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Fancyclopedia 3, based on the previous works by Jack Speer and Dick Eney, is locarted at It is being written by fans who want to contribute, and is an edited encyclopedia. Like Wikipedia, fans are free to contribute and edit topics, suggest authors, and argue with the editors on matters of content, style or presentation. Unlike Wikipedia, Fancyclopedia is an edited encyclopedia - your editors will impose their own iron whim on content, style and presentation. Mark Olson leads the Fancyclopedia 3 project.

Country: US

New issues will be listed in bold.

Issue PDF Editor Month Day Year Pages Notes
Fancyclopedia 1 PDF John Bristol / Jack Speer

1944 103 John Bristol is Jack Speer
Fancyclopedia 2 PDF Dick Eney

1959 224
Fancyclopedia 2 Additions PDF Dick Eney

1960 24
The Rejected Canon PDF Dick Eney

1962 32

1968 82

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