Walter A. Willis



Country: Ireland

Title PDF Month Day Year Pages Notes
James White's Sketchbook PDF

1948 30 done on the back of the receipt book from the tailor shop where he worked, scanned at Dublin 2019 from the collection of chair James Bacon
Slant 1 PDF November
1948 12 6.5x8, Letterpress
Slant 2 PDF Summer
1949 24 5.5x8.5, Letterpress
Slant 3 PDF Spring
1950 26 5.5x8.5, Letterpress
Slant 4 PDF Autumn
1950 38 5.5x8.5, Letterpress
Slant 5 PDF Spring
1951 45 5.5x8.5, Letterpress
Slant 6 PDF Winter
1952 60 5.5x8.5, Lp+mimeo
Inclinations (Slant) (6) PDF Winter
1952 6 8.5x14, Mimeo, Slant 6 supplement, scanned by Joe Siclari
Slant questionnaire PDF

1953 2
Slant 7 PDF Winter
1953 68 5.5x8.5, Mimeo, Facsimile & Text
Slant Index by Contributor PDF November
1995 5 by Joe Siclari
Slant Index by Issue PDF November
1995 4 by Joe Siclari

Data entry by Judy Bemis. Page Scans by Joe Siclari. Sketchbook from the collection of James Bacon.

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