Vega 3

Joel Nydahl

November 1952?


Cover Ray Thompsoon Art Cover
Contents Pogo TOC 1
Editorial Joel Nydahl Editorial 2
Here Lies Johnson Barclay Johnson Article 3
"Gesundheit!" Cuck Lear Cartoon 4
Who's Who in Fandom Gerry de la Ree Column 5
"Asteroid" Chuck Lear Fiction 6
"Do you believe in people?" Ray Thompson Cartoon 11
Fans is the Cwaziest Pipple Joel Nydahl Article 12
"Tiny Planet, Yellow Sun" Johan von Rodman Fiction 13
Nothing or Something Ray Thompson Article 14
"Vengeance" Jimmy Mays Fiction 15
Editorial (Cont'd) Joel Nydahl Editorial 16
Comments... Readers Opinions 17
The Conquest of Space Ray Thompson Article 18
In the Coming Issues Joel Nydahl Preview
Mailing Label


Page scans by Tom Veal & Joe Siclari

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