RUNE 62 Volume 10, Number 1

The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. (Minn-stf)

Winter 1981


RUNE 62 - KISS KISS AA OOOO MM Larry Becker (Art) & Joe Wesson
      "It's the technological rape of man!"
"That's it - Larry Becker" Larry Becker Art Inside Front Cover
Self Portrait Larry Becker Art i
Table of Useful Information John Bartelt and David Stever-Schnoes Information ii
Table of Contents Garth Edmond Danielson
The New Rune Editorial John Bartelt and David Stever-Schnoes Editorial 4
I Was a Barbarian Savage for the C.I.A.!! Larry Becker Article 8
      by "Rico Popoqatiptetl"
Special When Lit David Emerson Article 11
Myth, Mysticism and Roger Zelazny Joe Wesson Article 14
Funk Geology-Terraforming Begins at Home David Stever-Schones Article 18
A Column Greg Ketter Article 19
Confessions of a Were-Driver unknown
The Debasing of the Hugo and Nebula Awards David Stever-Schnoes Article 21
      (Cont'd from page 45)
Speculations various
Deja Views Evan Morris Article 23
The Post Modern Bop Luke McGuff Reviews 25
Not on Stencil - A portfolio of reprinted cartoons Ken Fletcher
How I Spent My Autumnal Vacation-on Welfare Garth Danielson Article 37
Ten Years are Gone-Fandom as Pop Sociology Joe Wesson Article 41
The Debasing of the Hugo and Nebula Awards David Stever-Schnoes Article 44
Book Reviews various Reviews 46
Movie Review: The Shining John Bartelt Reviews 54
Record Review: Sandinista by The Clash Michael Parker Smith Reviews 55
Official Business, etc
News 56
unnamed Teddy Harvia Art Back Cover

This TOC by Laurie Mann

Page scans by Mark Olson

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