Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #11

Lee Hoffman, Geri Sullivan, Jeff Schalles & Terry Hughes

November 2001


SFFY Issue #11 is also available as an Adobe PDF file as is Geri Sullivan's Terry Hughes Obituary  that came as an insert to this issue.

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A Space Odyssey? Steve Stiles
In memory of Terry Hughes Geri Sullivan memorial Inside Front Cover
Contents The editors Contents 1
Special Fanzine William Rotsler fillo 1
SFFY Semi-Centennial! Already? Lee Hoffman Editorial 2
Now available on CD-ROM Judy Bemis Geri Sullivan ad 3
Thanks compiled by Geri Sullivan thanks 3
Dueling with fan mail Arthur Thomson fillo 3
The SF Family Kip Williams filk 4
The SF Family Arthur Thomson illo 4
How to write a Scientific Paper Greg Benford article 5
Aliens William Rotsler fillo 7
A Treatise on Dot. Com( edy), With Purple Prose Denny Lien article 8
The lecture Stu Shiffman illo 8
Future city William Rotsler fillo 10
Great Moments from Star Trek Sir Arthur C. Clarke & Steve Stiles comic 12
The Secret History of Ansible Dave Langford article 13
Langford at the bar Stu Shiffman illo 17
Terry Hughes Geri Sullivan obituary Insert
The waiter William Rotsler fillo 20
Balloons William Rotsler fillo 22
Crime Stalks the Fanworld Ted White fiction 23
At the office Stu Shiffman illo 24
Alien scape William Rotsler art 28
Never Back Up Jeff Schalles article 29
NEW! SFFY Letter Column! Faithful Readers Column 31
Letters Arthur Thomson logo 31
Look who William Rotsler fillo 32
Cornucopia Sue Mason fillo 33
LOC William Rotsler fillo 34
Creeping vine Sue Mason fillo 35
!Nissassa Nalrah Nosille fanfic 36
!Nissassa Ken Fletcher illo 36
The dream Ken Fletcher illo 38
!Nissassa! Ken Fletcher lettering 39
All in the SF Family Kip Williams filk 40
TV night at Terry & Craig's Dan Steffan art 40

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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