Trip Reports from Fan Funds

various, et al

1952 - present


Note: These trip reports are listed in order of their publication date.

Country: Multinational

New issues will be listed in bold.

Issue PDF Fund Editor/Publisher Month Day Year Pages Notes Scanned
ATOM Abroad
TAFF Arthur Thomson

1953 93
Joe Siclari
Lonconfidential PDF
Chuck Harris December
1957 15
Joe Siclari
A Fake Fan in London PDF TAFF Bob Madle

1958 57 August 1976 reprint of 1958 publication Joe Siclari
TAFF Baedecker PDF TAFF Don Ford

1960 38
Joe Siclari
TAFF Baedecker PDF TAFF Don Ford

1961 26
Joe Siclari
Colonial Excursion PDF TAFF Ron Bennett March
1961 94
Joe Siclari
Epitaff PDF TAFF Eric Bentcliffe March
1961 90
Joe Siclari
Parkers Peregrinations...or the Harpy Stateside PDF Parker Pond Fund Ella Parker April
1962 30
Joe Siclari
The Lindsay Report PDF TAFF Ethel Lindsay April
1963 66
Joe Siclari
The Squirrel's Tale PDF TAFF Ron Ellik January
1969 44
Joe Siclari
Lesleigh's Adventures Down Under (and What She Did There) PDF DUFF Lesleigh Luttrell April
1974 35 1972 trip
Emu Tracks Over America PDF DUFF Leigh Edmonds

1974 98
Joe Siclari
The Mae Strelkov Trip Report PDF Mae Strelkov Fan Fund Mae Strelkov June
1976 40 for 1974 trip Mark Olson
The Flight of the Kangaroo
DUFF Christine Ashby


Introducing the Shaw Fund PDF Shaw Fund Mark Ortlieb / Justin Ackroyd

1984 1 One time fund introduction
Duffbury Tales PDF DUFF Mary Cantor

1987 45 Marty and Robbie Cantor went on a single DUFF trip, each wrote reports and they were published Ace Double style Joe Siclari
Tales of Duffbury PDF DUFF Robbie Cantor

1987 23
Joe Siclari
Kaufman Coast to Coast PDF DUFF Jerry Kaufman

1988 56 for his 1983 DUFF trip
From the Prying FFANZ into the Foyer PDF FFANZ Rex Thompson

1992 27

Have Bag Will Travel 1 PDF TAFF Martin Tudor August
1996 6 for additional parts, see
Janice's Adventures in Down-Underland PDF DUFF Janice Gelb

2000 44 for 1999 DUFF trip Joe Siclari
American Kindness PDF Bring Bruce Bayside (2005) Bruce Gillespie June
2007 44 formatting problems resolved by Geri Sullivan

Scan by Joe Siclari

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