Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction #2

Franklin M. Dietz, Jr.

July 1948


Alien Landing John Grossman Art Front Cover


Fantasy Times James V. Taurasi Ad 2
Problems of Space Ken Brown Illo 3
Problems of Space
Article 4
      Part 2 of 6
I was at the Torcon
Reports 5
Them that Looked Bill Kroll Fiction 7
Past or Future Harry Strunk Illo 8
Fantasy in Review Sam Moskowitz Reviews 9
Presenting a Fantasy Artisan
Profile 11
      Bill Kroll
Them that Looked (Cont'd) Bill Kroll Fiction 12
Abraham Merritt
Bibliography 13
      "The Lord of Fantasy"
Problems of Space (Cont'd)
Article 16
      Part 2 of 6
Song of the Space Dead Joe Schamuburger
In the Next Issue

Delo*Rita James V. Taurasi Fiction 18
Delo*Rita Bill Kroll Illo 19
Delo*Rita Bill Kroll Illo 26
Illo 29
Fellow Fans John E. Blyler Ad 30
The last Jerri Bullock Illo Back Cover

Page scans by Tom Veal

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