Flatbush Artery

Frederik Pohl

1938 - ???


A publication of the Young Communist League

Although not exactly an S-F fanzine, this is edited by a fan, Fred Pohl, and has articles by fans, John Michel and Helen Glaser. It does answer any question people may have about whether Pohl had any Communist leanings. In a 1989 conversation I had with him, Milt Rothman still blamed his association with Pohl for his inabilty to clear security regulations for working in nuclear research in the 1940s ... Joe Siclari

New issues will be listed in bold.

Title PDF WholeNum Vol Num Month Day Year Pages Notes
Flatbush Artery 1 PDF 1 1 1 January
1938 9
Flatbush Artery 2 PDF 2 1 2 February
1938 9

Scan by Alistair Durie

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