Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #8

Lee Hoffman & Patrick + Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Art Editor Stu Shiffman

November 1986

The True Origins of SFFY:Revealed! Stu Shiffman Cover Art Cover
Contents Lee Hoffman
Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Contents 3
Editorial:Down the Black Hole Lee Hoffman Editorial 4
Lounging Lee Stu Shiffman Art 4
Feeding the Black Hole Lee Hoffman Art 4
Hole in Scientific Isolation Container Stu Shiffman Art 5
Professor Wunstone tries to produce a black hole ... Lee Hoffman Art 5
The Harp that Once or Twice Walt Willis Article 6
Twonk's Disease Teresa Nielsen Hayden Art 6
Annishthesia Teresa Nielsen Hayden Art 7
The Five-Yearly Sentence Robert Bloch Article 10
SFFY:a horse of another color Stu Shiffman Art 11
Last and First Dogs A. Vincent Clarke Article 12
An astonishing relic Stu Shiffman Art 12
Time Scales A. Vincent Clarke Figures 13
Somewhere Near Penrhyndeudrath Dave Langford
I Am NOT A Number Steve Stiles Art 14
The Prisoner Steve Stiles Art 16
Why I Never Write Articles for Fanzines Chuck Harris Article 17
Chuck Harris typing Stu Shiffman Art 17
Advertisement:Transatlantic Fandates Stu Shiffman Art 20
The Purple Fields of Fanac, Part II Ted White Article 21
Fan Stu Shiffman Art 21
Fannish Pinball Machine Stu Shiffman Art 23
The Fan Family Get Rich Quick Linda Pickersgill Article 24
The Fan Family Ross Chamberlain Art 24-25
Line for the Duplicator room Ross Chamberlain Art 27
Lost in the Crowd Ross Chamberlain Art 28
Vising Greg in Hospital Ross Chamberlain Art 30
Ass't End-Words from the Subeditors Stu and P&T NH Editorials 31
Bacover Teresa Nielsen Hayden Art 34
COA Lee Hoffman COA 35

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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