Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #2

Lee Hoffman

November-December 1956


Death Trappers Of Saturn's Satellite Lee Hoffman cover art Cover
contents Lee Hoffman
      that contained herein
Stars of the Slave Giants Calvin Aaargh serial 2
Stars of the Slave Giants (Floyd and girl)
art 2
Stars of the Slave Giants (Scourge)

Next Issue
article 6
art 6
US Army AirForce Spaceship
art 7
Magnetic Cat Tipping Andy Young art 8
I'll Fry Tomorrow Robert Bloch
Drunk Fan Arthur Thomson art 12
Fan on phone
art 13
Femmefan reading mag
art 15
Fan in jail
art 16
Science Brief: Empty Space
filler 18
Fandom Anonymous meeting
art 18
The Tooth Of The Mudder L. Evan Tine
The Nothing Club
(a department) 22
Fanfair Ray Van Houten (reprint department) 23
Nissassa Nalrah Nosille serial (First Installment) 24
To the Rescue?
art 25
Publication details Lee Hoffman article 28
Eney Fan Club
art 28
Absolute Zero Leaves Me Cold A. Young (fan)
Spaceship William Rotsler art 30
Go, Fan, Go Walt Leibscher (a poem) 32
Li'l Fans Lee Hoffman art 32-33
Trouble Brewing John Berry
L. Shaw Mk III John Berry art 37
art 39
Fancyclopedia II Richard Eney article 40
United Nations Spaceship William Rotsler art 43
The Wheeled Whollbies L. Sprague deYoungfan article 44
The Wheeled Whollbies
art 44
Whollbie baby, axle growth, adult cross-section
art 46
Whollbie cross-section of axle at cog
art 46
Unicorns & Books Hans Santa Steffanson (book reviews) 49
Tacky Brass by our readers (Letter column) 50
The Ether Jiggles yed almost abandoned editorial 54
Back Cover
art 55

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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