R. D. Swisher

June 1944


FAPA 28 contained xx zines. Scanning for FAPA 28 by Joe Siclari. This copy of FAPA 28 was obtained from Richard Bergeron - he had a note attached to this mailing that said there was a big discussion on racism, esp. in comments. The mailing or two before this must have had material on racism as well.

To view a FAPA 28  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Title column.

Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Title PDF Author Notes
Agenbite of Inwit #4 PDF Robert Lowndes
Arcadia PDF Harry Honig
Black & White PDF Nova Press
Banshee #4 PDF Larry Shaw
Blitherings #2 PDF Chan Davis
Browsing #6 PDF John Michael Rosenblum
Caliban #5 PDF Larry Shaw
Cosmic Circle Monthly 1 PDF Claude Degler Cosmic Circle
Eccentric's Orbit 1 PDF Mike Fern
En Garde 10 PDF Al Ashley and Abby Lu Ashley
Elmurmurings 2 PDF Elmer Purdue
Emergency Flare PDF Dik Daniels
Ephemeron 2 PDF L. R. Chauvenet
Fan-Dango 5 PDF F. T. Laney
Fan Slants #3 PDF Mel Brown
Fantasy Amateur V7, #4 PDF R. D. Swisher
FAN-TODS 7 PDF Norman F. Stanley
F.A.P.A. Fan 14 PDF Donald Wollheim
FAPA Variety 9 PDF Bob Tucker
Futria 2 PDF Elsie Wollheim
Futurian Advance 2 PDF Helen Bradleigh Cosmic Circle
History of the Future Cards PDF
extracted from fiction
Horizons 19 PDF Harry Warner Jr
Inspiration V3, #1 PDF Lynn Bridges
Investigation in Newcastle PDF Jack Speer Cosmic Circle related
Intelligence Quotient 2 PDF Doro aka Degler aka Don Rogers Cosmic Circle
Light PDF Leslie Croutch
Jupiter (Maddox) and Cosmian World (Matthews) PDF Ronald Maddox / Rex Matthews Cosmic Circle Related
Cosmic Circle Membership Report PDF Claude Degler Cosmic Circle
Memoirs of a Superfluous Fan PDF T. Bruce Yerke
Milty's Mag 15 PDF Milt Rothman
National Futurian Weekly 22 PDF Claude Degler Cosmic Circle
New Hieroglyph 1 PDF Donald Wollheim
Phanny V3#2 PDF Donald B. Thompson
The Phantagraph V11#4 PDF Don Wollheim
Reader and Collector V3, #3 PDF H.C. Koenig
So Saari 1 PDF Oliver Saari
Star-Stung 1 PDF George Ebey
The Stump 1 PDF Al Ashley
Sustaining Program PDF Jack Speer
Take-Off! 1 PDF Raymond Washington
Tale of the 'Evans 7 E. Everett Evans

Towards Tomorrow 2 PDF James Kepner
Troy PDF Helen Bradleigh Cosmic Circle
Venus-Con PDF Francis T. Laney and Mel Brown
The Works PDF John B. Michel
Walt's Wramblings 10 PDF Walt Leibsher
YHOS 10 PDF Art Widner

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