Science-Fiction Five-Yearly #9

Lee Hoffman & Jeff Schalles & Geri Sullivan

November 1991


SFFY Issue #9 is also availabe as a Adobe PDF file. In addition there is an Adobe PDF version of the July 1992 issue of Geri Sullivan's fanzine No Goat's Kneecap that highlights SFFY.

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Where' s Waldo? C. Ross Chamberlain Cover Cover
Contents Geri Sullivan Contents 1
Editorial: Fortean Fallout Lee Hoffman Editorial 2
"Stretching the points of triangulation" Lee Hoffman illo 2
"The Peripetatic Black Hole finds the keys" Lee Hoffman illo 2
"The Peripetatic White Hole disgorges the keys" Lee Hoffman illo 2
"The turning of a wormhole" Lee Hoffman illo 3
Sherlock Fan Lee Hoffman illo 3
Le Porc Entier Chuck Harris Article 4
Random Chuck Harris Ron Hansen portrait 4
"Picture of the well-dressed golfer" Stu Shiffman illo 4
Riding a flying chariot Stu Shiffman illo 5
"The goofy evangelical Sprite O' Fandom" Stu Shiffman illo 6
In the Tradition of Ephless Elmer Bob Tucker FanFic 7
"Thirty-seventh Fandom rose" Steve Stiles Colophon 7
Producing "Box EldEr Bug" Jeff Schalles illo 10
"Great thunderous peals of rolling laughter came from the telephone" Steve Stiles illo 12
Hoping You are the Same Robert Bloch Article 13
Puffin Phantasies Shelby Vick art 14
Jesus Christ, Neofan Dan Steffan Comic 15
introductions Dan Steffan comic 15
Fan encounters Dan Steffan comic 15
revelation Dan Steffan comic 16
Hall Costumes? Dan Steffan comic 16
Masquerade Dan Steffan comic 16
Sermon on the mount Dan Steffan comic 17
room party Dan Steffan comic 17
communion? Dan Steffan comic 17
confronting the dark one Dan Steffan comic 18
reading philsophy Dan Steffan comic 18
converts? Dan Steffan comic 18
Corrugated Confessions Jeanne Gomoll Article 19
This end up Ken Fletcher illo 25
Memo Arthur C. Clarke Humor 26
Computer regression? Jeanne Gomoll illo 26
The Purple Fields of Fanac, Part III Ted White FanFic 27
Connecting to the web William Rotsler illo 28
The Harp that Once or Twice Walt Willis Article 30
"The Harp that Once or Twice" Teresa Nielsen Hayden colophon 30
"by Walt Willis" Teresa Nielsen Hayden colophon 31
Stargazing Ken Fletcher illo 36
The Last Mimeo on Earth, Part I Jeff Schalles FanFic 37
Mimeo Handle Ken Fletcher illo 37
"Across the plain of time" William Rotsler illo 39
Letter Column
Humor 40
Notes... Geri Sullivan Editorial 41
In Memory of Atom Arthur Thomson Art 42

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

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