TommyWorld Four - The 'Oi, Vey...' issue


The fourth issue of a weekly, or thereabouts, letter substitute from Tommy Ferguson, at 768 Manning Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6G 2W6. Email:tferg@globalserve.netPhone:(416) 539 8992 Web Site: in the UK by Eugene Doherty, 110 North Parade, Belfast, BT7 Email: Available in the North Americas only via the net at the moment but send me a note and I'll print you a copy and put you on the list. Dated, already, 10/2/97.

"Oi, vey, what a weekend already..."

Well I suppose this letter substitue should tell you a few things about my life and how the old emigration business is going on. My ego tells me that I should, but humble pie says just a few snippets.

Well, I've got a new job to start with. I start work in 'Allens' (143 Danforth, next door to the Danforth Music Hall, just to the left of Broadview Subway, phone 416-463-3086) on the first of March as a waiter/barperson. It is an upmarket Irish pub - not a theme bar like most of the Irish bars in Toronto. It has a wonderful selection of beers on draught and an even more impressive range in bottles . It sells Cuban cigars at American prices and the wine list is to die for. The menu changes daily, the quantities are good and the quality is excellent. It is pricey, but you pay for what you get.

Tuesday and Saturday there is live Irish music and I mean talented people here, not just a couple of cowboys singing shanties and the like. There is even a guy playing a Hurdy-Gurdy - bet you haven't heard one of them in a while. So wait until March, phone, ask for me and make me look good - treat the wife/husband or partner to a decent meal for once and I'll see what I can for a couple of drinks. You know you want to...

Unfortunately this will impact on my fannish life style and Corflu is now out the window as I'll be busy in the run up to St. Patrick's day, the parade and what-not in TO. So Potlatch in a couple of weeks will be my next and probably final con, for a while at least. My other travel plans have also taken a beating but more details on that via email or the phone.

Toronto in '03: The only way to stop another British Worldcon. You know you want to - support, money finances and first born children can all be sent to the Official address. Yet again I missed a committee meeting, but this time through no, real, fault of my own. My bible (that's 'personal organiser' to you folks) clearly states the meeting was on Sunday, and not Saturday as it actually was. So what if the minutes of the last meeting clearly state Saturday? So what if the Spaced out library where the meeting was being held is closed on a Sunday? Details, people, details. My life is too rich and complex for details. Though I will be there on the 8th March. Honest.

Second Saturday of the month, must be the McWilson's fannish party. A smaller crowd than normal this month, but lively and to the point as always. I brought my usual case of beer, there was plenty of food and other stuff flying about. The conversation was lively and people actually thought my web page looked good. What you haven't been there? Tsk, tsk - right away folks. Conversation was entertaining, especially when Phil amazed all and sundry by settling an argument in Finnish. Of course, he told US it was Finnish... Catherine Crockett and Colin Hinz arrived early. Yeah, surprised me too. Our gracious hosts remained gracious throughout the night - I'm only sorry to say that it looks like I may not be able to attend next month - what with the job and all. Yeah, really takes away from having a good time...

What else is new? Another issue of G'f6tter should be dropping through your letter boxes RSN for those of you in the UK, and a tad later for us folks in the colonies. If anyone can get me some access to PageMaker (not actually a copy, you understand, no that would be illegal. Just Access, y'know...) it would speed things up an awful lot. Apparently there is a bit from my dear old mate Hugh "I am Cuba" McHenry included, now that sounds like way too much fun to be real. My Con report from issue two is in there, as well as my initial reactions to living in Canada - I know, exciting, isn't it? Design For Life is still in the final proof reading stages, getting input from people, clearing things with other people. As soon as it appears you will hear it here first...

Apart from that there is the Toronto Irish News which we are just putting to bed. No contribution from me in this issue, I've just been helping out on the technical side of things, but I'll be in the next issue for sure. This issue should be out in the next fortnight for those of you in TO. There is also the possible teaching course that I'm setting up getting more firmly established for the coming year. More on that as it develops - people to see, meetings to attend. And because I get hassled (see over), yes there is another woman. Yes, she knows about fandom. Yes, she is wired. Yes, this is all I'm going to tell you about her.

Oh - I'm also trying out contact lenses. Calling myself Tom hasn't worked, so here's something else that is new. As is well known, I'll try anything once (except incest and Australian lager...)

From: Eugene Doherty
TW #3 very nice, so much so soon, are you just going to do a Nigel Richardson and do a daily online diary?

From: "Nigel E. Richardson" <>
Lawks A' Mercy, You are whacking out the online issues. All good clean fun, but I'm sure you'll soon move on to fruitier areas. Hey look, my skiffy geek past has come back to haunt me: Pip pip.{Yeah, give it a few months...}

From: (Evelyn Murray)

From: "Westwood, Valerie" <>
Interesting that an Irish bar is now owned by a Pakistani business man. I think that the orient is becoming infatuated with the celtic based cultures, besides the fact that an Irish bar in TO. could be profitable. My mother is into scottish dancing and just last night (Sunday) she told me that she was talking to a lady who has danced around the world. This lady told my mother that scottish dancing is now a big thing in Japan.
The Japanese even have their own tartan. Who would have figured, especially from such a guarded culture where no one but a "true" oriental Japanese (regardless of birth place) is a citizen of Japan.

From: Bernie Evans
Thanks again Tommy. Nice of you to set up a text based e-mail list, I take it I'm not the only slightly backwards one around, technologically-speaking. Jeeesus man, you know how to make a person feel ancient, Star Wars as a ten year old! I *took* my ten year old to see it, (well, eight to be precise), along with her older sister! But guess which one of us was cheering and waving the light sword around, nearly disowned me, they did! My dad used to take me to "Sci-Fi" films in the 50s, and he bought me superman comics and stuff like that. Those old films seem totally dated now when they show 'em on TV, but to me, I'm 8 or 9 or 10 again, and I *still* love them. Wonder how many more of us got into all this 'cos our dads took us to the pictures? {Given the power of the medium, quite a lot methinks...}

From:"Lilian Edwards" <>
Got your Tommy World 3. Gad, were you really 10 when Star Wars came out? I was doing my O-Levels and you were practically in diapers. Figures really. Could you really still take Princess Leia seriously with the doughnuts on her head? (She'll always be Joan Paterson to me in Faircon Strikes Back.) And did her and Luke actually ever have it off? I've never had a chance to re-check that one since they invented the incest plotline in the (was it?) next film. Well, a whole week without any more blow by blow details of your latest shag. Who'd have thought it. Almost as unlikely as Hibs still being in the Scottish Cup (they are too). {Moving swiftly on with the footie theme, I'll close with this globbet of wit and see you all next week...}

Received: from upstairs ( []) by
From:Mark McCann <>
MANCHESTER UNITED 0 WIMBLEDON 1: Oh how we laughed..!!! You've been drinking and having a good time again, haven't you? What did I tell you about that type of behaviour... cut it out now.

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