayburn Phillips Illo 26
Unsolved Mystries of Fandom Robert Bloch Article 27
Fritz Leiber
Photo 28
Who's Who in Science Fiction Fritz Leiber Profile 28
      Conducted by George Wetzel
Published Fiction by Fritz Leiber
List 29
ORNOD (Cont'd) Earl Kemp Fiction 30
Wanted William Thailing Ad 30
Classified Advertising
Ads 31
He That Hath Wings Robert E. Briney Illo & Verse 32
      To Edmond Hamilton

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