Science Fiction Advertiser #6 Vol VI No 4

Roy A. Squires

January 1953


Art Cover
Ad 1
Table of Contents
Science in Fiction Henry Kuttner Article 3
James A. Wilson - Books
Ad 7
Fantastic Worlds
Ad 9
The Recent Books: Limbo George D. Martindale Review 10
When and If George D. Martindale Review 12
Man, The Chemical Machine Les Holbrook Review 12
The Legion of Time Malcom Marquardt Review 13
The Starmen Jud Marshall Review 13
Prisoner in the Shull Jack Kelsey Review 14
In the Name of Science John Elstrom Review 14
City Jud Marshall Review 15
The Best Science Fiction Stories John Elstrom Review 15
Mists of Dawn Roy A. Squires Review 16
Beyond Human Ken Jack Kelsey Review 17
Other Publications Recieved

Jack Cordes
Ad 19
Albert Toth
AD 19
The Sceond Austrailian Science Fiction Convention
Ad 19
STF Trader
Ad 19
Claude Held
Ad 20
Fred Darvill
Ad 20
Arthur J. Cox
Ad 20
Charles Anderson
Ad 20
Orsen Didn't do it Alone Kenneth Neal Article 21
Quotable Correspondence Ben Fletcher Article 22
James A. Williams, Books
Ad 23
Booklovers' Bargin House
Ad 25
Dale R. Smith
Ad 25
Carl Estes II
Ad 25
Notes from the Editor Roy A. Squires Editorial 26
Mini Ads
Ads 29
Pacvific Rocket Society Buliten
Ad 31

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