Peon #27 (Vol 6 #2)

Charles Lee Riddle

May 1953


Cover McIntyre Art Cover
contents Charles Lee Riddle
Peon Notes Charles Lee Riddle Editorial 2
art Hopkins art 2
The Unwary Allies Joe L. Hensley fiction 3
ship DEA art 3
art 6
My Aching Pocketbook Charles Lee Riddle article 8
Our Increasing World Ian T. Macauley article 9
spacescape Hopkins art 9
Chain Smoker Jim Haden story 11
alien Hopkins art 12
Figmos Hal Shapiro column 15
art 15
FAPA (ad)
ad 18
Kan Kan Kabitzer T E Watkins column 19
colophon art 19
11th World SF Con (ad)
ad 22
Harmony Jim Harmon column 22
peeking at a keyhole
colophon art 22
Fantastuff Terry Carr column 27
The Fan Press John Ledyard reviews 29
art 29
2 cartoons
art 33

Data entry and page scans by Judy Bemis

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