Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #7

Lee Hoffman
Bob Toomey
Dan Steffan

November 1981


Pickled for Posterity-The return of a little color Dan Steffan CoverArt Cover
Thirty year tune-up Lee Hoffman Editorial 2
Knitting SFFY Lee Hoffman illo 2
Mimeoing-Fig 1 Lee Hoffman illo 3
Erratic Fan-Fig 2 Lee Hoffman illo 3
Paper lying limply on the bed-Fig 3 Lee Hoffman illo 3
Cooking SFFY Lee Hoffman illo 4
An Outerview with Robert Bloch Arthur O. Cycko Interview 5
Robert Bloch Dan Steffan illo 5
Which Fanhistory Do You Read? , Dept Richard Bergeron article 7
Up Here In The Dream Nickle Rich Brown article 8
Art Richard Bergeron
Sea-Fans Dan Steffan ad? 11
Misgivings Ray Nelson poem 12
fan Roy Nelson illo 12
The Tucker Hotel-Part Two Bob Tucker Brochure 13
Tucker Hotel brochure cover Dan Steffan
Tucker hotel exterior and maid Dan Steffan illos 14
Fan in Tucker hotel restaurant and hotel elevators Dan Steffan illos 15
Tucker Hotel Impoverished fan and soda machine Dan Steffan illos 16
Tucker Hotel Bar and meeting room Dan Steffan illos 17
Stars Of The Slave Giants - Part Six Calvin Aaargh serial 18
Stars Of The Slave Giants-1 Ross Chamberlain illo 18
Stars Of The Slave Giants-2 Ross Chamberlain illo 19
The Purple Fields Of Fanac - Part One Ted White fiction 20
self portraits? William Rotsler, Jay Kinney, Dan Steffan, Arthur Thomson Ray Nelson illos 20
octofan and LeeH Grant Canfield illo 21
Computer Lizard Lee Hoffman illo 23
The end of Sixth Fandom? Robert Bloch quote 23
Mostly About Public Utilities, Serendipity, and Wisconsin Elmer Perdue article 24
Opinions and orders of the Railroad Commission of WI Elmer Perdue illo 25
Opinions and orders of the Railroad Commission of WI Elmer Perdue illo 26
Police Lizard Lee Hoffman illo 26
The Modified Big Bang Theory Terry Hughes article 27
The Big Bang Dan Steffan illo 27
Words From The Ass-Editor Dan Steffan editorial 28
Bacover - An exercise in simplicity Wyatt Space

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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