Peon #26 (Vol 6 #1)

Charles Lee Riddle

February 1953


Cover Les Chapman Art Cover
contents Charles Lee Riddle
art 1
Peon Notes Charles Lee Riddle Editorial 2
art 2
Little Brother Dave Mason fiction 3
art 5
soldier Jerry Hopkins art 6
art 8
Figmos Hal Shapiro column 11
The Definition Of Science Fiction Jim Haden article 13
monster Joe Bowman art 14
The Fan Press John Ledyard Reviews 17
"Most Fans Like My Zine!
art 18
Test Yourself Ken Slater? Special Feature 20
Limited Editions - Big Deal Larry Saunders article 21
? Jerry Hopkins art 21
? Joe Bowman art 23
Back Issues of Peon Charles Lee Riddle "ad" 24
Fantastuff Terry Carr column 25
Nominal Nominations Terry Carr? Poem 26
The Poet Cornerned - Unhallowed Compulsion Isabelle E. Dinwiddie poem 28
The Howell Magazines John Marim article 29
monster Joe Bowman art 30

Data entry and page scans by Judy Bemis

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