Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #4

Lee Hoffman

November 1966


DeathTrappers of Quanar Lee Hoffman CoverArt Cover
Contents Lee Hoffman

A Few Words From Our Sponsor Lee Hoffman Editorial 3
Floyd and the Trimazon Queen Ross Chamberlain illo 4-5
Stars Of The Slave Giants Calvin Aargh serial 5
Floyd and (?being) Ross Chamberlain illo 8
How I Plotted To Get DAG Flang Bob Tucker humorous article 10
Lazy? summer afternoon? Lee Hoffman fillo 15
art Jack Gaughan art 16
!Nissassa (Part 3) Nalrah Nosille serial 17
Aaron Horstman Jack Gaughan illo 17
...In shadowy Insubstantiality Jack Gaughan illo 18
A Pilgrim in Never-Never Country Dean Grennell article 19
Dressed for work Steve? Stiles illo 22
Nearsighted Steve Stiles art 23
King Kong? Steve Stiles art 24
The Most Horrible Book Ever Written Robert Bloch review 25
Lizard William Rotsler fillo 27
What Was That Fandom I Saw You With? Ted White
"You Are Old, Father Tucker ..." Cindy Heap poem 33
Our Authors Lee Hoffman bios 34
Dean A. Grennell Steve Stiles sketch 34
Robert Bloch & Bob Tucker Steve Stiles sketch 35
Ted White Steve Stiles sketch 36
Calvin Aargh Steve Stiles sketch 36
Nalrah Nosille Steve Stiles sketch 37
Boyd Raeburn Steve Stiles sketch 37
NYC in ('63)
ad 38
Lost In Time
Humor 39

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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