Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #5

Lee Hoffman & Bob Toomey

November 1971


Special 20th Anniv. Issue Lee Hoffman cover Cover
Contents Lee Hoffman Contents 1
Editorial Lee Hoffman editorial 2
Stars of the Slave Giants Calvin Aaargh Continuing Serial 4
Trimazon Queen Ross Chamberlain illo 5
Ice-Cream in Distension Iexela Nihsnap All-New Feature 9
Maze to the ice cream Lee Hoffman illo 9
Invoking the elements Lee Hoffman illo 11
The Fiction in Fiction-Science Drofneb & Koob New All-New Feature 15
scientifically cooking the fanzine article Lee Hoffman illo 15
!Nissassa Nalrah Nosille Discontinuing Serial 18
Benny and the Bockhockids Dirk Pilaff New-Wave Story 21
art 24
The Flophouse? D. John Yrreb All-New Continuing Feature 28
How Odd My Gravestone Gardner Peachpit All-New New Wave Story 31
art 32
The Return of the Mist Jr. Robert E. Lee Amazingly Fantastic All-New Classic Reprint 34
Railing at the mist Lee Hoffman illo 36
Accordion You The Weeders All-New Fantasticly Amazing New-Wave Feature 38
Fan getting mail Lee Hoffman illo 38

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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