Matters of Opinion

Jack Speer



Before the first issue, issue 13, "Matters of Opinion" was "Ramblings". Appeared in the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA) mailing. This is a FAPAzine.

New issues will be listed in bold.

Issue Whole Month Year Pages Mailing Notes
Matters of Opinion 13 13 March 1943 8 FAPA 23 scan by Mark Olson
Matters of Opinion 14 14 June 1943 6 FAPA 24 scan by Mark Olson
Matters of Opinion 15 15 December 1943 8 FAPA 26 scan by Mark Olson
Pacificon Combozine Matters of Opinion
July 1946 8
Pacificon Combozine, scan by Mark Olson

Scan by Joe Siclari

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