Susan Wood
August 22, 1948 - November 12, 1980

Susan Wood at 1980 Norwescon, photo by Andrew Porter

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Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB) bibliography:


Energumen (1970-1981), with Mike Glicksohn:
Aspidistra (1971-1973):
Amor (1973-1979) as Susan Glicksohn:
Warm Champagne (1975-1978):

Essays, Columns, Articles

The Propeller Beanie Columns, Algol 26-32 (edited by Andrew Porter): http://
"Women and Science Fiction", Algol 33 (Winter 1978, edited by Andrew Porter):
The "Worlds Out of Words" Columns, Starship 38-41 (edited by Andrew Porter, 1980-1981):
Janus 11 (edited by Jeanne Gomoll and Janice Bogstad), Guest Editorial and articles - People's Programming:
Washington Post, 1/27/80 - Red Stars in the SF Galaxy:
Washington Post, 4/6/80 - Al.Ith Doesn't Live Here Anymore:
Washington Post, 6/8/80 - Catching the Gee-Gees in Vancouver:


The Best of Susan Wood (Oct 31, 1982), edited by Jerry Kaufman:
Susan Wood, about and by, edited by John D. Berry:

Worldcons - Publications and Videos

Aussiecon 1 (1975): Susan Wood and Ursula LeGuin panel - Worlds I Have Discovered:
Aussiecon 1 Program Book, Fan Guest of Honor Susan Wood (1975):
MidAmeriCon (1976): Women in SF, with Susan Wood, Kate Wilhelm, Marta Randall, Amanda Bankier and Suzy McKee Charnas:

Awards and Honors

Winner of the Best Fan Writer Hugo award: 1974, 1977 (tie), and 1981

Nominated for Best Fan Writer Hugo: 1972, 1973, 1976

Winner of the Hugo for Best Fanzine: 1973 for Energumen (with Mike Glicksohn)

Nominated for Best Fanzine Hugo: 1971, 1972

Other awards: William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review (1979), Aurora Award for lifetime achievement (1981), Candian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame (2014)

Fan Guest of Honor at Aussiecon One, the 1975 worldcon (with Mike Glicksohn), and at WisCon2 and V-Con VI (1978)

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