SF #6

John L. Magnus, Jr.

Feburaury-March 1953


art Cover
Midwestcon Ron Fleshman art 3
colophon Jr. John L. Magnus
In Lines to Come Jr. John L. Magnus contents 5
Editor's Rage Ron Fleshman title illo 6
Editor's Rage John Lawrence Magnus column 6
Fantasy Magazine Ron Fleshman title illo 8
Fantasy Magazine-A New Personality Jr. John Lawrence Magnus article 8
The First Issue Walt Kraemer title illo 10
The First Issue Bob Silverberg series 10
Minus Oblivion Walt Kraemer title illo 13
Minus Oblivion Don O. Cantin column 13
beast Dave English cartoon 15
"?" Ron Fleshman art 16
The Uninhibited Philip F. Paige column 17
Moon Spool Jr. John Lawrence Magnus column 20
Fork River Anthology Jr. John L. Magnus poem 21
VIA The Time Warp Walt Kraemer title illo 22
VIA The Time Warp Paul Mittelbuscher series 22
Stellar Frivolities Isabelle Dinwiddie poem 26
The Raven's Chirp

      title illo
The Raven's Chirp Richard Bergeron commentary 27
the siamese twins Dave English cartoon 34
Analytical Gab-oratory Ron Fleshman title illo 37
Analytical Gab-oratory
letter column 37
final words


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