Spaceship #20

Robert Silverberg

January 1953


Cover Rita Adams art Cover
Contents Robert Silverberg contents 2
1952 -- In Review Robert Silverberg article 3
Who Played the Harp? Robert Bloch article 7
Fiendetta Charles Wells ad 8
Report From Australia Roger Dard feature 9
Book bindings Robert Silverberg illo 9
Checklist of British reprint editions
article 11
The Way I See It Bert Hirschhorn column 12
Surprise Charles Wells fiction 14
Review: Science Fiction Fan Yearbook Larry Saunders book review 15
For Sale Robert Silverberg ad 16
For Sale Robert Silverberg ad 17
The Newsstand Game Charles Gregory article 18
plug Lilith Lorraine ad 19
Soapbox Fans Richard Z. Ward title art 20
Soapbox Fans
letter column 20
Backtalk Richard Z. Ward title art 24
Backtalk Robert Silverberg editorial 24
colophon & mailer


Page scans provided by Judy Bemis

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