Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #3

Lee Hoffman

November-December 1961


Cover Arthur Thomson CoverArt Cover
      Symbolizing man's capacity for good and evil
Contents Lee Hoffman contents 3
      Containing that which is contained
dedication 4
      The world will little note
Has Ted White Ruined Fandom Lee Hoffman Editorial 5
      Nor long remember
Character Arthur Thomson art 5
I Had One Grunch But The Space-Probe Over There A. Young fiction 6
Character launching rocket Arthur Thomson art 9
Stars of the Slave Giants - Part II Calvin Aargh serial 10
Stars of the Slave Giants(Floyd and girl)
art 10
Stars of the Slave Giants(Pirates)
art 11
Stars of the Slave Giants(Floyd and cephalopod monster)
art 13
Stars of the Slave Giants(Floyd in ocean)
art 15
!Nissassa - Part II Nalrah Nosille serial 16
Floyd and Her?
art 16
Robert Bloch Exposed Robert Bloch Reprint 19
      Bloch Denies All and Bloch Confesses All
The Withdrawl John Koning Fan Fiction 23
Alien family Arthur Thomson Art 24
Alien spaceship Arthur Thomson Art 26
Two Novels of Science A. J. Budrys Book Reviews 27
Production Problems Lee Hoffman Article 30
A Succinct History of 6th Fandom Bob Tucker compilation 31

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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